Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Filling the TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen with the TWSBI Diamond 50 Inkwell

I've had a number of people ask if the TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen fits in the TWSBI Diamond 50 and Diamond 50P inkwells, and indeed it does. Here's a video showing how. This is the last of my deluge of TWSBI Classic videos, you can see all of my other ones here:

Introduction to the TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen
TWSBI Classic, 580, Mini Comparison
Filling the TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen from a bottle of ink
Writing with the TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen
TWSBI Classic Disassembly and Reassembly Demonstration

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Thanks Brian! These inkwells are wonderful. I bought one recently and ended up getting 5 more for my favorite inks (and I don't have a TWSBI pen to fit!). The international converter fills so easy and the well with its cone is a joy to use with piston/vacuum/converter filling pens as well as my 5ml syringe.

  2. My guess is since the nib is identical to that they use on the X450 minus the plating, they mass produce the same #6 nib for almost all their Jinhao branded pens, and then they only selectively plate the ones for certain models. Thus you end up with some that say 18KGP without any actual plating since they're not pressing two different nibs for the two different outputs. One of the quirks of lower price production.

  3. My comparison of the X750 compared to the X450:

    X450 is Heavier (but not by that much)
    X450 has a harder to remove cap
    X750's Cap is much easier to attach to the back of the pen than the X450 (it snaps into place around the band), where as on the X450 it can spring off if not snugly pushed on.
    X750 doesn't have the 'ridges' around the grip like the 450,instead it's just smooth all the way around.
    X450 has more 'texture' around the clip, compared to a more streamline groove on the X750's clip.

    Other than that, both appear to use the exact same nib (only difference is the X450 has theirs gold plated, the X750 doesn't despite the 18KGP label). Same height or so So technically both pens should write identically with the exact same nib and probably feed.


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