New! Edison Nouveau Premiere in Caribbean Sea (Summer 2014 Edition)

It’s that time! The spring flowers have fully bloomed and are closing up, the lawn mowing and weeding has lost just a little bit of its fun, and school has let out. It’s time to start thinking summer, which means beach trips!

This summer’s seasonal edition Caribbean Sea Premiere makes us think of cool Caribbean waters and light, sandy beaches. We can just picture ourselves lazily journaling away on the beach as we listen to the wind swaying through the palm trees. We’re relaxed, calm, and just soaking up the gentle sun as we watch pelicans dive into the water to pick up their late-morning snack. Life is good…then we realize we have two young kids and Caribbean beaches are not even on our radar right now, but it’s nice to dream! Ha!

So what is the Seasonal Premiere all about? Check out our other video here that explains what it is and why we do it. Long story short, we have collaborated with Edison Pens to make this pen for the next three months, and after that they will be discontinued for good. This is the third pen we’ve done like this so far, check out our Winter 2014 Black Ice and our Spring 2014 Cherry Blossom. These pens are both discontinued and no longer in production. We still have a few of each, actually, but once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The Premiere is available with a stainless steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm stub nibs. The nibs are smooth with a touch of feedback, much to the liking of many Edison fans! The Premiere is a standard international cartridge/converter pen (converter included) that is also convertible to an eyedropper (see how here). We offer it exclusively at for $149, starting today!

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  • Gorgeous!

  • Scott Rogers

    Just the perfect combination of colors and pen name. Definitely a must-buy for me. Though I might tell anyone who asks that it's Walter White's pen.

  • Adam

    Oh man, this color right here! This is what I was hoping you were going to pick for the summer color. OK actually the smokey grey acrylic that Edison Pens has is my favorite, but honestly is not much of a summer color.

  • David

    Oh yeah… I'm a dark pen with lots of gold kinda' guy. But if I wanted a non-dark/gold pen with all the design components that just Work together perfectly – this would be it.

    Nicely done. David

  • Scott Rogers

    Mine arrived yesterday – thanks to the Goulet team for the quick shipping! – and I've gotta say, the pictures here don't do the pen justice. It's so vibrant, with such depth of color. As it moves, you'll see pearly white flashes come and go under the blue. If you've ever watched waves hiss up and down a beach on the Caribbean side of one of the windward islands, this pen really does look like that. That bright but deep cerulean with foam-spun waves glinting in the sun – this pen really does look like that!

    Now how about either a wine-like burgundy or something in dark brown for autumn? Maybe even throw an Edison-Goulet cigar wrapper on it if it's brown!

  • William H Grant

    I still want the cappuccino with the gold trim. The silver kinda works with this color tho'.

  • JoniB

    That is one beautiful pen!