Sneak Peek: Pilot Vanishing Point in Copper (2014 LE)

This year’s limited edition Pilot Vanishing Point is nearly upon us. For 2014, it features a copper colored barrel with rhodium accents. It’s a bit difficult to tell from these pictures exactly how dark the copper color is, but we’ll get our hands on one in person soon enough to show it off!

It comes with a CON-50 converter and a 18k rhodium-plated medium nib, though you can purchase separate VP nib units to swap it out for another size if you so desire. It comes in a special white box with copper lettering to match the pen.

There will be 2014 total pens produced worldwide, and each pen has a unique serial number engraved. Full MSRP is $240, though we’ll be offering it for $192. We’ve managed to procure a good number, but we don’t expect them to last forever! Expected arrival date is sometime next week (late September/early October).

What do you think of this year’s color?

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  • Absolutely love it. I've been buying too many pens lately, but I think this one is going to be a must have anyway…

  • EKE

    That's simply stunning. Must….have…one….

  • Angela Booth

    Oh — totally lovely. Must not look… I've already assigned my pen budget. But on the other hand. I hate temptation.

  • Scattered

    I think it's a stunning color, but I'm just not a fan of this current VP style. I find it too girthy and slick to hold comfortably and the clip too large and in the way. Wish they'd do a "new" version using the style and sizing of the previous faceted Namiki version.

  • Ashley Shell

    Yup.This is on my wishlist. I have a Vanishing point already. Then you bring out Copper… my favorite color (Copper, Burnt Orange, etc). A little out of my price range, but maybe I can make it work. Do you think you will have some in stock around November 14th? I could probably easily talk the hubby into making it a Birthday present 🙂

  • Twoznek

    Gorgeous pen.

  • Scott Rogers

    Goodness, just the thought of this with Diamine Ancient Copper ink is almost making me drool!

  • thebitterfig

    The Decimo models are a bit skinnier and the clip looks a little thinner too, but no doubt it still depends a lot on how an individual holds their pens.

  • Tom Johnson

    This is the most I've ever been temped by any limited edition pen. And, I have a Pilot Vanishing Point from 15 years ago, but this color is outstanding. I may have to weaken. Scott, you are right, Ancient Copper is an awesome match (and I have a bottle). Maybe we'll see both in a Monday Matchup after the pens come in. And, I just got in a B nib assembly and an F nib assembly for my VP. Was it meant to be? Would love to see this color on the Pilot Metal Falcon.

  • musicmaven

    That's so funny. On Monday I matched up a Platinum Cool in Crystal Blue, medium nib, with good old Noodler's Blue. I also happened to order the Platinum Balance in Blue along with a bottle of Noodler's 54th Massachusetts that coincidentally shipped on Monday. Looks like it was a blue Monday all around (in a good way!).

  • MadmanTX

    I don't have a Pilot pen yet, so I fully intend to buy this one as my first. Wish I could pre-order to secure one for sure.

  • dingan114

    Does it rust?

  • Dogs

    Only iron alloys rust, but copper will turn green as verdigris forms on its surface! Those who miss out on this pen will turn green with envy when they see one.

  • dingan114

    that is what I meant – it turns green. this could be an issue. But the pen is seriously lovely! I think I'll buy one when they're in stock.

  • dogs

    dingan114, I doubt it is metallic copper, it would tarnish and show fingerprints. I imagine it is a chemical or physical vapor deposition process, and may be some type of nitride or titanate which would never tarnish or corrode or. It may be a tough polymer like a silazane or epoxy that is colored. You can bet it will be tough as nails and durable.

  • Tom Johnson

    Whoopee! These finally came in and I got mine ordered 5 minutes after I got the Goulet email announcing their arrival. Order already picked up by USPS. Not sure what ink I will put in it, but I ordered the J. Herbin Rouge Hematite at the same time and it may be this ink. Possibly Black Swan in Australian Roses. Decisions, Decisions. Ancient Copper? Now I have to wait for two more days. I love the Vanishing Point pen, this will be my second one.

  • Rajesh S

    I liked it..!! Cool
    Caran D'

  • CR

    What ink did you use in these photos?

  • jk

    do you know if there is a way to get rid of rust?