Monday, January 13, 2014

TWSBI Classic, 580, Mini Fountain Pen Comparison

With the release of the TWSBI Classic, I've had a lot of people asking me what makes it different from the TWSBI 580 and TWSBI Mini. I compare all three pens here, in a conversational style. Here are some time markers so you can jump right to key points:

  • Box comparison: (0:35)
  • Un-boxing the Classic: (1:09)
  • Three Classic Colors: (4:56)
  • Comparing the Classic/580/Mini: (7:08)
  • How do they write: (9:09)
  • Aesthetic differences: (9:35)
  • Removing the Nib Units: (10:21)
What are your thoughts on these pens? Ask me any other questions you have in the comments.

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Hi Brian, thanks for these videos - I have a 580 and a Mini, but will probably have to wait on the Classic (maybe the next batch will be adapted so they can post??). When you say the Mini and the Classic nibs aren't interchangeable, I'm guessing you mean the nib assemblies, not the nibs themselves (in other words, if you didn't mind voiding your warranties, you could swap the nibs between a Mini and a Classic nib assembly)? Also, can you confirm that the Classic is designed to work with the existing TWSBI ink-wells?

  2. What the heck was the "sick" part before the blue ink blotchy thing?


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