Monday Matchup #12: Platinum Plaisir in Violet and Kaweco Summer Purple

It’s finally September, people! This week, we’ve coupled the Platinum Plaisir in Violet with a medium nib, with Kaweco Summer Purple fountain pen ink. This pair makes a lovely dusty purple combo that could help make a smooth transition into the fall. The Plaisir is a perfect daily carry pen: light, reliable, smooth nib — perfect for making to-do lists and taking notes. With the Kaweco Summer Purple ink, you get a pop of color that isn’t too overpowering for your day-to-day writing tasks. It’s a subtle and practical pair.

Caitlin took some time using the Platinum Plaisir and a brush pen to create this week’s artwork.
Alex R. provided the writing sample.

What’s your match today? What are your thoughts on this week’s match? Let us know!
Happy Monday 🙂

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  • TJ

    Beautiful art, beautiful writing, wonderful poem. This ink rocks. Should make anyone’s Monday brighter! Thanks Caitlin and Alex.

    • Alex at Goulet Pens

      Thanks, TJ 🙂 We’re glad we could make your Monday a little better!

  • TJ

    Beautiful art, beautiful writing, wonderful poem. This ink rocks. Should make anyone's Monday brighter! Thanks Caitlin and Alex.

  • mathsnail

    Take me out of the contest… I just bought the pen! Oops 🙂

  • Joe Z

    Thank you Brian and Rachel for all the time and love you have put into this and congratulations on post 1000. Not only have your videos and posts helped me to love pens even more, but also to discover the joys of ink variety and nice paper. More importantly, your videos have helped me learn to relax and just allow myself to play – writing without stress because I am armed with great information has been a bigger boost to my writing than anything else ever has.

  • Dustin B

    Ink Nouveau has helped me over the past few months come up to speed with what fountain pens are all about: what is important, what depends on my own tastes and just learning the basics such as how to clean, assemble and change inks in my own fountain pen.

    You guys rock!

  • Rebecca Wells Topol

    Ink Nouveau shows great new pens, great combos of ink and pens to try and has great advice!

  • Pat

    Ink Nouveau helped rekindle my interest in fountain pens. I'd let the hobby fade when I couldn't get easy, straightforward advice on pens. But Ink Nouveau's videos make everything easy again and ignited my passion for fountain pens once more.

  • Cody H

    Ink Nouveau has shown me that there is more to writing than a Papermate ballpoint and that there are tools (fountain pens) that can make it enjoyable. Another part that I really enjoy is that there is an entire community that makes this hobby welcoming and more than just using a fancy pen to write. It definitely made me more passionate about pens than I would have otherwise.

  • Soren

    Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience quite a bit! I just got into fountain pens two weeks ago, and I've watched a LOT of your videos and read some of your blog posts as well. You've definitely helped me get the basics down!

  • Rich S

    I was a total newbie when I first started watching the fountain pen 101 videos over two years ago. I now own (ahem) over 40 pens and I maintain them with confidence. Finally, Ink Nouveau showed me a way to write lower-case 'f' that still freaks me out every time I see it!

  • Robert Bisnett

    So Brian, you've mentioned many times how big your hands are. How about some stats here? Mine are 8.5" wrist-to-middle-finger and I have a 10" hand span (pinkie-to-thumb with hand spread). I don't have many pens, but my Lamy Vista is pretty small for my hands, and my Noodler's Ahab is a bit short without the cap posted, and to me it's not particularly postable in any case.

  • Bruce Sinn-Brown

    Like many, I'm sure, Ink Nouveau and The Goulet Pen Company for that matter was what got me to immerse myself into the Fountain Pen Community. I look forward to watching every week and also your Communique to see what's coming out. Almost all of my knowledge has come from your videos, and if not yours, ones you have recommended. You and your team are known for going above and beyond for our community and I know I'm not the only who has noticed.

    Extremely well done, and thank you very much for that you do!

