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Lamy Studio 2014 Special Edition Wild Rubin Overview

Video Overview:
  • Features - (0:39)
  • Color and Finish (1:55)
  • Comparisons to other pens- (2:41)
  • Inking it up - (4:47)
  • How it writes - (5:55)
  • Conclusion - (8:57)

Every year Lamy comes out with a special edition pen of some sort, and it’s been since 2012 that Lamy has chosen the Studio as their special pen. At GouletPens.com we recently announced that the 2014 SE Studio is called Wild Rubin, and will be available come mid-October (in the US at least), so we’ve been told. The way Lamy works with their special edition pens is that they make an undisclosed number of pens in a single batch, ship them out worldwide to their distributors, and then discontinue them. It’s uncertain exactly how long they’ll last, but usually it ends up being around a year or so, give or take a few months.

Lamy was kind enough to send us a sample pen for a very brief period, and we were able to shoot some pics and put together a video showing this hot new color. Thank you so much!

Wild Rubin is a bright red with a slight hint of pink, different from the Royal Red Studio from two years ago. Even though that pen was called Royal Red and was quite beautiful, it really had more of an orange tone to it. The Wild Rubin has much more of the bright red that I think I was anticipating by the name Royal Red. Color difference aside, the finish itself is worth talking about because it is different. All of the regularly offered Lamy Studios as well as the Royal Red have a satin metal (anodized) finish to it. The Wild Rubin is glossier, and has some kind of lacquer coating (I’m assuming) that is more comparable to the Pearl White Studio from 2007, not that you’re probably all that familiar with that!

Lamy Studio Royal Red (left), Lamy Studio Wild Rubin (middle), Lamy Safari Red (right)

Lamy’s doing a couple of cool things with this release, the first is an offering of either a steel or 14k gold nib with the Wild Rubin. As far as I’m aware, Lamy’s been putting 14k gold nibs on their special edition Studios, not offering them with steel nibs. But there will be an option for either, with a price difference, of course. The steel nibs are the same as what’s on the Safari, Al-Star, Vista, ABC, Logo, and certain colors of the Studio. The 14k Lamy nibs are only available on this pen, the Palladium Studio and Platinum Grey Studio. They’re very smooth, springy, and write quite wet.

Wild Rubin will be available in stainless steel or 14k gold nib (pictured)

The steel nib version lists for $99 (we’ll have it for $79.20) and the 14k version will list for $219 (we’ll have it for $175.20) in a nice gift box with a bottle of ink.  The stainless steel nibs will be shipping in the normal Studio box without ink. 

Lamy Studio Wild Rubin 14k nib in gift box

I’m excited to see these pens come in, which is mid-October at this point. If you’d like to be notified as soon as they’re available, be sure to sign up for the email notification on GouletPens.com here. If you have any questions or comments about the Wild Rubin, I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. Candy Apple Red! It's a lovely pen...I just wish it didn't have the shiny chrome metal grip section. That's a show-stopper for me. I prefer something that's not going to be slippery and uncomfortable to hold in my sweaty hands!

  2. Thanks for the video, Brian! I'm really looking forward to this one! Red's my favorite color, and now I am much less sad about missing out on the Royal Red one!

  3. The Wild Rubin will be joining my Royal Red! I have to admit that I do like the shade of red a bit better, though the velvety red of the Royal is gorgeous, too.

  4. I hear ya, I'm a sweaty-handed guy myself. I like the Studio for quick notes, but can't hold it more than a few minutes at a time b/c of the slick grip. But the color is sweet :)

  5. nice! :) The Royal Red really seems orange compared to this one, so you'll probably like this one more anyway...

  6. I'm with ya. In a perfect world, I would have wanted the matte finish of the Royal Red with the same color of the Wild Rubin, but ya can't always have it all ;) One of my favorite Lamy pens is the SE Al-Star from a couple of years ago, the Ruby Red. It has that matte red look to it, and it's awesome.

  7. What ink would be a good match for the wil rubin?


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