Ink Drop changes are coming!

Today we’re letting you know about some changes coming to the Ink Drop program. Long story short, we’re revamping the infrastructure that supports the Ink Drop program to support its growth, and with that comes a few changes.

History of Ink Drop and the need for change:

Our Ink Drop program started over four years ago in September 2010.
It’s a monthly ink sample subscription – we pick 5 colors, all related to a theme, and ship out the 2ml ink samples out to you automatically each month. It’s a great way to try out colors you might not have considered before, and you also get discounts on the full bottles and other stuff too.

Historically, we’ve always shipped all Ink Drop packages on the first business day of
the month. This allowed for subscribers to have a “surprise” in their mailbox, and we’d reveal the theme later in the week.

As we’ve grown, it’s become increasingly difficult to process the Ink Drop volume in this timeframe. Our web infrastructure has been very
limited – it’s an incredibly manual process to manage the billing and
the membership enrollments. It’s also a strain on our shipping process, and we’ve
stretched our systems to the max.

Fortunately, we’re seizing an exciting opportunity to completely
overhaul the website infrastructure that supports the Ink Drop program,
which is slated to launch in just a few weeks. This will allow us to
more effectively manage our growth without sacrificing efficiency or

October Ink Drop:

Because of the infrastructure changes, we need several weeks “off” from Ink Drop to get a clean fresh
start on the new billing system.

Tomorrow (September 10) will be the last day to sign up to get the September shipment, and then we’ll be disabling the Ink Drop signup on our website temporarily. The prepaid option has been limited to one month for this reason.

There will be NO Ink Drop shipment in October, and we’ll resume again in November. We’ll invite everyone to sign back up then!

What changes you’ll see in November and beyond:

Timing.  Ink Drop shipments will be spread throughout the entire month, instead of all going out on the 1st.
Whatever day of the month you sign up, you’ll automatically get a
shipment on the same day each month. So if you join on November 18, we’ll prepare to ship your November Ink Drop package on that same day. Then your following shipment will be automatically sent out on December 18, January 18, February 18, etc. There will no longer be a mid-month cutoff date; now you can join
all month long and still receive that month’s shipment.

If you love the
element of surprise, sign up closer to the 1st of the month
before the colors are revealed. If you don’t care about the surprise,
join whenever you feel like it. We’ll reopen the Ink Drop subscription
product on our site starting on November 1st, but of course you can sign up any time after that.

Order confirmations & tracking.  You’ll get a fresh new
order confirmation via email for each new month of your membership. This
will enable you to receive shipment tracking information, which is
something we weren’t able to provide you with before.

No more prepaid memberships.  We’ll only be offering the
ongoing billing option, but fortunately you’ll be able to tell us for
how many months you want to be billed. You can select just one month,
three months, six months, a year, or simply go indefinitely until you
tell us to stop! We’ll just bill you each month until your expiration

Self-service portal.  You’ll be empowered through access to a
new customer self-service portal to easily manage your subscription. You
can update your future Ink Drop billing or shipping address, update
your credit card information, extend your membership, or cancel your
subscription with ease.

Credit cards only.  Unfortunately, PayPal will not be a
supported payment method for recurring payments. We’ll need you to use a
credit card on our website for Ink Drop. We’re sorry for the
inconvenience; it’s just a limitation with PayPal and the integration to
our new billing system that we can’t overcome. PayPal does offer a debit card directly linked to your PayPal account, though, so if you’re a PayPal die-hard then that may be one option you could consider.

Otherwise, it’ll be the same price, same quantity and volume of samples,
same great value. You’ll still get member discounts on the bottled inks
and other great products. We’re still building out the new system, so there’s a slight possibility that some of this information could change, but we’re doing our best to give you everything that you all deserve, because we think you’re awesome. We’ve really taken your feedback to heart and
have planned out some great themes for into the upcoming new year.