  • Indira

    Not too long ago I was drifting alone when it came to fountain pens. They looked neat and I really wanted to experience what fountain pens were all about. I ended up with a couple of pretty expensive pens that were just not working for me. I was just about to give up on the fantasy of ever writing with a fountain pen when I found the 101 videos. I like the simplicity of the series as well as the progression. I've been watching and following along ever since. Ink Nouveau has allowed me to experience fountain pens, ink, paper, and so much more in a very sincere and fun approach previously reserved to only specialty store visits. The knowledge I've gained has also given me a better understanding of why my first pens were just not a good match for me. So, thanks for all the information and write on!

  • Taike

    Most recently, this blog has been helpful in trying out different types of paper. It really makes a world of difference. Beyond that, I've learned tons about inks and the value of entry-level pens. Thanks and congrats on 1K.

  • Stephanie

    I'm relieved to hear that someone else has rapidly collected FPs in such a short amount of time. My collection has grown quickly too – and I've only been into the hobby for less than a year!

  • I took 2 yrs of short-hand classes in high school and was using fountain pens all the time. After school I continued using them but at one point started a family and did not really have time to play with my fountain pens. In the 90s my husband gave me a Mont Blanc fountain pen but I thought it was too pretty to use. The other day I found it and decided to go back to my love of using and collecting fountain pens. I saw your videos, placed my first order with you and now will play with different ink and colors. Also bought different notebooks. They are more cool than when I was young. We have so many more choices now for paper. I decided to start collecting fountain pens again because they always fascinated me. I don't know anyone that shares the same passion as me so this online community is wonderful. Thanks for your videos, I am learning a lot.

  • Mark VDR

    Ink Nouveau has enhanced my writing experience in many ways that I sort into three categories. First, it has increased my knowledge about the pens that I have, enabling me to clean them better, perfect my technique, repair (and somewhat restore) my stuff, and all around take better care of what I own. It's also served as a knowledge base for materials that I don't own, informing my next purchase so that it is the best fit for my intended purpose. Finally, (and perhaps most importantly) it gives me a great sense of the FP community that makes me feel like a part of a larger group, rather than just the oddball who uses old pens.

  • Jim


  • Mine's about 8" wrist-to-middle-finger, and about 10" pinkie-to-thumb! The Vista is okay for me in short bursts, but is too small at the grip for long writing sessions for me. I find rather large pens to be quite comfortable 🙂

  • wow, that is a collection! Haha, are you weirded out by my f's?

  • that's awesome! so so glad I can help. You can benefit from my 5 years of full time+ dedication to learning about FP's.

  • the community is what initially drew me in to the fountain pen thing, that and the ink 🙂

  • sweet…I try to make the info here 'easy'. some of the stuff I cover is rather complicated to figure out, but I always try to put it forward in a way that is easy to understand.

  • 🙂 thanks, Rebecca!

  • Thanks Dustin!

  • Just playing is the best part about all this, Joe! That's what's so great about FP's, they're a utility but also just really fun to use for the sake of their own enjoyment.

  • That's awesome, Karan! You've been following my stuff for a while, haven't you?

  • Thank you! Right now I'm working with Jenni (my new videographer) on a sweet new camera setup that'll really kick my videos up a few notches. You thought I was pumped before? Just you wait.

  • You don't have to, that's true! Some of my favorite pens are my cheapest. But then some are my most expensive. And some are in the middle 🙂 Haha, I just love them all! Thanks for the compliments, Bill 🙂

  • That's awesome. Paperless is cool for certain things, I'm all about filing my taxes and paying utility bills electronically! But when it comes to things I WANT to write, well, then I'm gonna write with a fountain pen 🙂 Aw, that's great about your 7-year old! Mine are 2.5 and 4.5 and it's encouraging to see how much kids love to write…if they're introduced to it! You're raising yours right, Lily 😉

  • That's great. I know I haven't gone way too in-depth on a lot of paper lately, time has been short and there's a lot to get into with it. But so glad you're getting what you need.

  • Gosh, those 101 videos are probably the best thing I've ever put together. They were pretty well thought-through, but even now I look back at them (over 2 years old now) and would love to redo them sometime!

