Friday, September 12, 2014

Goulet Q&A Episode 48, Open Forum

I could get into all kinds of stuff right now, but I know the thing most of you are checking for is to see who won the Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Harvest from last week's 1000th post giveaway! I had a LOT of entries, over 400, and I was totally blown away by how heartfelt the comments were. It's food for my soul to keep going and doing this blog for another 1,000 posts ;) 

And the winner is:


Here was Mike's comment: "Ink Nouveau has not only answered many of my questions and introduced me to many new products, it's also put a face on the wonderful family behind Goulet Pens. Thank you for all that you do and for the extra work that goes into your excellent customer service and producing worthwhile content for the blog and videos. "

Mike was chosen at random by Random.org after we put everyone's comments into a spreadsheet and assigned each one a number. So Mike, email me at GouletQA@gouletpens.com to claim your pen :) I'm sorry to everyone else who didn't win, giveaways like these are fun right up until this point, when I know I'm simultaneously crushing the hopes of over 400 people! Still though, you're all great sports and I really appreciate your honest comments. 

Here are this week's questions!

1) Tom Johnson- email (11:57):
Sweet hack for saving an inked up VP nib unit (follow up to Q&A Episode 47 question 10).
  • demonstration of how to cut up a disposable pipette tip to store inked up VP nibs

2) Benjamin S.- Facebook (15:23):
The Konrad uses the same nib and feed as the Ahab. The Konrad has no breather tube. No pen I own has a breather tube other than the Ahab. What is it supposed to do, and what is your opinion on the idea that the Ahab works better without it?
  • breather tube isn’t essential to use the pen
  • it’s removable
  • necessary if you want to fill the pen all the way (1.9ml instead of 1.7ml)
  • if having flow issues, sometimes helps to remove it 

3) Winnie U.- Facebook (18:12):
Would you consider selling GP t-shirts like you wore last Q&A? It would be a great way to share your company and a conversation starter with others. Thanks for all you do!

4) Andrew B.- Facebook (20:20):
Your online store is one of the more successful places for inks, and supplies, as well as some great fountain pens: do you plan to ever expand to a physical location, or is that strictly out of the question?
  • not going to happen
  • our company mission statement is “To provide writing enthusiasts with the most personal online shopping experience through comprehensive education, exemplary service, and products we believe in" 

5) Andrew B.- Facebook (23:47):
Also, as your catalogue expands, would you ever consider working directly with any nib-meisters (e.g. Mike Masuyama, Pendleton Brown, etc.)? 
  • great theory
  • they’re all stinking busy!!!
  • they don’t need our references, but I’d be open to the idea 

6) Stephen K.- Facebook (25:04):
Update on Noodler's Neponset, please.
  • several months out 

7) Geralee H.- Facebook (28:20):
Question from a newbie. When inking up your pen, should you shake the ink first, gently stir, or just take it as it sits?

8) Paul S.- Facebook (31:04):
How does a beginner get started? Seems like there are endless possibilities I like to write in bold.

9) Exequiel L.- Facebook (33:23):
Do you have the entire UK series inks by Noodler's? (Empire Red, Britannia's Blue Waves, The Sun never Sets, etc.)
  • definitely not, only a narrow selection
  • don’t know the full range
  • we only have the few that Nathan was will to offer us, many are still ongoing exclusives or used dyes that are no longer available (discontinued) 
10) Exequiel L.- Facebook (34:37):
Do you think than a italic 1.5 mm is like a music nib? I think so, if there is a good flow and the nib is wet?
  • No, not really
  • 1.5mm is really more of a true stub, more variation between cross/downstroke than music nib 

11) Analise A.- Facebook (36:15):
What printer paper do you guys use for the packing slips?
  • HP 24lb LaserJet
  • would use HP 32lb Premium Laser if it weren’t more expensive (this is what I recommend for personal use) 

12) Heath C.- Facebook (38:25):
LOVE that new Pilot E95S in Burgundy and Gold! Is there any flex in those gold nibs? Particularly the EF.
  • I’m always careful to throw around the word flex!
  • I wouldn’t say it flexes, but it is springy
  • you can get line variation, about a size or two above 
  • don’t go crazy, but it is a fun nib 

13) Devvy L.- Facebook (43:47):
I'm going to start writing memory books for my two young children (2 & 4 years old) in Rhodiarama notebooks, to give to them once they're adults. It's hard to find evidence of inks that will really last the test of time and that's exactly what I need them to do--quite honestly a lifetime. What inks would you most recommend? ... And my daughter would prefer green if it's possible. Thanks!