As for the November Ink Drop shipment itself? It’s gonna be awesome! In
fact, because of all the hassle we’re putting you through in asking you
to sign up again, we’re throwing in an extra surprise something
that will make the shipment worth far more than you’re paying for it.
So you’re just going to have to trust us, and re-join to find out what
it is!

We realize this was a LOT of information, and we thank you for reading
all of this! If you have absolutely any questions at all, feel free to
email us at or post a comment below and we’d be happy to help you out.

We really hope that you’ll join (or re-join) our Ink Drop in November. Thanks again for your continued support.

Write On,
Brian, Rachel, and all of us at Team Goulet

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  • Alexander Faust

    Great this explains the limitation 🙂
    I'm not perfectly sure I like the change about the shipping but it'll probably work out nicely. I do however like the change with the tracking codes, I once ordered the prepaid option for two month and it confused me a bit when the ink drop suddenly arrived without a tracking code 🙂

  • atropos_of_nothing

    So for those of us who signed up for the one-year, recurring billing (billed each month) option originally, that will continue until the end of our one-year subscription, correct? (I just want to be sure and sign back up before November if I need to, because I'm all sorts of excited!!)
    I wish you the best of luck with your new infrastructure; I know how utterly frustrating it can be to try to keep up with a growing business on an insufficient system. You're making a great call to suspend things temporarily while switching over, rather than trying to piece and patch something together as you go.
    Thanks for keeping us informed about what's happening!

  • Mark VDR

    My question might have applied to the previous system as well, but this post gives me a good venue to ask it. If we see the InkDrop reveal and really like the colors and want to buy a full bottle of at least one of them, could we order the InkDrop package for that month, then use that to get a members discount on the full bottle in the same month?

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Hey Mark! Yeah, you could totally do that. Your Ink Drop membership becomes active when your samples ship. So, you could sign-up, get the samples, purchase the bottle at the discount, and cancel your membership if you wanted.

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    We actually had to cancel and end all current subscriptions because we aren't able to transfer any payment information over to the new infrastructure (for security reasons). So, you'd just need to re-signup come November 1 and you can select 12 months of recurring if you'd like to do a year. I hope that answers your question! Let me know if not 🙂

  • Azure Flash

    Have you thought about how to handle people subscribing on the 30th and 31st days of the months in subsequent months that have only 30, 29 or even 28 days? I guess the only real solution to that is to process all orders for the missing days on the last day, but as an amateur coder I'm wondering if you caught that odd scenario 😉

  • Indira

    I've really enjoyed the Ink Drop program. I've started my first ink swab journal with the drops this year. The portal as well as tracking availability sound like a great update. Sad that October will stay empty, but can't wait to rejoin in November.

  • Marie Dillon

    I have learned so much since I discovered Ink Nouveau. I love reading the posts because they help me learn more about fountain pens (I'm still pretty new to fountain pens). I especially love the videos where the fountain pens and inks are shown because it helps me to see them in person before I buy them. Having someone explaining the different features of them, the positives and the negatives, has helped me make good decisions about which fountain pens (and inks) I will like. Ink Nouveau got me started with fountain pens. Now I write exclusively with fountain pens (unless I need to use a pencil for something). My hand and my wrist used to cramp up and hurt when I wrote for an extended period of time with a regular ball point pen, but with a fountain pen I can write page after page effortlessly. Fountain pens bring me so much joy, and Ink Nouveau is what helped to develop my love of fountain pens. I look forward to checking Ink Nouveau every day to see if there is a new post to read.

  • InkMeUp

    Ink Nouveau has allowed me to enjoy my writing experience much more and has shown me the beauty of the fountain pen and ink world. In addition the blog has also helped me maintain and fix my fountain pens.

  • Brian

    This blog has really helped me with perspective and information as a newcomer to this hobby. Thanks for your hard work.


  • Zhan

    Thanks to Ink Nouveau I have enjoyed inks that I never thought would interest me.

  • GJ

    I love the Ink Drop Programme, and I completely understand why you'd need to make the changes to cope with the volume. I look forward to November!