  • Thanks Bruce! That's awesome, and I'm honored that you're so dedicated to reading/viewing what we're putting out. I'll make sure we keep living up to our own reputation.

  • Yani

    Ink Nouveau has greatly enhanced my writing experience, although drained my pockets, by allowing me to become more absorbed and engaged with the fountain pen community. While I say that it has drained my pockets, it has probably also saved me twice that much by granting me so much useful knowledge about various products, inks, pens, and useful techniques that have guided me towards many educated purchases, ultimately avoiding what I may not like. Thank you for your effort! It is much appreciated!

  • Dylan Hoffman

    Ink Nouveau has improved my writing experience by providing me with the ample amount of knowledge to use my pens. I am getting more involved with the hobby as I am still fairly new, and I'm trying to get all the information I can. Ink nouveau has been a great tool to help me pick out what pens to get for the school related tasks they will be put up to.

  • Cindy Wheeler

    Ink Nouveau is great for fountain pen newbies (me) and I have already learned so much. I feel confident when I clean my pens and fill the converters with ink. You kill me with the art and ink samples, though. I want them all!
    I keep notes (Clairefontaine ♥) when I talk to people on the phone (for work) and my notes are now much neater and prettier. And will be amazing as soon as I get the Coral Lamy Safari and the Pilot Metro Violet Leopard with color coordinated inks I'm ordering from 🙂
    Congrats on the 1000th blog post and thanks for all of the info!

  • Robert Bisnett

    Totally agree on the Vista. Knowing your hand size, I can now more effectively gauge the size of the pens in your paws, and will know that they look only slightly smaller in mine!

  • EveryPenny

    I think this blog has most impacted my life by distracting me from things I need to do that aren't nearly as entertaining as inks and pens, lol! I know, not very inspiring but true all the same. I love the featured artwork and writing samples too, as it puts the focus of all these fun writing tools where it really belongs.

  • Indira

    Really nice showcase of this combination.

  • Indira

    Really nice showcase of this combination.

  • TheSnowKing

    Ink Nouveau is a great resource for noobies and professionals alike. Whenever I need to know something a quick look on Ink Nouveau does the trick 🙂 Especially when I am having a problem with pens or need to know which notebook has the best paper. Another plus is that it is run by an AMAZING fellow pen addict. I really think it is a huge resource and it is my number one place to go for info on pens paper and inks.

  • Rich S

    Uh, yeah (in a good-natured way!). I learned to close the bottom loop about half a line lower than you do. My guess is that if you compare your script with others in your team, you will find that your method is, let's say, unorthodox. Write on, and embrace your freaky 'f's!

  • DavidJax

    Ink Nouveau has improved my writing experience literally by turning me on to better paper and some fine inks. More generally, this blog typifies to me what is good about the Internet, namely, the free flow of excellent information. I found your blog by accident searching for information and check in weekly now. In a weird way it also provides a focus for a community that I did not realize existed. I have puttered around with fountain pens on and off for years but now realize I am not alone in my interest (obsession?) Far from it. Thanks for all the videos, Brian — here is hoping for 1,000 more!

  • Taike

    Now I'm torn… I'd love to learn easy ways to judge whether paper is FP friendly or not (look, feel, other?). But the question I'm most curious about is the chemical and/or behavioral properties of wet vs dry inks. I read somewhere that wet inks coat the walls of the ink reservoir whereas dry inks tend to bead. Are there any other ways to predict ink characteristics before you write with it?

  • Zabz

    Ink Nouveau is where I got my start in fountain pens. It is an amazing wealth of knowledge, the biggest conglomerate to read at a leisurely pace on the internet. If you had told me 3 years ago that I would care so much for the "writing experience" I would not believe you one bit, but now I bring a fountain pen with me everywhere, and have converted a few other ballpoint users as well. This blog is perfect for someone within the pen hobby to keep a check on the pulse of the community, manufacturer and hobbyist alike.

