The TWSBI Classic is the newest model to the TWSBI line to date, January 2014. If you’re not familiar with the pen, check out my full review here, see how it compares to the TWSBI 580 and TWSBI Mini here, as well as my video showing how to fill it here.

It’s offered in an extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad as well as a 1.1mm stub. The TWSBI nibs are a western style and write similar to some other brands you may know like Lamy, Pelikan, and Monteverde. If you want to compare individual writing samples of the TWSBI Classic to other pens, be sure to check out the Nib Nook, a tool I’ve put together where I personally have written with all the pen/nib combos I carry in my store.

This video features how to quickly ink up the piston-filling pen and what you can expect from each of the nibs. Some highlights are:

  • Comparison to TWSBI 580 and Mini (0:24)
  • Writing samples (0:58)
  • Filling and writing with the Classic (2:10)
  • Writing comparison between TWSBI Classic EF and Lamy Al-Star EF (4:09)

The Classic appears to have nibs identical to the TWSBI Mini, so you can expect their performance to be identical. Unfortunately nibs won’t swap between those two models, though, and the Classic doesn’t offer any separate nib units apart from their pens as of this post. Despite that, I still really like the Classic. The nibs are smooth, flow well, and feel better to me than my Lamy EF nib does.

So what do you think of the TWSBI Classic? I’m curious to hear, just post in the comments below!

Write On,
Brian Goulet