New Animal Print Pilot Metropolitan Designs Announced

Five new designs of the Pilot Metropolitan are coming this fall, each with an ‘animal’ pattern accent. The black/silver/gold plain models will remain in the regular line, while the black/silver/gold dot and zig-zag patterns will eventually be retired. The Metropolitan is one of my all-time favorite pens for many reasons, but especially because it’s such a high quality pen at an incredibly reasonable price ($15). It could easily sell for double what it does, and I think most of you who have one would agree.

I have to admit, I’m not wild (pun!) about these new colors. Some are okay, but I’m not jumping up and down about the fact they’re replacing the existing dot and zig-zag patterns. Such is life, these are still great pens, and I am glad to see some different colors come in. My personal favorites (at least from these stock photos) are the Leopard and White Tiger. If you’re confused about the “MR” in the name, it’s because that’s what the pen is called outside the US. In the US, it’s called the Metropolitan. Here are the five designs:


Pilot Metropolitan in Crocodile pattern


Pilot Metropolitan in Leopard pattern


Pilot Metropolitan in Lizard pattern


Pilot Metropolitan in Python pattern

White Tiger

Pilot Metropolitan in White Tiger pattern

These designs will be released sometime this fall, and I’ll update with pics and a new video when I get them in my hands. They’ll be available at my store ( for the same price as the existing colors at $15, with a box and converter. Part of the reason I wanted to blog about this is because I wanted to let you know about these new colors and the discontinuation of the dot and zig-zag, but really I just wanted to hear what you think of these new colors. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Nicky

    I love Leopard and quite like White Tiger and, to my surprise, Crocodile. I'm not too fond of Python or Lizard, though.

  • Kimberlin

    Neat, but yes, the old ones were classic. I'll buy again when there is an XF nib, which is a great nib, actually XXF to me.

  • Reishka

    "I wanted to let you know about these new colors and the discontinuation of the dot and zig-zag"

    Nooooo! Looks like I'l have to stock up on both if they're taking them away. That's seriously unfortunate! I think the dot and the zig-zag are great patterns for a professional environment, while the new patterns — while really nice — are less so. I love giving away metros as gifts at work, but I don't think the new patterns are going to be as much of a hit.

  • Reishka

    I know it's not the same as coming with an EF nib, but if you pick up a Pilot Penmanship ($7 at some online retailers), the EF nib will fit in the Metro.

  • Steven

    Whoa! I love them all! Especially the lizard and python. I guess I'm gonna have to have multiple Metropolitans in the future.

  • Larry U.

    Meh…not impressed at all. I have a plain black one and I really enjoy the understated elegance. These just look cheap and gaudy.

  • Christine Witt

    I agree that Leopard and White Tiger are the better looking pens.

    Manufacturers have to keep coming up with new designs and colors to keep their customer base interested. Otherwise, you'd just buy the one black pen and move on to another brand.

    Just ask collect-them-all Lamy πŸ˜‰

  • Kimberlin

    I have several Penmanships, but you would have to pull out the nib, right? It is not the right shape to screw in, is it?

  • Tas

    Never mind different patterns we want different nib sizes . . . x

  • Wildman

    When will the last shipment of the dot/zigzags arrive? I have been considering buying one, but I still have the ink samples from my last order to use up. And with the cost of shipping favoring larger orders, I would like to know just how much longer I have until I have to pull the trigger again.

  • jl

    I like the new design, especially the Leopard and white tiger. What I really want is this pen with a fine nib. Is that possible? I have a couple of really cheap Pilot pens, the petit1 and the 78G and their fine nibs are amazing. I even stuck one of the petit1 fine nibs on a hacked Varsity. It took some bending to get it to work (bad contact with the wicking element) but it works well now. I'm looking to upgrade to something better.

    I recently learned that a Pilot Cocoon is similar in design to the Metropolitan. but is available in with the fine nib. However at twice the price of the Metropolitan, it doesn't seem worth it. Is there a way we could just get the nibs from Pilot?

    Another question, is the colored part removable from the rest of the barrel? Does it just unscrew? It might be cool to swap these around. Maybe there is a market for a third party design.

  • Reishka

    Both the Penmanship and the Metro are friction-fit nibs, meaning that the nib and feed is held in place by friction. There shouldn't be any screwing involved. Just grasp the nib & feed lightly and give a slight twisting motion while pulling gently — they should slide right out of the section. The nib and the feed are separate pieces, so don't worry if they come apart. Then, just swap the nib from one feed to another and slide back into the section (or, you can swap the nib and feed together from one pen to another).

