Sneak Peek: Vanishing Point LE 2013

We have the official word from Pilot: this year’s limited edition Vanishing Point is coming this November 2013. This year is extra special since it’s the 50th anniversary of the Capless in Japan, so this pen is extra special too.

The body is made of maple wood, with gold hardware. It comes beautifully packaged in a matching wooden box.

This year the quantities are even more limited than in the
past – only 900 will be available worldwide, with 300 allocated to the
US market. We’ll definitely be getting some, so don’t worry about that!

The price is a bit higher than in the past, coming in at $550 list price (we’ll be selling it at a 20% discount for $440).

While it traditionally comes standard with a medium nib, we can swap it out for a fine or broad in the matching gold trim, or EF-B in the rhodium trim (or even the black nib, coming out soon!).

What do you think of this year’s pen? A must-have for your collection?

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Rachel Goulet

2017-10-11T14:26:50+00:00 September 14th, 2013|Pen News|15 Comments
  • Matthew

    I am so glad they trimmed it in yellow-gold; that fact just saved me $440! Further, I was hoping they'd have resurrected the original design of the Capless clip for the anniversary edition.

    HOWEVER, my interest is piqued by the allusion to "black nib"–that sounds like the perfect acoutrement to the VP Stealth.

  • MrsGouletPens

    Oh yeah…. you caught that little hint I threw in there! The black VP nibs have just been released and we should have them later in the month. I mean, it makes sense! Super stealthy. 😉

  • Anne

    Put me one the list! I would really like to get one. The wood is beautiful

  • David H

    Tempted, but I would have preferred silver/rhodium trim. I always think gold (apart from the nib) makes a fountain pen look so gaudy.

  • Jim

    Nice, but I have to wonder about the woods durability to both dings and scratches and also what would happen if it got even a tiny bit of ink on it? Then again some collectors probably won't even take it out of the box.

  • doctoralberto


  • Kathryn Marshall

    What is the obsession with making fountain pens out of wood, random pen companies? It's like trying to make fetch happen.

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Wait, did I read that correctly? Pilot is coming out with a Black nib for the VP pens?

  • Kate

    Its not going to happen!

  • Henry

    Maybe a future Q&A can have a demonstration of the new black nib versus the gold versus the rhodium-plated?

  • Christine Witt

    I am *so in* on this pen. My goodness.

  • Kathryn Marshall

    The nib is pretty though 🙂

  • Erik Evens

    I think it's really beautiful!

    I have been thinking about buying another nib unit for my matte black VP… May have to wait for the black one!

  • Robert Guthrie

    *sigh* I wish I could justify this much money on a pen.

  • jordanjay29

    That's pretty, seems like it would be a fun pen to use. Too bad it's way out of my price range.