Monday Matchup #11: Monteverde Jewelria in Brown with stub nib and Stipula Sepia

Fall is just around the corner (and, we’re really excited here!) and today’s Monday Matchup is the perfect combo to start you off of the right foot for a new season. We’ve paired the brown Monteverde Jewelria with stub nib and Stipula Sepia ink. The golden browns that these two pour out are sure to get you excited for leaves changing and cooler weather. The Jewelria feels nice and light in the hand, plus, with the stub nib, you’ll get a smooth and diverse writing experience. Put the Stipula Sepia ink in there and you’ll be oohing and ahhing for days at the shading and luscious tones.

Joe O. created some lettering and fonts to show you what the ink is capable of. Alex R. used the combo to create writing samples so you can see how the two really work together.

What’s your fall matchup? What do you think of this week’s match? Tell us about it! Hope y’all have a fabulous Monday.

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  • RandomCommenter7

    That brown looks amazing! I've been looking for a nice brown ink for a couple of weeks now to go with my Pelikan M200 Cognac, and this might just be it.

    Great artwork again! Thanks Joe and Alex!

  • pepperpath

    lie de the in my edison tort, diamine ochre in F-C e motion pearwood, and Edelstein Garnet in my falcon!

  • Freddy

    Just about a perfect match-up. That Stipula Sepia has some gorgeous shading with the Monteverde stub nib taking full advantage of the ink properties.

  • Ashley Shell

    Perfect Match up! So great, well I went and ordered myself the exact same pen and ink sample 🙂 Thanks for helping get me into my Autumn/Fall spirits! 🙂

  • Starchix

    I've been lusting after this pen for a while now. Tried the Sepia last year but didn't care for it — I was really looking for more of a dark chocolate brown. Haven't quite found that yet, either, but may rethink this sepia ink. It is gorgeous, and amazingly similar to the color of the pen. Hmmmmm

  • Otter

    That's a gorgeous pen, and on my list of future purchases. 🙂 My favorite browns so far are Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho (lovely gold highlights, though Diamine Golden Brown comes close) and Diamine Chocolate Brown — as yummy as its namesake!

  • pierremeu

    I would love to know how to make such lettering, I find that so beautiful !

  • BryanNZ

    Seeing a written sample like this is so much truer than an ink swab, who writes with cue tips? I would try more ink after seeing it in this way. Well done!

  • Gwynedd

    Beautiful pen and I love sepia and sienna inks. I also like Monteverde and this is a handsome set. Thanks for sharing it.