  • Tim Herrin

    I hadn't used fountain pens for many years. That is until recently. I discovered an old fountain pen that was not in working order and thought I could repair it. A little search online pointed me at some very helpful videos at Ink Nouveau and that did the trick. After that first video introduction to Brian Goulet I've been hooked. The combination of practical information, enthusiasm for all things fountain pen, and truly impeccable service from the entire Goulet team has unabashedly rekindled my interest in the hobby.

  • Ted

    I like the surprise (did not want to know the gender of my kids in utero). Will have to ignore references to the reveal whenever it comes out.

  • Art Navar

    Ink Nouveau has lots of valuable information for the fountain pen enthusiast. Great resource!

  • VertOlive

    Your blog (and your super store site) is my go-to resource for all things Fountain Pen!

  • sharonspens

    Ink Nouveau has been my go-to for information on most things writing-related. For example, I was given a wax seal a few months ago, along with brittle wax. I had to go to the blog, and videos, to understand what I really needed to know about this process (then to order flexible wax!). I've easily whiled away an hour or so reviewing prior blog posts, and I've taken away a gem of knowledge from each post.

  • Mel

    The most recent instance that Ink Nouveau helped to enhance my writing experience was the post on the Ahab + Goulet Nibs. I wouldn't have known about that combination otherwise. Last month, I bought a 1.5mm Goulet Nib for my finicky Ahab, and it now writes like a dream. I love that I have an eyedropper-filled pen for calligraphy practice. 🙂

  • Austin Smith

    Ink Nouveau has simply enhanced my whole writing experience. I've been using fountain pens for quite some time. Both my father and brother helped me find my way around them. But the little tips and tricks I've picked up from reading and watching Ink Nouveau have helped me push using my pens from something that was interesting and fun to something that I truly really love doing.

  • geekosupremo

    Years ago, when I was in high school I picked up a cheap Pentel Fountain Pen. It was ok. Some time later I snagged a Parker … well you can see how memerable it was. Years go by. I'm slogging away with ballpoints, with varying degrees of satisfaction. Found out about the Pilot V5 and V7, these became my new pens of choice. Fast forward again, I watch a video by S.B.R.E. Brown, in which he is talking about the why a fountain pen is awesome, and in which I realize why I liked the V5 – it's the super smooth writing which is a function of the better ink flow. The passion and depth of knowledge are infectious, I must find more. I find out about your work, Brian, through YouTube and then bounce to Ink Nouveau. There is something to be said for people who follow their passion, in your case pens. I'm hooked again. And much has changed since those middling pens also those years ago.

    This site, and the accompanying videos, have brought me back into the "fine writing instrument" fold. It has given me the tools and the knowledge to:

    1. Purchase my first fountain pen in … awhile – I got the Pilot Metropolitan
    2. Purchase my second fountain pen – the Pilot Plumix … well techically they came together for Christmas … because my wife is awesome.
    3. Purchase a bottle of ink, Noodler's Black.

    I am so very very pleased with all of this … my pen habit … is growing. I now also have a Noodler's Creeper and I'm working out how to do flex nib calligraphy. All of this has re-kindled my passion for writing, and hand writing. It has given me the knowledge to dig in and experiment. The joy of joining with so many others who enjoy the act of writing.

    For all this I thank you. May your future be full of good fortune, pens and inks. 😉

  • sadiep

    Brian, your blog has been my main source for discovering and fostering my love of fountain pens. I found the site looking for info on a Pilot Custom 823, which was out of my starter price range, and instead started with a Twsbi and a bottle of Black Swans in English roses. But your blog is so much more than just a retail tool. I recently had a baby and while on leave I spent so much time here learning more and developing my knowledge base. When I returned to work I got my co-workers into the hobby with everything from Metropolitans, to nib creepers, to falcons and so much ink! Your business model and websites are water cooler talk at my office now and we all agree you are doing it remarkably well. So thank you again for all you create. It really succeeds in creating a great customer experience!

