Goulet Q&A Episode 47, post #1,000 with ENP Autumn Harvest Giveaway!

This is a very special Q&A! This blog post marks the 1,000th blog post I’ve published since starting back in January 2010. It’s incredible to think that I’ve had that much to talk about, but even more amazing that you’ve been keeping up with everything I’ve had to say! Thank you so, so much for supporting me, my blog, and my company (that pays for this blog!).
As a special thanks and something fun to do, I’m giving away one brand new Edison Nouveau Premiere 2014 Seasonal Fall in Autumn Harvest. It’s a $149 pen and I’ll ship it to you (no charge) anywhere that USPS ships. The winner will get to select their nib of choice, EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, or 1.5mm stub. 
You can enter to win it simply by commenting below in this blog post by answering the following question: “How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?”
To qualify, comment by 11:59 EDT on Wednesday September 10, 2014. I’ll be selecting the winner at random and announcing who it is in next week’s Q&A (September 12). I’ll also post a reply to the winner’s comment (from this blog post) just to show for certain who it is I’ve selected. Once I announce the winner, it will be up to you to reply to me at gouletQA@gouletpens.com to claim your prize.

Edison Nouveau Premiere in Autumn Harvest, 2014 Fall Seasonal Edition

I’m really eager to see how my little blog here has impacted your life. I know fountain pens have completely change my world, and I never, ever could have imaged that I’d be sitting here today sharing my 1,000th blog post with you. Incredible. Now here are this week’s questions:

1) Tristan N.- Facebook (7:18):

What will be the first fountain pen for your kids? Allow me to expand my question: their first fountain pen and their first “real” fountain pen. Because I think at first you’ll let them be using Preppies or Varsities.

  • great question! 
  • kids are 2 and 4, so I have some time to contemplate
  • Varsity would be great, probably ideal
  • nicer pen, whatever is their favorite color (they’d be more likely to use it!!) 
2) Shawn J.- Facebook (9:09):
J. Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey, any news on when this will be over here?
  • Don’t have an exact date yet, but we’re told late-October, subject to change of course
  • We have it on order, will get it right when it’s available
  • I do have a pen inked up with it! Looks pretty dang awesome
3) Anja R.- Facebook (13:26):
Hi Brian! Can you recommend an ink to match the 2011 Lamy LE Aquamarine fountain pen please? Thank you so much! 

I really appreciate all you and your team do to keep us well informed. (I think I’ve watched all the Q&A’s by now but don’t recall this question being asked before.) Thank you!

4) Enrique V.- Facebook (14:47):
Is the Lamy Logo’s cap fully sealed? I intended to use Noodler’s Black in it, but I read in a review that the cap isn’t air-tight, so bulletproof inks might dry out in the pen. Is it true, and if it is, is Noodler’s Black (or other bulletproof inks) safe to use with the Logo?

  • not fully sealed like Platinum 3776, but it seals pretty good 
  • Not all Noodler’s bulletproof inks perform the same in terms of drying on the nib
  • Noodler’s Black actually does pretty well
  • Could always try Black Eel (lubricated) to last longer
  • I personally haven’t had a huge problem, but I’m in a humid environment
  • the drier your climate, the more it might dry out
5) Junee L.- Facebook (17:23):
Sometimes after filling the pen with certain inks I would notice that the feed takes on a green or blue tint. As far as I know it’s not harmful but what causes it? See image for clarification: http://imgur.com/a/7ZeaT

  • some inks do this, especially purples and pinks
  • nothing to be worried about, it’s pretty normal
  • ink dye is crystalizing, causing iridescence that you don’t normally see on paper because the surface is too irregular
  • on pen feeds it’s usually a flatter surface
6) Shawn D.- Facebook (19:30):
Can you talk a bit about the new De Atramentis document inks? I know you are probably going to do a video about them at some point soon, but I have two specific questions: (1) What is the difference between the black and the archive inks? and (2) Is the permanence cellulose reactive, similar to Noodler’s? Love the website and the service!

  • black and archive are REALLY close, chemically I can’t say what the difference is
  • black seems ever so slightly darker, but you’d probably never know the difference
  • honestly don’t know the chemical makeup!
  • dries really fast (like pigmented ink), and is known to be lightfast
  • my guess would be pigmented, but I just don’t know that for sure
7) Benjamin S.- Facebook (23:31):
My one Konrad flows more reliably than any Ahab I own. Is that generally true, or is it just true in my case, in your opinion?

  • not always the case
  • the nib and feed setup is actually exactly the same on both pens
  • probably has to do with the adjustment of the nib/feed on each pen
  • try heat-setting your Ahab, video: Heat setting a Noodler’s ebonite feed

8) Steven Littell- YouTube (25:50):
What is your favorite pen?

  • has long been Pilot Custom 74 in blue, medium nib
  • honestly though, I’m changing it up more these days, using other pens
  • Lamy 2000 is a standby
  • Pilot Metro in fine
  • Waterman Carene recent infatuation, don’t even sell that regularly! Who knows

9) Cara B.- Facebook/TheThildy10- YouTube (28:16):
What fountain pen do you absolutely not like and why?

10) Allan B.- Facebook (30:57):
Question: What is the best way to store an inked-up Pilot Vanishing Point nib assembly? I would like to figure out an easy to swap them back and fourth. Write on brother!

  • best way? Clean and empty 🙂
  • or in a pen!
  • yeah, unfortunately it’s just gonna dry out otherwise 
11) Sean K.- Facebook (33:52):
I have two Pilot Prera demonstrators with fine nibs. I’ve been having a hard time with them feeding the ink. I’ve taken the feed and nib out of the grip to clean them before, so I’m curious if there’s a specific way to put the nib and feed back in, or if there’s something I could try to get them flowing again.

  • the nib fits on a specific way to the feed
  • the nib and feed just push into the pen, in any orientation
  • flow could be several things, check alignment of the tines
  • hold up to light to see if any light shines through the tip of the nib slit
  • if no light at all, tines are too tight restricting flow
  • flex the tines a bit to spread them, but be careful 
  • these pens write finer than most, and put down less ink usually, so it may just be that you’re not liking the way the pen is supposed to write (hard to say)
12) Tim K.- Facebook (38:18):I just got my order in from you! Your staff is so nice! Do you give them cake or pie for being such good employees? Also, Madigan wrote me a note, it was really great! Keep it up guys!

  • thank you, Tim! Haha
  • updated cake or pie vote around the Goulet shop, pie DOMINATED to my disappointment
  • haven’t ever served pie here, though!
  • have done cake, for special occasions 
13) Wei-Tsung L.- Facebook (39:39):
Which version of Falcon will you pick? Resin or metal?

  • personally, I like the price of the resin but prefer the weight of the metal!
  • I personally own several resins, no metals 
14) Tommy N.- Facebook (40:49):
Do you have any tips or ideas regarding mixing the basic (not polar or eel) noodler’s inks?

  • Noodler’s “normal” inks all mix just fine with each other, go nuts
  • stick to small amounts, 2-3ml at a time as you experiment
  • measure with ink sample vials and ink syringes
  • let sit outside of pen for several hours before inking up
    • just in case of strange reaction
  • can certainly mix non-“normal” Noodler’s inks with normals (except Baystates)
    • properties will mix according to your ratio 
15) Jamie M.- Facebook (44:37):When using paper pads, like the top-staple-bound Rhodia’s in a context where you would want to hold onto your notes or write on the backs of pages (like in a college classroom) is there any easy trick to doing this that isn’t immediately obvious? Or, more to anyone, is there a makeshift or even DIY type way to hold onto the sheets after you rip them out? 

It’s just pads seem like the most common way to sell paper with the most variety but even outside of a classroom I tend to write things in a manner more suited to a spiral-bound notebook. I want to use pads, but they don’t really seem to fit my method at first glance and I wish I could change that.

  • fair enough!
  • I don’t know of any magical solution
  • I personally use a mix of pads, spirals, and journals
  • I keep pads around my office for quick notes and lists
  • spirals for slightly longer-term yet still disposable notes
  • journals for more serious note taking like journaling, taking notes from books I read, notes from homilies, etc
    • things I want to lost a long time

16) Erik H.- Facebook (47:16):
I’m in the army and I want a pen for the field. Any thoughts? Please dont say the Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen. It is sturdy, but akward.

17) Zheng Z. – Facebook (50:02):
I was wondering if there are any crisp italic nibs/pens on the market. Everything seems to be a stub and the only pen that seems to allow me to write in clean gothic style seems to be the pilot parallel, which has it’s own drawbacks. I own a TWSBI 580 with a 1.1 stub and it simply cannot make the clean edges I want when practicing calligraphy.
  • yeah, I can’t name a single company that grinds a crisp italic
  • they’d basically be crazy too, since they’d probably get returns on every one of them for scratchiness!
  • custom grind/vintage will be your way to go

18) Steven K.- Facebook (52:00):Can I do any damage to my pens if I always apply some Silicon Grease to the threads of my pens after I refill them. Just thinking about stopping any possible leakage; going that extra 110% that you often speak of. I’m not necessarily using an O ring, just the Grease. And is a Grease application even necessary to do, or am I just wasting product? BTW, I’m talking about pens with a converter, not a cartridge, and not an eyedropper conversion either.

  • that’s probably overkill
  • you’re not causing any harm, though
  • silicone grease is inert and will be fine on the pen
  • grease will help squeaky threads to stop making noise, and allow threads to glide more smoothly
  • grease is used as 1) a lubricant and 2) a sealant, for eyedropper pens that you fill with ink
    • you’re not benefitting from 2) , so it’s just lubricating for you
Thank you to everyone who asked me questions this week. Be sure to check here for any old Q&A’s you might have missed and don’t forget to comment for the contest. Have a great week!
Write On,
Brian Goulet
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  • Scott Rogers

    How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?

    So a year and a half ago I made a splurgey impulse purchase of a fountain pen (the blue Wedgwood seen here: http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/RFQAAOxyJ59RHH0p/$T2eC16Z,!zcE9s4g3J8yBRHH0pQ4ZQ~~60_57.JPG) and then had no idea what to do with it. As in, literally, how to put ink into the thing and then write with it. No clue. I looked online, and found descriptions of filling by dipping the nib into the ink and turning the screw on the end of the converter. Which, when I did it, simply filled the converter with inky air bubbles. I realized that I needed visual demonstrations, so I searched again for basic fountain pen info, this time looking for videos. Which led me to Ink Nouveau. I spent hours over several evenings, late into the night, watching Brian's videos and demonstrations, learning everything from how to fill a converter (you have to submerge the base of the nib, not just the tip) to how to clean a pen to the types and properties of nibs and inks. And now, equipped with knowledge and confidence rooted in what I learned from Brian's video instructions and reviews, I write almost exclusively with fountain pens.

  • Myke N

    I found the Fountain Pen 101 series on youtube and immediately found my way here. I was impressed with the passion and knowledge that the Goulet's have. InkNouvea helped answer my questions about specific pens (specifically Noodler's pens), paper, and inks before the Q&A.

  • I think my brother initially directed me to FP 101, and I've used it many times to properly care for and use my pens, as well as be an enthusiast. The vlog series has really been useful in thinking about how an ink or a pen might work. Pretty much all of my questions end up being answered here.

  • waynep

    How has Ink Nouveau helped to enhance your writing experience?

    I was slightly interested in FP's . . Searching the internet I found my way here. Through the education on Ink Nouveau I was able to choose a FP that I like, and am going to enjoy it more now that I know how to use it, fill it, maintain it etc, . . Thanks to the FP 101 series!

  • Michelle Leung

    Brian, I've been watching your videos since the beginning and have only missed a few here and there. I find them not only entertaining but very helpful and I've learned many fountain pen tips and tricks from you. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one asking questions like the ones posed by your viewers. I also feel extra special because you have answered my questions a few times whenever I post on your FB page (One extremely helpful one was when you talked about under-rated Pilot models and discussed the differences between the higher end Japanese pen models) Thank you for being a friendly and reputable fountain pen superhero to me! haha.

    Please enter me into the contest, I love Edison pens!

  • Brian L

    Thanks for the blog, the videos, the Q&A, and the great customer service. Since discovering Ink Nouveau, I've found that the knowledge you've shared has broaden my appreciation of fountain pens. What I've learned in following the blog and watching the videos has enabled me to go a bit beyond my initial comfort zone and try new pens, new nibs, and new inks. Congrats on 1,000 posts and keep up the great work!

  • Mike Syku

    The FP 101 series got me into fountain pens, and Ive been following the blog posts for about a year now. I now know much more than I really could ever need, but its fun to teach my friends. Ive definitely gotten a couple to stop by the site, and every Friday I take an hour or so to watch the Q&A. The Monday matchups also are gorgeous and fantastically done, and almost all my fountain pen news comes from this blog. Now I cant wait for the Noodlers music nib, J herbin Stormy Grey with the gorgeous gold flecks, and I might even have to get another TWSBI hahah

  • Chris Purcell

    The niftiest tip I've gotten from IN has been changing out Lamy nibs w adhesive tape. It' s amazing!

  • Christopher Su

    Congrats on the 1000th post! Thanks for all the amazing posts and videos.

  • Jenn H

    Congratulations on the 1000th post! The Fountain Pen 101 and the Q&A videos are my favorite things about the blog, and I also love the recent Monday Matchups. 🙂

  • Aaron Nagar

    Congratulations on the 1000th blog post, for my ink noveau writing improvement, the choice is simple – this blog pushed me over the edge into buying my first 'proper' fountain pen (before I was using a cheap, nasty Tesco pen for £1-40) which made a world of difference. Thanks for 1000 greatposts and here's to a thousand more 🙂

  • njschenck

    I've always had an affinity for fountain pens, but never knew where to – or how to – obtain, or even what it was I was looking for. I stumbled upon Ink Nouveau (and ultimately Goulet Pens) through google searches somewhere around Q&A #23 or so, and haven't missed one since. Your videos and tutorials have DEFINITELY been a huge help in finding things that I like, and things that make sense for me; I'm colorblind, and I find your video descriptions and examples of inks, in addition to your extensive swab shop helps me tremendously (TREMENDOUSLY). I went from having a Pilot Prera in January of this year to (currently) having 10 pens in an Aston case and jonesing for more. I blame you, but thank you at the same time.

    Thank you for all of the information, enthusiasm, and fantastic customer service.

  • Jeff Gordon

    How has Ink Nouveau helped to enhance your writing experience?

    Reading your posts and watching your videos have gotten me to better maintain my pens. I have seen videos on disassembling the pens I own which means I can clean every inch of the pen. Additionally, when I didn't see the video for a Lamy converter, I asked for advice and got it in one of the Q&A Episodes! Also, the blog helps me keep on top of the new things happening with inks and pens I enjoy.

    (Thanks for maintaining this blog and keeping up with the Q&A!)

  • Geoege

    Ink Nouveau actually introduced me to fountain pens with the fountain pen 101 series! I was captivated by fountain pens since seeing the first video. I used to detest writing, and it showed in my handwriting as well as quality of writing. I was terrible, the motivation just wasn't there. I now own several pens (an ahab, metro, and safari) and several inks, which ended up being my favorite thing about using pens! I now look for any and every opportunity to write, and my skills in handwriting as well as quality and content of has dramatically improved! You would not imagine how useful fountain pens are to me as a freshman college student! Im currently studying Russian and you would not believe how difficult the cyrillic alphabet is to write longhand, which in my class is required. BUT I dont have a problem, because the easy flow of fountain pens helps me to breeze straight through difficult words to write words such as здравствуте. Thanks for all you do for us fountain pen newbies, I think I speak for all those like me when I say how useful it is!

  • Rikesh Patel

    Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience because it has shown me many little tips and tricks about how to use my pens like the tip with the bulb syringe to clean it. I have followed you guys for ages now and I love what you're going!

  • Matt McClung

    Thanks Rachel and Brian and congratulations on reaching the 1,000-post milestone. Ink Nouveau has been an incredible resource. Just yesterday, I re-watched Brian's videos on using the Goulet micro-mesh and mylar sheets and was able to dramatically improve the smoothness of a fine nib unit – it's now a daily go-to pen instead of sitting in a drawer unused!

  • Paulo Rogério de Pinho Filho

    I learned almost every thing I know about fountain pens and inks in Ink Nouveau, that's the importance of the blog.
    Congratulations for the 1000th post, and good work.

  • Benjamin Bach

    Ink Nouveau has helped me learn about different inks, nibs and pens in such detail that a normal brick and mortar store, through no fault if their own, is never able to replicate the experience.

  • Anna G

    I would say your blog enhanced my writing experience by showing me how to begin with fountain pens! I didn't know fountain pens were still a "thing" until a Lifehacker article about notebooks that linked to another Lifehacker article about pens, where the Lamy Safari was mentioned! Pens being one of the loves of my life, I was immediately intrigued, but I had no idea how fountain pens worked or how to get one until I found Ink Nouveau and your Fountain Pen 101 series. It's been a year since then, and I've amassed several pens (most of which I got from the Goulet Pen Company), and my knowledge of fountain pens has increased exponentially. Your pen videos, troubleshooting videos, and reviews have all helped me a great deal. I think I would have had a much harder time getting into the hobby otherwise!

  • saffy2yrs

    I actually used your Q&A as research before getting my first pen, and then whenever I have a question/problem I hit your blog first to search for answers, then go to FPN if I can't find an answer on your website. I also sometimes use the blog as a refresher, and will watch the in-depth video on one of my pens just to make sure I am using it to its fullest possiblities.

  • ★ keri ★

    "How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?"

    That's not easy to answer! I mean, other than the blog being part of what pointed me to your store, and basically kickstarting my stationery habit into overdrive in 2012, something that I don't regret at all.

  • pb kenyon

    I can't begin to count the ways that Ink Nouveau has furthered my love of fountain pens, ink, and paper. Truly. But one key thing that I truly appreciate is that you teach how to maintain one's fountain pens. I no longer have the feeling of helplessness when a favorite pen isn't performing well, or needs a bit of tweaking. You empower the fountain pen user, I guess is what I would say, to take control of something we love. Thank you!

