Monday Matchup: Platinum Cool & Organics Studio Copper

Are you ready for round #2 of Monday Matchup?

This week, we’ve paired the blue Platinum Cool fountain pen with Organics Studio Copper turquoise ink. Who knew they would make such a fantastic match? Check out the newest couple on the block with some artwork done by our very own Joe O.

Have a happy Monday!

2017-10-11T14:01:37+00:00 June 23rd, 2014|Monday Matchup|7 Comments
  • DevilBunny

    My blue Platinum Cool is inked with de Atramentis Myrrh…which makes the feed match the pen almost exactly! I was never a pen/ink matcher before…but that got me hooked. No other ink has ever been in that pen.

  • Lauren

    That drawing is incredible!

  • ipinkgirl

    Any thoughts to doing another update to this Q&A? I would love to know if Goulet is going to expand their paper line. I see that some people have asked about the Tomoe River paper (haven't gotten to that part in the video about what you've said), and nanamipaper is the only place that sells a journal of this with lines and I've asked about the WritingCo notebooks as well.

  • I wish I could art. 🙁

  • Erik Evens

    Wow, Joe! Nice!!!

  • Mike

    What were the brushes used for?

  • meh

    I bought this ink after reading this post, but was disappointed because the actual color is a lot darker = later I bought montblanc balzac, I think it’s much more similar to the color in your photos lol