  • Alison H

    Q: How has the Ink Nouveau blog helped to enhance your writing experience?
    A: Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience by empowering me with knowledge.
    I have been using fountain pens since high school (some 25 or so years ago -Yikes!) and whilst I knew all the basics of filling and cleaning etc, I have picked up loads of tips from Ink Nouveau. One of the earliest tips was using a bulb syringe for flushing. Brilliant! Because of your excellent videos I've also felt brave enough to attempt more complicated maintenance and fine tuning of some of my pens. The piston on my beloved LAMY 2000 now operates more smoothly than it ever has, and my hitherto abandoned Noodler's Ahab now actually writes properly after heat setting the nib and feed. Thanks so much Brian! These are just a few examples of how your blog has enhanced my writing experience.
    Congratulations on the 1000th post. You have enhanced the writing experience of many around the world. Write on!

  • jane pilecki

    Because of Ink Nouveau, my writing experience is what I look forward to every day. It’s my therapy, my creative outlet, and necessary to my life. I’ve learned to how to care for my pens, and what ink, paper, and pen combinations are the most pleasing to me. I know for what to look in an ink. I appreciate my fountain pens more than ever. And because of Ink Nouveau, I am now a writer. Because of Ink Nouveau, writing is satisfying.

  • James Lawson

    When I bought my first fountain pen, it was totally on a whim. I thought the variety of ink was fun, and I knew that writing with an instrument that needs less pressure would improve my handwriting. I assumed that would be the beginning and end of it, just another little quirk of mine.

    When I found Ink Nouveau, I found more than I was expecting when I bought that first pen. The handy reviews and maintenance tip videos were a great help getting myself sorted out, but more than that it introduced me to a community I didn't expect to find. Having found so many others who enjoy fountain pens, I now make the Q&A videos part of my weekly routine and enjoy being a part of the ongoing conversation about what so many others must have gone into without expecting to find a new hobby.

    Now that I have a modest pen and ink collection to match the accumulated knowledge I've collected from Ink Nouveau, I've become a fountain pen advocate. Regularly people around me ask about the pens I use, and I'm always happy to answer any questions they have and try to engage them the way Ink Nouveau has engaged me.

  • Peter and Kelly Moraitis

    I have been interested fountain pens for years. I however never explored fountain pens, thinking that they were expensive, the good ones anyway. I knew nothing about fountain pens, inks and paper. Ink Nouveau has educated me about FP, enabled me to look at and compare inks and pens. WOW Ink Nouveau has shown me that a FP do not need to be expensive to be good. You have allowed me to explore and express my personality via inks and pens….now the BAD part…Im a hooked collector.Surfing ebay,,FPN, pawn shop and an endless list of FP website. My wife calls me obsessed.

  • Macogirl

    Fountain pens 101. Your vlog and websites have educated this novice from learning the parts of a fountain pen, all new vocabulary, pen brands, nib types and characteristics, reviews, and family values and business ethics. Seriously. You've even inspired me to exercise more and eat more apples.

    One thing that makes your video blogs stand out is your time stamped question and answers. I sincerely appreciate being able to forward and rewind to the most relevant questions using the time stamps you provide. I thank you every time you put out a new Q&A. Very helpful, though probably a tedious detail on your end.

    I'm enjoying the artwork your employees create with fountain pens. Inspiring and creative.

    I'd say after 2 years of following your channel and watching your website and business grow, I've graduated from Fountain Pens 101 and consider myself less of a pen novice and more of an aficionado.

    In short, you've introduced me to a hobby that has provided me much joy and happiness – and that is what life is all about. Finding and sharing joy and happiness. Priceless!

  • Maglee3

    Ink Nouveau blog has helped bring the wealth of fountain pen, ink, and paper knowledge to a broader audience, and gave me a place to go when I became interested in fountain pens. The weekly Q&As answered so many of my questions, and even brought up topics that I never would have imagined to consider. The Ink Nouveau blog and GPC have been my go-to for all things fountain pen related, and since I have been bitten by the fountain pen bug, I know that this is a hobby that I will enjoy for years to come. Now that my penmanship is improving and I keep learning so much more about inks, paper, and pens; I know that I can turn to the Ink Nouveau blog for answers, tips, and tricks to keep me writing on!