  • Otter

    Purple’s one of my favorite colors for ink or pen, so I’m a fan of this pairing. Love the artwork and the quote (great choice on Maya)! Thank you Caitlin and Alex. 🙂

    • Alex at Goulet Pens

      Glad you approve, Otter 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Otter

    Purple's one of my favorite colors for ink or pen, so I'm a fan of this pairing. Love the artwork and the quote (great choice on Maya)! Thank you Caitlin and Alex. 🙂

  • Angela Booth

    Love violet and purple inks and pens; I’ve just added these to my “want” list. Pinned. 🙂

    • Alex at Goulet Pens

      Glad you’re into purple 🙂 This ink definitely surprised me! Hope you are able to try them both out soon.

  • Angela Booth

    Love violet and purple inks and pens; I've just added these to my "want" list. Pinned. 🙂

  • Dominik

    Although I read the blog for about a year now, I never posted a comment. But it is never too late, right?
    I am relatively new to fountain pens, two years ago I bought my Waterman Expert 3 and this is one of my only two pens, the other one is a Lamy Logo which I got from my mother to write my final exams in school, about eight years ago. But before I started reading the blog, I would not have called fountain pens a 'hobby' for me.
    Now a lot happened in my life in the past twelve months. I finished my Master's degree in mathematics and didn't know what to do after that. I started searching for interesting jobs, but nothing seemed to be interesting to me, and after four months, I decided to get back to mathematics and start a PhD. I had to move to another city to do that, and because of that, my girlfriend left me. That was really hard, and after I had moved to the other city, even all my friends were so far away.
    BUT: I thought to myself, I had to find more hobbies and things which I have fun with. And so I read the whole blog, learned much about pens from it and especially I got very motivated to improve my penmanship! So after all the bad things I even had a good time.

    This is how Ink Nouveau has enhanced not only my writing experience, but also my whole life experience in the past months.

    Thank you very much, Ink Nouveau! 🙂

  • Jennifer Reyes

    Love it! Glad I got a sample of this recently!

    • Alex at Goulet Pens

      You just already knew how great it was huh? 😉

      • Jennifer Reyes

        Of course! It’s because it’s the color purple! Goulet pens has great taste! (*wink Rachel)

  • Jennifer Reyes

    Love it! Glad I got a sample of this recently!

  • Ross

    InkNouveau is my first port of call for any information on fountain pens. I found the videos to be extremely clear and informative, but the blog itself also adds fantastic information in textual form. I also find the organisation of the site to be useful, and I have found many (much) older blog posts that have been related to my current concern quite easily. Overall, I have found that was both an entry point into the hobby and one of my biggest points of contact with the fountain pen community.

  • Mailinn

    Ink Nouveau has been instrumental in my fountain pen education, and is my go-to resource. I just submitted my fourth order to Goulet Pens and I'm in high anticipation for the arrival of my first gold nib! After much deliberation, I chose a Pilot VP 18k gold fine nib in black on black. Can't wait!!!

  • Maeli

    I've only come back to fountain pens in the last six months or so (after using one for several years back in the High School/College era, and Ink Noveau has been a great way to reengage with the hobby. My work requires a lot of document markup and my office provides terrible quality ball point pens as the default writing instrument. As I often tell co-workers who ask about my pens, "I may not enjoy what I'm writing down, but at least I can enjoy the act of writing it!". Thanks Bryan (and the other folks behind the scenes at Goulet Pens) for putting so much time and effort into the blog – getting to watch it is a weekly highlight of my workweek!

  • rroebuck

    Ink Nouveau helped me decide which pen I wanted to purchase. I wanted a pen that had interchangeable nibs for drawing and calligraphy and after reading the reviews and watching Brian's videos, I knew the TWSBI Mini was for me! Couldn't be happier with my choice!

  • Scott

    Ink Nouveau has helped my writing experience in many ways but mostly through opening my eyes to massive range of pens, inks and papers that are available.

