Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Ink Drop Reveal

The theme for May's Ink Drop (our monthly ink sample subscription club) was called "Because We Felt Like It". We selected several of our current favorite colors that we just wanted you to experience. The colors we chose were:
 We hope you enjoy them! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I think this is a great set! 54th, Alt-Bordeaux, and Alt-Goldgrun look really nice together, and the Mint and Ocher look fantastic together. Really nice pairings!

  2. Alt-Bordeaux was one of the first samples I purchased when trying to find a good purpley-wine-berry sort of color, but I think I did it wrong, because in my ink sample notebook, it's all washed out and faded (maybe I didn't dry my nib/converter well enough?). I gave the sample phial to an artist friend for ink washes, so I'm glad to try it again now that I know more!

    Also, I've been wanting to try the Mint Turquoise for a while, too. And I love being surprised with colors I wouldn't normally think about, like the Golrun & Ochre Yellow. So on the whole, I'm totally loving this Ink Drop and am excited to try them out. :D

  3. Oh yeah, these are some awesome colors. We just wanted to do them, so we did ;) There wasn't a lot to tie them together in a theme, so the theme sort of speaks for itself...

  4. It's not the most saturated color, but it sounds like you might have had some water in your feed, which washes out the ink for a little bit until that water clears out. All you need to do is touch a paper towel to your nib for 10 seconds or so after cleaning to get the water out of the feed, then you're all set :)

    That's awesome you're enjoying Ink Drop! that's exactly what it's good for, trying things you wouldn't have thought about or known to try on your own!

  5. A what is md paper & dp paper ?

  6. I've inked up three of the five so far, and I am digging this random batch! It was effective on me too...I looked at Alt-Goldgrun in the vial, thought "That is vile, who would ever order something like that?" Then I inked it up in my Noodler's Konrad (with Goulet 1.5 Italic nib) and answered my own question...what a crazy, cool color with really interesting shading! I promptly ordered a bottle. I also did not expect to be too enthused about Noodler's 54th Massachusetts, but I really like the grey leaning of this blue-black ink. Thanks for the creative group!


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