  • Keiji Hayashi

    As a fountain pen newbie Fountain Pens 101 was such a helpful resource. If it wasn't for that I don't think I would've enjoyed the fountain pen experience as much as I do now. Thanks for all that you do for the fountain pen community!

  • manoart

    The Ink Nouveau Blog helped to improve my writing experience by reigniting my passion for fountain pens, ink and fine writing. I always liked good penmanship but never really had the mind for indulging in it and learn it properly until I found Ink Nouveau and GouletPens. Your Youtube videos are a fountain of knowledge, good produced and fun to watch. Through you I also found other interesting resources like SBRE Brown or the FPN (in which I am active ever since :)). After I bought a couple of pens, I actually found some old fountain pens of mine in some desk drawer, replaced feeds and tuned nibs all with your useful instruction videos (I nearly destroyed a Lamy feed weren't it for your video). Today I have improved my handwriting quite a bit and am still eager to learn some more calligraphy alphabets.
    So, I may not be your follower for the longest time (about 1.5 years now I guess) but I watched every Q&A-video so far and if it weren't for you and your team at Goulet, I would have missed out on a lot of fun. Thank you for that and
    Write on!

  • Thayer

    The blog helped me add silicone grease to my Lamy 2000 without taking it apart.

  • Jed Goodluck

    Since I was in primary school I've always had trouble with my handwriting. My teachers told me I would lose marks when I got to higher year levels as my teachers wouldn't be able to read my handwriting. Unfortunately that turned out to be true to a degree and as such I began writing less and less, preferring instead to type my work up and hand it in that way, avoiding any illegibility. It wasn't till I saw a post online about fountain pens that I even realised the extent to which I had avoided handwriting anything. I began to research some things and stumbled upon Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens and became entranced by the amazing variety of colours of ink, nibs and filling systems. I decided that if I got a nice pen, I had to work on my handwriting and now get compliments on my notes from others! Such a turn around! I haven't looked back. Now where ever I go, I carry at least 2 notebooks and 2 pens. I handwrite as much as possible, journalling, making to-do lists, doodling. Through Ink Nouveau I've become reaquianted with the joy of handwriting, the intricacies of fountain pens and all that entails. I learned how to fill my pens, flush my feeds and straighten tines.

    I'm more organised, enjoy the kind of note taking others find tedious and even find myself finding excuses to break out the pens! Write on! I know I will be!

  • Bence Nagy

    I'm in the fountain pen hobby in a year. In the beginning, I was using a Hero 616 with a cheap and simple blue ink. That was a really great time, but I discovered all the videos and stuff… I learned a LOT, and of course, I have much more ink and even more interesting pens now. I just totally love this passion 🙂

  • HelderCGrande

    I started my hobby in 2011 by buying a Lamy Safari White EF and Black Sheaffer ink. I bought everything in Brazil, so nothing related to the inknouveau blog at first. But when I started to look for information about fountain pens on youtube, the first things found was Brian's videos on how to clean a new Lamy pen, how to swap lamy nibs, and also a video about the Dialog 3. From that, I found the blog and the website. Both had helped me to start my knowledge on fountain pens. FP 101 was my first education in the hobby. Since then I have watched most of the videos, and learned a lot. So, even not been a costumer, the Goulet Pens C. has helped me to grown in this awesome hobby, a hobby that has changed my life for better. Thanks to you guys. Thanks Brian and Rachel.

  • Melissa Rohner

    Hmm…not sure that my original comment actually posted, so forgive me if this is a repeat! I'm not sure what drew me to fountain pens in the first place (it probably has something to do with being a complete office-supplies nerd though…). But once I found Goulet – the shop, the youtube channel, and ink nouveau – I was hooked. I sometimes think I like ordering from Goulet just as much as I like ordering a new pen itself. But I think the true draw here is that behind all the media, I feel like I'm ordering from a solid company with a good ethic. Even a relatively inexpensive pen in the fp community is an investment for me, and I trust that when ordering from Goulet, it will be a good experience. And if something is wrong, I know you guys will make it right. So whether it's taking advice from the blog here, or from your videos, or even buying a new pen, I love that I can feel like I have personal attention from someone I can trust. Thanks guys, y'all are doing things right!