  • It's friction fit in there, you can just yank it out and swap it.

  • True, they certainly seem less 'professional', however the plain band in gold, silver, and black are here to stay. It's just the dot and zig-zag going away. So you'll still have non-animal print ones to give aawy.

  • I'm eager to see them in person, to see what it looks like up close.

  • The plain ones will still be around, so you'll have them at least πŸ˜‰

  • Yup, keeping things fresh! Especially in the less-expensive price range, there's a lot of competition there (moreso in the non-fountain pen world).

  • I hear that.

  • All that are here are here. There are plenty left from what I understand, but I have no idea how fast they'll sell out from the distributor. We're going to stock up a bit to try to make sure we have them through the holidays, but there's no telling when they'll be gone.

  • β˜… keri β˜…

    I have the Cocoon in that burgundy-pink color and other than a few very minor variation (the imprint on the nib, for example), it's identical. The reason it's selling for more is almost entirely due to import fees and the like since it's not available in the US already. If you love the pen enough to pay $40 or whatever (I think that's what mine cost on Jetpens), then by all means…

    Also, I didn't see that the burgundy was available in F, or I would have purchased it. πŸ™ I just fell in love with the color and already adored the Metropolitan.

    I think the printed bit is firmly attached. It doesn't seem like it'll come off easily, at least. The barrel is all one piece, so the band is laid into the outer section somehow.

  • We've asked many times about a fine, trust me! I don't have any official word on it, but believe me that we are fighting for it as hard as we can. They don't do separate nibs either, something else we wish they offered…

    You mean the pattern? The pattern doesn't separate easily from the body, it's glued in place. Technically, it can come off, but you have to glue it back in place.

  • conib

    If they would only do a broad *non-stub* nib in the Metro my husband (and I) would be thrilled — the line the Metro's medium puts down is just too spindly-looking for his quick and light hand.

    Also, I've been looking in lust at the Titanium-colored Cocoon and would love to see that color in the Metro. It looks like the Lizard body might be pretty close. Do we know yet whether the Lizard's body color the same as the Cocoon Titanium? If so, will the Lizard and the blue Leopard be available in plain-band versions?

  • β˜… keri β˜…

    I am totally disappointed in these prints. Honestly, they're a little bit leisure suit larry for my taste, though I kind of like the blue one just because it's blue and more interesting.

    I'm also disappointed that the zig-zag is going away – it's so classic but still interesting! (and also my favorite) (I may have to order one to stash away as backup just in case)

    However, I do love that they ARE putting out new colors/patterns, so the pen must be selling decently, and I can just hope that we'll get something more to my taste next spring. πŸ™‚

  • Anita

    They're fine, but not what I was hoping for. I'd buy a python with a solid band in a second, but the solid body/cap with animal pattern band doesn't quite do it for me. It's too bold to be classic, but not bold enough to really have impact. Are the body colors of lizard/python/tiger all the same shade? It's really hard to tell with the backgrounds.

  • conib

    Polyester leisure suits, gag me with a spoon!

    For me it's the black section that puts the Python a bit over-the-top w.r.t. too many different cool versus warm neutrals fighting each other for the eye.
    I think the silver White Tiger looks fine as well as the black Crocodile.

    But I already own a silver dots (an Asian MR with a fine nib) and a gold zig-zag (medium Metro) so I'm probably not going to buy another Metro unless it's got a broad non-stub nib.

  • jkbd52

    You can unofficially swap nibs between the 78g and the metro. Just do some Googling for the swap I'm sure you will find an instruction on how to do it.

  • jl

    I'll check it out. Thanks. The gold color of the 78G won't look all that great on the Metropolitan.

  • jl

    Thanks. Maybe they will change their minds in due time.

  • jl

    The colors of the Cocoon are very compelling. I like the gray and the titanium finish personally. $40 is getting pretty close to Prera and Twsbi 80 territory.

  • jordanjay29

    As I said on FPN, I really like the look of the Leopard. Surprisingly, also the Crocodile. The White Tiger is okay. Python and Lizard just look garish to me.

    Really annoyed that the Dots and Zigzags are going away. I have the gold dots, it looks so stunning. I just picked up a silver in plain and it just doesn't feel quite as snazzy, even if it still feels professional.

    Though I'm really confused by the promo shot for the leopard pattern. How does Pilot get purple out of it? From the promo and the photo in the GP store, the pen looks blue to me.

  • sitnstew

    I think they're slick and since the price is still the same, there's no reason not to!

