Team Goulet Thank You

We just hit our company’s official 4-year anniversary on November 17th, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We’ve been in a really thankful and grateful mood this month, which is why Rachel and I posted a reflection video on our journey in this business, as well as our Thanksgiveaway contest. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to put together a video of many of our team saying a genuine thanks for allowing us to serve you every day.

Thank you!!

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  • Tom Johnson

    Getting to see Team Goulet on video is just wonderful! Great people, great service, we just love you guys. I would not order any product you carry from any other company, ever!

  • Da

    Thank you. Please stay the 'human' company you are? And best wishes for fame and fortune…. or whatever you two… three? want.

  • Winnie Dolderer

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoyed "meeting" your team and the future generation of the Goulet Pen Company (so adorable!!)

  • Tom Suchecki

    Oh boy the kids are CUTE.
    As a Customer I have to thank you for existing, There are so few companies that can stay Human as they grow. Even in a Niche like this.
    Thank you for showing us the Team we only knew by Name and Voice or Name and Hand Writing before

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and the Team always take the full four days off.. We your customers will still be here when you get back 🙂

  • Freddy

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I have suggested the Goulet Pen Company to so many folks and with good reason. What a class act!

    The kids are growing so fast! It seems like yesterday that Joseph was just getting started charming everyone and Ellie wasn't even a gleam in anyone's eye. 😉 Congratulations.

  • atramentum scortum

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and congratulations on your fourth year business anniversary. Keep on doing what you're doing — GPC is awesome! BTW – the kids are just adorable!

  • david mckeehan

    Happy Thanksgiving all from a new but sure to be long time customer!

  • sygyzy

    Brian, this is amazing. I've been with you guys from (nearly?) the beginning and I can't believe how big you've guys have gotten. PENS!? Who besides the small community of pen lovers would believe? Not just pen lovers, but a subset – FP lovers. Geez. What do your employees say when they tell their friends they work for a company that sells pens and ink? This is awesome. Talk about the American dream. Keep it up guys.

  • writetomeoften

    It is crazy that, I feel like I own the company while watching the video. I feel that in my bones. Thank you for having such a great, lovely, warm and sincere business.

  • grogotte

    This is an awesome little video. Thanks to YOU for providing excellent products and stellar service. Your success is well-deserved. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Thank you, David! Welcome to our world 🙂 We'll do our part to make sure we stick around and continue to be awesome for you for a long time.

  • Haha, you can imagine that I get that reaction a lot. "Fountain pens? really?" 😉 Our team gets an absolute kick out of telling people they know where they work, not only because people just can't imagine pens being that big of a deal, but also because the environment we've created at GPC is so unique and positive. Many of our team had terrible jobs (or no jobs) before joining us, so they really love doing what they do every day, and it shows 🙂 We are living the American Dream…doing something we love, working our tails off, it's awesome.

  • Thank you! I take that as a huge compliment. We try really, really hard to stay sincere as we grow, and our team totally 'gets' what we set out from the beginning.

  • You're welcome! We're so grateful for the success we've seen so far. It's a huge motivator to continue doing what we do, it's a way to give back to the community that gives us such an amazing opportunity to work and do what we love. We work hard here at Goulet, but man do we appreciate what we have.

  • Mary C

    It was fun to put a face to the names on my packing list notes! And thank YOU all for great service, wonderful resources, and all of those PENS, PAPERS, and INKS! (Sorry…got a little excited there.)

  • Tina

    Awwww…! 😁:-) You're welcome! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Starchix

    Oh wow. I've just been wishing your website had a 'meet our team' type of page, where we could see photos of everyone. Did you read my mind? Of course I loved seeing everyone, but I've been especially wishing I could 'meet' Katy and Alex, whose names/voices/handwriting I have come to know via invoices, chats and emails. Yay everyone. Brian and Rachel, your sincerity and passion show through in every smile and communication. I love that you love what you do, and I wish you 40 years more, if that's what you want. Our own small (14 employees) family business celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, and the memories were amazing. Take lots of photos now and keep spoiling your customers, and you will soon (yes, the time flies!) be doing the same. Love and appreciation right back at you all!!!!!!!!! Kathy in Bend OR

  • bfg

    Great video. Just for that I'm gonna go by a pen from you guys.

  • Rocky Huang


  • Rocky Huang

    I wish I could get out there and give each one of you a big hug. <3

  • Rocky Huang

    This is probably the best company in the world to work for.

  • EKE

    Love you guys!!! Thanks for all the great service and joy you have brought to me. Highlight of my week: a package arrives from Goulet.

    I thought I heard that Alex had left the company, yet she's there in the video. What's up there?

    -Erik Evens

  • Dominique James

    I love how Brian and Rachel's faces lit up with so much pride, love and joy with the kids that punctuated this video! Precious!

  • Jeanne

    That was so REAL! Thank you for just being yourselves and sharing that with your customers. The personal touch is what makes Goulet Pens stand out in the cyber world.

  • FraijoManda

    How sweet!

  • Jayendra

    Dear Brian+Rachel,
    Congratulations! on your 4th anniversary.
    It is indeed a very good to see you all on thanksgiving day. When a small team like yours is dedicated to give best to customer, there is no doubt that your company will be respected more.
    At Goulet, your team is always coming up with something out-of-box for their customers and well-wishers (like me).
    In fact it is we who owe you our gratitude to you all for regular updates…
    God bless everyone at Goulet and yes, lots of love to kids too……

  • Sergey

    Warm congratulations to all of you from Russia!!! Thank you so much for such a nice video! It is a great pleasure to see your smiling faces! What a great kids also! Wishing you happiness and Merry coming Christmas!!!!!!!

  • fabiorr

    Brian, Rachel, thank you for the excellent work and for growing without loosing the spark that started it all!

  • Speaking of, Crystal's sweatshirt is awesome. Any chance you'll ever sell Goulet-branded apparel? I'd be happy to do some advertising for ya!