  • Brandon Davis

    Ink Nouveau has help my writing experience tremendously! Coming up soon on my one year anniversary of my first fountain pen i can honestly say i would not be as excited or have discovered so much without this blog. I believe the first post i ever read was the filling mechanisms on the FP 101 section. I remember getting my first pen and pulling it out of the box and then having absolutely no clue what to do! Then i found that post and everything just made so much more sense. Then it turned into a binge session of me watching nearly all your videos and reading tons of posts on the blog, i was hooked. With your tips and tricks i have learned the ins and outs of my favorite pens and i am only getting started! I have been encouraged to join other groups (such as FPN and r/fountainpens) to further indulge myself in this expansive and beautiful hobby. Well actually its become more than a hobby, it has encouraged me to be more economical with my supplies (being a student every penny helps) and to finally push me over that edge and enjoy writing so much that i finally fixed my chicken scratch that i called handwriting to something much more presentable. And this is all thanks to this blog and all the wonderful people in this community, i thank you all and i hope i may be of the same use someday.

  • Sherah :D

    Ink Nouveau has provided me with useful tips ever since I was a newbie to the fountain pen hobby! And the Q&As have provided me with much appreciated information! My Pelikan M200's piston has never been smoother! 😀

    PS. Thanks for answering my questions in previous Q&As! 🙂

  • Peter Mui

    The ink nouveau blog enhanced my writing experience from a standard ballpoint pen to a fabulous fountain pen with all the types of inks that's available for it. I have several nice ball point pens, but after reading and learning about fountain pens,inks and papers there is a level of writing for me. Thanks guys at GouletPens and inknouveau.

  • Soo Lee

    Congratulations about the 1000th blog post! I can't wait to see where you guys are when you reach #2000!

    Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience by showing me just how wide and varied the world of fountain pens is. When I first started out, I only used one pen, with one ink and one brand of paper. My horizons have expanded exponentially since then! And it's because you've introduced me to lots of different inks, different papers, different kinds of nibs (and nib swapping), nib smoothing, etc. I could have just read about all these things on FPN, and thought, "oh, that's interesting." But having the opportunity to see these things in action via your blog (and especially your videos) has made me try lots of them. My writing has been much richer for it. Thank you, guys!

  • Joanna Caccavo

    Ink Nouveau has provided more detailed information about fountain pens than I've found anywhere else! It's encouraged me to broaden my pen horizons 🙂

  • Wow. Congrats on the 1000th. The Ink Nouveau blog (and GPC) is basically how I got started in the hobby. Now, a year and a half later, I've got 60-some pens, nearly 100 bottles of ink, and my 401k is looking not anywhere near as robust as it ought to. 🙂

    Seriously, though, the pen hobby has changed my life. I'm doing my own videos now, mainly because of yours, and having a great time with the hobby. I'm better connected with family members across the country, mainly because of hand-written letters. I'm keeping the best notes of my life at work, which I find myself referring to often. It's been quite an amazing journey.

    So, as much as I would LOVE to win, even if I don't, congrats and thanks so much for your great work over the years. I'm happy you and the whole team is finding the success you deserve, and I hope it continues for years to come!

  • VickNish

    Having started with pointed nib calligraphy earlier in the year, I tried out the Noodler's flex nib pens a few months into my new hobby. If it weren't for Ink Nouveau, I probably would've given up on tinkering with fountain pens pretty quickly. But the patient expertise found here and on the goulet pens website has always been there to answer all my questions and help me figure things out. Now I probably use fountain pens 90% of the time I write. A LOT more convenient than dip pens!

    One BIG complaint about ink nouveau… it's making me poor. THANKS A LOT! really… thanks for everything.

  • Twoznek

    I love writing and my job more because of moving towards Fountain Pens. Q&A is my highlight of the week for entertainment because it helped me process how to get invoked with FP world and how to get others addicted, I mean introduced to it. Now it's tempting me to branch off into inks, but I'm still pretty set on Purple, though so,e of the blues are really catching my eye.

  • Mary N

    Ink Nouveau helped me learn how to get started with fountain pens after I saw someone in one of my classses using one.

  • Ryan Baechle

    I bought my first fountain pen in France when I was 17 and have used them since (I'm 33 now). I generally used them in the past for off-and-on journal writing and copying out Scripture, which has helped me get close to the text and slow down and remember more. Anyway, now I am an adjunct English professor with five courses over three schools, which essentially means that I have a full-time course load with very part-time income, so I'm selective when I buy pens and inks. I write a lot on my own still, but I now use fountain pens mostly to grade papers because I like to use different colors for different classes. I like to use a lot of different inks and the fountain pen in general is very practical when writing a full page of comments a few hundred times in a semester. So, that said, how the blog has helped enhance my writing experience is that I have a go-to place to learn about new inks and pens (or ones I've just never run into before) and advice and tips on what works well in different circumstances and basic maintenance issues. This blog has helped me make many decisions in purchasing pens, inks, and paper and I am thankful there is this wealth of knowledge in one spot. Congratulations on the 1000th post. Keep 'em coming!

  • Marcos Dias Alves

    Congratulations ! The videos are great, I learn a lot from them.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Brian, your Ink Nouveau blog posts have taught me more about fountain pens, ink, and paper than I have learned since I started using fountain pens in the 50's and begab using them in the work place from the mid 90's until I retired in 2013. Now I use them every day for personal pleasure and satisfaction. With your postings I have been able to rejuvinate pens that have been frozen with dried ink, properly flushed and cleaned pens that have been used for 15 years without cleaning, straightened nibs that made a couple of favorite pens scratchy, smoothed nibs, and solved a family member's pen problem. I also have contributed heavily towards providing employment to 27 of the finest people in retail (40 orders placed since I first found GPC on the web), and I have accumulated more wonderful pens, paper products, and inks than I ever imagined. You have taken me from a routine user and turned me into a pen/paper/ink expert and problem solver. Brian and Rachel, your postings have provided me with numerous hours of wonderful pleasure, education, and personal satisfaction. And, my belief in a strong family and ethical culture leading to personal success has been vindicated. And, I now have nearly 30 friends that I would never have had if your retail business had been like all the others. Life before Brian and Rachel's blog postings has fairly faded from my memory. It seems like Ink Nouveau and all the wonderful people at the Goulet Pen Company has been part of my life for years. You guys are the best. Now, I'll get back to your watching your video. Oh, your blogs make Fridays more special!

  • Shortly after acquiring my first fountain pen (and thus my passion for them) I discovered Ink Nouveau and it taught me so much about what's out there and guided me through how to decide what pens, paper, and ink I want to acquire. Discovering the fountain pen has made writing actually enjoyable for me, and it was from Ink Nouveau specifically that I came to the idea of writing letters to my family and friends, and that has become a really enjoyable thing in my life.

  • Candice Williams

    The Ink Nouveau blog has enhanced my writing experience by showing me all the affordable fountain pens available. I get quite a bit of information from the videos especially unboxing and writing test for practically every pen. They have really helped me choose which pens I want to buy. I knew Brian was the real deal from all the ink on his fingers! You can't be into pens without having inky fingers.
    I have always taken pride in my penmanship and am very particular about what I write with. I cannot write with gel ink pens so if it wasn't for fountain pens I would miss out on writing in distinctive colors.
    The blog is great for beginners and experienced "followers of the ink". I never thought about the effects of cabin pressure on a pen which helped me decide on a plane-friendly pen (TWSBI VAC) for my first trip to London next year.
    I was also inspired to start a pen and ink thread on my 221b group on Ravelry, which has be very popular.
    Sorry this is so long, but just in the 2 weeks (and 4 orders!) I have known about your company, I have nothing but kudos.
    Here's to another 1000!

  • David Valgañón Gómez

    Hello, I found this web near a year ago, and I read reviews of fountain pens, inks and paper which later helped me to buy products that make me feel I done a right choice 🙂 Sometimes I like to learn some tricks to improve the life of my pens, or discover new inks.

    Congratulations for your 1,000th blog, and write on! 😉

  • Cristhian Jimenez

    Ink nouveau was the first blog that I stumbled upon back when I started to grow an interest in fountain pens.
    It was and still is of great help thanks to the amazing tutorials and easy to understand information.
    Keep up the good work guys and write on :p

  • Brandon Macy

    Ink Nouveau (along with /r/fountainpens) is what really got me into fountain pens. I would probably still be using disposable pens without Ink Nouveau. So, thanks for everything! Hopefully it continues for a very long time, or evolves into something even better!

  • Adrian Wadley

    Started searching for better FP info and quickly discovered FountainPenNetwork and FPGeeks. That soon led to GouletPens (and my first order, Diamine inks, lovely) and quickly on to InkNouveau, which I happily check out every Friday for the Q&A. How does it help me? Well I certainly get better informed about new products, which is great (except perhaps not for my wallet!), and I've learnt a lot from your videos about pen maintenance and dis-assembly – so overall my pen collection is larger, and better maintained. So, thank you, and keep up the good work!

  • Levent Demirel

    I got into fountain pens for about one year now and since then i'm addicted to it 🙂 Ink nouveau was one of the blogs which i found while researching about pens. There are thousands of these blogs when you look at it, however not all of them make you follow them. Ink nouveau is among those which i frequently check, because all of its reviews pens and inks are not only well thought but also simple and doesn't drown you with many unnecessary details. For a beginner or an expert about pens this is a good website to enjoy :).

  • Matt S.

    Ink Nouveau has been my go-to source for fountain pen information on the web. It has fostered me from my state as a fountain pen newbie up to my current pen-tinkering state.Congrats on hitting 1000 posts! That is quite the accomplishment! Keep up the great work!

  • Jerry Hackett

    The videos are one of the things that set you apart from other online retailers. I love them and check multiple times per day to see if new ones are posted. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Robyn Brown

    I was pretty new to fountain pens. I had long admired them but had no real knowledge of fountain pens and had no idea there were brands other than Cross or Montblanc. Goulet Pens opened a whole new world for me. I have learned so much about pen brands, nibs, cleaning and maintaining pens and ink….I never knew such colors existed. The possibilities are endless. The comparison tools on Goulet have been invaluable for me in comparing colors, nibs and pens. I just so enjoy browsing the site and learning so much from the blog.

  • Heather

    Congratulations on 1,000 posts! And for being so generous in offering the beautiful Autumn Harvest as a prize. Whomever you choose, congratulations to them too. Ink Nouveau has been a jumping off point for me, into the world of fountain pens, ink and fp-friendly paper. No one explains the intricacies of cleaning and modifying pens better than Brian. Fountain Pens 101 is my bible – even after two years of placing my first order with Goulet Pens I still refer to that set of videos/posts for guidance. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  • kevinltwang

    Congrats on 1000 posts! Ink Nouveau has been helpful to me in pretty small, but overall significant ways. It has provided me plenty of insight when I was eye-ing a new pen, since there's generally a huge repository of information on stuff here, and I've had no problem, between here and FPN, in finding the information that I needed. There's also been a lot of really helpful tips with using fountain pens that I found to be invaluable, and lifesaving in some cases.

  • Dianne Myhan

    I knew absolutely NOTHING about fountains until I found your site. My son gave me my first fountain pen from your company, and I learned lots of things just from reading sections of the blog. Thanks so much for all the great videos!

  • Congrats on the big milestone! Even though the fountain pen hobby is very welcoming to beginners, it is intimidating to get started. There is a lot of terminology that is second nature to me now that was baffling when I first become interested. Ink Nouveau and your YouTube channel by extension helped me fill in the blanks one baby step at a time in a friendly and approachable way. It helped me build the confidence to make that first fountain pen purchase. As I've gotten deeper into the hobby over time, I'm sure it's saved me countless wasted hours (and many an inky mess) that I would have faced going it alone. It's also helped me make more informed purchase decisions in order to make the most of my "pen budget."

  • Garry

    your company is awesome we have nothing that comes close in the uk, having used a disposable bic fountain pens for about 3 years a grown up fountain pen was the next stage? yours is the perfect site i have gone from knowing nothing to have a good working knowledge of fountain pens i could have spent a lot of money and time and been no further on as all the other sites tell you about there preferences regarding pens and inks yours is the one stop for un bias information re pens one of your favourite pens is the preppy it would be so easy for you to say the most expensive pens are the best you are a genuine person with an interest in your work in short you have enhanced my fountain pen experence because everything i need and everything i dont need is on your site and if i need to know anything i can ask and that is priceless thank you and write on

  • Tracy P.

    Congratulations! As a someone new to fountain pens, Ink Nouveau has been an absolutely invaluable resource. I've never seen anything like it: a business-sponsored blog that provides overwhelmingly helpful and neutral guidance without overtly trying to sell anything. I've learned so much about using fountain pens and, more importantly, I feel like I've joined a community rather than merely picked up a new hobby. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to providing excellent service, advice, and reviews.

  • Matthew Ian Birch

    If i hadn't discovered the blog, I would be ignorant to the supreme writing experience that a fountain pen can offer and even if i did i would still be using a Lamy Joy. Keep up the good work. Here's to 2000 😀

  • Michael

    Ink Nouveau is the best way for me to learn about fountain pen maintenance and to see what new cool inks, pens and paper are being sold. The biggest things that I learned from this blog were probably refilling cartridges and converting pens to eyedroppers – those tips helped increase my pen's ink capacity tremendously.

  • DebS

    Love the blog – great info about new pens and inks to try out!!

  • John Solie

    I have only recently gotten interested in fountain pens, and your blog is an excellent source of information and knowledge. The video reviews of the different inks and papers have led me to find a paper that I really like and an ink that I really like.

  • Ambivalere

    Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience and enjoyment of this great hobby by educating and informing me about the gear and supplies that make using water-based ink so much fun! Based on watching your videos, Brian, I have purchased an embarrassing large quantity of pens, ink, and paper! Thanks for the time and energy you invest into making these for us.

  • Gerald Taylor

    Hey it's Gerald. Congrats on the 1000th post! Your blog has enhanced my writing experience by opening my eyes to new brands and shades of ink and to make me think more about the qualities of inks that I enjoy. You got me excited about flex nibs and vanishing points and glass dip pens and sampling sampling sampling! Because of your blog my involvement in the hobby has ramped up and now I have a blog of my own. Thanks for all your hard work and you deserve all your successes. Cheers!

  • Miss Thundercat

    Congrats on your 1000th post! I need to think about my answer to your question more, but I wanted to let you know that coming wednesday is the 10th of september and your next Q&A is for the 12th. At least on this side of the pond 😉

  • kat

    Congratulations on 1000 posts! I am lusting for this pen so thank you for the opportunity to try to win it. The Ink Nouveau blog has enhanced my writing experience by showing off so many wonderful pens (AND INKS especially) that I may not have otherwise found, or combinations I may not have considered previously until being SHOWN what is so amazing about them. I feel like Goulet Pens has raised the bar for customer service in the fountain pen industry and I am so grateful for all of the information and tools you provide, including KNOWLEDGE about pens.

  • I like the Q&A Sessions, so many questions I'm not asking yet and the feeling there are many other people out there that are into fountain pens. Many friends see my hobby as something nice, reasonable but nothing they would be in. So Ink Nouveau shows me much stuff I want to have, that I never heard before but on the social side, it gives this "home" feeling.

  • Joshua Gallardo Forero

    Congrats! Ink Nouveau has improved my writing experience by changing the way I think about fountain pens, inks, paper Now is an adventure of self discovering a huge amount of products and experiences versus my old thinking: why do I need more than my Lamy Safari with Lamy Black Ink? Keep up the amazing job!!!!!

  • anaximander70

    Ink Nouveau has taught me so much about the fountain pen world! I think the most unique contribution of IN would be all the great tips and tricks, like the famous ear syringe trick for flushing pens.

  • Atticus Raider

    Congrats to.1000! What an accomplishment. The videos continue to better and better as you do them. Ink nouveau has been such an invaluable resource for me in deepening my knowledge of fOuntain pens and keeping up with new products and inks I would not be able to keep up with otherwise. It is so enjoyable to watch and very informative. I contribute any knowledge I have to ink nouveau. ThAnks goulet family

  • Miss Thundercat

    Unless you are switching it up and posting the next QandA on sunday the 14th, just to keep us on our toes 😉

  • DimitrisV

    First of all, thank you for what you are offering to the fountain pen world. I started collecting fountain pens a year ago, and all i knew was a couple of brands. Ink Nouveau has helped me expand my knowledge by 1000%.

  • DHamilton

    I found Ink Nouveau after I found GP because I could not find any ink for my first fountain pen. Since I am so new to this fountain pen journey, IN has been a huge help in learning how to clean and appreciate fountain pens. Some people would call this creeping, but I check the blog everyday to see if you have put anything out!

  • Jimjams

    "How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?"
    I got my first fountain pen through my parents. When I went looking to find out how to get bottled ink for it I was directed to your site. Since then every problem or curiosity I have had I've come straight to this blog to help me figure it out. I've picked out ink colors on the reviews and ink a week thing. Ink Nouveau is just another part of my week to week life since I use my fountain pens to write everything and Nouveau gives me the ability to use them the best that I can.

  • Nancy

    Your blog is very useful to me as an archive of pen knowledge. I've googled fountain pen topics on many occasions and found that you had written something useful about it here.

  • adamB

    i love the videos and the information for newbies. I've only been into fountain pens for a year or so and i still have alot to learn. My three main sources of information have been SBREBROWN, FPN and ink nouveau. Gotta say my fav parts of this site is the Q&A followed by tips and tricks, i've taken alot from this for cleaning and taking care of my pens. Thanks keep up the good work

  • Cherylynn

    Hi Brian and Company, I found your website after purchasing a Safari Lami and I didn't know how to refill or care for my brand new fountain pen. I found you in s youtube search. Oh what a difference you have made in my life. I learned how keep the maintenance on the pen as well as refilling the cartridge. I have also learned about nibs, inks, and even paper. Thanks so much for all of your assistance, you are also easy to watch on youtube. If eyes are the windows to the soul, you are an angel. Hugs, God Bless you and your family!!

  • May

    Ink noveau improved my writing experience by starting it! Getting me into fp's is something i'm super grateful for (no hand cramps and fun inks is a definite improvement over ballpoints) Its also a gorgeous pen you're giving away!

  • Henry

    Ink Nouveau blog has opened up my eyes to things associated with fountain pens such as the quality of paper that I use, the different inks and their properties and proper fountain pen care and maintenance. If only there would be a way of creating an ink formula that links myself to that ink I would be in heaven.

