TWSBI VAC-700 Price Drop

It’s not often that a manufacturer will drop the price of a pen, usually you see increases! But TWSBI has just announced the price drop of their VAC-700 pen, and it’s a pretty nice one. Previously, they were available for $80 (standard nibs) and $85 (stub nibs), but the price has been cut by $15, so they are now $65 (standard nibs) and $70 (stub nibs).

Everything else on the pen is exactly the same, only the price has changed. Why? Well, that’s a good question. We were told that it was to get the price more in line with the Vac Mini, which is to be released in early 2014. Since the TWSBI 580 and TWSBI Mini are close in price,  so they wanted to get the Vacs closer in price, too.

Now I’m a retailer so take what I say with that in mind, but I have been a fan of the Vac-700 all along, and now that it’s $15 cheaper it’s just an incredible buy. I’ve done a slew of videos on this pen, check them all out here:

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Brian Goulet

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  • passerBy

    Hi Brian,

    although you would surely know better; my uneducated guess is that this looks like textbook second law of supply and demand.

    "If demand decreases and supply remains unchanged, a surplus occurs, leading to a lower equilibrium price."

  • Megan Ward

    I understand they have different mechanisms, but with the prices so close now, do you think the TWSBI 580 or the Vac 700 is the better choice? I've got several Lamy's (LOVE them) and a couple Pilot Metropolitans. I have a tendency to write with some of them only a few times a week (grabbing randomly) and I like that the ones I have now start up immediately.


  • What boggles my mind a bit is why they didn't go with the idea of bundling instead of dropping the price of the pen. Mind you, I'm not saying that from a consumer standpoint. I think it's a better thing for the consumer to get a price drop and if you want a Vac-20 then you buy one too.

    Given how TWSBI is, I think the idea very well may be that they've paid down a lot of the R&D for the pen which I recall being far greater than with the 540 in terms of what they had to try and they're now selling the pen at a price that is more along the lines of marginal cost plus a markup. If they were a bigger company like a Pilot, I'd think it was more along the lines of market research suggesting that a lower price would maximize profit.

  • To me, the 580 is the much better pen. I greatly prefer the filling mechanism. My Vac has one of the original nibs because I got it custom ground and like it (but don't love it — it's dry). The newer nibs are a lot better. The size to me is pretty comparable, though different hand sizes and grip styles will probably feel different about that and how the pens feel. In the end, I think they're both well designed. I just find the piston a much more satisfying mechanism. I also like that the 540 is a much more accessible pen in terms of maintenance.

  • steveH

    And I'll stand up here in respectful opposition to Lee, as I prefer vacuum fillers to piston fillers. (Which goes a way to explain the various Pilot, Sheaffer, etc. vac-fill pens around my desk.) I've got a couple Vac700s, and have swapped various nibs in and out of them, from Bock EF and F, to Jowo EF, F, M, and 1.1 stubs.

    The best writer (for me) oddly enough, is one with a Bock EF that I worked on just a little bit to improve the flow. It still writes a bit on the dry side, which I like as I tend to write quite small, and it's also one of, if not the very smoothest nib in any of my pens. It's a bit heavy for a fountain pen, and I like that, and also very easy to take apart and reassemble when you want to do that.

    All that said, I should note that my wife has appropriated my Twsbi Mini Classic with an F nib, liking it much better than the Vac700, so personal preferences take precedence. As always, YMMV, etc.