  • Robert Golding

    This blog is my go to resource for any trouble shooting that I need to do. The videos are in depth and informative which has really allowed me to buy fountain pens from the internet which I didn't think was possible!

  • Will D.

    Ink Nouveau was the most useful resource when I started getting into fountain pens and continues to be a very entertaining and interesting means of keeping up with new products and with learning a multitude of neat tips and tricks with the fountain pen hobby. Thanks and keep it coming!

  • Tom Johnson

    Clairfontaine is very good, but I buy Rhodia or Clairfontaine to get the tablet or notebook I want, the difference between them is not enough to switch for me. I'm using CF stationary (notepads & envelopes) and Rhodia #16 dot or line pad. Also, some CF spiral bound notebooks. Noodler's Black was my standby, but their Bad Black Moccasin works as well and dries somewhat quicker, so I use it for writing checks, Midori notebook entries, etc.

  • James Moran

    The blog has helped me learn a lot about the pens, their parts and all their quirks. As someone new to the world of Fountain Pens it's quite over whelming when you see all the pens and different nibs and inks available. The blog really helped me get to grips with all this information very quickly so I understood what i was looking at when i was choosing my pen. Keep up the great work 😀

  • Zinger Laszlo

    Congratulations on 1,000 posts! Your blog has helped me tremendously as my go-to source for all things pen, ink, paper, etc. I don't live near a brick-and-mortar pen shop, and rely on the internet for my "penducation". I've even been on other sites and instead of them going into explaining something, they just say go to Goulet Pens and watch the videos! So, how has it helped me? In the broad sense your information has been so thorough and encompassing, it has just made learning all about pens and writing so much more enjoyable.

    Thanks Brian and Goulet Pens!

  • Kristof De Wilde

    I have been using fountain pens since I have learnt to write and still do for most of my writing, but your blog has helped me learn more about them. The tips on your blog are very useful and the extensive reviews of both pens and inks are extremely informative. They certainly have helped me move on from being a fountain pen user to being a collector.

  • Ben

    I'd been having elbow problems from writing so much. I'd used ballpoint and rollerball pens. I remembered trying a fountain pen when I was younger, and it not needing the pressure to get it to write. Finding information can be tough, and this blog has a lot of information in one place. It's also written in a way that is very approachable; it's not intimidating/snobbish as some luxury type items can be. It's helped me learn about products and techniques for fixing pens that I wouldn't have otherwise known.

  • Benito G

    I remember earlier in life when I was in my teens and had a bad experience, with a "cheap", not "value", fountain pen that I got from an office supply store. It was not a good experience , it felt like a toy and the ink flow wasn't a nice flowing experience. About a decade or better later my interest was peaked with fountain pens but the bad taste from my earlier experience still lingered. Ink Nouveau helped educated me about fountain pens and what the experience could be. Not even a year later I have a collection of multiple pens and inks, as well as almost exclusively using fountain pens in my everyday life. That is how my writing experience has been enhanced by Ink Nouveau.

  • JW

    This is great! I kept meaning to sign up, and have just gotten so busy – now I'lll wait til Nov. (marking it on my calendar!) and look forward to all the future surprises!!

  • Oh. I can't even begin to tell you how Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens has enhanced my writing experience.

    I've always been into pens and writing and after discovering Goulet Pens (via FPN) and then Ink Nouveau, I started learning allllll about the wonderful world of inks. So many pretty colors, so little time!

    It's more than that, though. I've also met many good friends, started my own blog, and writing postcards and letters.

    As I have the pen already, if I win, I will definitely give this one away.

