Quiver Pen Holder A5 Overview

Quiver is a company that makes some pretty unique leather pen holders that attach to your A5-size hard cover journals like the Rhodia Webnotebook and Moleskine. In this video I show the single and double holders, as well as the adapters that fit with them.

Quiver Single Pen Holders: (1:30)
Quiver Double Pen Holders: (4:24)
Soft-Cover Adapters: (7:05)

Quivers are some pretty unique pen holders that I first
discovered a few years ago, actually. I couldn’t really tell you why I haven’t
started carrying them before now other than to say our companies just never
really linked up. But I’d always heard good things about them, and now seeing
them for myself, I get it.
Quiver is a company that started a few years ago as a way to
keep pens handy on Rhodia and Moleskine notebooks. They use 100% American Napa
leather full grain hides and the leather is worked by craftsmen in Old Mexico.
There are two different types of Quivers, a single and
double. The single-pen holder ($37.95) is a wrap that goes around the binding of your journal and
holds the pen up against the spine. It has two elastic bands, one that holds
onto the front cover, the other that holds onto the back cover. You can put a
pen that’s up to about ½” in diameter and virtually any length in it. The nice
thing about this particular format is that the pen stays tucked away on the
edge, so when you’re carrying it in a backpack or laptop case, it fits nicely
next to other flat objects. It also fits better on some of the larger notebooks
like the 6”x9” Quo Vadis Habana that stretch the elastic a little more.
Quiver A5 Single-Pen Holder in Mocha on a Rhodia Webnotebook
There are a couple of tradeoffs though. The Quiver on the
binding does get in the way a bit when you have the journal on a flat surface.
This is most inconvenient when the Quiver is new, as the leather is still stiff
and needs to break in. Over time, it will be less obtrusive. It’s not really an
issue if you’re going to be carrying the notebook around and using it on your
lap. Some of your absolute biggest pens might be a bit of a tight squeeze, too,
though honestly if a Jinhao 159 can fit, just about anything can.
You can fit the A5 single holder on the Rhodia Webnotebook,
Moleskine, Whitelines, Black n’ Red, anything with a hard cover in an A5 size
which is about 8”-9.25” tall. Something with softer covers like the
Clairefontaine clothbounds or Apica Premium are a little more precarious and
might need a little more careful attention, but they will fit on there.
The Quiver double-pen holder ($26.95) is a whole different setup.
It’s a single elastic band that’s made to fit around the front or back cover of
your journal. You can position wherever you want, but closer to the binding is
more ideal for softer notebook covers, or those of larger size.

This is called the double pen holder, but it’s really a
double-small-pen holder. You won’t fit a Jinhao 159 and MB 149 side-by-side,
though I have to say I love these two pens paired up next to each other! You
can squeeze a couple of Lamy Safari’s next to each other, but I would say that
if you’re using fountain pens like me, it’s probably best to just stick to one
pen in the double-pen holder. Personal opinion. But the good thing is, you’re
gonna fit any pen in here.
I also like that this holder lays really flat with a
notebook on a flat surface. This is most often where I end up writing, so for
me the flatter-laying double holder works great. You can also put 6 of them on
one notebook if you want, and you can have a menagerie of pens to carry with
you. And people definitely won’t look at you like you’re a weirdo.
The drawback to the double holder is that when you store it
in next to other flat things, the pen on the cover is going to stick out a bit.
And if you are storing more than one pen, there will still be a pen in the
holder if you’re writing with the other one, so then it won’t lay flat. It also
put more pressure on the cover the further out you have it from the binding,
which can bend a softer cover, especially if the journal is on the bigger end
like the Habana.
Quiver Double-Pen Holder in Tan, on Rhodia Webnotebook
But that’s where the Quiver adapters ($3.50) can help. There are two
different sizes of them that can help provide additional support to softer
cover notebooks. You just stick it behind your Quiver and it helps keep the
cover from bending. These will be critical if you want any chance of using a
double-pen Quiver on a flimsy-cover notebook, but honestly, I’d rather just use
the single one on the binding in that case.
Quiver Adapter, used to firm up flimsier covers

That’s a quick run-down of the A5 Quiver line. They do have
more offerings in their line that I didn’t cover here, but you get a really
good idea what they’re all about. For more details and up-to-date specs about Quiver, be sure to check it out on
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  • Nice product addition! How much stretch does the double quiver take to get on something like a Rhodia webnotebook? The reason I ask is that I'm curious whether it would fit on something like a Baron Fig, which is a little bit shorter (around 7.75 inches tall).

  • musingcrow

    Love these. Very stylish and luxurious looking. Would a small Sailor fit in the single well do you think?

  • rgperedo

    I've had the single pen holder for a little bit. It's excellent, I use it on my Rhodia webnotebook and it fits perfectly. When I originally ordered it I was nervous about what pens I could fit into it. I usually use my TWSBI Vac 700 to write in my journal because I carry the Vac 20 ink bottle with me just in case I need a refill (this happens mostly when I travel, I don't need it everyday). So the Vac 700 fits into the holder just fine, it is a little snug, but I think I'd rather it be snug than be totally loose and falling out. I'm sure eventually the leather will wear and it'll be even better. You can give it slack to fit larger pens or pull the straps out so the pen slot is tighter (fit thinner pens more securely). It's a great accessory if you're invested in a certain notebook. I use this on my personal journal so I feel like it makes sense, I have one of my favorite pens with me ready to write whenever I want, no need to carry it in a separate sleeve.

  • David

    Be careful… If these quiver things are indeed Nappa Leather as indicated by Brian in the video, then it is likely they are treated with chromium or aluminum salts. Some pen materials may be at risk with exposure to these chemicals. This is especially the case with some vintage pen materials.

    Leathers tanned with organic oils are far safer for use with vintage fountain pen materials than leather treated with chromium salts.

    Regardless, keep in-mind your pen's furniture (clip, cap-band, & other metal parts) will be exposed to serious wear with these pen holders. I don't care if I stick a Pilot Metropolitan (A.K.A. Pilot MR) in these holders; that pen is pretty much disposable. But I would not use these holders with a valuable pen (get that MB 149 the heck out'a there Brian!)

    There are other more appropriate pen cases on the Goulet Pen site (and elsewhere) for use with valuable pens.

  • anomalogue

    I'm glad you've decided to carry Quiver. I have two single pen holders myself I've given several as gifts as well. Everyone I know loves them.

  • anomalogue

    You can pull the quiver further away from the spine so the leather can bend inward. I do that when I'm carrying fatter pens like TWSBIs. It works well and looks fine.