Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lamy Safari and Vista Fountain Pens: Quick Look

It's a double-header here, a look at both the Lamy Safari and Lamy Vista fountain pens. These pens are really, really similar. In fact, the Vista used to be called the Lamy Safari Vista back in the day. But some time ago (before I started carrying the brand back in 2011), the pen became known as just the Vista.

Lamy Safari in Charcoal

The word "vista" means "a view or prospect, especially one seen through a long, narrow avenue or passage, as between rows of trees or houses" according to Dictionary.com. It makes sense then, that a clear Safari would be called the Vista, because you can 'view' the inside of the pen.

Lamy Vista

The Safari and Vista are workhorse pens, known throughout the fountain pen community for their ruggedness, reliability, and no-nonsense functionality. The triangular grip makes it great for those starting out who have no idea how to hold a fountain pen, but it's used and loved by fountain pen lovers of all levels of experience. You can swap nibs on them, and both accept Lamy cartridges or converters. For under $30, it's a pen that has a lot of appeal. Check out more at GouletPens.com.

Photo of a Lamy Safari and showcasing its nib sizes and colors.

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Brian Goulet


  1. Don't forget to see Brian's article and video, "Converters: What's the difference between the two Lamy converters?. Here's the link:


    Where I am in S.E. Asia, the Safari, Vista, and Al-Star usually come with a Z24 converter pre-installed. If you buy from Goulet Pens (and some others) the converter may be a separate purchase, which "may" save you some money if you don't use a converter.

  2. Here's a post on the Fountain Pen Network (FPN) on how to clean a Z24/Z26 converter. Since the Lamy converters cannot be "easily" disassembled, this is especially useful if you get ink behind the converter's piston.


    If you must disassemble your Lamy converter, it can be done. See here:


    Enjoy, Enjoy your Safari and/or Vista. They are great daily-user fountain pens.

  3. I love my Lamy! Brian, I like both these Quick Look videos and the more in-depth videos that you have linked to on the product pages. Being able to remove the Lamy nib easily is wonderful when you switch ink and want to clean out all the old ink.

  4. Ya know, I have been having an on-going bush-whacking fight with folks who will only use pens costing the equivalent of the GDP of a small Pacific Ocean island nation that what are best called value pens perform as solidly and generally with a heckuva lot less fuss than their mega-buck inkslingers. I usually get laughed off the stage. So, truth be told, I really don't think of the Lamy Safari/Al-Star and other pens of the under $75 range as "starter" pens...they are the go-to pens for all time. Yah, I got the big guns as well...right now a coupla PFMs two Carenes, a new Sheaf Taranis, three Bexley Owners' Club LEs (numbered...)., I still use my Lamy and other value pens daily as well--IMHO and YMMV

  5. i cant see the picture ..in china..

  6. Thanks for pointing that out about the converter comparison. Yeah, I think whether or not a converter comes with the pen is determined by the distributor in that country, in the US they choose not to include it. Honestly though, most of our customers add one on, I wish they'd just include it!

  7. Great! I'm glad you like them, the Quick Looks allow me to cover different kinds of pens more easily, there are soooo many that really don't have any kind of info on them at all, and I plan to show them off in this format.

  8. the pictures, or video? I host my vids on YouTube, and I know China has blocked Google for a while, not sure if that's still going on. If so, that would explain it.

  9. Hey Bill, at least you know other people that use fountain pens! Aside from my Goulet team (none of whom knew anything about pens before working here), I don't currently know any business associates who regularly used fountain pens before meeting me, let alone give me stink about the ones I use. I have converted a number of people I know to using them though, not surprising probably ;) But they're rocking things like Metropolitans, Safaris, and the like. Maybe an Edison for high end stuff.


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