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Goulet Q&A Episode 7, Open Forum

This Q&A was an open forum, so I was just taking any questions that came my way. I had a backlog of some questions I hadn't answered in previous weeks, so this was a great chance for me to answer those. I also wanted to share some thoughts with you about the Pilot Justus 95, and new Beer edition Field Notes.

I also finally revealed the backstory to the Ooze Tubes you've seen me play with but completely avoid discussing in previous Goulet Q&A's! Check it out at (1:52). Be sure to also take the survey that I set up for you to give me feedback about the most effective media outlets I can use to reach you. I'm honestly here for you when I make my videos and blog posts, so I want to make sure that I'm spending my time effectively by producing the type of content that you enjoy most.

Click here to answer 9 short questions that'll confidentially tell me how I can best help you.

1) freddy- Ink Nouveau (5:18):
I am definitely going to be odd person out here but I must post. While I thoroughly enjoyed your Write Time at 9 broadcasts I must admit to being dismayed at these Q&A ones. The Write Time broadcasts were different and with enough surprises to make me attempt to set aside an hour or so during the week to watch them. Your Q&As are much more beneficial to me as reads, not broadcasts (or podcasts or whatever the correct terminology is). I can get through them much much faster as reads than having to stick around for 34+ minutes to glean the information I want and need. The aforementioned Write Time and your current Q&A are two very different animals and, to me, need different presentations. Frankly, I miss Write Time and, especially, Rachel's incredible giggle. (To this day, I am convinced that wonderful little laugh is how she roped you into marriage. ;-) LOL ) All kidding aside, Write Time was open ended with an anything goes attitude. Q&A, on the other hand, offers some serious information and I just want to get to it as fast and easily as possible. The long podcasts (or whatever the official name for those tapes is) simply do not allow for that.

2) Jeremy- Ink Nouveau (9:45):
Brian, I appreciate your work. Can you please release these as audio podcasts so that I can listen to your Q&As in the car as opposed to needing to watch a video. Thanks for considering it.

3) Jael T.- Email (10:45):I have a hankering to purchase a couple of Platinum Preppy's to use as highlighters and rollerball pens. However, I am not fond of the pen logo on the ones that are available for purchase and, from what I've read, it is NOT easy to scrape the logo off of the stamped pens. I really like that fact that Noodler's is able to get them without the logo. Therefore, my question for you is are you able to special order the un-stamped version of this pen, or can you recommend a similar pen in size and weight that has a clear body and can be converted into an eyedropper?
4) Thomas R.- Ink Nouveau (13:45):
For those out there who like to blend their shades of ink together to create their own custom shades - any suggestions? Have you tried blending your own variations?
5) Bourgoisie- Ink Nouveau (16:00):
What nib size do you find yourself using the most? I know these vary depending on the manufacture but do you prefer a thick line or a thinner one?

6) Blue Moon- Ink Nouveau (18:08): 
Hey Brian, didn't you used to carry Kaweco pens? Do you think that you may sell them again? Also, do you think that sometime in the future, you'll increase your selection of Sheaffers? 

7) Nicky- Ink Nouveau (20:36):
I have a crazy plan to have at least one ink in each colour of the rainbow. All other colours have been easy enough but for some reason, I can never seem to find a green or orange ink that I like. The greens are always too dull and the oranges too light for me to see on the page. What colours do you recommend?
8) PapaKuma- Ink Nouveau (21:52):
What pen do you lust over / what is your "holy grail" pen?

9) Andrew M- email (24:32):
What is your current pen rotation schedule like? Being the proverbial kid in the candy shop, how often do you rotate daily writers? How many pens do you have inked at one time? Is there a pen that you always have inked?

10) maltharius- YouTube (27:21):
With all of the inks that you have reviewed and put their paces and all of the pens that you get to play with (and taught us with) - what are you doing with them? Are you writing letters? Journals? Penning the next great American novel? With all of the testing that you must do for your company it almost seems like you would spend hours each day in a room scratching away the mysteries of the universe like some character from a Tom Brown book.

11) Amamiya K- Facebook (30:48):
I've got a question regarding pilot VP here~ every time when the nib is pushed out of the front, it has to push onto the "tongue" thingy (that's located at the front inside to keep the pen from drying out i guess), wouldn't that damage the nib? I remember you said in a video that we should even avoid bumping the nib with the inside of the body of the pen when refilling....then wouldn't the pressure of pushing onto the "tongue" or...cap (sorry i don't know what it's called) every time when using it be even more damaging?