  • Tina

    I'm going to hold out for a lime green alligator pattern. πŸ™‚ And in the meantime, I'm happy with my dotted black (I'm even happy with the nib).

  • Rita McGregor

    Sadly, I wish they would have come out with fine nibs instead. I have to use mine upside-down because the mediums write so fat and juicy and I like a thin line. I hope they come out with different nibs soon.

  • Starchix

    I'm not overwhelmed by any these, though I sort of like the purple leopard and the crocodile — but who really wants a crocodile-patterned pen? Still, I think it's fine that pen manufacturers bring in new patterns and colors, especially here in the lower rent zone. My biggest reason for not ordering Pilots is the nib issue. I seem to have heard/seen Brian say that a Japanese M is akin to a European F — and I don't see many (any?) of the Japanese pens offering a B (which would correspond to a European M?). I have an older Vanishing Point in a M and it is just barely broad/wet enough for me — but not enough that I will ever buy another nib that fine. Or am I wrong about all this nibbery?

  • Heath Cates

    In a thread at FPG forum it's pretty mixed but leaning towards the what where they thinking. I'm already a zig-zag owner and none of these appeal to me more than that one so I am uncertain as to where this pen will stand for me in the future.

  • β˜… keri β˜…

    I have found that it depends a lot on paper and ink (perhaps I'm stating the obvious here), but my black zigzag Metro isn't that different in width to my Artista Crystal or my medium Waterman PhilΓ©as. The PhilΓ©as and even my medium Platinum Cool are more likely to tend towards a broader width, whereas the A.Crystal doesn't get as much variation, and the Metro likes to go thinner if it does vary. I guess I'd call it a MF? I don't have as much experience with a wide variety of pens (I want lots and lots of pens, but my budget doesn't, so I stick to the under-$50 ones, and that's kind of limited), but judging from what I have used, it's distinctly wider than, say, a Goulet F Nib but nowhere near the Goulet B Nib.

  • β˜… keri β˜…

    Yeah, I think the black section does do a disservice to the look, but I guess when you're writing or the pen is capped, you don't really see it… πŸ˜›

    The python is definitely the most odd to me, because of the contrast between the band and body. The lizard one doesn't quite work for me, but I think it's just because it looks too much like a leather attachΓ© case or something! I really like the warm beige of the body, though, and would seriously consider buying it with a matching band.

  • β˜… keri β˜…

    From the promo images, it seems like the Lizard might be more of a warm beige to the Titanium's warm (dark) grey. It's similar, but probably much lighter…

  • β˜… keri β˜…

    I just looked and it's actually $45 on Jetpens! Either the price went up, or I have convinced myself that I didn't really pay that much for the pen (didn't even come with a converter like the Metro. does!) – until recently, I'd remembered paying only $30 for it.

    I guess I'm closer to breaking my $50 cap than I expected. Maybe a TWSBI will be coming home to me soon…or that yellow Prera I've been drooling over for years.

  • roxtime

    everybody is complaining but I really like these pens, especially Python, Lizzard and White tiger. just take my money :)))

  • Ale-Alejandro

    I don't like these. I would have added a blue, red and green to the line and a F nib option and called it a day. I love my black and gold plain Metros. I would have gotten a couple more in finishes that appealed to me. But these just make me think of everything that was wrong with the 80s.

  • Josephine Robertson

    I think they're cute. Not awesome, but cute. But without a stub nib option I won't be buying them anyway.

  • steveH

    Which I did a couple weeks ago (the Penmanship now has an M nib), and the Metropolitan is now one of my favorite pens. Period. Actually, I started out by swapping the Metropolitan's M nib with a Plumix's stub, which was also fun, but the EF is just about perfect for a "don't worry about losing it so I'll take it almost everywhere" pen. For me, anyway.

  • Hunter

    I've been forever looking for an under $100 pen in purple. I mean a dark purple, not a lilac color or what I call "Barbie" purple. You know, a MANLY purple!! LOL I hope the leopard turns out to be just that. Buy it in a second.

  • Anon

    they *do* sell for double that in the UK πŸ™

    It's actually cheaper to ship it from the US than it is to buy one here.

  • thebitterfig

    Nib is interchangeable with the those from the italic Pilot Plumix. Pretty crisp italic, though.

  • thebitterfig

    I stuck a Pilot Penmanship EF in my black dot Metropolitan.

  • thebitterfig

    It's a pain because the nibs clearly exist. I've stuck Penmanship EF and Plumix Italic nibs in, and could swap with my Prera, so I know Pilot makes pretty much all the nibs I'd want, but they don't sell them as freely as Lamy, for example.