  • Kyle T

    I found your company when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to get into fountain pens or not. Without the help of your videos and the demonstrations that I saw from you I would have never been as comfortable as I was diving towards the fountain pen hobby. All of your ink, paper, and fountain pen reviews have made me know the products that I am thinking about using before I even have to try them myself. I have learned pretty much everything about maintaining my fountain pens from you and it is truly amazing the amount of effort and detail that you put into every video that you make. Thank you for all that you have done.

  • Tori

    I'd have to say the biggest way that Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience is by being what actually introduced me to the world of fountain pens! I'd always loved the aesthetic of fountain pens but always thought it was something out of my league and budget as a student and through reading your pen reviews I was able to find a first pen that I've absolutely fallen in love with and can't imagine how i've gone without for so long! Ink Nouveau is also where i've learned everything that i have about pen care and maintenance.

  • Derick Solano Veitia

    Congrats on the 1000th post….wow that is a lot of time and effort from you! And think that i've seen every post and videos you have made all over the years.
    The thing that I Am most greatful from you is the love and appreciation to fountain pens I obtained thanks to the series Fountain Pen 101. Those videos were like a window to a new world, a world that now is a part of my everyday life. From how fp work, how to clean them, how to fill them, how to take care of an object that is like an extension of your hand. I cannot be more greatful for what you and the Goulet team have done to the community of FP geeks! Thank you!

  • Charles Hadden

    Yes, Ink Nouveau has helped my writing experience. Helping me to improve the performance of a pen, opened my eyes to useful products and is just plain fun. Thanks.

  • Kimberly Aragon

    I like that you have a library of resources to chose from. I may not change my nib in my Lamy all the time but I know exactly where to find the video that shows me how to do it.

  • Mariah B.

    From Ink Nouveau, I've learned enough about how fountain pens, inks, and papers work and interact together that I've been able to become confident enough to actually try out a fountain pen. I've learned how a fountain pen works, how different pens compare, what pens and inks are likely to fit my needs, how to maintain a pen. I'm less scared of making mistakes in using and taking care of my pen; I'm less intimidated and less inclined to just give up when I'm having troubles, because of how encouraging and welcoming and accessible Ink Nouveau's educational materials are. (This is a big deal to be as I am a very insecure person in general.)

  • Dawg Manila

    I'm pretty new to Fountain Pens and Ink Nouveau has provided me with a tremendous amount of resource. I'm part of a Fountain Pen group here in Manila and whenever I run into something I don't know or don't understand. Ink Nouveau is my goto.

  • Pam

    I purchased a few pens and notebooks based on reviews
    I also take notes on future pens, ink and paper to purchase

  • Kenneth

    Congratulations on 1k posts.
    I have been helped to treat my fountain pens better since finding your posts, I used to never clean my pens, now I bring my pens home from work every 2 weeks for a cleaning – there is so much wood dust wear I work you can taste it in the air.

  • Marie Keane

    Wow! 1000 posts. Congrats! Every single Friday I look forward to coming home from school and watching a Goulet Q&A episode. Before discovering Goulet Pens and Ink Nouveau, I only occasionally used my (then few) fountain pens at home when journaling. Since I
    actually started learning about pens, ink, and paper from you, my interest in
    them (and my collection) has grown exponentially. Before, I just thought they
    were cool; Now fountain pens are my passion and I haven't touched a ballpoint
    pen in years. Also, I now take care of my pens much better than I did before. I
    shudder to think of the things I put my pens through before I knew anything
    about them. Thank you for taking the time out of you day to share your vast knowledge
    with the rest of us!

    Oh! And my guilty pleasure TV show is Vampire Diaries. I only ever watch it with my best friend. There's so much drama, we can't always make it though a whole episode. Thanks a million to you and the Team!

  • Richard Shipe

    Thanks to the informative (and entertaining!) blog posts and the quality service you provide, I am able to spend less time searching for the right product and more time writing with the products I love. I'm also grateful for your pen maintenance videos, as they gave me the knowledge necessary to brave the arduous tasks of adjusting nibs and cleaning beautiful but troublesome inks.

    Writing is a personal hobby of mine, but I also love being part of the community these blog posts have helped create. It's interesting to see how other people express themselves through their own paper, ink, and pen combinations. And it is a relief to see people being cheerfully enthusiastic about such a simple hobby and take time away from the harsher elements of life. Even on the posts where there is not a giveaway, people are happily interacting with you and one another. Heck, it's not uncommon to see the "Goulet" name pop up in *other* people's blogs (including my own) and forums whenever talk about stationary arises. I believe the Ink Nouveau posts alongside the Goulet team have provided fertile ground for friendships to grow in the fountain pen hobby, and for that I am very grateful.

    Thank you for the time and effort-intensive posts and videos. They're fun, informative, and worth looking forward to every week. I wish for the best for the whole Goulet team. Now let's get cracking on hitting 2000 blog posts! 🙂

  • Carlos Quiñones

    Well… I can say that when I got my first fountain pen (a Sheaffer Targa) from my dad I started looking online for information on fountain pens… And I found this blog… So I can say that 95% of the things I know about fountain pens I have learned it from this blog… As soon as I started in the hobby I also started sampling inks and writing journals… I started getting more pens and I started using fountain pens for everything I write (grading and writing research ideas among many other things)… I live in Puerto Rico so there is no pen shops near me… So everything I get is from the Goulet Pen Co. And before I buy I always look for the videos and information on this blog… My professional and personal life has changed, I actually have a hobby that I can use at work!! I am very happy!! Thank you!!

  • Jerry Hackett

    Ink Nouveau has made me into the pen and ink fanatic that I am today. I started by listening to the Pen Addict podcast. Back before Brad and Myke were "into" fountain pens in a big way. Brad mentioned the Goulet Pens website as one of his favorites. I discovered the Fountain Pen 101 series and that was it. I was hooked. That series brought me up from knowing almost nothing about fountain pens to being able to do and explain nearly everything about them. As I said in another post, I check the website daily, if not more, to see if new videos are released. Now I must closely watch my bank account so as to not over spend… Thanks Brian and Goulet Pens Team for turning me into an addict.

  • Lorraine G

    Congrats on 1000! The way that Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience is by providing a one stop resource for so much information on everything related to pens, ink and paper. I don't live near a pen store so I rely heavily on the great product reviews, close up photos, and comparison tools that only Ink Nouveau provides as a service to their customers. Thanks for all you do for the writing community.

  • Sean C.

    Woohoo! Finally 1000 posts! I wish I could say that I have been a fan of Ink Nouveau from the very start, but alas, I just got started with the hobby a few weeks ago. Since then, I have read every single blog post and article on this website. The content and blog posts are extremely informative and invaluable to those just getting into fountain pens. If there were only one place in the world I could go for exceptional fountain pen knowledge, this would be the place to go.

    If I had to pick one thing that I like about the Goulet Pen Company it would have to be the excellent level of customer service and passion that you and your team bring to the table. When I first saw the handwritten note in my first ink order, I knew that I would be a customer for life.

    Thanks again for all that you and your team do!

  • kevin-landon@comcast.net

    Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience by serving as the 1 place where all information on fountain pens, ink, and paper can be found and discussed in a simple explainable way. It serves the expert and novice alike in breaking down the perfect triangle of pen, ink, and paper to maximize a pleasurable writing experience.Besides all that, watching Ink Nouveau is very similar to eating potato chips,1 episode is not enough!

  • Rosey L

    Ink Nouveau's has been one of the biggest catalysts for my pen and ink obsession. I've been into fountain pens for about 10 months now. I have only a few pens and even fewer ink bottles, but I'm always looking for more through Goulet Pens videos. In fact, it was probably a GP video that led me to buy my first fountain pen, the Pilot Metropolitan in medium! I may or may not love that pen more than Brian does… but hey, it's not a competition. I'm just very thankful you helped me get into this fun little hobby. Your videos have also been quite a tremendous help with it comes to learning how to fine tune and maintain my pens. Not to mention I've bonded with some people because of our fountain pen usage. Although I know much more than I did 10 months ago about fountain pens, I know there's a lot more to be learned, and I can always count on Ink Nouveau to be my guide in that department. Thank you, everyone at the Goulet Pen Company! The amount of time and effort you put into making your orders and videos perfect is greatly appreciated. You'll always be my #1 source for fountain pen and ink tips, tricks, and purchases!

  • Yulisa

    As a new fountain pen newbie, Ink Nouveau has answered a lot of my questions and helped open the world of fountain pens to me. Congratulations on your 1000th post!

  • Dustin Long

    When I was first getting into fountain pens (ca. 2011) Ink Nouveau was one of the very few resources out there that provided video tutorials. As a visual learner, this was an invaluable resource and Goulet Pens has continued to revolutionize the way we learn about writing instruments.

  • theresano

    That's a whole lot of information. 🙂

  • debraji

    I started following Ink Nouveau when you were recording Write Time @ 9 — I think before you moved the business to the garage. It's been fun (and inspiring) to watch you grow your business. While I love the wealth of fountain pen knowledge that you've shared through INk Nouveau, I enjoy the sense of community and connectedness your blog brings, even more. It can be hard for me to get to a pen show, and I know very few fountain pen users. So Ink Nouveau helps me feel part of the "family".

  • Aaron Pontin

    Ink Nouveau has shown me that I'm not alone in my fountain pen geekdom!

  • Melissa Cooper-Martin

    Ink nouveau helped me gain confidence with using and cleaning my fountain pens, which means I use them a lot more. I had trouble learning to clean and ink my pens one-handed (no left hand for me!) watching you do stuff two handed might not show me exactly how I need to work it, but the clear video gave me the chance to watch closely and figure out how to do it my way. So thanks for taking the time to do all the videos! Sometimes written instructions just aren't the same.

  • GimmeeCookiee

    I picked up the best fountain pen related tip from Inknouveau, using a bulb syringe to flush out a nib unit!

    My guilty pleasure TV show used to be Gilmore Girls. To illustrate the extent of it, I've actually watched an episode in between guard duty shifts when I was serving in the army (10+ years ago while the show was still on TV here).

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 videos!

  • Charles Bernth

    Ink Nouveau is a great place to see what is new with the best on-line source for inky pleasures. I never would have tried the TWSBI's if it wasn't for IN.

  • Hugo Wong

    Ink Noveau had to be one of the best videos for fountain pen junkies along with Stephen Brown and FPGEEKS. Goulet videos convinced me to purchase my first legitimate fountain pen Fountain Pen

  • Fpnerd

    Ink Nouveau has been an integral part of my fountain pen hobby from the very basics of inking up and maintaining my first fountain pen to introducing new pens to my widening collection. Not to mention the equally important posts on ink and paper to complete the trifecta of enjoying this hobby.

  • Steven Salaysay

    Ink Nouveau has been my go-to blog about everything fountain pens. It has kept me up to date about all the different combinations of pens, nibs, ink, paper, everything. I listened to the Q&A's every Friday on my commute back home from work, and I check the blog everyday for any updates of new products and things that tickle my fancy. It was such a huge inspiration to my interest of fountain pens, and continues to fuel that interest every day. Thanks for being such an amazing resource and congrats on 1000 posts!!

  • Dandy

    Wow, 1000 posts! Nice going!
    The best thing that I always get from reading the Ink Nouveau blog is a continually renewed enthusiasm for enjoying the fine qualities of my fountain pens and inks. I don't have a large collection, or a great deal of money to expand it, so I also really enjoy getting a taste of the writing experience with a far wider array of pens and inks than I'd otherwise ever get to see.
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Gordon

    Hey Brian, Rachel and crew, congratulations on 1000 blog posts! I started using fountain pens as a hobby around May or June of 2013, and not long after that (around September?) a friend of mine – a fellow Aussie customer! – recommended I check out your store. The link from there to Ink Nouveau led me to a wealth of information about pens, paper, ink, maintenance and care etc that has been AMAZING.

    It was your blog that introduced me to the joy of Noodler's (I now have 5 of Nathan's pens, and about 8 bottles of Noodler's ink). And it was Alex Ross (via the store chat feature) who helped me work out what to buy as a first fountain pen for each of my older two kids (OK OK, that's not strictly Ink Nouveau related, but I trust you'll forgive me including a shout-out and 'thanks' to Alex).

    I continue to watch your Q&As 'religiously', and really appreciate the constant stream of info and advice. Please keep up the good work – thanks for maintaining this blog, and thanks for making international shipping so straightforward!

  • I learn things every week! But most recently I've watching the Pilot Vanishing Point videos to improve my refilling practices on my own VP. It's been a pleasure!

  • Giovana Hill

    I've learned so much useful stuff on this blog. The bulb syringe trick to clean pens was invaluable!

  • Vinícius Cordeiro

    I wasn't introduced to fountain pens by Ink Nouveau, but everything I know about pen maintenance, different types of nibs, etc, was due to the blog. Keep writing on!

  • Anne P

    Truthfully, Ink Nouveau taught me not to be afraid of fountain pens! I had always been interested in pens, but fountain pens seemed…intimidating! One day I decided to find out more. BAM! There was Ink Nouveau, answering my (seemingly silly) questions without judgement! I dove in from that point on. Thanks Ink Nouveau!

  • Henry

    Regarding question #10 – storing Vanishing Point nib assembly… it may be possible to take the cylinder that Goulet ships single nib assemblies in and using a product like a Wine Preservation Spray and spray a small amount into the cylinder holding the nib unit with ink. The spray contains nitrogen, Co2 and argon gas which may stop the ink from evaporating. It may also be a good use for capped pens that have ink in them which are storing long term.

  • unimpressed_llama

    Ink Nouveau really helped me understand how to use the full potential of my fountain pens. Being a junior high student, I don't have much money to spend on pens, but I still like to treat my $5 pens like $300 pens. I was introduced to fountain pens by my history teacher, and since then we have started a fountain pen club at our school. If I won this pen I would probably just donate it to the club, because I would be too scared that I would break it otherwise!

  • Allan Benson

    Ink Nouveau, in a sense, is my guilty pleasure (we do not have cable TV) I do too much reading to watch TV.

    Ink Nouveau has defined my writing experience. I was burning through so many disposable pens working through college, grad school, and my own writing/journaling that I began to consider using a refillable pen. Additionally, my fingers would cramp up from pens that require pressure or didn't fit my hands. I am the obsessive research kind of guy, so of course I stumbled across your videos. I found that there is nothing out there like it for people who have not been immersed in the hobby. Now that I have been in it for a while, I learn from you how to connect to others who are not familiar with fountain pens. There is always something new and interesting to keep me engaged (and you got me hooked on your product).

    Additionally, I enjoy the benefits of writing more, and have gained a respect for the written word. I have begun to enjoy calligraphy, and improve my overall handwriting. I love trying different nibs and inks (thank you ink drop). I naturally think and process well on paper. Ink Nouveau has enhansed my entire daily routine. My pen hobby is where fun intersects productivity. I had none of this before Ink Nouveau. Thank you!

  • Allan Benson

    Thanks for the info. I used to work in a hobby store that sold wine supplies. It would make perfect sense to displace the air with the gas to prevent moisture from evaporating.

  • Danny Barksdale

    Ink Nouveau has had a huge impact on my fountain pen writing experience. A couple years ago I knew NOTHING about fountain pens and found on the internet an endless and overwhelming amount of information and (mostly) misinformation! Overwhelming to say the least! Enter Ink Nouveau. An articulate, sincere, seemingly trustworthy, not to mention handsome, man discussing and explaining everything. EVERYTHING! About fountain pens. How to hold them, fill them, what kind of paper, basically, where to start and how to systematically experiment for myself to find what I like and dislike. In time I saw that the articulate, sincere guy was not just seemingly trustworthy, but TOTALLY trustworthy and that he and his wife run their business exactly the way I hope I'd run a business if I had one. Ink Nouveau has educated me from the bottom up. I'm now immersed in fountain pens and fountain pen culture with opinions of my own. I know what I like and what I don't like (for now) and I'll never voluntarily reach for a ballpoint again. Ink Nouveau gives newbies like me a solid basic foundation on which to build a lifetime of fountain pen usage and knowledge and joy. Thank you Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens!
    PS-I like cake better too! Pie is good, cake is heaven!

  • Ted

    Ink Nouveau has been my greatest retailer resource for general pen facts and pen maintenance, and it is where I send any friend who becomes interested in my fountain pens. You're viral! 🙂

  • DexterTheTurtle

    As a teenager, not many other kids want to talk about fountain pens, so Ink Nouveau Blog and the GPC channel on youtube are my main source if pen discussion outside of the FPN, I really don't know what I would do without it.

  • Katherine

    I probably wouldn't be using fountain pens if it weren't for Ink Nouveau. I was interested in trying a fountain pen and began searching the Internet for information and I stumbled upon this blog and your videos. I feel like it gave me the answer to every question I had (even some I didn't know I wanted to ask) and helped me start a new hobby and collection. I'm hooked for life, and I owe nearly all of it to Ink Nouveau! I've even started inviting others to join in the madness!

  • Geranium Flower

    Ink Nouveau has helped our family enjoy a new interest for some and renew an old interest for others. I have learned so much about fountain pens, ink and paper. Thanks for the time you put into all the videos. We have enjoyed writing in journals, practicing calligraphy and deciding which ink to use in which pen.

  • Carol

    In June I discovered the Ink Nouveau blog, followed quickly by the Goulet Pen Company site and Fountain Pen 101. I was intrigued and inspired by the videos. Fountain pens and inks are such a colorful, beautiful, and rewarding hobby! In my enthusiasm, I'm writing frequent snail mail letters to distant family and friends, which we all enjoy, and they're responding in kind. Some of them have even begun using fountain pens, too. So this hobby has had the delightful effect of connecting me more closely to the people I love. Bravo and thanks, Brian, Rachel, and the crew at Goulet Pen Company.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    Honestly, the way the Ink Nouveau Blog impacted my life is through education. Previously, I used a fountain pen (since 4th grade), but I really had no idea why or what was so special about them. I only knew that I liked them.

    Your blog helped me articulate why. Now I know what makes fountain pens unique, how they work, what kinds exist, what brands exist, why certain papers work, the fun inks, and so on. Your blog turned a preferred writing instrument (for about 25 years) into a passion.

  • Mitchell Weinberg

    Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens has been a part of my renewed interest in writing by hand. In a world where the happens less and less, I figure when I am going to do it, may as well do so with a quality writing instrument. As I have sought out more information about quality pens and paper, IN has been my guide. The written blogs and video product reviews are absolutely fantastic. I don't even live in the US, but Brian and Rachel are so clearly the kind of small business owners I want to support that I bulk order my stuff about once a year and get it shipped to wherever I'm visiting in the US. IN and GP are simply awesome resources for the writing community, of which I consider myself a fledgling member.

