Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Filling the TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen from a Bottle

In case you were wondering how you fill a TWSBI Classic fountain pen...here you go. This is basically the same procedure for the TWSBI Mini and TWSBI 580, as well as basically every other piston-filling fountain pen. It's a good one to watch just in case you were curious how to fill a piston pen.

Some highlights in the video:
  • Explaining how the pen works (0:23)
  • Filling the pen (1:49)
  • Getting the most ink in there (2:29)

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Very well done. I had never actually seen a full filled demonstration before. Very helpful.

  2. Does the classic work with the TWSBI bottles that have the special upper filler that works with the Mini and 580?

  3. Nice demo. I had not realized until I watched a previous video that the fill hole was not at the tip of the nib. Excellent tip. Now I am intrigued to try the extra fill trick of turning the pen upside down, expelling air and then going for maximum ink. Very cool. Thanks so much! There are always seems to be something new and interesting to learn here on your website.

  4. Hi Brian, Pen-Ink-Paper question(s) re Noodler's Baystate Blue - I've just bought a bottle of the stuff [from Goulet pens], and grabbed a blue Preppy pen to use it in (for now) - LOVE the vibrancy of the colour, but keep hearing (1) it can be dangerous in pens, and (2) it won't co-operate well with every kind of paper. So to my question(s): what pens would you recommend for use with BSB - and which would you consider a 'no-no'... And on what kinds of paper will it behave well and glow vibrantly(!)?

    Love your Q&As, will happily watch them whenever you put them up. Keep the other videos coming too, though - would love to see more pen tips and reviews, and more ink reviews too if you can find the time!

  5. Oh, how I needed this demonstration in 1964. As a sixth grader, I found an old fountain pen with a side-lever fill. I probably used my Christmas money to purchase a bottle of ink. The store had two colors--red or black. Being a kid, I chose red. Then I proudly took my pen and bottle of ink to school. I opened the lid and just barely put the tip in the bottle proceeding to pump the little lever. After about the 3rd struggling pump, I spilled the entire bottle of ink in my lap and watched in horror as the blood-red stain spread over my skirt. I didn't use a fountain pen again for years. When I finally did buy a much better fountain pen, I used only cartridges because I still couldn't get ink in the pen--until you demonstrated how I could fill a converter or clean cartridge with a syringe and bottle of ink. I promptly bought the syringe from Goulet Pens. Now I know why I haven't been able to get ink in a pen by dipping it in a bottle--I've never put the pen in far enough to get ink to the fill hole. Keep up the demonstrations and the instructions. They are so helpful. Too bad I didn't know this in 1964.

  6. I can't imagine Nathan Tardif formulating an ink that will damage any pen. See Brian's video and read the reviews here:http://www.gouletpens.com/Noodlers_Baystate_Blue_Ink_3oz_p/n19048.htm. Looks like BSB has a tendency to dry out in the feed and be a hard starter after sitting idle. Looks like it might stain clear plastic but the stain can be removed. Brian can give you a better answer. My experience with other inks (Noodler's and other brands) is Clairfontaine and Rhodia are the best papers. Several reviewers say BSB feathers on cheap paper but is great with CF and Rhodia.


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