Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Stainless Steel

Monteverde has recently developed a new version of their flagship pen model pen, the Invincia Deluxe Stainless Steel. This is the most recent version of the Monteverde Invincia Deluxe line, which normally includes a carbon fiber body and cap. We had the opportunity to launch this as a Goulet exclusive, so we absolutely jumped on that.

The body of the pen is stainless steel with polished chrome trim, which makes the pen fairly heavy at 47g. It’s almost identical in weight to the other Invincia Deluxe pens though, slightly heavier than the regular Invincia. Otherwise, it’s the exact same dimensions as these pens. It’s a fairly large, balanced pen that is generally preferred by those with slightly larger hands due to its heft.

The Invincia Deluxe Stainless Steel comes in a #6 size stainless steel nib in fine, medium, broad, and 1.1mm stub. These nibs are smooth with a hint of feedback, and write slightly on the wet side. Sometimes the tines are pinched together fairly tight so they start out dry, but with some moderate pressure (and usage over time) the tines will break in and the pen will flow nice and wet. It fills by standard international cartridge/converter, and comes with two cartridges and a threaded Monteverde (standard international) converter.

Something unique with this pen that we’re trying out is releasing it with a matching rollerball. Technically, this twist-style pen is what Monteverde would normally release as a ballpoint, and the rollerball would be a screw-cap style similar to the fountain pen. We really wanted to get a twist pen though, so we had them make up the twist ballpoint version of the pen and include a broad gel rollerball refill.

Now you might be thinking “traitor!”, but hang on there. The Goulet Pen Company originally began with rollerball pens. They were personally the the gateway into fountain pens for me, as it was the first experience I had in writing with something that enhanced my experience beyond they typical ballpoint. If you follow anything I do, you know I’m in love with fountain pens, and the reason I’d even consider selling a rollerball pen is because I know that it could be the first introduction for someone else to have an enhanced writing experience, like I had. Given the holiday season, I thought this pen (in a set with the fountain pen) would be a great gift option for someone who isn’t quite ready to dive in deep into fountain pens. It’s an experiment for us here, as we don’t have plans to get into any other rollerballs anytime soon.

The Invincia Deluxe Stainless Steel sells exclusively at for $108 (fountain pen) and $76 (rollerball), you can check our more details and specs there. What do you think?

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Brian Goulet

2017-10-11T03:53:48+00:00 December 23rd, 2014|Pen Reviews|7 Comments
  • Tom Johnson

    I used a Monteverde Charisma fountain pen/roller pen set for some years and they are very dependable. The fountain pen had a M nib and was very smooth and always worked well. The roller pen used Parker gel or ball point refills (can interchange as they have identical geometries). I used the Parker gel in it. Used both at work for many years. Never had a problem with either one. Yafa will stand behind these pens with their renowned customer service. Nice looking set, thanks Brian.

  • David

    Rollerball/Gel refills have really evolved these days. While I am first and foremost a fountain pen user, rollers & gels have their place too. I wish you carried more of them at Goulet Pens – especially with a variety of refill brands.

  • Indira

    I'm looking through the Monteverde site and they list rollerballs as well as ballpoints. Is there a significant difference between these options?

  • Tom Johnson

    Indira, the Monteverde uses Parker refills, and Parker ball point and rollerball refills both work in the same pen. So, you can use either Monteverde or Parker ball point or rollerball refills in this pen. You can switch them around. And Parker refills are great quality and, at least in the US, are widely available (Staples e.g.). I used a Parker ball point pen through high school and I think one refill lasted me all 4 years. They hold a ton of ink. And they are among the best. You won't be disappointed.

  • frances

    this is unrelated, but in a previous comment Rachael mentioned that you guys were working on carrying Tomoe River paper and having it bound yourselves. is that still in-progress? any news?

  • Papish

    ¡Ah! Monteverde… I have a Monteverde Invincia Stylus and can't be happy with it… It's a complete hard starter. The ink dries for some reason and I have to force it to write each time I'm going to use it. Arghh!! Any idea of which can be the problem? I really like the pen, but it's really annoying 🙁 I'm using Diamine ink on it. Thank you…

  • Rajesh buzz