  • Dhrupad Mamun

    Though I have used fountain pens since I broke my writing hand once, Ink Nouveau helped me take my passion for fountain pens to the next level. The blog and the ink drop has helped me try out new inks, mixing inks, and helped me bring others into the hobby. As a student, Ink Nouveau helped me find suitable paper and good pens for students as well as inks.

  • Nicholas Dolce

    I've got you jerks to blame from stoking my addiction. I went from buying a Pilot Metropolitan on a whim to wanting, nay, NEEDING Lamy 2000's and Stargazers and Kawecos and Iroshizukus. And just over the course of a couple of months! And I know how to take care of these things now! And my pharmacist looks at me weird, like a heroin addict with ear irrigation issues.

    And on top of it all, going through all of your old Q and A's and product reviews has ensured that my phone data plan gets throttled each and every month. I have so many first world problems that simply didn't exist just a few months ago. Thanks for everything.

  • Weee! I need to place an order with GP pretty soon, I reckon…

  • Cover Johnson

    Ink Nouveau helped enhance my experience by taking my curiosity into the world of fountain pens and showing me evrything that the little wonders have to offer!

  • Jerome G

    I remembered the first video I watched from you was a quick way to clean a fountain pen. I was so excited after learning the trick of the bulb syringe that I ran downstairs to the drugstore to get device to wash out my Lamy Safari and Pilot Prera. I was so happy it was so quick and efficient, I have always been back since. Today your Q&A is my staple Friday evening show to watch. I eagerly anticipate settling back in my easy chair to imbibe an hours worth of fountain pen knowledge. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  • alfred chan

    Saw your entire fountain fountain pen 101 video series from Ink Nouveau and that got me started with writing with fountain pens. Bought two pilot metropolitans (fine) as recommended by your Fountain Pen for Students and i'm in love with them. Might get another!

  • Michael Kakish

    Ink Nouveau has helped me in many ways that changed my writing experience forever. I could never find a pen that I liked to write with so I would avoid writing flat out. Once I discovered fountain pens through youtube, I then did some further research and found Ink Nouveau. As a newbie I knew nothing about fountain pens or how to use them. Ink Nouveau taught me everything that I needed to know about fountains pens. Pen, paper and ink reviews on the blog helped me to purchase my current collection. The tips and tricks are very informative, I would be lost without these. Your Q&A's have become my favorite video's to watch on youtube. They are jam packed with everyday questions about fountains pens that are interesting and getting your POV on certain topics have helped me with how I go about my fountain pen purchasing and daily usage. I found a new hobby, as well as gained a great amount of knowledge from your videos and blog posts. If Ink Nouveau did not exist, I would have not gotten into fountain pens as I did not have any prior knowledge on how to use them or what paper and inks to use. I have you guys at GPC to thank for everything that I have learned! ~Keep up the awesome work!

  • Ray Newbery

    I found Ink Noveau and Goulet Pens a couple years ago as my fountain pen interest was renewed. It provided tons of information and stoked my interest in pens and ink.

  • Sarah Pham

    I watched the entire fountain pen 101 series! I got seriously obsessed with those videos and watched all of the Q and A's. Got a Lamy Al-Star with Noodler's Black from your suggestions and love them! I also got some Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses recently. I use them to take notes at school (I'm in high school) and got a few of my friends hooked on them! I've only been using FPs for a few months, but I'm already looking to get another one! They're my guilty pleasure!

  • Danielle B

    This is a website I check out every Monday Wednesday Friday. It's my go-to for ink recommendations and I think I've watched every tutorial you've posted. This website has been super helpful in getting me into fountain pens. Good stuff!

  • Widad Kaoud

    If it wasn't for Ink Nouveau I do not think I would be writing with fountain pens on a daily basis. I had no clue how to write with these pens let alone use them properly. This blog has taught me everything, and I mean EVERYTHING on fountain pens not to forget the reviews on papers,ink and the variety of tips that you share with us!

  • natsora

    Ink Nouveau is the first place I search for anything I had questions about. How to fill a Lamy 2000 – go to Ink Nouveau. How to disassemble a TWSBI 580 – go to Ink Nouveau. What are the new Pilot Iroshizuku inks – go to Ink Nouveau. Ink Nouveau have single handedly taught me tons about caring, using and maintaining my fountain pens.

  • Dexter L.

    Both Gouletpens.com and Ink Nouveau have shown me a lot of information about fountain pens. I really enjoy watching the videos that you posted. I got into fountain pens a month ago and I'm really hooked into using it daily. I'm a middle school teacher. I have to grade a lot of papers. I used to use Pilot G2 to grade my papers. But after some time, it just gets very tiring writing with the G2. Learning from the post on Ink Nouveau has helped me a lot in choosing the right fountain pen to use for my daily work. The website also introduced a lot of different inks to add into what I can use daily in my work. It's gonna make this school year and interesting one. One with more colors!!

  • You have been such an enormous help and inspiration (…and dealer/provider) (…aaaaaand enabler, let's just be honest here) as I have gotten further into this hobby. Ink Nouveau was one of the first resources I came across when I started looking into this world, and some of my first (and most exciting) purchases have been from you all. Keep it up, please!

  • André D

    I'm very happy I can count on you, Brian, to give us the latest news and accurate information about fountain pens. Long live Ink Nouveau!

  • ProudSon

    First and foremost, I must express my gratitude to Brain, Rachel, and everyone at The Goulet Pen Company! Thank you for the hand written note, the lollipop, and even the little stuff like stickers and bookmarks that come with every order. I appreciate the extra mile. I am sad to say that I am fairly new to Ink Nouveau. I have been a regular for about 2 months now. Long ago, my dad had an old Parker that fascinated me every time he wrote with it. He has always had an interest in fountain pens. But at the time, buying things off the internet wasn't has popular, and where we live, fountain pens of any quality were out of reach. That and raising my sister and I almost eliminated all disposable income. Since then, I have turned him onto Ink Nouveau and your Youtube videos ( S.B.R.E. Brown also). Now he has exploded into a renewed interest of pens, inks, and papers. Then there was another bump in the road; sending me to college… He almost went under trying to get me ready for the most intimidating chapter of my life. We were able to get a hold of Metros and Safaris, but he has yet to get a "good" quality pen. I feel I took that away from him.. Before my expenses, he started eyeballing the Persimmon Swirl Collier. I haven't talked to him since the release of the Autumn Harvest, but I know for a fact has started lusting after it. Especially since before I moved out; we spent many hours contemplating which ink resembles the autumn leaves from the Appalachian Mountains around where we live. The colors of reds, golds, oranges, and yellows which blanket the rolling hills of Tennessee are a part of our culture and blood. The Autumn Harvest Nouveau Premier embodies the spirit of the mountains that has captured a special place in our heart. So, how has Ink Nouveau enhanced my writing experience? Ink Nouveau has made writing exciting for me. There is an itch that gets scratched when you write with a good fountain and intriguing ink. You could almost say a perversion. Feeling the resistance of nib on paper send signals through your fingers, hand, and arm. Watching as ink flows gently on paper in the form of satin lines, and then the lines transform into vibrant color with subtle shades and (hopefully) crisp edges. This was never more evident than during my first standard essay of college. I had a Metro F. loaded up with Liberty's Elysium with a trusty Rhodia No. 18 pad. Not only did it help make writing enjoyable, but it improved my handwriting, helped me focus, and even gave me brownie points with the professor. Something about putting thoughts on paper gives a feeling not found anywhere else. Ink Nouveau and The Goulet Pen Company have made my writing experience and my college experience better and even brought me a little closer to my dad, who was already my best friend. With that said, I do not wish to own the pen. I merely wish to see the smile on my hero's face when I present him with such a phenomenal pen. He would put it to good use and make him a very happy man, and that is better than owning the pen. Sorry for the novel and thank you for the opportunity. I wish everyone involved a healthy and prosperous life. Cheers.

  • Acasia Wickett

    Ink Nouveau has definitely gotten me hooked on fountain pens. I would have never picked up one of these wonderful pens if it weren't for stumbling upon Ink Nouveau. I honestly cannot thank you enough because, as a college student, it makes my daily routine much more enjoyable!

  • pikamookie

    Ink Nouveau was my first exposure to the fountain pen world and has led me down this rabbit hole. Because of it I've started up journaling again which has been a great way to either start the day or unwind. Thank you to the team at Goulet Pens!

  • José Ignacio Silva

    Even though I've used a fountain pen since I was in school (and was kinda famous for that). Ink Nouveau showed something simple, but critical: there's more than one pen, there's more than one ink.

    Later I've entered the IN & Goulet world, and never was the same again. I've started a FP and ink collection, I grasped concepts like "shading", "sheen" and "bleedthrough" and learned how to recognise them in the inks and pens I acquire here in my country, Chile, very far away from the Goulet HQ. My writing experience became much richer and, literally more colorful. Thanks for everything Goulets and Ink Nouveau, you've opened a brave new world for me.

  • Gary Wack

    I began exploring fountain pens back in the early 90s, but found them to be cumbersome and high-maintenance. I also lacked serious knowledge and encouragement for continuing the journey toward fountain pen enjoyment and enlightenment.

    Fast forward to now. I don't know what exactly drew me back into the pilgrimage of fountain pen interest, but I will say that just doing a google search for fountain pens, your Ink Nouveau youtube videos and this site as well as your store came up frequently and that is fantastic advertising. That caught my eye and attention. Hence, I will say that your immense exposure, site, and blog are the main reason that my interest was rekindled in fountain pens.

    While there are others on youtube that have posted product reviews, no one seems to spend as much time and effort to put a complete and engaging blog as you do in your blog entries. I will say that if it not for your review of the Noodler's Acrylic Konrad, I would have passed on it. You don't realize how important a video "first look" is to the presentation and selling point of a pen. Many companies only post a picture of the pen they wish to sell, but they loose a certain percentage of sales due to the customer not seeing the true nature of the pen, it's form, and function.

    All that being said, I truly enjoy and look forward to each and every blog post and video as if it were my guilty television show pleasure. Thank you for being there to educate and enlighten me in the finer points and pleasures of fountain pen appeal.


    Gary Wack

  • alice addict

    Ink Nouveau is a great, ever-growing resource for exploring new pens, inks, and papers. I love the reviews and the close-up photos and the side by side comparisons. And I love the enthusiasm that's apparent in all of your interactions with your viewers/readers. It's clear that you love what you do and that you're truly one of us.

  • Daniel Taub

    I have listened to (via podcast) or watched every single Q&A since the series began, and not a week goes by that I don't learn at least one new thing about pens, ink or paper. That definitely enhances my writing experience.

  • S. Tom

    When I was searching for a replacement cartridge for a 20-year-old Sheaffer, I discovered the world of fountain pens and quickly decided to educate myself. Finding both your blog and your retail site has changed my life. Three years later, I've seen all the 101 vids you've made, used all the comparison tools extensively, read every blog post (congrats on the 1000-mark!), and I look forward to every new post.

    I especially like the Q&As, but I also love the Monday match-ups, learning about new pens and inks and paper, and hearing about your company's evolution. I learn things, I laugh (a lot) at your little asides and mistakes, and go "aw" over touching stories about your family and team members. In short, I find the blog really educational AND entertaining.

    The fact it's about a subject I've become addicted to (fountain pens) is just icing on the cake. Or pie. I love both! 🙂 Thank you for all you guys do…you rock!

    Guilty pleasure show: Millionaire Matchmaker. It gives me hope that people with lots of money have worse dating experiences than I do! *LOL*

  • Enchanted

    I've had a love for fountain pens since I was a little girl; my mom had one that I was fascinated by, but as I got older that love went dormant. About a year ago I was going to try and repair the pen I fell in love with as a gift to my mom and went online to get some more information.

    What I found was a treasure trove of information provided by Brian's videos and Ink Nouveau blog posts that lead me to jump into this hobby feet first. I literally feel like I went to "Fountain Pen University" because I had cram sessions where I watched as many videos and read as many blog posts as I could in a very short time. I even fell asleep on the the couch while Goulet videos played non stop….that was a very interested night.

    So what Ink Nouveau did was remind me of my one of my first loves and brought me into this awesome community.

  • Ink Nouveau has helped me by answering literally every fountain-pen related question I've ever had. Whether there was already a video (most often the case) or or I had to ask outright, I have never had a question go unanswered.

  • Devvy L.

    I don't even remember how I discovered Ink Nouveau (I think I was looking for bound notebooks), but what I actually found was a reminder of the enjoyment of writing with fountain pens that my mom had shared with me when I was young. The pleasure of putting words to good paper with a great pen and lovely ink is again a daily part of my life, and one that I share with my mom, though now I'm on the other side of the world from her.

    Ink Nouveau is honestly the best resource for news/education/contact with customers that I have *ever* seen from any company in any category. Thank you so much for all the work you put into it. Please know that it has its rewards!

  • mathsnail

    What an exciting giveaway! I guess I'll hold off on buying one for a little while longer 🙂

    I only got into fountain pens in July, actually, but I'm a super obsessive person so I immediately tore apart the internet trying to find all the information I could find on them. I found Ink Nouveau to be consistently one of my favourite places to look for helpful hints and whatnot, since I trust everything you say on here and you include all the details anyone would need. Awesome photos, too. Seeing how much work you put into this *free* content makes me more than happy to support your business!

    I should add that I've gone back and watched every Q&A, read all the Monday Mailboxes, and listened to nearly every episode of Write Time… yikes!

  • Adam Hopkins

    Ink Nouveau and the videos Brian made prior to ink Nouveau have helped me choose my first "serious" fountain pen: The TWSBI mini. Which I have been immensely pleased with. Your videos have also helped me to fix issues that have arisen with my TWSBI such as fixing the position of the piston and reassembling the pen correctly. Your blog has truly convinced me to patronize your company through learning about your company's values and feeling like I can have a relationship with the family who runs the business, even though it is over the internet. The blog truly goes above and beyond what any other online retailer has ever done (at least that I have encountered) and has provided a plethora of information about a rather unique market that allowed me to easily enter this wonderful hobby and feel comfortable massing around with pens right away. Thank you Brian, Rachel and all the other behind the scenes people at the Goulet Pen Company for all your wonderful help and support.

  • Kleon Ang

    Awesome giveaway! Ink Nouveau has definitely made my writing experience more enjoyable. I have gained much more knowledge about FPs and using them from Ink Nouveau than anywhere else, and the knowledge I have gained have made my experience with FPs smoother (pun intended), and I am really thankful to the Goulets for enhancing my writing experience. Write on!

  • Dragos M.

    The Ink Nouveau blog helped me pick my favorite fountain pen of all time…after watching Brian's top 3 favorite daily carry fountain pen video, I just went completely crazy over the sleek, modest and elegant design of the Lamy 2000, bought one with a Medium nib and it's been since my daily writer! I also love those fantastic technical videos, got me started with heat setting hard rubber feeds for my Noodler's pens, adjusting Noodler's feeds/nibs, eyedropper conversions, smoothing nibs and so much more! The weekly pen/ink matchups really inspired me to use my Noodler's brush pen and flex nibs more for drawing and doodling and this community is really great, nice people sharing a common passion for art in it's many forms! For the Goulet Team a big, wholehearted 'Thank you!' from the fountain pen looneys!

  • Roberto Aviles

    Ink Nouveau has helped me a great deal. I've learned about pens in general, what pens to buy and how to take care of them. There is a lot of information to successfully take care of your pens and maintain my FP hobby. Thanks!

  • Briggsae

    I am a scientist who recently discovered the fun of fountain pens primarily through the fun, quirky, and highly detailed descriptions on Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens. Ink Nouveau has been a boon for scientific progress by making my lab notebook much more enjoyable to write in and less prone to destruction in the lab. I can choose high quality inks that will not dissolve if I spill water or chemicals on them. (As expected, Noodler's black had no problem with water, acetone, ethanol, isopropanol, dimethyl sulfoxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid, or sodium hypochlorite.) Ink Nouveau has fueled my recent obsession and inspired me to work on my handwriting style, get way more inks than I could reasonably use, and actually write handwritten letters! As I have gone from 1 to 4 pens in a very short time, I fear there is no end in sight. Thank you for putting out these excellent, fun videos.

  • dothgrin

    Let me count the ways! The blog has allowed me to not only enhance and excite my own writing experience, but get my students involved in the experience as well. In just a few months, I have ten students now writing with a fountain pen…and also becoming better writers in the process. This blog brings together passionate people and allows them to be creative and use one of the oldest but perhaps most useful technologies on the planet. Keep it up Goulet!

  • Lance Green

    Ink Nouveau was actually my introduction back into Fountain Pens. I was interested in them when I was younger, but watching the videos and reading the blog, even before I had a fountain pen, really re-sparked my interest.

    Beyond that, Ink Nouveau has given me the tools to teach others about the hobby (and lifestyle), such that I can now show my interest with others and teach them, which usually leads them to finding their own interest in fountain pens. So far I have brought four others to the hobby, and to the very same place that sparked my interest several years ago, Ink Nouveau.

  • Austin Malone

    I had never before seen a fountain pen until a friend gave me a Pilot Varsity. I had no idea what it is, so I started looking it up. I found you guys you taught me what I needed to know and now pens are my life. I even attend club meetings and spend more time on FPN than social media. And I'm fifteen.

  • Ashley Shell

    Great review! Thank you!

    So in reply to your questions (contest entry) I recently started reading this blog about 4 months ago. I have been a Goulet Pen Company Customer for several years. Your blog has helped enhance my writing and fountain pen experience immensley! Not only have you given me ideas for pens to get (Like your more recent post on the Monteverde Jewelria Brown combined with Stipula Sepia- I ended up purchasing both! – which has since enhanced my experience with italic nibs and calligraphy!) and new things to try! I love reading through your Q&A posts to see what questions are being answered that I may have shared similar thoughts and curiosities on. Plus I love the fact that you have a video to help enhance the "Personal" experience. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!

  • Charles Joseph Chipman III

    As a writer, fountain pens have enabled me to effortlessly commit my innermost thoughts and ideas to paper, and ink nouveau, has allowed me to effortlessly become accustomed to using, as well as becoming knowledgeable about, fountain pens. And for that, I am grateful.

