February 2014 Ink Drop Reveal: Box of Chocolates

While most people think of reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day, we think of chocolate. So for the February 2014 Ink Drop this month, we selected a variety of browns that we dubbed “Box of Chocolates.” It’s fairly simple – just a range of brown inks each with their own special hue, much like you’d find in a box of chocolates. We chose:

Writing samples by Alex Ross

So tell us… what was your favorite “flavor” this month?

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  • John J. Nosal

    Got the Diamine – Rustic Brown loaded right now and liking it a lot. Tried the Noodler's – Polar Brown and not liking it as it feathers to much for my taste.

  • Tony

    Great idea. Can you essentially do the same by unscrewing the nib from a Pelikan M800?

  • hambone

    Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-guri is a great color especially on off white paper!

  • hambone

    Brian, does the silicon grease interact with the ink since it is within the ink chamber? New to FP and own a nice Lamy 2000.

  • Serge Vdovychenko

    Of course! However, an M800 (unlike M600 and lower models) has an easily removable piston (7 mm thin wrench, unscrew _clockwise_).

  • Tony

    Thanks Serge. My TWSBI wrench fits perfectly.

  • Serge Vdovychenko

    that's even better option

  • Papish

    Happy browns! But… So reddish, maybe… What about Yama-guri, R&K Sepia, Private Reserve Chocolat, Diamine Macassar or Chocolate Brown or Saddle Brown, MontBlanc Toffe Brown, Herbin Café des îles… 🙂

  • dothgrin

    Diamine Rustic and Waterman Absolute Brown were up, but I had a hard time as they are still too close to Diamine's Oxblood, so Waterman has been my favorite of the bunch.

  • Anon_RD

    The only ink I've heard of interacting with silicone is the famous Bay State Blue, which dyes it blue. No inks interact in a bad way.

  • sniffy

    Yeah, my first thought was: "Ina-ho but no Yama-guri?"

  • Indira

    This months ink drop included a very interesting collection of browns. I'm fascinated with how different combinations of pens and paper affects the color. Thanks for the opportunity to try these out.

  • Filipe Coelho da Silva

    International member. Still waiting… :/

  • Geeppen


    Thanks for this simple trick. I should have yhought of it years ago bit I didn't. Now Lmay2000 & Pelikans move as smoothly as silk

  • Jenn

    I love the inks, but more than that, I love the handwriting style of Alex Ross and would like to know what type of pen/nib is being used for these writing samples.

  • elsewire

    Browns are my favorite for everyday writing so this was a really exciting one for me. I love the Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho!

  • Brenda

    loved the rustic brown especially in a flex nib

  • James Kelly

    All great colors. I haven't used many browns, but I just got a 1923 Wahl Eversharp brown Wood-grain with a#2 wet noodle nib. I tried the Diamine and it had a bit of feathering, the Waterman which was excellent, but the Pelican brown was a perfect match for the pen color and has great shading when used with the wet noodle nib.
    Excellent service as usual and the ink samplers are a fantastic way to try inks with different properties and colors I would have never considered.

  • Suzette

    Can this trick be used to grease the piston of a cartridge converter that doesn't disassemble? I have a one in a Sheaffer pen that doesn't come apart, but is very hard to slide up and down. The hole is very small and since it connects to the feed it's trickier, but I wondered if a slim piece wire covered in rubber (like a round twist tie) dipped in silicone grease would do the trick?