Monday Matchup #26: Lamy Al-Star Purple in Broad with Private Reserve Arabian Rose

Today’s beautiful Monday Matchup is done soup-to-nuts by our talented photographer Sarah! It features the ever-popular Lamy Al-Star in Purple, which began years ago as a special edition color that Lamy then brought back as a regular addition to the Al-Star lineup. On the Al-Star (just like all Lamy pens except the 2000) the nibs are swappable, so we decided to put a broad nib on this one to really show off the shading of the Private Reserve Arabian Rose.

The dress that Sarah drew was something she saw in her mind’s eye after the some flower petals fell from a bouquet in her office. She was about to throw the petals out until she noticed that the spots on them closely matched the Arabian Rose! The shape and flow of the petals inspired this dress design, and she echoed the spots from the petals into the dress.

As an artist Sarah really likes Private Reserve inks, especially because it’s a saturated ink that builds upon itself well, with high shading. Arabian Rose is a great shader, and she enjoyed working with it for this matchup.

The Purple Lamy Al-Star can be found for $37.60 at Private Reserve Arabian Rose comes in a 66ml bottle for $11 and a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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  • Otter

    Boy, Brian, you really do have multi-talented team members at Goulet Pens! Nice job, Sara. 🙂 I've had my eye on that purple Lamy for awhile. And I've purchased your PR Arabian Rose for a friend….she loved its shading properties.

  • Gary

    I don't usually comment, but I do love a beautiful work of art. I love how you bring the two-dimensional into the three-dimensional. Amazing. Thank you for sharing these Monday match-ups. It is a true pleasure to look at them on a dreary Monday morning.

  • Tom Johnson

    Never dull, always spectacular, makes my Mondays so special. Love these Matchups. Sarah, you really went outside the box on your inspiration for this!

  • Kathy

    Oh my goodness! What incredible art! Monday match-ups are always good, but this 3D work is phenomenal. Thanks, Sarah!

  • This is my favourite Monday Match-up of all! It represents everything I love: drawing, handwriting/penmanship (gah isn't there a less gender-biased word than this! LOL); dreamy dresses, the colour purple, that pen that I also have (and Lamys in general), inks, and my niece is also called Sarah! Simply beautiful. Thanks for this post, team Goulet! ♡