  • Gabriel Franklin

    Ink Nouveau and the Goulet Pen Company were two of the first websites I came across after succumbing to this addiction. I had no idea fountain pens could not only be affordable on my budget, but could be a rather enjoyable hobby. The Q&A videos have been indispensable in deciding what pens and inks might be for me and how to take care of them.

    I find it odd, that no matter how wierd I felt the first time I pre-ordered a book by four months, I am sitting here drooling over what little I can find about J Herbin's Stormy Grey

  • Blattlaus

    Eyedroppers! My first visit to Ink Nouveau was searching for Eyedropper video. After watching the video, I bought some silicon grease and haven't looked back.

  • Erin

    The blog and videos have certainly helped me spend money! However, they satisfy my need for collecting a large amount of data on my purchases. There are few pen, ink, or paper purchases that I make before checking to see if you've done a video review on them.

  • Da

    Quite simply by exposure? Brian presents well, is enthusiastic and knowledgable, accepting his own limitations. Good business as well as common sense.

  • Panos S

    Ink Nouveau showed me the great world of fountain pens.
    I had no idea that this could be such a fun.

    A whole new world of pens, inks, papers,accesories….and most of all…the joy of using this magical item called ..the fountain pen.

    God …what i've been missing !!

    Keep up the good work Brian .

    Thank you !!

  • Nathaniel

    Goulet pens has helped me so much. You guys taught me how to smooth a nib and make it write so much better. Before I learnt how to smooth a nib I was resigned to a scratchy unenjoyable nib that was a nightmare to write with. Thanks to you I have fixed this problem!!!!!

  • Ruby

    Ink Nouveau has been an absolute go-to place ever since I started out with fountain pens. It has taught me the basics of pen maintenance and tinkering such as heat setting and nib smoothing. It has opened my eyes to new brands and products, introduced in such a way that I'd know what to expect with a new purchase. Brian's videos and posts are informative, comprehensive and entertaining – a sure fire excellent way to learn more about fountain pens. Perhaps the most significant thing about Ink Nouveau is my introduction to Edison Pens. Until then, I didn't realise fountain pens were still being hand crafted and that customising to a T was possible. It was a world away from the mass produced pens that dominate the market. Brian has done the online fountain pen community great service though Ink Noueau and I wholeheartedly look forward to future posts!

  • Akshay Gajria

    I was looking to buy a my first fountain pen (I knew I would love them, I used Parker Vectors way back in school) and after reading through many reviews I made my decision: A Lamy Safari. But I was confused between the Al Star, the Vista and Safari and I didn't really know what the differences were between the three. That is when I stumbled into Brain Goulet's video showing the difference between the three.

    And with that I came into the world of fountain pens. People always have stories about how they bought a pen and found they love fountain pens, but Brain's video was the one that pulled me into the world and I found this thriving community that loves fountain pens (and Ink). Now after 4 months I have 4 pens, 3 bottles of ink and a long list of 'got to buy' pens.

    Thanks for all the knowledge. Write on!

  • Garth

    Ink Nouveau actually inspired me to get started collecting fountain pens. Apart from being totally awesome, I learned how to swap out a nib on the Lamy 2000. When I dropped the pen on its nib and totally destroyed it I thought that was the end of my favourite pen. Turns out that there's a retailer in Australia selling replacement 2000 nibs which I tracked down after watching Brian demonstrate how to do the swap. Now I've got my favourite every day carry back. Thanks for your hard work and all you do for the FP community, login' the Winter Edition Premiere I got from GP too.

  • Enrique Villarreal

    Simply put, by making me fall for fountain pens, teaching me how to enjoy them to the fullest, and last but not least, showing me how business can be personal indeed.

    I've only made a single order from you guys since I started using fountain pens in February this year, but it definitely won't be the last.

    In retrospective, Ink Nouveau has, just how your values show, "empowered me through education". No other online retailer does what you guys do, and I'm really grateful for that 🙂

  • Ben Scott

    Ink Nouveau purely showed me the wide variety and breadth of the fountain pen market. Through this it has given me passion for writing again, and taken me away from just using my iPad for notes! Ink Nouveau has given me an inspiration to get more pens into my collection that may not have caught my eye originally. Thanks to the team. Ben.

  • Alan McCain

    As I get older, I find that I'm wanting to be more personal and intentional with my communication to other people. When I'm taking the time to write a handwritten letter, I'm thinking more about what I truly want to communicate to that person. Using a fountain pen makes the process that much more enjoyable. I was always attracted to the idea of using fountain pens when I was a child, but I had no idea that they were still so popular until I found Ink Nouveau. And, honestly, I have never done business with a company that provides such personal service to their customers. What a great example to other online organizations! I always enjoy watching your videos. Even my 17 year old son, who just purchased a Lamy Joy and is learning calligraphy, enjoys your videos. Thank you for all you do!

  • edwardchan_007

    "How has the Ink Nouveau
    blog helped to enhance your writing experience?"

    Ink Nouveau has inspired me
    to start collecting fountain pens, paper and inks. It has changed my writing
    experience from a dull mono-toned pallet of black and blue inks to being more
    aware of the importance of the trifecta of pen, ink and paper combinations, and
    the rainbow of colours and brands out there on the market.

    It first started when I had
    an accident and was off work for a period of time. After just finished school
    and I finally had time to pursue this hobby. I was always into pens (yes even
    ball points) but where I live (in Toronto, Canada) there aren't to many
    shops that sells pens (other than Staples or very high end shops that sell
    Montblancs etc.).

    When I felt a little better,
    I would pick up a pen and write a little only using black, blue black and blue
    inks, i.e. parker quink that was kicking around. It didn’t matter much at
    the time; I still enjoyed the flow and the writing experience.

    Ink Nouveau really opened my
    eyes with all the hundreds of colours of inks to choose from, the comparisons
    really helps as there are many other properties that I never knew about.

    Even with writing on
    different paper and the notebooks you use effects the colour and sheen as well.

    Now I’m happy to say I’m back
    at work, my handwriting improved, and my notes, journal entries are more alive
    and vibrant.

    Thanks to the Goulet Pen
    Company I’m able to purchase my things and now I use better paper than copy
    paper and I can carry better notepads besides the coil stuff from the office
    supply store.

    Since then (this has been two
    years) GPC has fueled my obsession with over 20+inks, Rhodia paper,
    accessories, and of course pens. Pens ranging from the Preppy (love that
    highlight-whiteboard conversion) to Lamy and Kaweco (great pocket pen) just to name a few And now
    starting to dip in to higherend stuff. ( Gonna need to special order that
    pelican very soon 😉 ) Ink Nouveau have enhanced my fountain pen experience.

    You have provided a service not
    only to me but to the fountain pen community each week and truly gave us
    options, reviews and given us tools to work with like the nib nook, fountain pen 101 etc. You put
    a lot of hard work into everything you do and it shows not only on Ink Nouveau
    but as well as in your core values in GPC. When I shop with GPC it does feel

    I’m looking forward for the
    next entry/Q&A and it feels like every week I get to see an old friend.


    Write on!

    – Edward

  • Ellina

    Ink Nouveau and The GPC Youtube channel have provided some sort of validation to my new "hobby" one year ago. I was just starting in fountain pens and I was enjoying the writing experience, but Ink Nouveau and Youtube showed me that it's actually "a thing", and that I'm not alone here trying to figure out how to clean pens and how to use converters. I think, Goulet Pens is a constant companion of most fountain pen enthusiasts during their journey. So big thanks for all you do!

  • amber

    Ink Novueau is the reason that I started using and collectin fountain pens! I thank you although my bank account does not appreicate you very much! I would love to "win" a pen through your giveway and my bank account would be so pleased as well.

  • Eduardo C. del Río

    I had never tried a fountain pen before I started watching Brian's videos but now, I only use a Pilot V-pen (the european Varsity) and I'm thinking about buying a Noodler's Konrad Demonstrator with non-flex nib. I don't write a lot as I've just finished university but when I do, I can really appreciate it. This is much, much better than a ball pen. I'm quite happy with it and I really enjoy your videos.
    Saludos desde España.

  • Mark Ryland Brown

    By being passionate about this wonderful hobby. It has helped bridge the gap in a successful way between the digital age and a brick and mortar storefront. It's not just about pushing product through, but helping to foster the community of people who love to write with fountain pens.

  • Matt K

    How has it helped? It's hard to say how it hasn't. Through a fateful Google search, you introduced me to the world of fountain pens. Haven't looked back since!

  • Tristan_Noelmans

    Question: "I wonder how this or that ink will look on paper", "I wonder how ink will react on this or that paper", "I wonder how this or that pen will write".
    Answers to all these questions: Ink Nouveau (and Youtube).

  • FictionWriter91

    I have always loved pens. Ive used them for journaling, and for writing poetry. Recently Ive ventured out into writing fiction books and writing with regular pens has proven to be very strenuous on my wrists. I read somewhere that using fountain pens would relieve a lot of that stress. Ink nouveau has opened my eyes to the vast world of fountain pens. Thanks to Brian I recently purchased a PIlot Metropolitan fine nib as my first pen. Holy cow this pen is outrageously smooth. I also like that the answers to the q and a videos on youtube are posted on ink noveau. If i want more in detail answers I can go and watch the youtube video as well. Im excited to delve deeper into the ink nouveau website and learn as much as I can about fountain pens.

  • The metro is such a great intro pen, you're starting off right 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • 🙂 Glad to help!

  • That's awesome. There was a time when Google didn't know me from Adam, but these days the blog comes up a lot, perks of doing 1,000 posts!

  • That's so great to hear, Mark. That's exactly what I was shooting for when I started!

  • Before I was using fountain pens, I would have said I didn't write much. But finding pens and ink I love made me want to write more. I bet you'll find the same, Eduardo!

  • Haha, I don't think you're alone here, Amber 😉

  • That's so cool to hear, Ellina. Fountain pens can be kind of isolating in the 'real world' because so few people know what they're all about. But it's really cool to find the 'others' out there who just 'get it' like we do!

  • Wow Edward, thank you! It sounds like you've been along on the journey right with me, learning and discovering more cool stuff. I'm so glad after all I've put out there that you're still looking forward to the next thing I do. I have a LOT more cool stuff planned!

  • That's so neat to hear, Alan! Getting your son into it too, that has to be neat to be able to share that together. I wish I'd discovered FP's sooner in my life. Though I'm making up for lost time, haha! I'm right there with you regarding my personal communication. Handwritten letters take more time, but that's just the point. We do quick communication all the time, probably for things that shouldn't be done quickly, too. Slowing things down a bit shows that we actually care.

  • That's cool, Ben! I do a blend of handwritten and 'technology' note taking, but writing on a computer/iPad is strictly for utility, the visceral feeling of writing with a pen brings joy to the note taking experience!

  • That's fantastic, Enrique! Empowering through education is indeed one of my company's core values, and this blog is absolutely vital to living that out!

  • That's fantastic, Garth! I'm kinda jealous, I'd love to have replacement Lamy 2000 nibs! They don't have that in the US, must be an Australian thing…still, glad I was able to help you out 🙂

  • That's really neat that you and kinda of a specific need and I was able to fill it, Akshay. So glad I could help!

  • Thanks Ruby, that's encouraging to hear! There was definitely a lack of care and maintenance resources when I first got into pens, something I really recognized would be of value in the pen community. Really glad I could help there.

  • Sweet! There's nothing more discouraging than a pen that you love that just doesn't write like you want. That's the difference between one that you use daily and one that never sees the outside of a desk drawer. So glad I could help you save it, Nathaniel 🙂

  • That's really cool, Kevin! Thanks for that. Are you trying to learn mangaka yourself?

  • Honestly, I never knew how fun it could be before I discovered it, too!

  • Yup, that's about right. I don't try to be something I'm not, though I have learned and grown a lot over the years.

  • kathygo1

    Everything I know about fountain pens I learned from Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens. I bought my first pen in July (Pilot Metropolitan). I now have four pens and just bought some bottled ink! I also recently made myself a travelers notebook. Between the fountain pens and the notebook, I am now writing everyday and loving it! Thank you Ink Nouveau!

  • Haha, aw. Well, funny enough I do not consider myself to be a good salesman, like at all. What I do is present as much pertinent information as I think will help, share my own genuine enthusiasm, and then give you the option to buy if you want. I guess that's selling, but in a very, very low-key approach.

  • Nice! Yeah, this is a neat trick that I'd only read about when I first started. It's so easy to do, and really adds a cool aspect to this hobby with certain pens.

  • That's great to hear Gabriel! Oh yeah, Stormy Grey is going to be worth the wait. I'm genuinely ecstatic about that ink coming out! I wish it was coming sooner, but good things come to those who wait.

  • Michele Harvey

    "How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?”

    Potato chips.
    Yup. Potato chips.
    The Goulet Pens video blog is like eating potato chips.
    Ever since I stumbled upon it, it has enlarged my interest, my understanding and my use of fountain pens and fountain inks. Only a year ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of a passion such as this or that the wonderful world of fountain pens exists. Being an artist, published poet and avid creative to begin with, fountain pens are a natural fit. What I didn’t count on was how easily and passionately I have embraced them. The Goulet Pen Company blog, videos and website has furthered my interest, answered my questions and supported my ‘addiction’ from the start. In turn, I have become a fountain pen advocate to all I come in contact with.
    Thanks Goulet for enlarging my world and for introducing me to a thing of beauty, which I can’t imagine now, doing without.
    Michele L. Harvey

  • whoelse

    I am always in IT sales and almost writing all my notes electronically naturally. I use to carry an executive ballpoint pen and the main purpose is for signature and I realised the less I write the more I am lost the ability to write properly. The situation was so bad that most of the time I can't read what I wrote the very next day. Writing on the white board during work discussion is not a good experience too as I am not sure if people can read what I wrote.

    After getting into the fountain pen community, watching all GPC videos on the Youtube and reading Ink Nouveau blog my interest in fountain pen grow stronger and strong by day. I would keep a notebook near my desk and write something on them even I don't hsve too. Writing becoming a happy experience to me again!

    I also make a lot of friends in the community and many of them are great folks to have around. During one of my scribbling on note session, something magical happens — I could write sentence that no longer look terrible. Although I still write in block letters, I could actually read what I wrote last month!

    I feel great able to write again!

  • Anja Rüsewald

    Thank you for answering my question so promptly, Brian! I really appreciate it. I already tried the ink you're recommending and it looks lovely in this pen. I had the cartridges already, but it hadn't crossed my mind to try them in the Aqua Safari, for some strange reason. I wasn't even too keen on that colour, but the ink goes really well with this blue. Thank you so much! 🙂

    I hope this also qualifies as entry for the contest; that is a gorgeous new model for fall, I'm impressed by the colours and the shine. It looks stunning! Well done! 😀

  • Sam Burian

    Ink Nouveau has taught me just about everything I know about fountain pens. I naturally started with "Fountain Pen 101" and soon after bought my first pen: a Pilot Metropolitan…what an amazing experience. Since then I've naturally expanded with a Twsbi 580 and others. Fountain pens are now a great passion of mine and I have to give credit to Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens. Thanks for all the amazing work you do for the community and for introducing myself (and others) to the awesomeness of fountain pens.

  • Jim Dawson

    For the longest time, I thought my handwriting was something that couldn't be fixed without hours of practice (and as a reporter, I don't particularly have many to spare!). But Ink Nouveau tugged at my soft spot for vintage gear and I bought my first fountain pen soon after discovering the blog. I've never looked back and operator errors have been the only setbacks in using them. Don't forget to top off your ink before heading to a murder trial!

    My pens are always conversation starters with people who I interview and since I tend to buy ink colors that pop, I don't get forgotten among the dozens of journalists that might be talking to someone. They've also helped me appreciate a slower pace of life outside of work, whether it's journaling or letter writing.

    As for your bonus question, my guilty pleasure TV show would be any teen soap opera like Gossip Girl. I got hooked on Degrassi when I was a kid and it never stopped. They're objectively horrible, but I can't tear myself away from the drama…

  • Ryan

    Ink Nouveau has taught me a number of things which have been very helpful along the writing road. I first got into fountain pens after buying a Plumix from Target. After falling in love with the writing experience it offered, I leaped forward with a lack of research and bought a Sheaffer Prelude. Using cartridges, I was always confused when the pen would dry out and it never really got much use. After eventually picking it up again, I found the GPC and all of the wonderful content you've published, and discovered, oh, fountain pens dry out. Oh, I shouldn't leave a cartridge in my pen for months at a time. I think a lot of casual fountain pen users don't really understand their pens. I certainly didn't. Ink Nouveau was the thing that fixed that.

  • That's awesome, Jim! Not the murder trial part, but the fact you are into pens now 😉 I'm with you, I definitely don't have a lot of time to just sit around and write for pleasure like some might what with a business and two young kids, but I do use and enjoy fountain pens in my daily life no matter how busy I am. I always have things I need to write down! That's really cool to hear how you're standing out just by using your bright inks, this is something I hear from a lot of working professionals like doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc. It gives variety to the daily grind 🙂

  • Haha, oh Ryan, I so feel your pain. It's so funny looking back now on the stuff I was ignorant about when first starting out with my pens. Not realizing you need to clean/maintain pens is a common thing for those just starting out. Actually, you'd be amazed how many people don't realize that you need to buy ink apart from the pen, that isn't not 'ready to write' out of the box like a ballpoint 😉 But hey, we all learn!

  • richard owen

    Ink Nouveau is the reason why I now have a fountain pen. I stumbled across Brian's blogs on youtube and have watched many many of them to gain a working understanding of this awesome hobby. Thanks for all you do!

  • Stevenkling

    From Steven Kling: First of all, thank you for answering a question of mine from Facebook in this episode. Secondly, I wish I could WRITE my comment about Ink Nouveau and push it through my computer so it lands on your desk. My answer however, is that I have gone from a relative newbie to a "novice" through watching your videos, and I hope someday to be an "almost expert". It's been a growth experience for me, like taking an online College course in Pens, Paper, and Ink. I have learned so much, and you have been like a mentor to me in pursuing my passion for this wonderful hobby of Fountain Pens. I apologize if it sounds "gushy", but it's heartfelt. The only downside is that the more I watch, the more I want (and if you checked my purchase history, you'd see I've done some real "damage" in the past 6 weeks). Ink Nouveau has been so informative, and your personalized style of presenting information, has taught me to buy only from you; if you don't carry it, I won't purchase it. I get it – it's all part of the service you provide besides selling physical product. Your team does it better than anyone else out there, and it is overwhelmingly clear that you work hard to do so. PLEASE keep doing what you do and how you do it. I don't think you really know how we, as consumers, appreciate every video, blog, etc. that you put out. Guilty pleasure T.V. show is a no brainer: Sherlock. It is a mad good show. Write On, right back 'attcha!

