May Ink Drop Reveal: Garden Party

In case you’re not familiar, Ink Drop
is our monthly ink sample program, where we mail out (usually) five
different colors of ink samples, all related to a theme. It goes out on
the first business day of each month, and the colors are a surprise
until a few days in, once folks have a chance to receive them in their
mailbox. Anyways, on to this month’s reveal…

We selected “Garden Party” for our May 2014 Ink Drop theme. Spring is in the air, and we see it in all the blooming flowers around us. We wanted to choose a palette in both color and name that reflected the beautiful spring flowers. We selected:

Writing sample by Alex Ross

So tell us, what are your favorite flower-themed inks? What color did you like best from this month’s Ink Drop?

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  • Else-Maria Tennessen

    I love the leaf green and the Pilot ink, especially. Such vibrant colors!

  • _Stormin_

    The leaf green was my easy favorite, but only because I find myself not often needing a pink/purple ink. 🙂

  • What pen/nib did you use for the written sample? Pilot Falcon?

  • ★ keri ★

    Oh no! Something went wrong with your written sample of Apple Blossom. That's so purple compared to the sample I've been writing with for the last two months – I'd say the color is more of a coral-hued pink, vibrant and rich. It's one of my favorite pinks ever – Apple Blossom, Diamine Antique Pink, and Tsutsuji probably are the trifecta for me. (And also Diamine Flamingo Pink, but it's more of a true coral, isn't it?)

  • We're trying to figure out what went wrong! We thought it was a soft yet vibrant pastel pink based on when we originally got it in stock a few months ago, but everything we currently have in stock is more of the dusty rose. I re-swabbed it and updated the swab on our site, but we're not sure exactly when the color switch happened. De Atramentis is all made by hand so there tends to be a bit more batch variation. Unfortunately we're not sure if the Ink Drop was consistent within itself or not! Have you checked your sample from Ink Drop?

    Personally I adore the new color, it's beautiful in person!

  • ★ keri ★

    That's strange! I haven't tested the new sample yet – but I noticed
    before that the sample I got was distinctly more saturated/vibrant than
    the pastel swab you guys had on the site. I assumed it was a difference
    in monitor brightness, and how sometimes your swabs tend to be a little
    watery compared to what I see in my pens.

    (The colors also are
    often different, but it doesn't seem to be consistently more blue or
    less saturated, so I don't think it's my monitor settings – and I browse
    the inks with several different monitors.)

    If there IS a lot of
    variation in color, I might be super sad. I adored the coral-hued pink
    I've been using 😀 It was easy to read and clear pink, with the tiniest
    touch of yellow, fairly unique. And I've tried almost every single ink
    in the Pink category of your shop – only Caran d'Ache's new pink and
    some of the deep magentas from the famous names lines are missing from
    my stock.

    Okay, as I'm typing this, I've pulled out my dip pen and ink phials. I'm going to do a comparison and report back!

  • ★ keri ★

    Oh WOW this is a completely different color!

    When I held up the phials just now, it was obvious that the older one clung to the sides more than the new one does. There's even a slight difference in perfume, though that might be age (the pastel pink is a little more alcoholic, the mauve one is a smidge more floral).

    The first ink came out clear, bright pink. The second is a mauve shade, more of a purple than pink, almost as though I failed to completely remove a pale blue (like, say, that sapphire from the Blurple Ink Drop).

    Oh gosh it is really pretty, but I am sad because I'd been searching since October 2012 for a bottled ink that resembles some pink cartridges from Sailor, and I thought I'd finally found a good enough replacement in Apple Blossom (though it's a little too peachy to be a perfect match, it has all the qualities that I love in that cartridge ink).

  • Tessy Moon

    I love the floral theme! I already have a sample of the Pelikan Violet, and it is pretty but in comparison I love Orgaincs Studio Vanadium more so ended up buying a bottle of that. They are both light purple/lavender colors and in my opinion very delicate and lovely.

    I am a bit sad about Apple Blossom changing, that one was on my wish list. I liked the light pale pink. This new color is very pretty too and it reminds me of Larmes de Cassis (which I love and have a bottle of.)

    As far as floral named inks, I love Bouquet D'Antan it is a soft ballet pink/gentle rose pink that I adore. Ottoman Rose is my favorite choice of red ink; I like how when it shades it can be a bright to darker red and sometimes even a little pink shows through.

    One ink I have a sample of but need to really test out more is De Atramentis Heather Violet. I liked it when I sampled it with my dip pen, but something was kind of off for me, I am not sure what it is. I need to ink it up in a pen to give it a fair trial though. (I was searching for a pink-purple ink and Monteverde Purple won hands down. It is now my number one favorite ink of all time. I never thought I could have just one favorite ink but Monteverde Purple has won me over completely. If you like pink-purples try a sample!)

    There are so many other pinks and purples that remind me of flowers but they aren't named after flowers. Cactus Fruit Eel reminds me of bright wildflowers like pink cosmos or Shirley poppies. Diamine Majestic Purple reminds me of too many beautiful flowers to name.

  • Adrian Wadley

    Favorite? Definitely the Pilot Iroshizuku tsutsuji.

    Why? Because of the shading and the green gold iridescence when the ink dries in dense areas.

  • soniasimone

    This is my fave pink ink, just a great color and of course a beautifully performing ink like all of the Iroshizukus.

  • soniasimone

    Iroshizuku Murakami is another lovely light purple, next time you're picking up samples. 😀