Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Platinum Balance: Quick Look

The Platinum Balance is tipping the scales of things we are excited about at Goulet Pens. The Balance has been around for quite a while in Japan, but this is the first time it has been made available to the US market. If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same pen as the Platinum Cool, but in a more conventional color palette. There are four bold colors that are complementary for any desk at home or in the office. The gold trim and gold-plated steel nib step up the sophistication for a classic look.

The pen comes with a Platinum cartridge converter for use with bottled ink, or you can use Platinum’s proprietary ink cartridges for an easy refill.

Platinum Balance in black, shown with the included ink cartridge (top) and converter (bottom)

What is unique about this pen is the slight flex that the steel nibs offer. As you add a moderate amount of pressure, you can get a fair amount of line variation. I wouldn’t recommend it for your next calligraphy assignment, but it adds a little something extra to everyday writing.

Platinum Balance in green with a fine gold-plated steel nib

The Platinum Balance is affordable (just over $43) and fun. We are excited to see it among the Platinum line-up. For more information on the Balance and the Cool, check them out at GouletPens.com.

How do you think this pen will look in your collection?


  1. These look really good. I just got two of the 3776s and they are probably the best pens I've ever used save the MB Meisterstück 146 & 149. Waterman Expert runs close second.

  2. The Cool is an excellent pen! I use it all the time for drawing. If you don't have it and want a solid color pen, this would be a great choice. I especially like it's slightly flexible nib, which is good for drawing.

  3. This is the Platinum PGB-3000 "Balance" series. I have never seen it offered in the U.S. before. But at $43 plus shipping - ouch. I imported mine from Japan (Engeika) for $27 plus less than $10 for tracked shipping. This pen is identical to the Platinum "Cool" series.

    I have a black/gold model with an F nib - which is finer than your typical Western F nib. It does flex a bit, but the problem is the feed. The feed is too long and when you flex a little, the feed hits the paper. You could cut the feed back, but obviously this will lessen flow.

    It is not commonly known that this pen will fully disassemble for cleaning - including the converter. The nib comes out by pushing it through the BACK of the section.

    The converter is excellent. It fully disassembles by unscrewing the threaded collar, This converter, unlike the cheap Pilot squeeze converters, does not hamper ink flow at all.

    If you want a similar pen but with a 14K nib that flexes a bit more (but unfortunately still has a long feed), have a look at the Platinum PTL-5000 series. The PTL-5000 runs about $69 USD plus shipping imported from Japan. I've never seen the PTL-5000 sold directly in the U.S.

    My conclusion is that at $27 plus reasonable tracked shipping, my PGB-3000 "Balance" is an excellent pen at an good price. But at $43 plus shipping in the U.S. only (Goulet does not offer a viable method of International shipment IMO), I would hesitate.


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