  • This definitely qualifies Anja 😉 You're very welcome for answering your question, and that's cool to already had the cartridges to use right away! Lamy Turquoise is a nice color and a really great shader, surprisingly. It's great to hear you are reassured by my videos. One of the things about spending as much time in the pen world as I have so far is that I don't want to start speaking 'over peoples' heads', especially new folks in the hobby. It's still pretty fresh in my mind what life was like as someone completely new to this world. There's SO much information, so much to learn, and so much to discover, and I try to present everything in a way that is completely genuine and shows my true enthusiasm that I have. And yes, more recently I've recognized that what seemed like common sense to me about how a business should be run is actually fairly unusual today, so the way we run our business here has been getting some attention. The key is to be ruthless about the things that matter, such as caring for your team members, treating customers with care and respect, knowing your products inside and out, those are the things I'm ruthless about 😉

  • That's so cool to hear whoelse! Actually, you'll retain information a lot better if you write it down by hand, even if you don't go back and reference it again. So you say you 'don't have to' take notes on my videos, but I bet you're retaining more of it as a result 🙂 And yeah, it's amazing how quickly your handwriting can improve just by practicing while you're writing down things in your daily activities. I think some people are intimidated by thinking they have to spend an hour a day doing nothing but writing letters over and over again perfectly to improve their handwriting. But that's not the case, honestly you can improve just by writing intentionally with the things you already need to write down each day. That's pretty much all I've ever done!

  • Curtis Brown

    The Ink Nouveau blog has enhanced my writing experience by making me realize that the problem I have with paper and pens is not unique in any way and that I can feel free to embrace the nerd within. Your videos have also helped me to find some awesome pens.

    Keep up the good work! You guys are awesome to do business with.

  • That's so cool, Michele 🙂 I have been referred to as a 'dealer' or 'pusher' on more than one occasion!

  • Jeff Jackson

    I have always been fascinated with fountain pens. I bought my first in high school, but quickly found it to be hard to use and maintain. Being a lefty, did not help. That was oh 18 years ago so, I felt it time to try again. I started doing some google searches for pens. Even though I was finding cool pens I was still worried about how to really enjoy the experience. Then I found this blog. Ink Nouveau's posts and videos were so approachable as a lay person I thought this could be the fountain of Knowledge, 🙂 I was looking for. It was. I went through every fountain pen 101 video and felt like I could really work on any pen I would get and have fun doing it. My collection is still growing, my two favorite pens belonged to my Grandmother. When she found out I was getting into fountain pens she shipped me her Lady Shaffer and an Esterbrook. Both needed work, but thanks to my new found knowledge I felt I could handle it. I was able to get both writing like new. Thank you for sharing your passion and just being REAL about who you are. Thanks!

  • kelly

    A new world for me and a adventure !

    “When you set sail for Ithaca,
    hope the voyage is a long one,
    full of adventures, full of knowledge.”

    C.P. Cavafy

  • Michele Harvey

    Haha…I'm not surprised. At the very least you're an enabler. LOL

  • Camille J.

    The Ink Nouveau blog and the Gouletpens.com website have been my primary source of knowledge and information in my first few months as a fountain pen convert. The Goulets provide such a wealth of information that is readily available and easy to find. Thank you for your weekly videos and for introducing me to fountain pens!

  • Matt

    My writing experience has been enhanced by reading the various questions and comments that folks experience. While I may not have encountered many of the situations that plague writers yet, when I do, I know where I can go for help. On top of that, get help from those who have been there.

  • Marsie McLendon

    How has Ink Nouveau enhanced my writing experience? Well, before discovering the
    Ink Nouveau blogs posts, I basically didn't HAVE any sort of "writing experience"! As so many others here have posted, I am (still) a fountain pen "newbie" (despite have been interested in fountain pens for several years now–but I learn slowly), and I have found these blog posts to be extremely informative, not just as regards fountain pens, but also ink and paper as well. Also as several other people have posted, I did not know that sometimes the "issues" I was having with some of my pens were due to not the pens themselves, but the ink and/or paper. (Case in point: I used to keep a journal in very inexpensive–no, just plain CHEAP–"Smart Living" spiralbound notebooks because before I used to use Bic ballpoints exclusively, and as such, they wrote just fine in these notebooks. However, once I started writing in them with my fountain pens, I noticed that the point would drag across the paper, so much so that it caused my hand and wrist to ache. Thanks to your blogs, I learned that the problem wasn't the pens–it was the paper! So I bought a large Rhodia Webnotebook to write my journal entries in, and the difference was almost literally like night and day…). Also, I have learn a LOT about fountain pen care and maintenance from watching your videos, such as never using hot water to clean a fountain pen (I wish that that video had been around 9 years ago when I ruined what had heretofore been my two favorite fountain pens by doing just that; I was very ignorant then, and for the longest time I wondered what I'd done that caused my beloved pens to fall apart!) In addition, I now have an ever-growing list of "grail" pens and inks I'd like to try, if I could only just afford them–from a Pilot Metropolitan in both fine and medium all the way up to a Pelikan M600 (the green limited edition) for the pens, and basically any and all of the inks you offer, except for the blue ones (sorry, but I have never liked blue inks–and not because my late mother loved blue ink and would never use black ink, which by the way is my favorite color, but–well, I don't know, it's just something about the color blue that I just find plain unappealing. Once again, I'm sorry).

    In closing, I just want to say "Thank you VERY much" and apologize for my long-winded post–I tend to suffer from a sort of logorrhea, especially when I am writing!

  • Steve E

    After seeing a random SBREBrown video on YouTube, I opted to pick up a Pilot Plumix fountain pen. After the first time writing with it, I was immediately hooked and started looking for more information about fountain pens since I had never used one before. Over the past week, I've watched hours and hours of video from Ink Nouveau. Specifically, the Ink Nouveau blog has helped my writing experience by teaching me the basics about cleaning, paper quality, ink qualities, and nib types. I picked up several ink samples and different (cheaper) pens with different nibs from Goulet, and now better understand and appreciate the intricacies of fountain pens from the knowledge I've gleaned here. I've even tried converting a friend already, too!

  • Aditya

    I had given up on fountain pens. it was compulsory for us to use a fountain pen in school but that was it. I had stopped after 12th grade. I'd been meaning to start using them again in college but couldn't start. Until I watched your video about the three daily carry pens. After a 8 year hiatus from fountain pens, I bought a Lamy 2000 and the El Lawrence as a package and since then have purchased the Collier, Metropolitan, few chinese pens off ebay, a Vanishing Point, Pelikan M205. You guys started it. My wallet blames you 🙂

  • Amanda C.

    I've always been fascinated with fountain pens from an early age but I never really understood how to work with them because they seemed extremely complex to write with. The first fountain pen I inherited from my mother was a Parker 75, but since it hadn't been used in decades, the nib was scratchy and dried up ink had ruined the feed and converter. Needless to say, I avoided touching it for a long time because it was obviously much easier to work with a ballpoint or rollerball – use, discard, buy a new one, easy. Fast forward a few years, I found your YouTube videos and it re-sparked my interest in fountain pens. The first pen I purchased was a Lamy CP1, and since then I have acquired many more, either new or old (from my grandfather). Through your videos I've been able to learn so much more, not only about the pens themselves, but also the various types of paper and ink, as well as correct pen maintenance and general care. Quite honestly, without your videos, not only would I be more ignorant when it comes to said pen maintenance, but I probably wouldn't hold the same interest for pens as I do today. Watching numerous videos helps in catching people's attention and it ignites that interest that can't be lit just by looking through pictures on a website. The videos and personal communication you hold with your customers is what makes all the difference. To this day, I can say that because of you, I have a genuine love for fountain pens.

  • Chad V.

    this blog has enhanced my pen experience by introducing me to so many new writing options from pens to inks to paper.

  • William Eagleburger

    The genesis of my passion for fountain pens coincides very closely to when this blog was started. Your videos have been such a tremendous help to me in growing my knowledge and enjoyment of fountain pens. It would be safe to say at least 90% of what I know about the care and feeding of my pens, I owe to you all. Thanks so much. My guilty pleasure tv show is: New Girl.

  • Miss Thundercat

    Again, congrats on the 1000th post! How you helped my writing experience? After giving it much thought I came to a two word conclusion: Bulb Syringe! It just so clever and speeds up the cleaning process so that I can ink up the clean pens faster! But seriously, clever is the key word here, I learn something new from you every week and that enhances my FP usage! Thank you again for taking the time to answer endless questions and entertaining us with your yoda like FP wisdom 😉 here's to 1000 more post *cheers*

  • Andrea Kirkby

    Plenty of blogs feature gorgeous fountain pens. But the Ink Nouveau blog ios a bit different. First of all you've got practical how-to tips, but secondly the wonderful creativity shown in the Monday Matchup series. It's really got me thinking about how I could use my pens more creatively.

  • poeticnook

    Aside from being an enabler and making my wallet lighter, this blog has helped me or rather stopped me from making bad decisions with my pen / paper / ink choices. I especially like the tips and tricks and mini reviews 🙂 happy 1000th!

  • Tim R

    As a result of the videos I have added a few new pens, ink samples, and bottles to my collection. Thanks for providing the information for a new person to the hobby.

  • jvhalbrooks

    I spend much of my working day using fountain pens, and Ink Nouveau has been indispensable for me, with Brian's warm-hearted guidance though all aspects of pen care and usage, from cleaning to nib-smoothing, to ink properties and all points in between. He provides such a generous service to those of us who are daily users of fountain pens. Thanks!

  • aeroblazer

    From how-to videos to demonstration of relatively obscure terms to product reviews, I've grown into being much more knowledgeable about my most preferred and productive way of writing. Thanks so much for all you guys do!

  • SMQ

    "How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?"

    I just picked up the fountain pen habit and Ink Nouveau taught me almost EVERYTHING I know about fountain pens! I've watched all the 101 videos, and I enjoy listening to the Q&A while I drive or am in the kitchen because it teaches me so much about new pens/inks to research, solutions to common problems, etc. Thanks so much for helping me get started in the hobby!

  • Janis

    I used fountain pens when I was young and in school. When I reached high school they were replaced by ball point pens. Over the years the fountain pens were forgotten until last year. I was in an office supply store and bought a couple of Pilot Varsity pens and realized how much I missed the pleasure of writing with a fountain pen. I was soon on the internet looking for information and came across your site. I went through all the Fountain Pen 101 videos and any other you had. With each one my enthusiasm grew. Finding a couple of other podcast I became an addict, loving each new pen, ink and paper. I'm a high school teacher (retiring at the end of this year) and I've shared this new love for fountain pen with some of my students. Since most hadn't heard of fountains pens, I passed out a number of the Pilot Varsity pens. At beginning of school this year one of my former students found me to show me her new Lamy Safari she had purchased over the summer. In this digital age and the push to get our students up on the latest digital technology, it is fun to share the experience of writing with fountains pens. I'm now known as the "pen" lady, willing to share each new pen with my students. I just want to said "thank you" for helping me rediscover the wonderful technology.

  • pepperpath

    Great blog full of interesting facts and information concerning fountain pens, papers and inks. After many years of being discouraged from using fountain pens after my old Parker would not cooperate, I now find myself in love, and addicted, to my new experiences with my new fountain pens, inks and papers. Your blog and goulet pens has been inspirational!

  • Kevin T

    Nope! I'm not good at drawing. I just want to improve my cursive handwriting. I got the noodler's big bottle with the free pen for the functionality, but I want to learn calligraphy.

  • Dylan R.

    Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens has been my main source of information about pens and ink ever since my sister showed me her Safari. Now, I have two safaris and five bottles of ink. The information has not just been applicable to writing with fountain pens, but my other interests too: Manual drafting, papercraft, and sewing/patternmaking. I've passed a lot of the info on to my artist friends, who also have a use for fountain pen ink and knowledge outside the fountain pen realm.

  • Rachael

    I'm fairly new to fountain pens, and Ink Nouveau has taught me so much- from how to successfully clean my fountain pens to how to remove/swap nibs, to which paper I may want to write on with my fountain pens to get the best result. I went from having almost no idea about how my pens work and using some pretty crappy paper, to being able to make sure my pens are running with maximum potential and on some wonderfully smooth paper that makes my ink shine (sometimes literally). I appreciate having a resource like Ink Nouveau (and a seller like the Goulet Pen Co.) out there to help guide me in my pen travels; and I also appreciate having the Goulets share their vast knowledge with the masses and good humor 🙂

    Thanks for all that you do!

  • edwardchan_007

    That is what makes this hobby fun. It
    goes beyond using a fancy
    pen, but seeking out your ultimate blue, black or whatever colour. (I love the
    Noodler;’s Liberty’s Elysium and Kon Peki and now trying to fine my browns!)
    Also testing out the limits of pen, paper and inks, how flexible the nibs can
    be and the total design of the pen and workmanship behind everything. I really
    appreciate all that is put into it and the hands that touched them regardless
    of price. I’ve yet to dip my toes into vintage pens but I’m sure once I get one
    just thinking of all the things that pen has written and people who used them
    the stories how each scratch, and dent was created all that it gone through
    would be amazing.

    There is a lot of
    romance in using a fountain pen, the maintenance and care that some ballpoint
    users don’t understand. Senses of nostalgic that a lot of people my age (25)
    don’t understand. People back then were more eco friendly and something like a
    pen would last them a life time, if it were ever to break they would fix it or
    learn how to. We live in a society where things are disposable and quality is
    cheap. I use my fountain pen proudly each and everyday and show people that
    fountain pens are still in style and even give them a pilot vpen to try out for
    the first time and in the process I’ve converted a few people to this hobby too

  • Tom Johnson

    ProudSon, I sure do enjoy reading your novel! We are now waiting for these gorgeous Appalachian mountains in VA to come to their fall beauty in a few weeks. I wished I'd used my only fountain pen when I was in college in the 60's-70's, but alas, I did not rediscover them until the late 90's. Love your description of writing with a good fountain pen and "intriguing ink"! Makes me yearn to resume my letter to my brother and sister-in-law (on Clairefontaine Triomphe).

  • sharon888

    I think I've watched every Ink Nouveau video you've made. It has helped me learn about all different kinds of pen, paper and ink. I haven't been in a buying mode for a while, but I can still experience everything vicariously through you! And it makes the pens, paper and ink I do have even more enjoyable. I turn all my potential fountain pen converts onto your site after I have them experiment with my pens. I really like the comparison tools you have on your site for inks, pens and nibs. I know you put a tremendous amount of work into everything you do and I'm sure the fountain pen community appreciates it. I know I do. Thanks for having such a great giveaway. I have most pen brands represented in my collection, but not an Edison. Love those autumn colors. I'm from the East Coast, but live in Southern California now and I really miss the fall foliage. Anyhow, thanks for the chance to win.

  • Thomas Johnson

    And Mondays are more special too, with Monday Matchup! And any day becomes special with a new review or tip or anything on Ink Nouveau.

  • BryanNZ

    This blog has become my "go to" place for all things fountain pen. I was educated through the FP101 series, and there after continually feed, informed, and my knowledge enhanced to become confident to instruct others. Since finding your sites I have brought others into the experience knowing they'd be looked after as they learnt to feed themselves. Thank you very much.

  • The Ink Nouveau blog, the videos and great service from the online store is the very best for fountain pen and ink addicts – thank you

  • Emily Hebert

    Fountain pens got me to start writing a whole lot more. I always write first drafts of stories by hand now, and always with a fountain pen. In the past year I've finished the first drafts of three novel length stories. This site helped me learn a lot about fountain pens when I was just getting interested in them, and I come here whenever I am interested in a certain pen or I just want to expand my knowledge or pen collection.

  • Joshua Sasmor

    I have learned to be more confident in attempting to fix my pens with what I have learned on this site. I've watched Brian take apart pens and learned to diagnose what i find that's not quite write with mine. I just really like the things I can learn on this blog.

  • metwin1

    Yours is my favourite fountain pen blog and one I check religiously. The content blog posts are focused and remain on topic, and always informative that is more than just "informing" customers that a pen/ink/paper is in stock. The tone is always personable, but not overly "chatty". The videos have great production values. I love fountain pens, and every new Ink Nouveau blog makes me fall just a bit more in love with pens, ink and paper. Here's looking to another 1000 posts!

  • There's always a variety of interesting and useful information on the blog. I enjoy the mix of written posts, Q&A's, and videos. I appreciate that you cater to all levels of fountain pen lovers, from the novices to the experts. The blog is an excellent resource. Thanks!

  • Deb

    The blog has answered a lot of questions I've had about fountain pens. Fix-it tips, pros and cons of a specific pen, reviews of products, and honest opinions on all things pen have been very helpful.

  • Sam

    I come back daily to the blog and youtube to learn about new pens. But I just like the atmosphere. The whole company, Brian and his family….just the whole aura makes it feel like I already know these people personally. For me, this blog and posts are "coming home" mentally. Good to see a business like this in this impersonal world. Thanks guys.

  • Mike

    Ink Nouveau has not only answered many of my questions and introduced me to many new products, it's also put a face on the wonderful family behind Goulet Pens. Thank you for all that you do and for the extra work that goes into your excellent customer service and producing worthwhile content for the blog and videos.

  • justinviger

    I'm finally caught up on all the Q&As. I started on the first episode like a week-and-a-half ago and I'm just watching this one now.

    As far as what the blog has done for me, I ordered a few fountain pens from jetpens.com with the cheapest shipping to Canada they had. They still haven't come, but I have spent a lot of my time since on the website watching videos about fountain pens, paper and ink.

    Now I have a huge list of bottles of inks, pens and notebooks I want to buy. I thought I would never spend more than $100 on a fountain pen, but only one month later I have three > $100 pens on my wishlist and several > $50.

    So even though I haven't even written with a fountain pen yet I have set a monthly budget for my fountain pen hobby.

