Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Breaking Down the Platinum Cool/Balance

When shooting my video on the Goulet Grip last week, I finally 'figured out' the best way to break down the Platinum Cool/Balance, all the way to the nib and feed. It's definitely not like most other pens! So I broke it out in a little more detail in this video.

I'd initially done a series of videos on the Platinum Cool when the pen first came out in 2013, but for whatever reason I hadn't really figured out how to break down the whole pen. But I figure it's better late than never, so here's how to do it if you're curious.

You'll notice that I threw the Platinum Balance in the title, as well. That's because the Balance and the Cool are designed identically, it's just the body and trim color that are different. The breakdown is still the same for both pens.

You can learn more details and specifications on the Platinum Cool and Balance at GouletPens.com.

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Thanks for this video Brian! I've been wondering how to do this for a while. Love the Platinum Cool, it's a great pen.

  2. Brian, Here's a challenge to you...

    Please show us how to remove the cap liner in the Platinum Cool so we can clean ink that gets between the liner and the cap! Thanks, David

  3. hi brian,

    in trying this last night to a cool pen with a fine nib, the nib stayed in the section and would not budge when being pushed backward from the front... have you encountered this before?... it doesn't appear to be a problem insofar as both the feed and the nib can still be cleaned... but to keep from damaging the nib, could it be the case that some nibs are afixed to the section? ... or is it a matter of applying more force?...



  4. Disassembling pens for cleaning and maintenance is important to me, so being able to do this for the Cool and Balance pens is great to know. I love the rubber seal and how it works to keep ink out of the grip. Very nice pen design for the price, Platinum pens are great pens. Thanks for this video.

  5. That's great TJ - killing two birds with one stone maybe? I'll look into trying the TWSBI thing on the Cool/Balance. It would be nice to have an Index for all these Q&A's and Tutorials. David

  6. TJ, I tried the TWSBI technique you referenced on my Platinum Balance (which is mechanically the same as the Platinum Cool). My cap liner won't come out. I even tried stretching the rubber-band over the barrel end itself. That gave a lot of pull on the liner, but it still won't come out. So if my one-example is true of all the Platinum Cool pens, you better not get ink between the cap and the cap-liner, otherwise it may be difficult (if not impossible) to clean out. That's a bad thing for a Demonstrator pen. I wonder if this problem exists for the Platinum Nice pen as well??

  7. David, sorry this did not work. I bought a home ultrasonic cleaner for pens, jewelry, and eyeglasses (awesome tool). You could toss the cap into the cleaner with a drop of dishwasher detergent and a bit of ammonia and I bet it would get all of the ink out. If the ink can get between the liner and cap it can come out too. These are not expensive (under $50) and mine came with a nice basket and a special fixture to spread a watch band and keep the watch out of the water. I still want to see what Brian says about these Platinum cap liners.

  8. Thanks for the video Brian! I believe that this same breakdown technique can be applied to the Platinum Carbon Desk pen as well as the Modern Maki-e and Kanazawa-Haku pens as well. Any Platinum pen with the small nib (STY-2, STY-17, 14-19 etc) should yield to this technique.

  9. After this video I ordered a Platinum Cool with a F nib and wow! It is a wonderful writing pen. I find it the equal of pens costing several times the price. So smooth, uniform ink flow, never dry, no problem ever. Starts instantly, this pen can sit capped for a week or more with out drying out any. Can clean the feed and nib so easily. It is now one of my favorite pens. If I were in school taking copious notes I would have a couple of these in my bag at all times. It is a big step up from the Preppy (and I think the Preppy is a whole lot of fountain pen for the money). The nib is so much better than the Preppy nib and it feels just write in my hand.


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