Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands and Silver Fountain Pens

Hello fountain pen friends! I already shared a full review of the Jinhao X750 which you can check out here, but at the time I didn’t have the Shimmering Sands and Silver colors in stock. They are pretty sweet for sub-$10 pens, and I wanted to be sure to show you what they look like. 

The Jinhao X750 is a great beginner fountain pen, especially with the introductory price. The X750 comes with a standard international converter, and a #6 medium nib. If you want to switch it up, you can swap out your medium nib for a Goulet #6 nib in extra-fine through 1.5mm stub.

Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands Fountain Pen
Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands

Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands Fountain Pen
Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands
Jinhao X750 Silver Fountain Pen
Jinhao X750 Silver

Jinhao X750 Silver Fountain Pen
Jinhao X750 Silver

Have you ever used a Jinhao X750 fountain pen? If you have any questions about either of these pens, be sure to leave a comment below. 

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Brian Goulet

2017-10-11T03:48:11+00:00 January 8th, 2014|Pen Reviews|16 Comments
  • The Shimmering Sand is a nice finish! Adding that one to my wish list 🙂 thanks for the reviews!

  • Kristen

    I have the silver, and am waiting for my shimmering sands (ordered before you started carrying jinhao, I buy everything I can from you, but you understandably can't carry EVERYTHING!) It's a surprisingly good pen, and becomes shockingly good taking the price into consideration. I did replace the nib with a Goulet, and just got 2 nibs from you to replace the nibs on the shimmering sands, and another pen I got. Goulet Pens ROCKS 🙂

  • Ashli

    Finally a poor man's raden!!! Mine should be here tomorrow; so excited! I never thought it would happen!

  • Reishka

    I just ordered a shimmering sands… it's so gorgeous~!

  • Geoff H.


    First off, the Jinhao Shimmering Sands looks sharp and great review! I was wondering if you could help me out with my Jinhao x450. I damaged my feed and was looking to find a replacement but haven't had any luck. I know it is an inexpensive pen but it was a gift and my first fountain pen and I now am obsessed! Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • It's really cool!

  • Thanks for the support! I fell in love with these pens after getting them in my hands. I was a bit skeptical before I held them, then I really went nuts. I've been really impressed with all of the colors we brought in, too, and there are a bunch more than we've considered. Minimum quantities are really high though, so I'm not sure how many more colors we'll bring in.

  • Haha, that's exactly what we've been calling it around our shop!

  • It really is cool, much nicer than I thought it would look 😉

  • I highly doubt you'll find any parts available for these pens, unfortunately you'll just have to buy a new one 🙁 The goodnews is, a whole new Jinhao is cheaper than a nib/feed from just about any other pen company, so even if you buy a new pen and just keep the feed, nib, and converter, you're making out alright.

  • I bought the Shimmering Sands for you a week or so ago and I love it. Well, mostly. I need to get a fine nib for it, I think. The M nib writes a bit broad for me, but I'm going to try it on some Rhodia paper before I change out the nib. It's a beautiful pen, very shimmery and sparkly. I do love sparkly things.

  • Jack

    Brian, I know you like the Metro a lot, would you place the x750 in the same category?

  • Yes I would. The x750 is a much bigger and heavier pen, but as far as value goes, yeah, it's right in there. The one huge plus the Jinhao has over the Pilot is that it fits #6 nibs, so you can replace it with a Goulet nib (or other brand).

  • Nicky

    Ooh I have to get a Sparkle Pen! That's right up my alley.

  • James Brady

    You guys should offer bulk pricing on these, obviously with such a cheap pen the profit margin is probably already quite low, but even a little bit might prompt people to buy in bulk, or throw in some ink. I only just got my first fountain pen, a lamy safari, and then got one of these and I'm already converting people I work with as well as friends and family members and am thinking about buying 5+ of these and a big bottle of noodler's to give out to co-workers and keep at work for all of them to share. It's a great starter pen, and even though they all laughed while I watched video after video from your site, they all are understanding now 😉

  • Rich Anderson

    I received my Shimmering Sands about a week or so ago. And for me, it wrote too broad. I am using Noodler's Blue. (I should have tried Noodler's Black it may have helped). I also tried on good laser jet paper (HP Premium Choice 32#) and Rhodia Premium 90 gsm with similar results. (too broad for my taste). I didn't have a Goulet Fine Nib to replace it (I will be doing that next time I place an order), but I did have a Noodler's non-flex on hand. I used that, and it is writing much more to my liking. Like someone else posted, I now have a poor man's Raden, but now it writes much better. Off topic: All in all, I haven't found a pen that beats the Pilot Metropolitan. I keep mine inked with Noodler's Black. If you haven't purchased one yet, I'm sure Brian can hook you up. It's awesome, and so is Goulet Pens!!