  • Carolyn

    What has the blog done for me? Made me spend lots of money! Seriously though, for as many things as I bought because of the posts, there are probably an equal number of things I realized I didn't want after seeing it in action.

  • Monil Jhaveri

    I used ink noveau to learn to clean and reassemble my twsbi 540. I also used it to find a new ink to buy (ie noodler's apache sunset)

  • rgperedo

    How hasn't Ink Nouveau helped me!!! I was so happy when I found this blog, I got so much information. I learned about converters which in the beginning seemed like too much of a hassle. Now I have a lot of fountain pens. I always check this blog and I always tell curious friends about it so they can get all the info they need about fountain pens. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of those beautiful Edison pens, but thank you more for dedicating your time to making these great videos. Cheers.

  • jadehawk

    Another great Q&A Thank you for making this videos..
    It is in part due to your blog and massive collection of videos that I have being able to

  • jadehawk

    Another Great Q&A.. Thank you for making this videos.

    It is due to all the videos and info in your blog that I have learned and got addicted to fountain pens.. To the point that even my wife has her own now 😉 I am not the type of person that asks questions in blogs but with all the info already provided by you I just simple search the site till I find what I need and so far that has being sufficient, there is a lot on info here and I thank you for it. I am able to take my TWSBI and Prera and other pens apart for cleaning thanks to your videos..
    Give a thank you to your team for the care they take to pack "my" orders and the lollipop is a sweet touch! although my wife always takes it! unless is chocolate flavor those are mine..

    Thank you for offering the Edison pen to all of us. Good luck to everyone but I hope I win!! 😉

  • CNC

    I've learned almost everything I know about fountain pens from ink nouveau! Many thanks, especially for Fountain Pen 101 and all of the reviews! You're opening up the world of fountain pens for generations to come!

  • martineze0519

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the information that you are helping to spread, without you and your amazing staff I would not know nearly as much as I do now about fountain pens. I had always wanted to make my writing experience as enjoyable as possible but I only started using fountain pens recently. I tried to look for the best ballpoints and rollerballs possible but then I stumbled upon fountain pens by chance. I bought a preppy on amazon but had no idea how to use it. I went on youtube and stumbled upon your fountain pen 101 series and learned how to properly use and refill a fountain pen. I only started using fountain pens a few months ago, but thanks to your videos and blog I have been able to learn more about fountain pens than I had ever imagined.

  • whoelse

    Thanks Brian for the encouragement! Interestingly, I have also changed the way how I grip the pen with my fingers and no longer using my wrist to write. The change started when I use a Parker 75 where the section have 3 facets.

  • cjr18197

    Ink Nouveau has given me the confidence to bring out my fountain pens and begin using them again. I've learned how to adjust the ones that we're giving me problems. I've learned about different inks and paper. I now proudly carry a pocketful of fountain pens around the office! Thanks for all you are doing for the FP community. Goulet Pens is my first stop when shopping for ens, inks, and supplies.

  • Jon Buller

    I am an illustrator and cartoonist who uses fountain pens for most of my linework, and I have profited greatly from the Goulet site and store. Finding out how to change the nibs on Noodler pens has allowed me to create some unique new pens with vintage flexible nibs on Noodler barrels. And the small sample bottles of inks allowed me to compare for myself the qualities of the various black inks, without having to buy full bottles, or to rely on hearsay. And the video on aligning tines taught me a skill that is very simple but has proved to be very useful. Good work!

  • RandyTorres

    Ink Nouveau has made me a fountain pen addict! This is a good thing.

  • Winnie Dolderer

    Congrats on your 1000 post! Ink Nouveau was found by me last year when I lost my cable service due to a storm and was on youtube. I had no fountain pen knowledge and watching your videos has taught me so much. 12 fountain pens later, and tons of inks and now an ink drop, I am hooked. But better yet, I turned my husband on to your blog and company, and each Friday we watch you together! I picked him up a couple of Pilot Metros from you and now he is hooked and on his way. Keep up the awesome job!

  • akant

    It helped me learn more about what characteristics would be good for students, taught me the basics of fountain pens, and made me the "fountain pen guy" in my classes! I can't wait for more!

  • Calvin Park

    Congrats on #1000! I discovered fountain pens a little less than a year ago. Pretty soon after that I found my way to Ink Nouveau and started learning about pens, inks and paper; the trifecta! Reading your posts and watching your videos has helped me to better understand pens. In fact, I'm now the "go-to" pen person for just about anyone I know. More importantly though, you've helped me discover the hobby of pens. Because of this, I now have pen pals around the world. It started as a way for me to use my pens–a nice excuse. Now, however, I love how using a pen and writing a letter forces me to slow down and think in a different way. All of this is down to me finding Ink Nouveau from a Google search and the passion you have and share for pens, inks and all the rest. Thanks so much!

  • Jordan Wales

    It helps me troubleshoot problems and discover new inks or fountain pen "add-ons" since I am fairly new to the hobby.

  • J. S.

    Fountain pens have helped me express my ideas and thoughts. The tactile experience is almost therapy!

  • Laura Prestwich

    The Fountain Pen 101 series was my crash course into the world of fountain pens! I binged watched them all to better understand what I was getting into…Then I dived in headfirst! Thanks!

  • Dan Esposito

    I once struggled with the written word. I had always preferred to speak, but the benefits of recording and reviewing your personal history cannot be overstated, nor can the benefits of putting pen to page.

    Using our hands as a conduit for the boundlessness of the human mind has done more to define and advance mankind than perhaps any other means.

    Ink Nouveau and The GPC have helped to invite, inform and involve me in this pursuit of introspection and expression through the written word. I now have better tools and a unique sort of permission and encouragement to "Write on!"

    For this you have my thanks,


  • Katya R

    I started to become interested in fountain pens, but I was a complete newbie and had no idea where to start. Ink Nouveau opened my eyes to the world of fountain pens and taught me nearly EVERYTHING I needed to know! Now I am teaching other newbies and referring them to follow this blog. Thank you Rachel and Brian for everything you do, and congratulations on 1000 posts. I hope there are many thousands of posts to come!

  • Scattered

    I've had the pleasure of seeing fellow Hokies grow a business in a new school way selling old school products! Keep up the great work.

  • Julio A.

    Without ink nouveau I wouldn't be a fountain pen enthusiast. I wouldn't know anything without ink nouveau

  • Johnathan Kramer

    Coming to Ink Nouveau and shopping at Goulet Pens is in a way like going to a locale drug dealer, they get you hooked with the great service and ink samples, then the next thing you know you're looking at $200+ pens and your cart has like 40 items in it already. I have been using fountain pens for over a year now and this is always my first stop when I'm looking for something new! Your fountain pens 101 videos where my first videos that I watched when I bought my first pen and I had No idea what I was doing and I have been watching your videos from then on.

  • Benjamin Sendrow

    Ink Nouveau took me from being a guy who had a fountain pen and liked using it, to a novice hobbiest, then to a guy who regrets buying the 10 pen case instead of the twenty pen case, and today, to a guy who turned a gorgeous pen that would not write to a beautiful and perfectly working pen by installing a Goulet nib and heat setting the feed. Thanks to you, Brian, I am Writing On!

  • Anna S.

    I had been casually interested in Fountain Pens for around a year before I stumbled upon the Goulet Pen Company and subsequently, Ink Nouveau. Let it be said that after an evening of binge watching the Ink Nouveau videos and reading past blog posts, my interest had moved beyond the point of a casual attraction. I was hooked. The next day I bought my first pen, a week later I owned six. You can imagine where that snowball has left me today.

    Thank you for pushing me into one of the most interesting hobbies I have ever had the pleasure of attempting to avoid. Its so much fun to be apart of the fountain pen "world!"

  • Gary Linn

    Ink Nouveau has helped me fill my pen case and empty my wallet…. repeatedly…

  • Codymorelock

    Ink Nouveau has definetly improved mt writing experice. The 101 series of video plus your awesome reviews helped me decide on my first and second FP's a Lamy Safari and a Monte Verde Intima. I've only been following the blog for about 6 months so I go back through the old Q&As just to here peoples questions. Keep up the good work and congrats on the 1000th post. I'll be ordering a couple of bottles of ink soon. Class is back in session and it's more functional to fill a vial from a bottle to refill my ink supply on the go than it is to buy two or three samples.

  • DylanTanSG

    Ink Nouveau has impacted my writing experience greatly. I am actually quite new to the fountain pen community. Ink Nouveau has helped me cut short the learning curve. It has been really helpful in helping me choose a pen and ink. It has taught me many practicals things when dealing with a fountain pen. The "how tos" and "what nots". Although, i am in Singapore which is on the other side of the earth i have gained much knowledge from you.

    Been watching your YouTube videos too. Its really interesting, entertaining and a learning experience for me.

    Thanks for what you have been doing on the various internet platforms. Really appreciate your imformative videos and blog posts.

    Best Regards,
    Dylan Tan

    P.S. Love what you are doing @Brian Goulet! 🙂

  • Geoff Yam

    Ink Nouveau has given more niche knowledge that you can't find anywhere else on the web. You can get the basics from a lot of places (this being one ot them), but when you are trying to find out more complex problems or detailed differences between items, the Q&A has been the best.

    Also keeping up to date with the new releases are pretty useful. Definitely helps when you are trying to recommend pens to friends,

  • Nicolò V.

    Everything I learned about fountain pens and inks it's thanks to Ink Nouveau!

  • Franz

    Congratulations on your 1000th blog post! Keep up the great work of your family and team!

    It was about 2 years ago when I first came across your YouTube channel and I believe the first video I ever watched was "How a fountain pen works" as part of your FP101 series. So my technical knowledge about FP's definitely came from you. After that, I've watched all of your FP101 videos and other subsequent videos.

    My writing experience definitely improved from using ballpoints to being knowledgeable about fountain pens. Using fountain pens definitely made me slow my writing down and made it look a little bit better.

    Thank you!

  • I had been using the cheaper fountain pens for years and years and always loved it but gradually I stopped. Your videos, your blog did the most amazing thing, they rekindled my passion for fountain pens and made me get back to using them and tremendously enjoying it. For that I thank you Brian.

  • Aaron Flint

    I stumbled across the Ink Nouveau blog a little while ago and it has gotten me excited about writing again. I've always had a thing for fountain pens and nice paper and your blog prompted me to dig my old pens from the drawer and get them inked up. The information provided is quite an education. I look forward to each one and am building my wish list.

  • Alex Kartal

    ink nouveau has had a massive impact on my writing experience, i reagularly watch all your videos on youtube, and im just a kid, and most kids my age fingd pens boring, but in your videos, you make them the opposite!
    Ink Nouveau has made me a whole load more aware of what i need to do with my pens for the best writing experience and its helped me a whole lot, thanks for all the helpful tips,

    Alex Kartal

  • Gabriel Ursu

    In my country the inks available are very few. Your blog inspired me to write more and to do more to make inks available to more people.
    Thank you

  • Anja Rüsewald

    I completely agree, Brian. Running a business the way you are seems quite uncommon these days. The word that comes to my mind again and again when trying to describe it, is organic. You may not deal in food produce, but you have a very similar approach, which focuses on quality, not quantity, in pretty much every area I can think of. It is really refreshing and reassuring to see. (Unfortunately I happen to work in a setting that seems quite contradictory to your approach, and sometimes I get upset about it.) I also love that you encourage your staff to do charitable work, and support them while they do, and I believe it would be hugely beneficial to society if all companies followed your example.
    Anyway, I guess all that boils down to the fact that I loved watching all your videos – apart from the boundless information to pick up – because I was able to see that there still are businesses out there working responsibly, like yours, and it is encouraging me not to give up looking for one to work for. 🙂

  • Terry M

    I enjoy every posting of Ink Nouveau but find the repair or technical posts to be the most useful for me. I have learned so much by reading and watching your posts. Thanks for making this beautiful pen available in a contest! My favorite season is Fall and my favorite color is orange. I hope I win this one!
    That's for everything you do for the pen community.

  • gwen

    Thanks to Ink nouveau, I discovered flex foutain pens which I am now addicted to! The amount of information is just incredible on the blog. I think I am going to start an ink collection now.
    Congratulation to the 1000 th post and I am looking forward to the next 1000.

  • RandomCommenter7

    Congrats on the 1000th post!

    How Ink Nouveau helped me? Where do I start? I' fairly new to the hobby and after I got my first Lamy Safari (mainly because you recommended it in one of the posts I read), I spent at least a day watching the videos in the Tips and Tricks section, searching Q&As for specific questions I had (and mostly finding the answers). In general Ink Nouveau is an amazing resource not only for 'how tos', but also for ink and pen reviews. I got a TWSBI Vac700 because of your review video.

  • Jeff Aman

    The Ink Nouveau blog has helped to enhance my writing experience by teaching me about the various pens, inks, and accessories. This learning experience has given me the confidence to expand my pen and ink collection (by making purchases at Goulet Pens!) and helped me to appreciate the whole fountain pen hobby. Thanks Brian and Team for all you do!!

  • Congratulations on your 1000th blog! In building your great social-media presence you have had a positive impact on many people's lives, as the large number of comments on this post show.

    As a relative newcomer to fountain pens, your informative YouTube videos on the technical aspects of FP's, as well as your many great reviews of inks, paper and pens have formed the basis of what seems to be becoming an obsession or addiction! Who would have thought I'd be teaching myself better hand-writing (with Mott's "Spencerian Penmanship" series) just so that I can make the most of the products you sell. I've started with a Lamy Safari (or two), and will be looking for that "special pen" when my writing is up to snuff; Goulet Pens is who I will be turning for that purchase. In the meantime, I look forward to continuing my regular "dose" of Ink Nouveau.

  • David

    I am an experienced fountain pen user/collector/restorer with decades under my belt in this wonderful hobby. Having said that…

    Q. "How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?"

    A1. Ink Nouveau provides me with detailed information about new products at Goulet Pens. This greatly enhances my "my writing experience" by understanding what is on the horizon from my favorite pen-related retailer.

    A2. This is not exactly a "How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?" answer; but it is how I feel…. As a Customer, some of the Ink Nouveau posts make me feel like I am also a part of the Goulet-Pens "Family". It is a "Warm-Fuzzy" thing that really works for me.

    Best Regards, David in Jakarta

  • Sudhir Kalyanikar

    I was a fountain pen user for several years and thought I was the only one. About 5 years back, this hobby took a back seat as I was on a project away from home. Once I returned around 3 years ago, I discovered FPN and realized there were many like me. I also started seriously using YouTube around that time and that's when I kind of went "back to school", un-learnt many of my bad habits and practices and re-learnt the good ones. For instance, I always used only black ink and never cleaned my pens. You can imagine what that was like.

    From YouTube to Ink Nouveau was a logical next step. Brian's videos – especially the 101 series – were like an epiphany and helped me tremendously on my journey of rediscovering my fountain pens. I now take much better care of them and the number and type of inks I use are just too many. I have been an avid watcher of your videos ever since and also purchased from Goulet pens a few times.

    I really appreciate the time and effort you put into educating and spreading the good word about fountain pens and I can safely say you have one of the best customer service philosophies I have come across. Just to take one example, your flexibility of letting me pay from India and ship stuff locally in the US is a big plus.

    All in all, along with FPN, YouTube and a few others, this blog continues to be my go to resource for all things fountain pens. Please keep up the great work you are doing. Cheers!

  • KateB

    "How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?"

    In so many ways! There is always a question that seems to relate to me and my experience, whether it's flying with pens, qualities of inks or comparisons. I also search the blog when I have a question about something, usually before going to FPN. Of course, it has also encouraged me to buy more pens and more inks… The set of drawers where I keep my fountain pen supplies are decorated with Ink Drop stickers! Thank you!

  • Jared Lovelace

    I first learned about fountain pens here at school (Liberty University) from a friend on my hall. Once I finally gave in and started looking around online to find out some information, this blog was the first thing I found. I went through all the beginner tips and read post after post until I couldn't wait until I bought a pen myself. Now that I have bought multiple pens, I still come back to this blog to keep up with new information and to feed my addiction. This blog is such an awesome resource!

  • Jordan Lang

    Ink nouveau has enhanced my writing simply because I would have never got into fountain pens without you guys. I maybe would have bought a varsity and been done. But watching you guys and the community made me want more. I'm now pretty deep into pens and I probably wouldn't be anymore if it wasn't for you guys. Every Friday I can't wait to sit down and watch your videos. Any spare money I get is to spend on your site. Your customer service is the best I've ever seen. I hope and know you guys will continue what amazing work you do 😀

  • Julie (O-kami)

    IN has enhanced my writing experience by providing a thoughtful, educational information for fountain pen users both experienced and novice.

  • Scrivein

    Ink Nouveau was actually one of the first fountain pen related blogs I stumbled across, a few years back! I had just bought a Lamy Safari and in searching for how to care for it, found your recently-created Fountain Pen 101 videos and in turn, this blog. Since then, Ink Nouveau has continued to be a great way to learn about the products you sell, and to learn certain tips and tricks to make the most of them. I might not have quite the same level of enthusiasm and enjoyment for my fountain pens had I never read this blog.

    Congrats on your 1000th post!

  • Dennis Dominguez

    Without Ink Nouveau, the Goulet Pens website, and the fountain pen world in general, I wouldn't be as successful in my job as I am. I wasn't a big note taker in college (although, i should have been!), and I'm not particularly detail oriented. The love of fountain pens your pictures, videos and texts posts encourage really made me fall in love with writing as a whole. Now, I can't get through the day without jotting down a quick to do list, writing a few post-it notes, really squeezing out mLs of ink onto paper.

    I started my job in December as an Energy Engineer, and now I've moved into the Software Development team. My company sent me on a trip to Dubai, and the first thing I made sure I packed was all of my inks and my pens. It's pretty odd to attribute a hobby so innocuous as fountain pens to my success. And hey, maybe I'm giving it more credit than it's worth. But I can safely say that fountain pens bring joy to me everyday. And Ink Nouveau, and the Goulet Pen Company, helped weasel fountain pens into my heart.

    Thanks so much, and here's to another 1,000 more!
    Also, that pen is absolutely gorgeous. Earth tones make my soul glow.

  • srokshin

    The Ink Nouveau blog helped me feel like part of a community. Not only online – it's also a great place to send coworkers who see me with fountain pens to learn more. I've turned at least three people on to the hobby by having such a great resource easily available online. So now I have a fountain pen community both here and at work.