14) Brian H.- Facebook (50:46):
I am currently using a pen with a medium nib for a lot of my writing at school. I write so much that I have to refill my pen at least once every 2 days. Converting to an eyedropper is not an option because of the metal screws and the nib is not able to be switched. So, What can I do to increase the time between refills?
  • you can only use less ink, or put more ink in the pen!
  • if keeping the same nib, same ink capacity, the only thing you can really change is the paper
  • some papers are much more absorbent than others, will soak up more ink
  • probably more hassle changing your paper than is worth just for this purpose 
15) Allan B.- Facebook (53:55):
Will we be able to access the ink drop member's page in October?

16) Carlos Q.- Facebook (56:13):
Hi Brian! I hope everything is good!! so... I have a Edison Nouveau Premiere Winter Edition pen that I have inked up with different inks... however... with some inks there is no nib creep whatsoever... but with other inks there is a whole lot of nib creep... what is going on?
  • it’s the ink!
  • the amount of lubrication varies from one ink to another, the more lubricated (generally) the more it can creep 
  • common in more saturated inks, heavier dye content needs to be counteracted with lubricants to ensure proper flow
17) Yan T.- Facebook (59:03):
If there is paper stuck in the middle of the nib, how can I remove it?

Next week's Q&A will be an open forum again. Be sure to check out old Q&A's here, and ask any questions you have for next week in the comments below. Have a great week! 

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Hi Brian!! thank you for answering my question! I really don't mind at all nib creep! I agree that it looks beautiful on the nib... but I was a little worry about my pen! I love my Edison Nouveau Premier pens!! now everything is clear my pen looks great!! thank you for answering my question!! :)

  2. by the way! thank you for the giveaway Brian!! I had a lot of fun reading the posts of other hobby colleagues!! and congratulations to Mike!! enjoy your new beautiful free Edison Pen!! :)

  3. Congrats Mike!!! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway, Brian!

  4. That settles it: I'm going to change my name to "Mike!" LOL! Anyway...One of my "value pens," as I've heard them called elsewhere, is a Muji Aluminum Round, which I love. I've been content to use Standard International cartridges with the Muji. It does not come with a converter, and I'm wondering if it can take a standard converter or some specific brand. Thanks for your answer and all you do!

  5. Brian, great description of my Vanishing Point nib hack. I'll have the results of the one-week test in time for next Friday's Q&A. Just ordered a second nib assembly for me, figured I would need it (hard not using my VP for nearly two weeks). Great Q&A. Mike, Congratulations on your new ENP, a beautiful pen. I suggest the Diamine Autumn Oak for a color match.

  6. Congrats to Mike. I hope I can save enough to afford one of those pens for myself!

  7. Congrats to Mike! And thanks Goulet Pens for the fun contest. :)

  8. Is there any chance Pilot will come out with a broad nib Metropolitan?

  9. We haven't heard any rumblings yet, but we'll definitely keep an ear out!

  10. Regarding question #14: Brian H. you did not state whether you are using a converter or a cartridge, so I would suggest if you are using a convert switch to a cartridge since it may have more ink capacity than the converter. Reuse the cartridge via the ink syringe method that Brian Goulet has on his videos. Also, try different cartridges from other manufactures if they fit. Email the Goulet company telling them your pen and asking which cartridges will fit. Finally, if you can afford it, maybe if you buy a few cheap pens you can use different pens for different classes and fill up five pens once a week instead of every two days.

  11. Brian gave me permission to post this for anyone interested. Chad Trent has started a club for the Roanoke VA area. We had our first meeting on July 26. The second one will be next Saturday September 20. Chad set up a Google Groups for the club and you can contact him and the rest of us through the group at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/roanoke-pen-club . I will be driving from east of Lynchburg (near Concord) to the meeting and anyone in the Lynchburg area is welcome to join me. Four of us met in July and we are expecting to have more at the second meeting. The meeting location and time has not been set yet.

