Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Harvest Fall 2014 SE Fountain Pen

Here it is, the new seasonal Edison Nouveau Premiere in Autumn Harvest, for our Fall 2014 pen. This pen is very reminiscent of the Flecked Tortoise material we used for our 2012 Edison Nouveau Encore (now discontinued), one of our favorite materials we ever used. Autumn Harvest is slightly darker, with more of an orange tinge to it, the perfect match for the Fall season. 

So what is the Seasonal Premiere all about? Check out our other video here that explains what it is and why we do it. Long story short, we have collaborated with Edison Pens to make Autumn Harvest for the next three months, and after that they will be discontinued for good. This is the fourth pen we’ve done like this so far, check out our Winter 2014 Black Ice, our Spring 2014 Cherry Blossom and Summer 2014 Caribbean Sea. These pens are now discontinued and no longer in production. Normally we try to stock up a little bit to have some overlap of the previous season’s pen, but we completely depleted all of Edison’s material for this pen! 

There are several ink colors that we think would be a great match for this material:

The Premiere is available with a two-tone stainless steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm stub nibs. The nibs are smooth with a touch of feedback, much to the liking of many Edison fans! The Premiere is a standard international cartridge/converter pen (converter included) that is also convertible to an eyedropper (see how here). We offer it exclusively at GouletPens.com for $149, starting today!

Write On,
Brian and Rachel Goulet

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  • John Metta

    OMG, that is beautiful. I've a late September birthday, so autumn has always been my favorite season. This would make a beautiful companion to my Midori TN. (Now to convince my wife to let me buy another pen… not likely πŸ™‚

  • Well done!!

  • Rob

    This is my favorite SE so far. I like the slightly more conservative route. The material really speaks for itself with this model. I can't wait to see the winter pen!!

  • thebitterfig

    I'd be interested in seeing the pen next to the Amber Tortoise Herald and Aztec Gold Flake Pearlette, since all three have somewhat golden/amber patterns to their acrylic.

  • Scott Rogers

    Whew! I'm breathing a sigh of relief. While this is a beautiful pen, and a great choice for the season, the color is just not for me. Which means I can afford to buy another pen I've had my eye on for a while but have held off in case the next Edison/Goulet seasonal was as much of a must-have as was Caribbean Sea. Still, a great looking pen, and this series is a terrific value. I'm already anxiously awaiting the Winter 2015 edition!

  • Peter

    …OK – STOP!!
    Order placed, waiting for delivery. I hope I get a bigger 'Tootsie Pop' this time. I just started appreciating fountain pens and it's killing me.

  • mathsnail

    Please! I am considering getting the Aztec Gold Flake Pearlette, mostly for the material, so a comparison would rule.

  • Christopher Kijowski

    Can the cap be posted?

  • JC

    Damn you Goulet! I just worked myself up to buy the Edison Cappuccino (not even arrived) and now this. What a beautiful pen – a must have.

  • thebitterfig

    I strongly suspect not really. If it's the same cut as the other Nouveau Premiere, the cap can slightly be placed on the end, but it's incredibly precarious and I can't really write with it "posted" and not be continually knocking the cap off.

  • Absolutely! I write with a Premiere regularly and it can be posted for sure, though I personally prefer it unposted as it's a bit long for my hand.

  • Wow this is the best one yet! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • bgray43050
  • Marta

    Very nice. It reminds me of the way the sun makes the fall foliage shimmer with golden light. Beautiful.

  • Nop BKK

    Immediately ordered one last night, whilst another pen is actually in the post from GPC. Brian, just a thought, for the next Premiere why don't you use the Goulet nib, or at least have a Goulet as an option? Keep up the good work!

  • Stacy Thompson

    I want this pen sooo badly. I wish I wasn't dirt poor right now. Fall is my favourite season and I LOVE this colour pattern. I'm thinking Diamine Pumpkin would look lovely in this.

  • Christoph

    I really hope that you don't stop here and keep your LE-series alive!

  • Jerry Hackett

    That sure is a beautiful pen! Love the golden flakes with the gold hardware.

  • Robert Bisnett

    That is one seriously pretty pen. Yet another in the Ink Nouveau blog series that is informative and educational. I really like the Q&A posts – I've learned so much by listening to Brian answer some of the basic questions I and apparently others have had about the world of fountain pens.

  • Chris in Vermont (ribbet)

    Though I have been a fountain pen junky since 1981, Goulet Pens has massively enhanced my fountain pen experiences through all the ways you have informed and educated me, and for that I am extremely grateful! Thank you!

  • Andrew Moore

    Knowledge. That is what I equate with Ink Nouveau. I only wish I had been this interested in my university studies.

    "I'll call for pen and ink, and write my mind" The Bard of Avon

  • John Guy

    When I first got into Fountain pens, inknouveau provided a lot of knowledge for me. From parts of the pen to maintenance, inknouveau enhanced my fountain pen collecting experience.

  • Darlene

    Ink Noveau helped to rekindle my love of fountain pens. I dug out my "vintage" Parker Vendome, ordered some ink, and have been "writing on." Thank you for all of the great information and exemplary customer service.

  • Ardis Charbonneau

    I always come here first when considering a new addition to my collection. You have never steered me wrong! I always learn something new, and you gave me the confidence to try a flex! Now I always have a flex pen inked.

  • Yan Tat

    Firstly, Ink nouveau helps me to enrich my knowledge on the many terminology used in the foundation pen word with videos and so on.

    Secondly, it helps me to know that there is many ink colour available for the foundation pen through ink reviews, not just only the black and pen ink I know off.

    Lastly, after reading through the pen review section, it helps me to pick up my first starter pen, which is the Pilot Metropolitan. The review is clear and demonstrate why it is suitable for a starter due to it easy to maintain and classical look.

  • Siow

    The website has helps me to build a strong basic foundation on what I need to know in order to own a fountain pen of my own through the use of video, review of pen, inks, ad paper.

  • Joel Berger

    I appreciate the little details I've learned from Ink Nouveau. The tricks and techniques you can't just find in an instruction manual or written tutorial!

  • Greg D

    Ink Nouveau has helped me learn more about fountain pens as a whole and the reviews are especially great when I'm deciding whether or not to buy pens. Although I'm still a novice at fountain pens I've loved your videos and it has really helped me to develop my knowledge about fountain pens, especially the fountain pen 101's which teach maintenance, storing etc (on the goulet pen youtube channel so I'm not sure whether or not that counts). Love the blog and the videos!

  • AnInk4That

    The Ink Nouveau blog has been a revolution for me! Thanks to you I have learned how to select beautiful and useful Fountain pens, understand intimately how they work, and know exactly how to care for them. So I've saved a lot of money and enjoyed my fountain pens more. Thank you!

  • Gene Mcgovern

    Well it all started with a Bic fountain pen. Now I have over 25 pens . More than half of them I got from Goulet pen. I even started making my own notebooks. With out Ink Nouveau I would still be using Bic disposable . What I have learned about pen and paper is all because of Ink Nouveau. Thank you.

  • sadiep

    Brian, your blog has been my main source for discovering and fostering my love of fountain pens.

  • Aw, that’s awesome to hear Logan! Thank you so much, I’m thrilled that my blog’s been so helpful for you πŸ™‚