    Thank you for all your hard work Brian!

  • KCleaver

    Watching and learning with ink nouveau has increased my love and use of fountain pens. From paper to inks to assembly and disassembly of my fountain pens, I feel much more knowlegable, competent, and comfortable. I used fountain pens many years ago but quit due to my frustration with them. Now I not only enjoy them but use them every day. Thanks!

  • andy nguyen

    As someone who is new to the fountain pen hobby, Ink Nouveau was the first blog I stumbled upon. Not only was the blog posts and videos educational, but the community of people here is so welcoming and helpful. Seeing how everyone is so passionate, truly reignites the love I have for pens. Congratulations on the 1,000th blog post mark to you and your team!

  • Alexander Faust

    You know what, I've tinkered again today and I got a flexy Lamy now 😊

  • David Murphy

    I found Ink Nouveau as I started using fountain pens about 18 months ago. I was searching for information on why I was having such a hard time enjoying writing with a fountain pen. Through this blog and the podcasts I have learned about the various pens, nibs and removed the fear of tinkering with my pens, they are not expensive pens. I also have a great appreciation for Brian and Rachel Goulet and the company that they have founded. These are people that I would like to have coffee with on a Saturday morning. Congratulations on 1000 posts and here is the next millennial post!!

  • Gene Modin

    I have enjoyed the gouletpens.com and inknouveau.com to maintain my passion for fountain pens. It is great to enjoy the process of writing. Look forward to using the Edison Nouveau Premiere if I win, otherwise I will have to make my own choices. Currently using the red Lamy Safari. Thanks much.

  • Alex Young

    Goulet pens reintroduced me to a long-term interest in fountain pens. I got re introduced with a Lamy Vista and some Noodler's Bernanke Black ink. Since then I've been using it every single day for school, and adding and experimenting with more pens. Most recently, a Lamy Studio. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and your personable business model.

  • Fishmouse

    Ink Nouveau is fabulous for this Newbie. My first stop for any question…in the last month or so I've used it for advice on which notebook to try first, to how to clean and adjust a new pen, and to search for recommended shading inks, to name just a few. Fabulous, clear and helpful advice that has helped me make my writing time a very pleasing and satisfying experience. Thank you and please keep it up!

  • mikhasan

    The blog and the videos have educated me on nearly every aspect of the hobby. I am always happy to see new blog posts and videos. Please keep up the great work.

  • Gordon Hall

    By chance, I saw the famous Namiki Falcon youtube by "TheImmovableMovers". It immediately reignited my interest of fountain pen penmanship. I used to practice with a FP in elementary school but haven't picked a real pen in 15 years. Googling around, I landed on the Goulet Pen Company website and the youtube channel. Like many have said, you're the first stop for my research on any FP related topic. My first pen purchase was a cheap Jinhao from GPC. The careful packaging alone made me want to buy from you again, and I did. Now I own several TWSBI piston fill pens, and the matching ink bottle. My next pen would be an gold upgrade. Maybe a Pilot/Namiki or Lamy 2k?

  • Marta

    Although I have had a long interest in using fountain pens my knowledge was limited. Ink Nouveau has deepened my (in more ways than one-oh my!) interest in fountain pens, their maintenance and their accoutrements that further enhance the joy of writing. It has been so helpful to be able to consult the blog to solve a fountain pen problem. And it is just plain fun and your presentation so warm. Congratulations on your 1000th post!

  • BeauWelch53

    Okay, I would like to start by saying that Ink Nouveau did NOT enhance my writing experience. It created it. Before I stumbled across this blog I had never once thought about the possibility of writing with a pen other than a cheap Bic. But seeing a community of such dedicated and devoted individuals, I decided I had to give one a try. I am a student and after finding your blog in 2011, it truly changed my experience as a writer and a student. It encouraged me to learn cursive which increased my ability to take fast readable notes, and I now find joy in writing, and look forward to my language arts class! Something that I never did before. Plus they are GREAT for starting conversations! I love every part of fountain pens, the writing, The ink selection, the beauty of them, and the communtity. Goulet Pens ignited one of my favorite hobbys, and for that I am truly grateful!

    -Beau Welch

  • Nebuchadnezzar

    Brian and this blog have been my valued guide to fountain pens, ink, paper, and rediscoring the joy of writing. Thanks for all you do.

  • BeauWelch53

    My guilty pleasure show is probably American Pickers!

  • Stephanie

    My confidence in solely using fountain pens for work and school would not be what it is today without your wonderful Ink Nouveau blog. I started my basic knowledge by pouring over your FP 101, almost one year ago! However, I have learned a tremendous amount, not only about different types of fountain pens and their properties, but also about paper and ink combinations as well. I am writing in my new favorite Clairefontaine notebooks for school, featured on your Back-to-School blog, and I'm amazed at their smoothness and weight. I can seemingly glide along, taking notes faster than before without worrying about bleed-through. I will be hard pressed to go back to regular notebooks ever again! I've even noticed my company-supplied journal is of suitable weight for FPs. Now I enjoy doodling and note-taking in meetings too.

  • Brian — I could say a lot about your wonderful blog, and related videos, etc. Although I've used fountain pens since the 1970's you, your products and your blog have led to a renaissance in my fountain pen experience. I've discovered a new level of writing satisfaction from your tips and from acquiring the products you so helpfully describe. And, for what its worth, my recent addition (an Edison Hudson) is perhaps the best writer in my collection. Keep blogging! I mean, "write on!" of course!

  • Riley Webb

    I still wouldn't know how to clean and switch nibs on my first real pen, the Monteverde Impressa, in addition to seeing all the wonderful announcements and reviews of awesome pens and colorful inks!

  • Roberto

    Always liked FP, but it was only since I started watching your videos and reading your posts that I really got really excited about this world, helping me understand the pens and discovering amazing fountain pens to add to my collection. You rock. cheers

  • Rose in Indiana

    Ink Nouveau has opened my eyes to just how many people enjoy the smooth scratch of a nib on paper it as much as I do! I did not realize there were so many people out there who were fountain pen fanatics like me. Here's the #1 thing Ink Nouveau has done for me…got me to try other inks aside from black & blue. I now have 16 bottles of different colored inks!

  • Pam ~~

    My Mom recently passed away and upon clearing out her desk I found her ink pens from the 50's/60's. Parker's, Shaffer's and Esterbrook. So I come here to find out and learn how to care for these pens of hers. I have come across so old postcards and letters with beautiful handwriting of a great Uncle. Flourishes and all, written with fountain pens. But that Autumn Harvest is gorgeous! I also pick up inks and Midori Travelers inserts. Thanks for a great wealth of info.

  • ProudSon

    Yes, it is that time of year! When the leaves finally turn, your eyes just get bombarded with so many beautiful colors. I can't wait to get my mitts on some of that legendary Clairefontaine paper. As I said, I am still a bit newbie and haven't had a chance try it. I find Rhodia phenomenal. I can only imagine the smoothness of Clairefontaine. Especially since I'm a lefty with a quick and tiny handwriting style, so I use EF nibs for a smaller line and quick dry time. Glad you enjoyed my novel!

  • Mary R

    I really think a better question is to ask how Ink Nouveau and GPC as a whole HASN'T enhanced my fountain pen experience– I didn't have a fountain pen experience at all (besides wistful thoughts upon hearing others talk about them) until a few days ago! Now, after a great deal of Q&A listening, video watching, Fountain Pen 101 perusing, and review reading, I have a Pilot Metropolitan on order, as well as some ink samples.

    My love of crafts and colors runs deep, and while I'm honestly surprised I haven't picked up fountain pens before now, I'm glad they've crossed my path. Ink Nouveau has been an outstanding resource and reference, and as long as you keep posting and making videos, I'll keep reading!

    Happy 1000th post!

  • I think this will be a little bit of my repeating myself. As I believe I sent you a hand written note thanking you for your time and effort into the fountain Pen community… But as you asked.

    Without Ink Nouveau I would still be using the pens available at office super stores and college bookstores.

    I would never have explored bottled inks or bought a Edison pen. In fact you and the Artisan Quality of Brian Grey's pens has ruined me for pens like Visconti and Stipula. All pens over $100 are compared to Edison pens and most even upwards of $500 are found wanting.

    Guilty Pleasure TV : Ancient Impossible and The Dead Files.


  • CherryNubCakes

    I received a fountain pen as a gift from my aunt and I used the guides at Ink Nouveau for how to clean and refill the pen. After seeing your review of the Pilot Metropolitan, I bought four of them and now use them every day. Your blog also helped me find out about all the different types of paper available (I'm waiting on an order of Rhodia dot pads from Goulet Pens right now). Fountain pens make me enjoy writing so much more and Goulet Pens was a huge part of that.

    Guilty Pleasure TV: Archer

  • amkhu

    Love the way you share knowledge of the FP products. You've certainly nurtured my interest & many others in FP by using your videos and blogs to share. What a wonderful service you are providing! Thank you.

  • Jonathan Befort

    The videos made fountain pens seem drastically less intimidating. I went from " this might be cool" to "this is an amazing hobby!"

  • hhbuitrago

    Stationery and writing instruments always fascinated me. I would buy different kinds of pens, pencils and paper and not really use them. When I began to search for information on fountain pens Ink Nouveau was a marvelous discovery. Not long afterwards was looking for my first fountain pen locally, to found only some luxury models available. After my first buy on GouletPens of some inexpensive FPs (and some international shipping adventures of my own) am enjoying using them daily; and budgeting some more serious writing instruments on my near future.

  • Gun-Ik Pak

    It's mostly the little useful stuff that really helps, like learning how to apply silicone grease without completely taking apart my Lamy 2000.

  • Alexander Choe

    I love listening to the Open Forums, which really help me get a start on which pens are popular, and which ones have known issues.

  • MartinLefebvre

    The Ink Nouveau blog has greatly enhanced my writing experience. I'm a relatively new fountain pen user (about 6 months) and your fountain pen 101 has been invaluable in getting up to speed with how to maintain and care for my fountain pens. Furthermore, I've been spreading "fountain pen virus" to my friends and family.

  • Jan Erik Moström

    Not living in the US I've never been a customer of Goulet P.C. but Ink Nouveau have been a great help in learning more about fountain pens, inks, etc. To be honest much of what I know about FP I've learned here so for me it a great learning resource.

  • Congratulations on 1000 posts! That is some serious time, energy, and effort invested.
    The Ink Nouveau blog has enhanced my writing experience by helping me learn about fountain pens, of course. I started with very little knowledge and was tinkering around, trying to figure out these pens. Of course, as a result, now I can't be saved 🙂 Thank you for the education and enabling and cheers to your 1000 posts! (Also, thank you for the awesome giveaway!)

  • Alex

    My experience has been one of discovering a love of fountain pens, not for writing, but for drawing. I just love the analog experience of the older technology and the endless possibilities of ink colors. It makes drawing even more of an engaging hobby.

  • Ben C.

    I just want to start off this comment by saying thank you to Brian for being so thorough and passionate in your discussions. You sir, are a wealth of information for someone just starting off into a fantastic hobby; and though I've only just started your excitement and energy has me convinced that I'm making a good choice. Here's what Ink Nouveau has done for my writing experience.

    Ink Nouveau has transformed my writing experience from a chore to be avoided, into a task to be enjoyed. Before I started writing with fountain pens, reading your blog to learn new things, and watching your massive stock of videos writing was a complete and utter chore. I'm a chemist, it's inevitable that I have to write down my research results and observations in ink, in a notebook. I never had any desire to do it, because the experience wasn't enjoyable. The paper in our research journals is not friendly to my personal choice for rollerballs (the Pilot Precise V7) so I had to use another rollerball that wrote horribly.

    Then, as a gift suggestion from a friend, my wife purchased a TWSBI 580 for me – after researching and using your blog and other sites to make an informed decision. After that, I've found myself diving head-first into the world of fountain pens because the writing experience became so much more enjoyable. I would say that my TWSBI is probably my favorite writing instrument ever, even more than my V7's. What I did find, is that I began to write more and more. First in personal journals, then in letters and notes to friends and family, then in meetings and in my research notebooks. Where I used to take maybe 4 or 5 words of notes, I now find myself writing 1 – 2 pages, simply because writing has become a more pleasurable experience. It even has gotten me back into my old calligraphy habit!

    So thank you Brian, and thank you to all your team at Goulet Pens for your enthusiasm, your passion, your energy and your knowledge. Best wishes for your future!

  • Anton Chua

    I'm relatively new to the fountain pen world and Ink Nouveau has been such a great help, especially the FP 101 videos that really showed me the ropes, and the ink reviews that help me decide which beautiful colors of ink to buy!

  • J. F. Lewis

    When I started trying to write my first novel, I used a very specific brand of pen and notepad. Recently, while working on my sixth traditionally published novel, I had some medical issues which made it difficult to write directly on my iMac or iPad. Rather than seek out the previous brand, I gave in to a long slumbering interest in fountain pens, but didn't know where to start or how to maintain a pen once I had it.

    My wife's grandmother passed on a selection of Aunt Sadie's vintage pens and it was Ink Nouveau and the wonderful videos and tutorials by Brian (and later SBRE Brown) who guided me through rehabbing the pens and finding the inks and materials I needed as well as the right type of paper to best utilize the pens. Ink Nouveau helped me through a very weird time. Thanks!

    My guilty pleasure tv show is: House M.D. I watch that series over and over.

  • Wei Yuen

    When I first started exploring fountain pens, I didn't even know what a converter was. I stumbled across one of Brian's videos, and spent the next few hours trying to learn as much as I could. The videos made the learning process fun and easy. Through the blog and countless videos, I have also been able to make better and more informed decisions when purchasing various pens and inks. I recently purchased a Sheaffer 300 and I absolutely love it! Brian's video certainly made the decision to purchase one much easier.

    Thank you Brian and the rest of Team Goulet for your passion towards fountain pens and for contributing so much to the community!

  • Jean Robert Hunter Deuling

    I found your blog and youtube channel via SREBrown. How the blog has helped me. I was a Lamy user, and only using Lamy Blue Black Ink. But loved writing with Fountain Pens. I have gained knowledge on Paper, Ink (my new favorite ink is a toss up, Private Reserve Tanzanite and De Artmentis Chopin). I have also gained in my knowledge of pens. I have gone from a Lamy user to more expensive pens. My current daily drivers are a Montblanc Starwalker Doue and Diplomat Excellence A. But I also like my Sailor Saporro in Wysteria and my Lamy 2000. My new grail pen is to have a custom Hakase.

    But I look forward to the weekly Q&A, As it give a basic knowledge of all things fountain pen.

    A big thank you for all your hard work.

  • brandon

    The short answer is that your videos were the first place I would turn for information when I was trying to learn more about pens, and now the weekly Q&A videos have become the main way I learn / keep up with new products.

    If I had to pick one post that has helped my writing experience the most, Brian's nib tuning posts were the first place I learned how to take nibs that were frustrating or just "meh" and turn them into nibs that made me love using those pens.

  • Jeff Ball

    After a bit of a lag from when I first used fountain pens as a young teenager (OK OK television was in black and white) I’ve returned to fountain pens with a renewed interest. Since then, to use a Brian-ism, “It has been CRAZY. It is INSANE.” On my desk there are two monitors side by side. One is for work and lately one has been for Ink Nouveau (with side trips to the Goulet Pen site). I’ve learned about Fill, Flow, Flex and Feed. I’ve learned about removing a nib — something I didn’t even think I wanted to ever do — and setting a new nib on an ebonite feed. I’ve learned about the care and cleaning of fountain pens. I’ve learned about ink, like drying time and water resistance. And, I’ve learned there is a community out there of people who also appreciate fountain pens.

  • Todd L

    Ink Nouveau has helped me improve my overall relationship with fountain pens. From being something I was vaguely aware of to something that I devote a lot of time to. From learning how to maintain and use my pen properly to motivating me to have better penmanship. I have the Goulet team to thank for that, and maybe an empty wallet as well. 🙂

  • Mark Larson

    For me it has been a ride discovering fountain pens about a year ago and knowing absolutely nothing about them. Your blog and videos have been awesome and I have learned a ton! Thanks Brian and team for all you are doing for the fountain pen and paper community!

  • Jessica W

    I go to Ink Nouveau for most of my FP tutorials. Your tutorials are very easy to understand and have a lot of details in them. I especially like your Fountain Pen 101 series, as a completely beginner, they are incredibly useful!


    The tutorials on ink Nouveau has helped me so much (especially since I'm very new to the fountain pen hobby). It has also sparked my interest with paper and various inks as well. The community is so helpful and I love how everyone is very passionate and informative. Congratulations on the 1000th post!

  • James Kostelnik

    Ink Nouveau has been an extremely useful resource to me over time. The first serious pen I bought (my first GouletPens purchase also.. you're welcome), I chose after watching your 'first look' video on the Pilot Stargazer. I have adored this pen since it arrived, so I'm not really interested in the Autumn Harvest Premier (thanks anyway).. but I did want to thank you for your blog, your company and the suckers. Keep up the great work! (and congratulations Anna!)

  • Hans Noodleman

    I think moreso than any other types of writing instrument, fountain pens can be enjoyed more fully when accompanied by good information. That's exactly what Ink Nouveau provides. Thanks for that.

  • bill w

    Goulet Pens has shown me that to get a good writing pen you do not need to pay over $100. Really enjoy all of the information on the blog. You have a great company!

  • LilyWhyteLegs

    As a fountain pen newbie, I've found Ink Nouveau to be an invaluable resource all things related to fountain pens, ink and paper. I was previously on a "paperless" kick relying only on my iDevices for writing, yet, something didn't feel whole. Somehow, I stumbled upon Ink Nouveau and was completely entranced with the fountain pen world owing to Brian's infectious enthusiasm and honest critiques. All the purchases I've made on GouletPens has been due to some snippet of comments from Brian (and Rachel). Even my 7-year old is an avid viewer of these posts and asks to listen to "Brian Goulet" by name. Ink Nouveau has recruited 2 new peeps to the fountain pen world. Congrats on 1000 posts!!

  • Ale-Alejandro

    I just have to say Brian's enthusiasm makes me happy to be part of a community that loves to use these beautiful tools to communicate words and drawings. The videos are always helpful and and the tips and tricks are much obliged!

  • DebS

    Is the TWSBI 580 still available in orange?

  • Glenn Higley

    Any news on the Eco release date?