Thursday, December 4, 2014

Platinum Preppy EF: Quick Look

The Platinum Preppy is a staple pen in the fountain pen world, and this new one with an extra-fine nib simply blows me away. For under $5, it's hands-down one of the most affordable and reliable fountain pens out there for new and veteran fountain pen users. The nib writes surprisingly smooth, and very, very fine.

The design of the pen is slightly different than the Preppy you have come to know. The dimensions and shape are exactly the same, but the aesthetics are different. On the 'new' Preppy, the nib is now polished steel instead of colored to match the pen color. The feed now matches the pen instead (though the black pen has a gray nib). I think the fine and medium nib Preppy will also move to this new style eventually, though it'll surely take time as the old stock works its way through.

Let's be honest, the aesthetic appeal is only one factor with these pens, it's really how it writes that matters. The reason these pens are so popular is because they're inexpensive and they're a good value. They write well for the price, the caps seal really well so the nib goes a long time before drying out, and the pen easily converts to an eyedropper to give you a large ink capacity. 

The way this extra-fine nib writes is actually the most impressive thing I find about this pen. Since Platinum is a Japanese brand, I'd expect their EF nib to be quite fine, and that totally lives up to my expectations. What I didn't expect though, was how smooth it would write. For a sub-$5 pen, I'd expect an EF nib to be pretty scratchy-feeling, but I was wrong. This is surprisingly smooth, honestly smoother than the Preppy fine nib! Check out the line it writes in comparison to all of the other pens I carry in the Nib Nook

The Preppy comes with a proprietary Platinum ink cartridge in a color that matches the pen, and you can also use a Platinum converter to use bottled ink (sold separately). The converter itself actually costs more than the pen, and if that really just bugs you, you can convert the pen to an eyedropper-fill with an o-ring and some silicone grease (see my video showing that here). 

I don't know how hard I need to try to sell you on such an inexpensive and well-respected pen, so I'll just leave off by saying that the solid reputation that Platinum has for the Preppy has firmly been cemented even further with this new extra-fine pen. If you like extra-fine nibs, I can't think of a reason you wouldn't appreciate this one. 

Pick yours up at GouletPens.com for $4.98 today.

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. I definitely will be adding one for myself and a couple for friends. A must have in an EF, yes!

    Oh, not sure where else to mention this, no spoilers I promise, but I received the new Ink Drop today. Oh. My. Gosh! I had to sit down and laugh I was so happy seeing all that was in my box. I did have plans to do other things today, but now I am going to sit down and play with fountain pens and inks all day, which was part of the plan anyway. You guys are awesome.

    Have a great day all! Keep up the great work.

  2. Ordered one from you the second I saw it. Can't wait. Thank you . . .

  3. Kenny, playing with pens and inks, what a wonderful relaxing fun day! I have two Preppy FP's, a F and a M. They can (and have) sat capped for several weeks with no problem starting up. Very nice design. I prefer the writing feel of the nibs on the Cool or Balance, but will get one of these for comparison. I expect I'll have the same reaction as Brian's. Thanks for the video, Brian.

  4. Tom, it definitely has been a relaxing day.

  5. I picked up a few preppies in my last order to use as eyedroppers and I am in LOVE with the extra fine. I have one inked up with Noodler's Cape Cod Cranberry and one with Baystate Blue! So easy = 1 preppy + 2 samples = ready to go!

  6. Brian, I was stunningly surprised about this EF nib. It is finals week and this pen's timely arrival meant it got heavy usage this week. It is a solid pen and I plan to buy two more to use for editing and annotation purposes. I will most likely send my Pilot Penmanship packing (I'll keep the nibs). It is easy to syringe fill these pens, so I do not opt for the eyedropper conversion.

  7. You're welcome! I think you'll like it :)

  8. Thanks for not spoiling it Kenny :) But yeah, we're try to make up for lost time!

  9. The cap sealing is actually one of my favorite things about the Preppy. They just work! I think you'll really like the EF's.

  10. I'm glad you like it! They are pretty unreal :)

  11. I just got mine today, and I have to say I like it even better than my Hi-Tec-C .25 pen. The line is very fine, and I can see that I will be ordering a few more to use as eyedroppers. The Ink Drop was wonderful, by the way. Those of you who haven't signed up really should.


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