Friday, May 30, 2014

Goulet Q&A Episode 33, Open Forum

This week’s Open Forum Goulet Q&A kicks off with a surprisingly personal intro, I didn’t quite expect to nearly tear up! Talking about my kids and their growing up and heading to preschool, that’s what did me in. I also have an update for some new stuff that just came in to GouletPens.com, like the Rhodia ICE notebooks, Noodler’s Acrylic Konrads, and a couple of new (to us) Sheaffer pens, the Sagaris and 300

Here are this week’s questions:

1) Mike M.- Email (11:23):

What is a good lint-free cloth to use for wiping the nib and feed of my pens? I like to take a look at the nib and feed with a loupe after a writing session in order to remove any fibers, etc., that tend to collect there. I've been using a piece of an old, clean 100% cotton T-shirt, but it seems to put down more junk than it removes. Any suggestions? 

  • microfiber cloth

2) David J.- Facebook (13:17):I noticed that Platinum cartridges have a little steel ball in them. Pilot has a similar piece in the VP converter. What is the purpose? Should I take one of the steel balls from a Platinum cartridge and put it in the Platinum converter?

  • it’s an agitator, just to keep the ink mixed up
  • similar to the small ball that rattles around inside an aerosol can
  • not entirely necessary b/c dye-based inks aren’t as likely to separate out as something like pigmented paint (aerosol) 

3) Benjamin S.- Facebook (15:04):
In a recent Q&A, you suggested not to put ink remaining in a pen back in the bottle to avoid contamination. What about refilling with the same color? If you work your converter a few times to get a better fill, you could contaminate the bottle just as if you were changing colors. So when refilling the same color, is it best to dump whatever ink remains in the pen into the sink before refilling?
  • definitely clean between ink color changes
  • decide how paranoid you want to be
  • technically, the ink is being contaminated as soon as you unscrew the cap!
  • you could get all OCD about ink contamination, but it’s likely not worth the trouble
  • just clean your pen once a month if using the same color and you’ll be fine 

4) @Will_C_W- Twitter (17:47):Will you be getting the  580RB model for July 4?
  • TWSBI is keeping all of the stock from their initial batch for their site, so likely no
  • we’re told the next batch will be late June/early July, so I’d be shocked if we had it in time before July 4

5) @Chrustak- Twitter (19:05):
Any type of nib size/ink that'd work best with carbon copies?
  • fine works well, not too fine to scratch/tear paper, not too broad to bleed 

6) @andsplat- Twitter (20:11):
Should I protect my Pilot VP matte black from scratches or let it wear? Are there damage risks besides aesthetics?
  • totally personal preference
  • Pen slip helps tremendously
  • black finish will scratch, so don’t freak out if it does
  • never heard of functional damage, just aesthetics 

7) Joshua T.- Facebook (21:32):
So many questions. Answer what you can. Love your site and your service. 1) How come you don't carry Sailor? Awesome pens; 2) I know you just started carrying Pelikan. Are you familiar with the M205 highlighter? If so, can you compare the green ink to the yellow, particularly in terms of actually writing in addition to highlighting? 3) Would love your take on Visconti, and the possibility of carrying. Keep up the wonderful work of such a great family business.
  • Sailor dropped us, check out blog post from July 17, 2013: GouletPens being dropped by Sailor
  • nib quality wasn’t up to our expectations
  • Fairly conventional highlighter ink, like Noodler’s Firefly and PR Chartreuse
  • Using in a regular pen is kind of tough to read, but works
  • Visconti has told us they aren’t selling through online-only stores, only B&M
    • they don’t know what they’re missing with us!
    • Similar push-back from Lamy and Pilot initially, but they came around
    • uphill battle with Visconti though, same with MB

8) Myke N.- Facebook (28:35):
Do you have any plans to carry the TWSBI Notebooks?
  • Not anytime soon
  • economics, just not there for us 

9) Linda T.- Facebook (29:48):
Do you find that warm or cold water makes a difference in ease of flushing a pen?
  • lukewarm, slightly above room temp
  • don’t want hot or cold
  • use whatever water you use is better than not cleaning it!

10) Stephen K.- Facebook (31:04):
The Goulet nibs are excellent, but they only come in #6 size. Any plans to carry some in #5 size. I am a pen maker and it would be nice to be able to upgrade my nibs. Thanks.
  • It’s a possibility
  • fewer pens we offer that have #5 nibs
  • huge quantities required to purchase
  • demand?
  • Edison nibs are good substitute 

11) Joseph Q.- Facebook (33:57):
Can you discuss the different models of the Pelikan Souveran i.e. What is the difference between the m200/m205 through the m1000/m1005? Aside from price point, that is.
  • All piston fill
  • m2xx, steel nib 
  • m4xx and up gold nibs
  • as pens go up in number, they increase in size of body and size of nib
  • m800/m1000 internal metal components so they’re heavier
  • m1000 really soft nib, HUGE (#10)?

