December 2013 Ink Drop Reveal: Tribute to Private Reserve

This month’s Ink Drop was extra special. When we learned a few months ago that Terry Johnson, the creator of Private Reserve inks, had passed away, we wanted to do something special to honor his memory. He was one of the first to develop a line of boutique fountain pen inks in the US, and created many beautiful saturated ink colors inspired by his love for gemstones. Many of his colors were named after Fender guitar finishes, also another love of his. We’re big fans of many of these inks and wanted you to experience them too.

Normally we do 5 colors for Ink Drop, but we felt this theme deserved more. So we chose our 8 of our favorite Private Reserve ink colors to include: Avacado, Black Cherry, DC Supershow Blue, Ebony Blue, Orange Crush, Spearmint, Tanzanite, and Velvet Black. Some of these are in our daily rotation, and others are extremely popular among our customers. We hope you enjoy these!

There’s still time if you’d like to sign up to receive this month’s Ink Drop – just sign up anytime before the 14th to receive this special selection. Members get 10% off the full bottles of these colors, plus other great deals. We also offer prepaid subscriptions, which make great gifts!

So tell us… what are your favorite colors from this month’s Ink Drop? What are your favorite Private Reserve colors from the full line?

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  • MrsGouletPens

    For more about Terry Johnson, here are two links:
    A customer's memories on Pentrace:

  • aleowr

    I didn't know he passed! My very first bottle of ink was Private Reserve Ultra Black. The Black Cherry ink quickly because a favorite.

  • Jo Davies

    I have a bottle of the Tanzanite and it's one of my favorites. The balance of blue and violet is perfect: it's more attractive and interesting than a plain ol' blue but not so violet that it looks like you're writing with your 10 yr old's pen.

    Just as Valerie said, I'm not much of a blue ink person (ok, I do lust after Kon-Peki) but Tanzanite is a blue that goes to 11.

  • Freddy

    Private Reserve, even before Noodler's, became my introduction to the joys of ink colors. Mr. Johnson's legacy is amazing in the fountain pen world. For me, this is surely one of the best Ink Drops ever.

    Avacado remains my favorite green, though I have never understood the reason for the misspelling of the name.

  • Joseph Quinton

    Wonderful Inkdrop this month! Yesterday, I inked up Ebony Blue sync it is one beautiful ink! Thank you got the extra colors thus month Rachel, Brian, and Team Goulet!

  • Rita McGregor

    I just realized mine hasn't come yet this month. If it's not here in another few days I will let you know. 🙂

  • David

    DC Supershow Blue is a must have IMO. Vibrant, well behaved.

  • Kellisaycheese

    Orange Crush is still my all time favourite orange ink. It is a very rich colour and has incredible shading. Black Magic Blue, which is not on this list, is my go-to deep dark blue ink.

  • Starchix

    So cool, getting 8! Private Reserve inks! Velvet Black was my very first PR ink, purchased on a whim at my local (160 miles away) pen store many years ago. I haven't tried all that many others, but I like Purple Mojo and Blue Suede (which I bought a bottle of after it appeared in a recent Ink Drop — weirdly named but strangely delicious color). I am excited to try some of these new-to-me colors: Tanzanite, Black Cherry and Avocado (Avacado?) especially. And I've been testing a lot of blacks, mostly Noodler's lately, now I will go back and try Velvet Black again. Thanks for the generous ink selections this month, and for sharing about Terry.

  • Starchix

    Forget to mention how much I love the hand-written titles of the samples. I am sure I recognize the hand of Alex Ross……… 😉

  • Myriam

    My Ink Drop finally arrived today. Unfortunately, some of the ink samples were frozen. DC Supershow Blue, Spearmint, and Ebony Blue were frozen solid. Velvet Black was starting to freeze (thick but still moving around). The other colors didn't seem to be affected by the frigid temperature (it's been below zero for a few days here 😛 ). Should I be concerned about using the inks that froze?

  • It shouldn't be an issue, just let it thaw and it'll melt, and be good to go 🙂 We don't hear about Ink Drops freezing a lot, but it's definitely possible if it's that cold!

  • You're very welcome 🙂 So glad you like it!

  • It's not your every day blue, I can see how you love it so : ) And I am an indisputably blue person!

  • Myriam

    Thanks Brian, this makes me feel better, especially since I'm really happy about the color selection this month 🙂