    About five years ago I picked up a Lamy Safari and some black ink cartridges because blue looked wrong but fell out of using it. A year I came across the Ink Nouveau blog post on Life Unplugged notebooks when looking for pocket notebooks and a few clicks so the rest of the archive and the rest as they say is history. In fact the Q and A videos are almost appointment viewing for my Friday nights. I now enjoy a wide range of colours, including some blues, I can pull apart my TWSBI _and_ put it back together, and most importantly enjoy the mechanics of writing again and almost all of that comes from Ink Nouveau directly of from people I only heard of through Ink Nouveau. Thank you guys, keep up the great work and write on.

  • Colton McAfee

    I am currently a senior in High school and a am what you call a "newbie" I got my start with a parker IM that i actually FOUND at school! no one said it was theirs so I kept it and tried to figure it out. But unfortunately it had lots of nib problems, bad flow, scratchy nib all the bad things you can imagine. But I started researching fountain pens and started by getting decent paper. I got a Leuchtturm dotted notebook and by christmas I had my very own Pilot Metropolitan! I finally was sold of fountain pens. I have recently added the plumix and penmanship from pilot so i could experience different nibs on the cheap. these pens have become my daily cary at school and i keep them in my satchel at all times. With my budget, I can't afford nice expensive pens but I have had my eyes set on a few, this being one of them! I would be stoked to win this pen, but I know that it will find a good home with whoever gets it!

  • SevenGhosts

    The greatest help ink nouveau has given me is in regards to picking out ink. Being pattern colourblind and mildly regular colourblind means that I tend to lose out on the intricacies of certain inks, especially when viewing them online. The way that you guys present and explain the inks lets me get a sense of the ink's concept and when viewed on a computer screen I can see the true colour of the ink. Frankly, it lets me branch out from straight blacks and reds. Thanks.

  • Bart Hamilton

    Ink Nouveau has helped me by allowing me to read all of the questions and answers. I found that I had the same questions many others did, and they were always answered. In addition, I read other questions I hadn't even thought about. Ink Nouveau has raised my awareness and my knowledge about fountain pens to new heights!

  • Ruth Simon

    I'm a long-time fountain pen fan but a fairly new follower of your blog. That said, your blog has been a terrific source of tips and suggestions. I thought I knew a bit about pens, but reading your posts has helped me make better choices when shopping for pens, inks, and paper. Those more-informed choices mean that sitting down to work on a poem or my novel is a better experience because my tools better fit my needs.

  • Myra Love

    I am a long-time fountain pen addict, er, user, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. You have encouraged me to try inks I never would have tried if you hadn't written about them. Most of them have become a regular part of my ink rotation. (Of course, now I have to find more storage space for all my inks.)

    So thank you, Brian and Rachel, for making my life more corlorful!

  • Jon

    The Ink Nouveau Blog has provided a lot of information useful to me, especially about inks and papers. It also adds to the sense of fountain pen community, which is important.

  • Colby Brunson

    The Ink Nouveau blog has helped take me from a person that has never even seen a fountain pen in person to a person that now refuses to write with a ballpoint/roller ball unless I'm writing on carbon paper. I found your YouTube videos December of 2013 and now watch every single one you post. Watching your videos have shown me everything I've needed to know from cleaning to filling and what all the differences are and can be with using a fountain pen. Thank you for showing me there is more to life than a boring ballpoint.

  • Clay

    Your pen comparisons e.g. TWSBI models have been extremely helpful in helping me decide on pen purchases!

  • Michael Bradley

    I enjoy the commentary on different inks, this helps me spend money wisely.

  • Aleks Gutiérrez

    Congrats on your 1000th blog post!!!! ;D thanx to y'all I've become a "Tootsie Pop" addict haha cheers to another 10K posts. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

  • Greg

    The Ink Nouveau site is a great resource for the fountain pen community. Thanks!

  • I think I've appreciated most the tips and tricks that you bring to us, and that others share here as well. I'm sure some people wonder why there's an ear syringe with multiple colored stains on it in my kitchen…

  • Chris Long

    Wow, what a great chance to win a beautiful pen, thank you! I've really enjoyed the blog because it introduces me to new things that I may not have considered before. I recently used this site to learn more about the Midori notebooks and currently have a passport size version in transit from you. But that is just the start, I just love learning about new things from ink to pens to paper and it's just been incredibly helpful. Thanks!