  • Muneeb Chaudhry

    To say that Ink Nouveau and The Goulet Pen Company have enhanced my writing experience would be an understatement. I have appreciated nice rollerball pens and ballpoints for many years. Ever since I was in junior high school and my uncle gave me a Cross ballpoint as a gift – I have been passionate about nice stationary. After many years in the hobby of pens, I was drawn towards fountain pens. I learned everything I know about fountain pens from the Ink Nouveau blog, and the videos. I have only been in the fountain pen hobby for about a year, but fountain pens already outnumber my other pens, and I use them most often. Fountain pens have made a huge difference in life, and it's all thanks to Ink Nouveau, and The Goulet Pen Co. For example… I never used to like taking notes at school, so I'd take pictures of the board with my phone or type my notes. Now I hard write my notes in my university lectures (even if my profs post the complete lecture slides). This has engaged me a lot more, and has improved my learning. I ENJOY NOTE TAKING BECAUSE I ENJOY WRITING NOW… Interestingly, after starting to use fountain pens – my parents are also intrigued, because it reminds them of their school days (many years ago). My dad also told me stories of my grandfather's passion for fountain pens, and the pens (and inks) he liked. This was really cool to learn, because I never got to meet my grandfather, but now I know we would have had a common interest in fountain pens. My collection, and my passion would not have grown to what it is now had it not been for Goulet Pens and Ink Nouveau.

  • Tommy N

    Growing up I found a fountain pen in my grandparents desk. It was gunned up with a paste that used to be ink. Near that time I also noticed some notes in books my grandmother (an English lit teacher) made with a distinctly different ink, these notes looked nothing like the ball point ink notes or pencil notes I made in school. From that day forward I was smitten with fountain pens. I have owned and destroyed several Pilot entry level pens bought at various office supply stores from High School through College. I would use a pen until the cartridge ran out then refill it with the 'calligraphy' ink sold in the same office supply store. Hence the destruction of aforementioned pens, some of which I babied for several years before filing them in the round file. I thought my love of fountain pens was simply a problem of being born a generation too late, until I stumbled upon Ink Nouveau while looking for a local supplier of Leuchturm notebooks. Consider my amazement seeing that not only are there a myriad of fountain pens which are more affordable than a Meisterstuck, but also learning that fountain pens work best with fountain pen ink (duh)! The day after I found Ink Nouveau, I ordered samples of inks. My nearly deceased fountain pen took on a life of its own. It smiled and purred as It glided across the page thanking me for inking it up (after a thorough cleaning aided by the Fountain Pen 101 posts) in genuine fountain pen ink. Brian, Rachel and team, you have moved my fascination with fountain pens to a love. I have also passed this on to at least one of my sons, who devoured the Fountain of Knowledge in less than 2 days.

    Thanks to the renewed interest in fountain pens, I have now become more interested in correcting my wayward penmanship. All because of Ink Nouveau, I can 'Write on!

  • This blog (and by extension, the youtube vids) was one of the first resources I stumbled on after starting with fountain pens roughly a year ago. All of your videos and helpful how-to posts have enabled me to feel confident not just in being a pen user, but in being a pen aficionado and since then I have been empowered to start my own blog! 🙂 Congrats on 1000 posts and keep up the good work!

  • Mike D

    Having a provider like Goulet Pens has been hugely beneficial to allow an FP newbie such as myself to indulge a new passion. I'd never have gotten into this without easy access to ink samples (hard to deal with a $12-$20/bottle only to find out it's not quite as expected)! Additionally, I've made heavy use of the swab and nib tools too! Plus, it's always great to see an entrepreneur start a new business and see it flourish!

    I have historically been a very tech-heavy kind of person and in the last year, through my enjoyment of getting into different inks and pens (my wife has absconded with a couple of them now, so naturally I must buy more to replace them!), has made taking notes at work during meetings so much more enjoyable. I've even considered journaling since I now actually enjoy writing and with my use of various stub nibs (here's looking at you, Prera CM, TWSBI 1.1 and Lamy 1.1) has improved my handwriting dramatically.