12) Jessica O.- Facebook (36:47):
Hey Brian- Love the videos. When will De Atramentis Sherlock Holmes ink back in stock? Also, any plans for collaborating with Noodler again for another ink?
  • on order: (update since the video recorded, it’s back in stock!)
  • possibly, but Nathan’s busy as is just keeping regular ink/pens made 

13) Shane H.- Facebook (39:11):
Recently someone asked about returning ink to the bottle and if it would cause contamination issues. The answer was yes, but I assume it was implied that the ink was being returned from the whole converter, feed, nib unit. If you pull off the converter and only return the ink that was in the converter, is there still a contamination problem?
  • would be less of an issue
  • do what you’re comfortable doing 

14) Brian R.- Facebook (40:53):
How long can a bottle of Noodler's Black stay viable stored inside its box stored in a cool, dry place?
  • years, no exact expiration
  • how often the ink is used matters, pen maintenance, etc
  • Noodler’s is 10+ years old, and ink is lasting that long so far 

15) Emma V.- Facebook (42:12):
What are some good $20 or less pens that come in a fine point or smaller?

16) Bill M.- Facebook (43:02):
Is there a reason you don't stock the TWSBI Micarta? I love the brand and would like, over time, to complete the set. Thanks for everything you and your team do for the community.
  • it’s discontinued, get one while you can where you can 

17) Wei-Tsung L.- Facebook (43:47):
Any news from TWSBI? Vac-mini and Eco?
  • Vac-mini: we’re told within two month, final testing. Mid-summer
  • Eco: a little more final testing, late-summer/fall
  • subject to change, as always!

18) MK B.- Facebook (44:32):
More of a suggestion rather than a question: Could you include business cards with or instead of bookmarks in your packages? I do a lot of sketching with a group, sometimes as many as 30 people. I always use fountain pen(s) and ink I got from you and talk up Goulet Pens if anyone asks about what I use to draw. So do some of my friends in the group. Having a business card to hand out would be good. On the other hand, I've recently realized I can just hand out the book marks. I certainly don't need so many and they have the info needed. 
  • Could certainly do that, I’ll think about it?
  • What does everyone else think?

19) Rob B.- Facebook (45:59):
Would you folks consider offering "custom filled" cartridges? By that I mean, the option to get some of the inks only available in bottles put into standard international cartridges? 
  • No, not practical or economical
  • Not sure of that process
  • If I did figure out a good way to do it, I’d rather share/teach you to do it on your own

20) Louis I.- Facebook (48:28):
So I just bought a Metallic VP and I love it! But trying to put the Con-20 converter into it has proven difficult. It fits in loosely, even after applying a bit of pressure. Any tips? Otherwise everything about the Vanishing Point is spectacular. Thanks so much!
  • it’ll fit, I promise
  • you have to really push it on 

21) Tirstan N.- Facebook (49:30):
Last week there were a lot of questions about Tomoe River and you were hinting about news to come. Sooooooo, any news?
  • nothing yet, we’re working on it  

Thanks to everyone for such great questions, I really appreciate it! Sorry for anyone who asked a question that I wasn’t able to answer. If you missed any previous Q&A’s, make sure to check them out here. Next week’s theme will be Tips and Tricks, so be sure to ask me whatever questions you have about the pain points you have around your fountain pen usage, and I’ll see if I can give you any little hints to make your experience better! Have a great week.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