  • Pamela Keown

    Ink Nouveau has taught me about fountain pens that use bottled ink and the joys of all those beautiful inks. You show me how to clean my pens. And what to look for in papers. Thank you Rachel & Brian! Sure hope my number comes up when you pick the comment to win the Edison Autumn Harvest pen.

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    You just already knew how great it was huh? 😉

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Glad you're into purple 🙂 This ink definitely surprised me! Hope you are able to try them both out soon.

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Glad you approve, Otter 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Thanks, TJ 🙂 We're glad we could make your Monday a little better!

  • David

    Growing up and while in school I never liked writing. I had terrible penmanship and avoided writing stuff down if I could. I stumbled across ink nouveau one day and discovered that writing doesn't have to be a chore, it can be pleasurable. I now work in software, so I use a keyboard for most of the day, but now I no longer dread writing things by hand and enjoy the act of writing with finer instruments.

  • Bill Lisse

    The Ink Nouveau blog has helped me choose the right pens, ink and paper to enhance my writing experience. The insights have been great because I love the experience of using fountain pens and am glad to have the experience of seeing other people's love of writing.

  • Bryan Baltz

    Ink Nouveau has helped in many ways. Your blog and youtube series has exposed me to pen, ink, and paper options I was not previously aware of. Furthermore, Ink Nouveau has helped clarify the intended/appropriate uses of various products which then allowed me to better understand if certain products were proper for the application I intended to use them for. Lastly, I think Ink Nouveau has helped the fountain pen community in general by creating an inviting, informative, passionate environment that not only bolsters current enthusiasts but also fosters new enthusiasts.

  • Corinne

    Nobody I know uses fountain pens. How do you learn about fountain pens? How do you learn about ink? How do you learn about paper?

    YOU HUSTLE OVER TO THE INK NOUVEAU BLOG and find out the answers you're looking for. Always!

  • Selene

    Ink Nouveau is just plain awesome! The Goulets? Amazing people, dedicated and passionate about what they do. And it shows, in ALL that they do. I used to love watching Write Time – Brian and Rachel just having a blast and everyone enjoying themselves along with them. It was informative and fun! I cannot tell you how excited I get when it's GouletQ&A time. It's become my weekly thing. I don't even watch television shows that regularly, so you must be doing something right 😉 Seriously though, you guys are doing a great job with providing us with good, useful information, and honest opinions and entertaining the heck out of us! Keep up the amazing job of being so entertaining and informative and write on! 😀

  • Inner Prop

    If not for Ink Nouveau and Goulet Pens I would not be writing with a fountain pen at all.

    I got my first FP this last Christmas, a Lamy AL-Star which I could not get to work correctly at all. Following the instructions here I learned to clean it out and now it is my daily pen.

    The Lamy tag-teams with my Baoer. I had no ink and knew nothing about ink or inking a pen until I came here. I bought a sample pack of Bright Blue and now I use that pen all the time.

  • Shawn DiBlasi

    I grew up as the only lefty I knew. My teachers were never able to help me with my handwriting lessons, and I always struggled to make my handwriting even legible, let alone "pretty". Last year, my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I surprised her with "A fountain pen!" Once I received it, I realized there was a lot I didn't know about this new part of life. A quick search on YouTube quickly lead my to Brian Goulet and Ink Nouveau. I was lucky to find out that a new series of video posts was just beginning, "Goulet Q&A". I've watched every episode, gained a passion (obsession?) for fountain pens and penmanship and even my family and friends have begun to mention how much better my handwriting has begun. I feel like I'm really starting to communicate more fully with my writing now that people don't have to look past the poorly formed letters and lines to attempt to read what I have written. It has truly changed my life for the better. Thanks to Brian and all the rest of the team!