12) 林理谙 - Facebook (33:32):
Is Noodler's Zhivago black, or is it green? I don't need another black, but a really dark green intrigues me. The swab, though, just looks black. Should I go with sequoia instead? 

Thanks so much for tuning in to another episode of Goulet Q&A. I appreciate all of you who asked me questions, I would just be a lunatic talking to my camera without you! Next week I'll be doing another theme, this time called "Inside the Goulet Minds". Rachel (my wife) and I have both been through a lot building our company from our dining room to our warehouse, and we've done a lot of different things that some might consider unconventional. We want to share with you some of the logic behind what we've done, and open ourselves up to whatever questions you have about what makes us tick. It should be interesting! Rachel will be joining me for the next episode, which will take place on October 11th. See you then! 

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Haha. I forgot that my Youtube account was under the name 'Maltharius'. Thanks for answering the questions. :)

  2. Next week for "Inside the Goulet Minds" - On hindsight, what one thing would you do differently if you were starting your business now?

  3. Hi Brian,

    I've been watching these for a few weeks and I really enjoy this format. As a visual person, I can appreciate the written word, but I value the personal touch of your videos more than just another blog post.

    On your topic of, "Inside the Goulet Minds," I'm curious and must ask about your kids. How do you balance being a parent with being a business owner, and what role, if any, do your kids play in your day-to-day lives at work?


  4. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer me about a written Q&A. I fully understand where you are coming from and while I would have preferred a written format for speed and ease, I'm happy to have the current format of Q&A rather than nothing at all. The energy that the Goulets put into their customers, as part of their whole business model, is what makes so many of us come back time and again. Thank you.

    All the best,


  5. I really enjoy these, they make a nice break from other things I'm doing and it's always fun to "talk" pens with someone who knows a lot.

    I got one of my Holy Grail pens this year -- a Nakaya urushi cigar. This one has been on my wish list for about 9 years and I finally pulled the trigger. Totally worth it. :)

    I've had others in the past that I coveted and weren't quite as satisfying. I have an Omas 360 that's been tuned three times (by someone very good) and it still dries up on me. I have some Pelikans which are fine and reliable but the nib just isn't amazing. (I do have a White Tortoise with a custom stub that I like a lot, it's a pretty little pen and fits my hand well.)

    One of my best-writing pens is a vintage Schaeffer from the 70s that is HIDEOUS, but man it writes like a dream. Haven't ever managed to match it in another Schaeffer, vintage or new.

  6. That Platinum Koi is gorgeous, btw. Thinking hard about that, but if I get one I'll get it stubbed.

  7. I think you can actually change your YouTube account name now, if you want to! You're welcome :)

  8. Ooooo...great question. Only one thing? ;)

  9. Wow, a fantastic question, we'll most certainly cover this! Thanks for asking about our kids, they are a huge part of what we do!

  10. Well, Freddy, I greatly appreciate your honesty about it. I know a lot of other people think the same thing and just don't bother to tell me! The truth is, I try a lot of different media and formats to see not only what works in terms of popularity, but also what I can handle in my workload. I juggle a lot of different things every day, and sometimes even with the best of intentions I can't keep up with some things I commit to doing. It's a bit of a miracle I'm able to get out as many blog posts and videos that I do these days, and that's with help from Rachel and Tyler! I do really care what you and others like, as I'm really doing all this for you :)

  11. Oh yeah, we're drooling over all the Platinum Celluloids, especially the Koi. I have been let down by some more expensive pens, but I've also been impressed with others, so it really depends. There is absolutely a law of diminishing returns when it comes to pens, a $1500 pen is not 100 times better than a $15 pen, necessarily. Because of my own history of how I got into fountain pens, I tend to appreciate more of the 'value' pens, though my tastes are maturing as I am handling more and more pens. Still though, pens like the Pilot Metropolitan just get me excited!

  12. Hello, I was looking at that beautiful Red Pilot Stargazer (really looking forward to your video review). Would you consider this pen to be Pilot's version of the Sailor Sapporo?They look quite similar to me from the photos (body size, nib, filling system, even price) If so which one performs the best according to you?
    Thanks in advance

  13. So if you'd started transcribing back then, you'd have been deep into the New Testament by now!


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