  • Thank you for the opportunity! Goulet Q&A/Goulet Pens/Ink Nouveau hav been incredibly helpful for when I got started in fountain pens and I still learn new things every time 🙂 Congratulations on 1,000 and thank you again!

  • Nicole Dobbins

    Ink Nouveau has helped me as an illustrator. I love to use pen and ink for my drawings, as well as for logo design (I'm also a graphic designer) and honestly, trying to figure out what pen and ink option is best for which application is a pretty daunting task and I had no idea where to start. I'd been using dip pens for years because I couldn't commit to such a huge purchase if I wasn't sure it was going to work for the applications I'd need it for, you know? This blog has been fantastic in that. Your videos are amazing!

  • penemuel

    What a wonderful giveaway! Ink Nouveau has taught me a LOT about how to actually take care of my pens — I was one of those folks who had an old Sheaffer pen (the cheap type they used to sell in grocery stores), and just popped one cartridge in after another. I had no clue about actual pen maintenance. Thank you, and congrats on 1000 posts!

  • Rob

    Ink Nouveau was one of the first places I went when I wanted to learn about fountain pens. The great thing about Ink Nouveau is the sheer amount of information that can be found in one place. Purchasing a first fountain pen is difficult but with a few simple searches I was able to find great buying tips and I settled on a pen I still love today (Lamy Safari). Ink Nouveau isn't only for beginners though, as my love for fountain pens and paper progressed I looked to ink nouveau for tons of great tips. Thanks to the blog I've learned how to heat set my Noodler's feed, how to smooth out some toothy old nibs, and all about different pens and ink and their characteristics before making a purchase. Ink Nouveau makes me more comfortable as a buyer and it makes me feel included and welcomed by the Goulet staff. I think that's what makes Goulet Pens special in general, you care about your customers and you show it and that's what will keep me coming back. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful pen — Edison is a brand I've always wanted to try and the material used on this pen is definitely my favorite so far. I hope everyone has a great fall and, as always thank you Goulets!!

  • Randall Payne

    Ink Nouveau introduced me to the wonderful world of fountain pen friendly paper. I tried fountain pens a couple of times, but was always frustrated by the poor paper quality available to me. Thanks for furthering my addiction!

  • Angela Booth

    Ditto. Like JW, I've been meaning to sign up again, and I'll now slate it for November. I love the Ink Drop inks, there's always something new and exciting.

  • BarryNK

    After about at least about 30 years away from fountain pens I rediscovered an old Sheaffer dual tip (F/EF) that I had squirreled away. Researching on line lead me to Ink Nouveau where I discovered a whole world on information on pens, inks, papers, etc. having gone through all the videos with copious notes. It lead to my TWSBI 580, Metro, Rhodia, etc. Learned about ink variation in color, temperament, etc. that I never new existed. Cleaning and maintenance, nib swaps, converters, etc. Shorter question would have been what have I not learned. Thanks for the videos and opportunity to win a beautiful pen …

  • Iris Lin

    I just signed up for the September Ink Drop! This month has been kind of hectic at work so it'll be nice to get something fun in the mail. I have a question about the ink drop member discounts. I know in the past the discounts were a monthly thing, for example the featured inks in that month's shipment would be available at a discount. With the new system will the discounts only be available for that month? Or is it based on when you sign up? For example if I sign up on November 15 is the discount only good from November 1 – 30 or is it good from November 15 – December 15?

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Hey Iris! That's a really good question — from what we understand, the way the new system is setup should allow for you to have the discounts for a month, regardless of when you sign-up. We usually keep the bottles of previous months up for a month or so after to make sure the discounts get taken advantage of.

  • Kathy

    I am so glad I found this! I just found you guys in the last couple weeks and was so excited for Ink Drop and was so sad it kept showing Sold Out! I'm so ready for November now! Bring it on!

  • Heather

    Is it possible (once Ink Drop is back up and running) to purchase a membership as a gift for someone else??