Monday Matchup: Pilot Metropolitan Violet Leopard & Private Reserve Tanzanite

We’ve paired the popular Pilot Metropolitan in Violet Leopard with Private Reserve Tanzanite this week. This was a natural coupling, as Tanzanite is a true, robust purple that is a perfect match for the Violet Leopard.

Artwork was done by our very own Joe O. His Tanzanite drawing was made from a photo found on the Mama Artemisia website of a group of Hadzabe Bushman tribe members.

Here are a couple additional pics for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you all have a great week!

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  • John Fout

    Love Tanzanite! It can be snuck into work or used for friendly correspondence!

  • Starchix

    Uh oh, I feel a pen and ink order coming on…….

  • Adrian Castillo

    Tanzanite is my favorite color of ink. If only it were waterproof. And Pilot Metropolitans are outstanding!

  • Yeah, not a lot of waterproof purples out there!

  • 🙂

  • Yeah, Joe is amazing.

  • Tanzanite's a great color, def one of PR's better ones.

  • Marta

    This may turn out to be a duplicate message for I left one yesterday however it has not shown up. Your art work Joe is superb. Your talent coupled with your knowledge of your materials and practice, your studied eye shows through. Lovely. Lyrical. Very nice. I look forward to enjoying more of your art work. I liked last weeks drawing also. Thank you for the treat for the eye. As for the combo of P.R,Tanzanite ink and Violet Tiger Metropolitan -great combo. I have both so I will ink that pen up soon with same. Thanks again.

  • Starchix

    Not a problem for you, of course! My shopping cart has been accruing items for a while now, waiting for a cash infusion to pay for everything. Naturally, the longer I wait, the more I add and the higher the price.

    BTW I am loving the pen/ink pairing thing so much! Trouble is, I want to order each week's ink AND pen, once I see them together. Bad Goulet Pen, bad!

  • Mark

    Joe, this is absolutely incredible. Great color and pen too.

    Brian, thanks for sharing the artwork. I would love to see some more tutorials on Ink Nouveau about using foutain pens/ink as an art medium.

    On a related note, is it about time to have an art/writing contest like the old days? Really enjoyed those.

  • Miss Thundercat

    Just… WOW! Art and match up are just beautyful!

  • Hannah Marie Atkins

    The art is beautiful! Really enjoying the matchups. You guys seem to have some very talented artists on your staff which is way awesome. Ever though about selling the sketches? Maybe in a set together with the pen and ink?

  • Mailinn

    perfect coupling and beautiful art! I ordered the Pilot Metropolitan in violet leopard from gouletpens and I'm teeming with anticipation of its arrival!