Noodler’s Non-Flex #6 Nibs

Noodler’s is well-known for their flex-nib pens, and they just released a new size #6 non-flex nib in fine/medium size. The best part? It’s $2. Yeah. $2.

I show you how to install it in the Noodler’s Ahab and Konrad (all versions) here, and ink it up for a test drive. I thought it’d be a good baseline to compare it to a couple of Lamy nibs as well, though you can check the nibs out for yourself against any of the many nibs I’ve tested in the Nib Nook.

These nibs will be great for converting your flex pen into an everyday pen, or just screwing around with nib smoothing/grinding. At this price, geez, why not just have some to play around with, you seriously can’t find nibs cheaper than this.

The video’s a pretty decent length, but covers some really useful tips for you:

  • Closeup of the nib: (1:58)
  • Installing the nib in a Noodler’s Ahab: (2:58)
  • Installing the nib in a Noodler’s Konrad: (7:30)
  • Nib comparison between Noodler’s and Lamy: (9:30)
  • Writing with the Noodler’s nib: (10:58)

I think part of the reason Nathan Tardif of Noodler’s wanted to move on getting these nibs out to the world is because I beat him to the punch with my own Goulet #6 nibs back in April 2013, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. True to form, Nathan has created a decent nib at an exceptional price. Sure, a Goulet nib is $15 and a Noodler’s is $2, but I’m actually glad to have both at my disposal. 
What do you think of these nibs?
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Brian Goulet

2017-10-11T14:19:57+00:00 January 22nd, 2014|Pen Reviews|4 Comments
  • Gordon

    I tried to fit this nib into a few pens so far: a couple of Jinhao x750s and a Noodler's Ahab. Couldn't get it to fit in the Jinhao pens – either the curvature or the thickness of the nib caused it to jam. In the Ahab, though it fits perfectly without the need to adjust the feed. Writes smoothly and feels comfortable – I think I'd agree there's more feedback but it's far from being unpleasant. You can still force a bit of line variation, but it's clearly not intended for that. For $2, it's a great buy if you want to de-flex your Noodler's pen; but unless I'm just doing something wrong, you'll still need a Goulet nib (which is nicer anyway!) for your Jinhao (and other #6 nib?) pens.

  • David

    Talk about adding insult to injury, 'You know who' won't sell us spare flex nibs or feeds for the Ahabs and Konrads, but he will sell us these pathetic things. Sheesh…

  • Gordon

    I'm with you re spare flex nibs and feeds – would be great if Noodler's were prepared to sell spare parts – but steady on, for $2 this is a pretty fantastic buy! Goulet nibs without doubt give a more pleasant writing experience 'out of the box' (or sample vial), and are far more versatile in terms of the pens they'll fit – but I'm grateful this nib is available for my Noodler's pens.

  • William F. Trier

    just ordered a half dozen of these…I can't wait to start chopping them into italics and stubs. I wonder if I can split them into flex or music…