  • Steve

    This blog has helped me think about various pen topics from the perspective of new enthusiasts and those who want to expand their repertoire. Having returned to using fountain pens recently, it's nice to process these ideas as starting points for my own investigations and acquisitions. 🙂

  • Eirik

    For me, Ink Nouveau has been a great tool for learning about fountain pens. I hope I'm not alone in this, but when I watched the fountain pen 101 series and read the other posts here I learned I wasn't caring for my pens correctly. This site also helped me get over my reluctance to tinker with pens. I'm glad you all continue doing what you do and look forward to many more posts. Congratulations.

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Gilmore Girls is my FAVORITE show. I watch the whole series at least once a year 🙂 I'm not ashamed! haha

  • When I first got into fountain pens, I quickly became frustrated because everything would smear all the time (left handed writer here). You helped me figure out what kind of paper I should be using and now fountain pens are an absolute pleasure to use.

  • Dale Snow

    For me the beauty of reading Ink Nouveau is in learning what questions to ask; even topics that seem pretty esoteric often turn out to have a direct bearing on increasing my knowledge about and enjoyment of fountain pens. For example, a chance reference to "brass sheets" led to a inexpensive purchase that brought my favorite pen back from the grave. Knowledge truly is power! Thanks you for all the great information you provide.

  • Kevin Morrison

    Your blog has helped me enter the world of fountain pens, and how to take care of them. In my day to day work I write on average of 10 pages of legal documents. Your blogs helped me find a solution to hand fatigue, and opened up the door of doodling.

  • Nick Rutledge

    Ink Nouveau for me is really all about connecting with other people that share my interest. I love the little anachronisms of life and that includes fountain pens, which is a hobby few of my friends understand or appreciate. This place is a space where I can learn about something I really care about and connect with other people that love the same things that I do. I dig it. Write on!

  • Danny Rolph

    Ink Nouveau has helped me have a smoother, better flowing writing experience. With the tutorials on micro-mesh and brass nib flossing.

  • Susan J

    I really appreciate all the time and energy you all have put into Ink Nouveau – it has taught me more about pens, ink and paper than I ever knew existed, as well as how to clean and care for my pens, plus introduced me to some new acquisitions. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and fanning the interest in fountain pens for so many folks!

  • Ink Nouveau has helped me with its plentiful Ink reviews. This allows me to find the perfect non standard color ink for my everyday writing pleasure.

  • benwfey

    Ink Nouveau has helped my writing experience by giving me the confidence to adjust and tune my fountain pens in order to make the pen the best it can be. This blog has given me the ability to not be satisfied with poor writing experiences no matter the price of the pen ($15 or $160).

  • Judith from Arcata, CA

    I came to Goulet Pens from the arts community after a lifetime of being told that using permanent ink in a fountain pen was an impossibility. Dip pens are not conducive to everyday writing and were becoming less so for drawing. At the Goulet Pen Company's shop I found permanent inks. Through the Ink Nouveau blog I learned the nuts & bolts, the variability and the possibilities of pens and inks in a price range I could afford to experiment in. And, I learned about paper. The outcome? I seem to have learned the joy of writing as well. I might be writing as much as I am drawing nowadays – like my daily entries in a journal that have moved off the computer onto a lovely bound notebook via pen and ink. Each one learned about on Ink Nouveau and purchased through Goulet Pens.

  • Lesley L

    I have always used fountain pens and have enjoyed not only buying from your company but using it as a reference for inks, pens and nibs. Ink Nouveau blog has enabled me to not only have a face to put to the company, but someone we can ask questions of that we know uses the products and who understands our needs. Most importantly you are extremely approachable and that means a lot especially when we feel silly about asking these questions anyway.

  • Dennis D.

    Ink Nouveau has really helped me in two ways; (1) when I was starting, the "Fountain Pen 101" proved to be invaluable for a beginner. and (2) by keeping the interest alive. The mixed content; written and visual (couple of audio in the beginning) helped a lot. Although I've grown in this hobby, still often play the videos on the background, that way I learn at least one thing new each week.

