Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lamy Gift Set: Quick Look

The Lamy Gift Set is a great starter set for anyone getting into fountain pens. It comes with everything you need to get going: a Lamy Safari or Al-Star with a medium nib, a pack of black cartridges, a Z24 converter, and a 50ml bottle of black ink.

The Lamy fountain pens are known as true workhorses, and are a great introduction into the fountain pen world. Their no-nonense design is functional, reliable, and looks really cool with different color options available. Another huge plus about the Lamy pens is that you can expand your writing experience by getting separate Lamy nibs in anything ranging from an extra-fine all the way through 1.9mm italic, and the nibs easily swap with a piece of tape (video here) or a gripper like the Goulet Grip.

You get a little bit of a price break buying the set over the individual components which is nice, but the main benefit is the presentation of the gift set and the fact it’s all put there together for you in one nice setup. The Safari set is $44.95, which would normally cost you $49.55 (about a 9% savings from buying separately) and comes packaged nicely in the gift set. The Al-Star set is $54.95 and would normally cost $57.55 individually (about a 5% savings). This is all at GouletPens.com of course, the list prices are higher than what you see here. So you do get a price break, but it's really the convenience of the set and the presentation that's the main benefit. 

The Al-Star set is available with a Graphite, Ocean Blue, or Purple pen, and the Safari set comes with  Blue, Red, Shiny Black, White. All sets come with black ink.

For more info about the Lamy Al-Star, be sure to check out my Quick Look of it here
You can also check out my Quick Look of the Lamy Safari here
Curious what makes the Safari and Al-Star different? Here's your answer. 
And this is how you install a Lamy cartridge. 

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Brian Goulet

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