Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Ink Drop Reveal: Grab Your Sunglasses

For the August 2013 Ink Drop, we chose the theme "Grab Your Sunglasses". We selected a variety of brightly-colored cheerful inks, which remind us of the fun and the heat of summer. Here are the colors:

Let us know what you think of the colors (once you've had a chance to try them) in the comments below! Remember, Ink Drop members save 10% off the full bottle price of these colors.

Next month, we'll start to cool down...


  1. Appropriate considering it's almost Spring here. ^_^

  2. Really liking the Fernambuk, although I can't really say I have much I want to write/draw in that color. But it's kind of a sweet spot, and the ink is behaving very nicely. I may have to try out some other R&K inks. The others are interesting, but probably not a bottle's worth of interesting.

  3. I am really enjoying the Fernambuk, it is actually kind of gentle on Rhodia paper. I see thank you notes and love letters.

  4. Arika Harman CloudAugust 11, 2013 at 10:52 PM

    Kind of surprised by how much I'm enjoying the Fernambuk, the first ink I've tried of the Aug. Ink Drop colors. I'm not even a pink fan, but I was refiling a pen and wanted to try something different. Tomorrow is my first day back at work after a nice, long summer and I wanted something bright and summery. Fernambuk is fitting the bill!

    I don't know that I'd order a full bottle, but I might need another sample of it in the future, to be sure!

  5. What's the brand of ink for all these colors?


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