April Ink Drop Reveal: Islands in the Sun

In case you’re not familiar, Ink Drop is our monthly ink sample program, where we mail out (usually) five different colors of ink samples, all related to a theme. It goes out on the first business day of each month, and the colors are a surprise until a few days in, once folks have a chance to receive them in their mailbox. Anyways, on to this month’s reveal…

We selected “Islands in the Sun” for our April 2014 Ink Drop theme, using a bright, warm palette that has us dreaming of beach vacations on sunny islands. These colors remind us of the warm sun and cool waters that you’d find on that perfect island getaway. We chose:

Writing samples by Alex Ross

So tell us, what was your favorite color this month?

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  • Koo Tran


  • Archaeopteryx

    I really like Ama-Iro and Helianthus. Beau Blue is a bit too light and faded for my taste.

  • David

    Thank you Brian for asking Mr. Tardiff to clarify the issue of spare nibs and feeds. Now it looks like it is a waiting game. But at least he intends to try and offer spare parts. If we don"t see the spares in a reasonable amount of time, please give him a gentle nudge 🙂

  • Tom Johnson

    I thought that might be the case, especially with Blue Ghost and WotW. Might work better with one of the colored fluorescent inks like the Dragon Catfish inks. With the rich color and brighter fluorescence of these inks you may not need as much so you can keep the mixture darker. Since the eye is most sensitive to green, I suggest starting with the DC Green. Some of the darker fluorescent inks like Hunter Green do not fluoresce very brightly, but I have used DC Orange in Fox and the combo really popped under UV. This would a real challenge to pull off!

  • Scott Rogers

    Looking forward to trying the Shoreline Gold and Helianthus.

  • William Eagleburger

    I used to think the Dos Equis guy was the most interesting man in the world, but this clearly shows that Nathan Tardiff is!!

  • tp

    I came back to fountain and dip pens after more than 25 years away. I was never really happy with the ink choices for my cartridge pens back then–both in quality and color. The moment I felt Noodler's glide over the paper, I knew it was time to stop searching.

    I see a fundamental change in people–at least among those who are paying attention. It's better to have only a little of what is exactly right rather than an overabundance of the mundane.

    It will be a sad day when Mr. Tardiff hangs up his hat, but dinosaurs have to remember that they don't get smaller with the times–they go extinct.

  • snedwos

    The Konrad/Ahab feeds are available in the UK. Probably as a compensation for the limited supply of the pens — less easy to replace a broken pen on tat side of the Atlantic.

  • Brian

    The Ama-Iro looks gorgeous, and I can't wait to try it out some more. Shoreline Gold, though, has some really interesting shading in that sample.

  • Micheleh

    Ooh, Shoreline Gold. Not one I'd considered until I saw that sample.

  • vam59

    Did I miss it? Did Nathan say when the Neponset pen would be coming out?

  • Mopen

    love Noodlers inks! Baystate blue is the reason I started to revive my fountain pens.

  • Michael

    I wish I hadn't missed this. I would have loved to have gotten my question in about Nathan's accidental Periwinkle Violet Vote and if he had any thoughts about making that a replacement for his current Eternal Periwinkle.

  • Tom J.

    I love Noodler's inks and am waiting for my 12th Noodler's ink scheduled to arrive from Goulet Pens tomorrow. Favorites: Black, Black Swan in Australian Roses, El Lawrence, and Blue Ghost; I expect I will also love Bad Black Moccasin when it comes tomorrow. This was a great interview. I could listen to Brian and Nathan for hours!

  • bpburns

    So what ink are they alluding to that Borealis Black is intended to replicate?

  • TJ

    Aurora Black. Apparently it has a reputation among some as being a good but very expensive ink. Noodler's came out with Borealis Black that duplicates all the properties of Aurora Black at nearly 1/3 the cost. It is like a joke but it makes a very serious point. Nathan Tardiff is a frugal New England Yankee who hates products that sell for a lot more than they should. His philosophy is that the customer should get the best quality and quantity possible for the price paid. That is why he uses lower price plain Jane glass bottles for his ink and fills each bottle to the very top, giving people one of the best buys for any inks available. He also manufacturers some of the finest inks ever made. Some of us feel that he offers the highest quality inks in the world. I have used Noodler's inks since 2009 almost exclusively in my pens.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    Thanks for doing this! Mr. Tardiff tends to be quite loquacious, do I'm impressed with how well Mr. Goulet managed to rein him in. Even so, Mr. Goulet got a lot of great information out of Mr. Tardiff.

    I've been a fan of Noodler's since I discovered it, and I love the creator's philosophy of providing a low-cost product, even at the cost of his own personal wealth.

  • marguerite brainerd

    The Ama-Iro is wonderful! I am not a "blue ink" person normally, but this color looks great on my writing paper. I'll be trying the Shoreline Gold next…intriguing.

  • marguerite brainerd

    Absolutely excellent! Thanks to both of you for doing this chat.