Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New! Edison Nouveau Premiere in Cherry Blossom (Spring 2014 Edition)

It's here! The Spring 2014 Seasonal Special Edition Edison Nouveau Premiere in vibrant Cherry Blossom acrylic resin. This is the wildest color Premiere we've ever offered! This is exactly the reason we love doing these seasonal pens, it allows us to really take a chance with color choices we'd be tentative to make with a regularly offered pen. Cherry Blossom is a vibrant pink that is ever-so-slightly translucent, with bold white swirls. Here in Virginia where GouletPens.com is located, Cherry Blossoms are sign that spring has finally arrived. After this long winter, we're all ready for spring!

Edison Nouveau Premiere Spring 2014 Cherry Blossom

Yes, I know, I know, today is April Fool's Day and some of you may think this pen is a joke, but I promise you it is for real. If you do want to see our April Fool's joke from last year, check out our $28.95 Edison Bulb Filler video here. We opted to skip doing anything silly this year, and it just so happens that today is the best day logistically for us to launch our new Premiere.

So what is the Seasonal Premiere all about? Check out our other video here that explains what it is and why we do it.

You may be curious about the Black Ice Premiere that we have left over from Winter 2014. It was a huge hit and we stocked up a bit, so we do still have some of those left. But with the launch of the Spring 2014 Cherry Blossom, the Black Ice is no longer in production and once the pens we have on hand are sold, they'll be gone for good. The same will go for the Cherry Blossom, they'll be here for about 3 months until we announce our Summer pen, sometime around the change in season (late June/early July).

Edison Nouveau Premiere Cherry Blossom, closeup of the swirls

The Premiere is available with a stainless steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm stub nibs. The nibs are smooth with a touch of feedback, much to the liking of many Edison fans! The Premiere is a standard international cartridge/converter pen (converter included) that is also convertible to an eyedropper (see how here). We offer it exclusively at GouletPens.com for $149, starting today!

What do you think of the Cherry Blossom?

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Pink isn't my color, but I like that pink more then the Lamy coral

  2. That is not a cherry blossom pink. At all. :(

  3. Wow. Just ... wow. I love it to bits. I'll be taking a good long look at my bank account to try and convince myself I can afford this. Finally, in my forties, I can allow myself some ultrapink stuff, after proving myself as a serious engineer.

  4. Perhaps to use a fountain pen, or more accurately, to have a passion for them is unusual per se. It follows unusual is particularly attractive. Yes, I have big black imposing pens, like a limousine, (You know the one I mean with the snowflake and 9 in its name), It's fun to occasionally hop into a sports car and leave a bit of rubber in a corner. I like this ridiculously flashy job! Besides the winter from 2013/14 was much too grey,white
    and cold.

  5. I love seeing new pink pens coming out! It is great to see some more feminine colors hit the market! I am still hoping for pastel pinks and lavenders, but this is definitely one pretty pen! It actually reminds me more of bubble gum or Lisa Frank than cherry blossoms.
    Thank you for sharing this pen with us! (And it was great to see Rachel in the video!!!) :)

  6. It's like you made the pen just for me. Cherry blossom is my favourite flower, scent and colour. Now it looks like it'll be my favourite pen.

  7. No it isn't. Actually being cherry blossom pink is the only way I could love this pen more.

  8. Eeeeew... First the 2014 Lamy Neon Coral Safari then this! Why don't you stick some pointy ears on it and write "Hello Kitty" on the barrel?

  9. This is not the Spring pen I was hoping for. Alas! Still, I appreciate the boldness and whimsy of this pen, even if it's not my cuppa, and it leaves me really looking forward to seeing what Goulet and Edison will do for summer and autumn.

  10. The plus is for the Hello Kitty reference. I actually love the pen!

  11. Wow, a bold choice indeed, Can't see many guys buying this, roll on summer...

  12. May I just say that I own two Edison Nouveau Premiere pens, and I have not found a more comfortable-writing pen, and I have tried some. It's the weight, balance, grip, and nib, and to me, it's essentially the perfect combination.


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