  12. I forgot, you can send an email to the Roanoke Pen Club group at: roanoke-pen-club@googlegroups.com .

  13. Brian H., Goulet has a table of pens and which cartridges and converters fit which pens. Also a list of the pens that take the short "international" cartridges or converters. http://www.gouletpens.com/Articles.asp?ID=404

  14. I just got a notice from the Roanoke Pen Club that the meeting scheduled for next Saturday, Sept 20, is being postponed. Anyone interested can still join the Google Group or email your name to the group so you can be included in all future notices.

  15. Wondering if you can demo the preppy highlighter and go more into detail about the different inks

  16. So I very recently got into fountain pens (we're talking like, two weeks tops) and have been voraciously reading and watching everything I can get my hands on-- FP 101, backlogs of Q&A, making a FPN account, blogs, videos-- everything. I was SO excited for the call for questions for the next Q&A video, thinking that I'd have about a million questions and have to try and pick one to ask. ...Instead, I'm finding that I don't have any pressing questions at all. I'm honestly a little bit disappointed, sitting here with my first lonely pen and a small selection of ink samples, but I think the fact that I can't think of any sort of question I absolutely need an answer to really speaks to the quantity and quality of the information contained in Ink Noveau.

    Seriously, keep it up! I'm sure I'll find something to ask, eventually.

  17. You're very welcome Carlos :) Yeah, nib creep isn't going to hurt anything :)

  18. sure! I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments, too.

  19. Hmmm..., that's actually a new brand for me, I've never heard of it. A quick search shows a lot of gel and ballpoint pens.

  20. Someone else pointed out that an empty Pilot/Namiki ink cartridge might also work for the same concept, might be worth a test! the end would already be sealed.

  21. Yeah, though this list isn't exhaustive. It's especially tough with vintage pens or brands we don't carry to know exactly what they use.

  22. I'll take that as a compliment, Mary! I keep this thing going every week, and no doubt you will have questions at some point. I'll be here for ya when you do :)

  23. I've never really featured these much, I'll think about it.

  24. Hi, Brian! Muji is a unique Japanese clothing, hardwares, stationery etc. store with locations here in New York City. Besides being a real treasure house of gel pens, they sell two versions of their own fountain pen--full-sized and mini. I can post a photo or link sometime later today.

  25. Brian, this does work! It is simplier, but the end of the cartridge is so tight on the neck, I was afraid I might ruin the nib if I forced it on (even with silicone grease on the neck). So I heated the end with a hair drier and it softened enough to slide up onto the neck forming a very tight seal. More robust than the pipette tip, but a lot longer. This is the way to go unless you want a seal cap that is shorter. Because the cartridge is perfectly round at the end and much thicker, I'm sure this method forms a fully air tight seal for storing an inked nib assembly. Thanks to that someone!

  26. Hey Brian, are the spare TWSBI 580 nibs compatible with the 580AL? Specifically I'm wondering if I can get a 580AL with a 1.1 nib. The grips look slightly different in the pictures so I'm not sure. Also, do you have any idea when the 580AL colors that they teased a while ago will come out? (http://fpgeeks.com/2014/02/aluminum-enhanced-twsbi-580-prepped-for-launch/) Thanks a lot.

  27. Hello, Brian. I recently got into fountain pens because of my passion for drawing. I used to draw with gel pens but I would get frustrated when the nibs would get hopelessly clogged with paper. After reading some reviews online, I decided to go with the Lamy Safari with a fine nib. I've been very happy with the pen and find the writing experience to be pleasant.

    I enjoyed it so much that it didn't take me long to start looking for my second fountain pen. After reading several reviews online I decided to go with the TWSBI Vac 700 (F) for its sheer ink capacity. But I was disappointed that my TWSBI didn't write with the same smoothness or ink flow that my Lamy does.

    I hadn't discovered Goulet Pens, or the FP community at large, when I bought my TWSBI, but I have since learned that TWSBI pens produce a much finer or "dryer" line than a Lamy pen. I have made it a point to watch all of your Q&A's on You Tube, and have looked at the Nib Nook on your website comparing the Lamy F nib to your Goulet nibs.

    Would you consider the Goulet #6 M a good comparison to the Lamy F? Or would you recommend a different nib that I could use in my TWSBI that would get performance like a Lamy? I appreciate any advice you could give me. I love your videos, please keep up the good work.

  28. http://inklode.com/2014/09/19/muji-aluminum-round-fountain-pen/


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