    Appreciate that Brian sticked to the video Q&A (and adding the write up later on) even though there were some resistance at the beginning 🙂

  • Andrea W

    Its has allowed me to try so many amazing colors at an affordable rate!

  • It taught me how to convert a pen to an eye dropper – what great fun that is!

  • karawexler

    I've learned so many great tips and tricks – and also that I'm not alone in what some people consider a "weird" hobby

  • Matthew Newell

    I began watching Ink Nouveau videos back in the days of "the essence of writing passion." Whether cheesy or not, that's been my experience with the blog as a whole. It began with the notebook reviews–deciding on the best premium journal with the perfect shade of off-whiteness, the perfect degree of line ruling, the perfect thickness of paper and binding. Then, when I thought about trying out fountain pens from the same blog, it introduced me to the smoothest, and most enjoyable, writing experience IN those journals (though it certainly involves more work!)

    Though I've been at this so long that basic things like filling a pen, or cleaning a pen, or switching a nib are easy tasks, there was a time that they weren't easy; indeed, they were so intimidating that I'd never bother starting a craft like this. Thank you, Ink Nouveau, for making all of this knowledge available to the public.

  • nikhil seenivas

    Although I had been using FPs from my 6th grade(India),I bought a lamy vista and started to learn more about FPs.your website vids and reviews were very helpful along with that of sbre brown's your website was an eye opener to me. Thank you very much!!!!

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    Ink Nouveau has done a fantastic job of showing me what is best to compliment my writing experience. Everyone is different and the Goulet team makes the extra effort to not only provide the materials for the best writing but also educates on how to use them. Since I have bought from the store I have been working on improving my handwriting and am constantly getting compliments on it. Thanks to obtaining a good pen and the knowledge to use it best, my writing experience has been greatly enhanced.

  • M. C. van Wijk

    Thanks to the Ink Nouveau blog I've learned that there is a better way to fill up my fountain pen than with the standard cartridges. I always was scared that I would stumble upon more leaks and spills. The contra-dictionary has been proven, and therefore I want to thank you.
    This blog and your website, have started to reawaken the flame of writing with my old fountain pen, as well as with new ones. This is starting to cost me some saved up money, but on the other hand is giving me so much joy that I'm leaving my PC a lot just to write senseless stories.
    I hope you will keep up the good work, and keep motivating to write instead of type.

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    I started watching ink nouveau and goulet pens last year, it was what got me into fountain pens… If I didn't stumble onto your videos I would still be using a bid ball point pen in school ( I'm 17) my first pen was a cross atx used from eBay and I got the lamy vista last year before Xmas, I am greatful for every thing Brian and the company has done and think the likes of people like you are keeping you fountain pen community alive…. Thanks for everything, and let's keep writing with hand and not give in to ballpoint pens or the keyboard!!!!?

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  • Alex Lycan

    After seeing a Reddit post about "What is something you always by more expensive?", someone mentioned /r/fountainpens and specifically your website and blog. Ended up reading half of the posts you made here on Ink Nouveau while I was getting engrossed in the hobby. That was almost 2 years ago and you're still my first choice for fountain pen information!

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  • Is the nib and fin assembly that is in the Platinum Plaisir Violet pen the same as what is in the refillable Preppy? They look gosh-darn close to the same thing! Just curious 🙂

    • Alex at Goulet Pens

      Good eye! They are indeed 🙂

  • Dustin B

    Is the nib and fin assembly that is in the Platinum Plaisir Violet pen the same as what is in the refillable Preppy? They look gosh-darn close to the same thing! Just curious 🙂

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Good eye! They are indeed 🙂

  • Jennifer Reyes

    Of course! It's because it's the color purple! Goulet pens has great taste! (*wink Rachel)

  • mlee

    Love this match up, but I gotta ask – what’s the other pen that’s pictured?

  • mlee

    Love this match up, but I gotta ask – what's the other pen that's pictured?

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    It's a Noodler's Brush pen! Found in some of their 4.5 oz bottles but we also sell some that are made of a different material:

  • mlee

    thanks for the info!