Friday, May 23, 2014

Goulet Q&A Episode 32, Clairefontaine and Rhodia

This week's Q&A is about the popular fountain pen friendly paper brands Clairefontaine and Rhodia. Going into it, I really wasn't sure how many questions I'd get about these, but it shaped up nicely! Enjoy:
1) Rafael P.- Facebook (1:15): 
Do you know if Clairefontaine is going to use dot grids in their notebooks and/or pads? I like Clairefontaine paper more than Rhodia but I am in love with dot grids. Thanks.
  • nothing currently
  • Clairefontaine Grafit (sketch pad) coming out in dot, not something we're planning to carry right now 
2) Berk F.- Facebook (2:36):
How dangerous is paper fibers getting in the nib slit?
  • dangerous? a little dramatic
  • might clog the flow a bit, proper cleaning/brass sheet should fix it 
3) Lira M.- Facebook (4:00):
Do either Rhodia or Clairefontaine have post-it notes? Also, does anyone make a pocket size French ruled notebook that can fit in a midori travelers book?
4) Ray C.- Facebook (5:12):
If you select one piece of each of the brands, same size, same weight…which one makes a better paper airplane?
  • great question, never tried it! 
  • same weight? probably doesn't matter, actually! I would think the heavier paper would be best 
5) Gopi F.- Facebook (6:01):
The Rhodia dot pads feel different compared with the grid pads. Am I imagining things? How many different kinds of paper do they have? When will they make a wire bound dot pad, and will they make one before I get around to visiting Staples and having them wire bind some Rhodia pages for me?
  • No, it's the same stuff
  • blank, lined, lined with margin (bigger sizes), grid/graph, dot
  • Webbie paper is different, same as R Premium
  • Webbie planner paper- seems to be different, dries slightly faster
  • technically, three types of paper (in US) 

6) Karl B.- Facebook (9:18):
I've often heard that Rhodia *Is* Clairefontaine paper (or a type of it), but I've always read it as a high quality vellum of sort, what exactly are the differences?
  • technically, not the same paper
  • both made by Clairefontaine, owned by same company
  • machines used to make CF paper is different than Rhodia
  • vellum used to loosely refer to fine paper 

7) Andi S.- Facebook (11:38):
I see on the Rhodia website that the Rhodiarama books are now available in A5 - any plans to carry those in the future? What about blank Leuchtturm neon books? Thanks for doing such a great job! Love watching the Q&A's every week.
  • We considered it, but haven't moved on it
  • Not sure interest is there, maybe I'm wrong
  • Leuchtturm we can get them, but not sure interest is there
  • If interested, email info@gouletpens.com and we'll consider it if interest is there 

8) Tina M.- Facebook (14:02):
This may be too specific of a question so I apologize but I have been curious about the paper in the Clairefontaine Basics notebooks. Some of my pens don't seem to write as smoothly as others so I was wondering if it was the paper. I noticed that it is a bit glossier than the Rhodia pad and notebook paper so could that be the difference? Thanks for all of these Q&As - you're the best!
  • CF paper is slightly smoother than Rhodia
  • Some pens are smoother than others just because of the way their ground, but paper does make a difference 

9) Jessica O.- Facebook (16:13):
Brian, I was wondering if you could show the new white/silver Rhodia line and the sizes. Also, not connected to Rhodia or Clairefontaine, but I am curious about fountain pens and stone paper.
  • show the notebook
  • never used stone paper myself
  • doesn't seem like it'd be fountain pen friendly, since it's not absorbent 
10) Tristan N.- Facebook (19:25):
Does Rhodia or Clairefontaine paper beat scissors?
  • unfortunately not, you'd need stone paper to beat scissors! (ba dum ching!) 
11) Christine M.- Facebook (19:44):
My Rhodia Webbook specifies that the paper is Clairefontaine, so my question to you is: If Clairefontaine makes Rhodia paper, what's really the difference between the brands? (Thanks for all the videos!)
  • They started out as separate companies, but joined (I think in 1997)
  • Rhodia is made in Clairefontaine mill just outside of Paris
  • separate set of machines used for making Rhodia, so similar but slightly different
12) Bill V.- Facebook (20:53):
1) Do Rhodia web-books come in something closer to an A4 size?
  • In Europe, but not in the US

2) Does Rhodia hold some kind of patent on dot ruling? I find the dot grid ideal, but it's not available from Quo Vadis or any of the other papers I'm interested in trying, which is kind of a deal-breaker.

  • no patent, there are other brands with dots ( Leuchtturm for one)
  • I agree, I don't know why dots aren't on everything! 

13) @will_C_W- Twitter (23:11):
Will Rhodia offer a side wirebound notebook in ICE?
  • probably not 

14) Edgar H.- Facebook (24:27):
Is Clairefontaine Triomphe the better 'fountain pen friendly' paper out there?
  • It's pretty freaking awesome
  • Rhodia Premium is comparable
  • lots of things are fountain pen friendly, a lot boils down to preference
  • some say Triomphe is too smooth, or too white 

15) Randy P.- Facebook (25:42):
Do certain inks work better on Rhodia than Clairefontaine, and vice versa? And if so, can you share some examples and describe how they differ? Thanks for doing this, and for your great videos and great service!!
  • These papers are ink resistant
  • how people define "better" can vary a lot
  • shading- higher on these papers
  • dry time- usually longer 
  • feathering/bleeding- usually lower/non-existant, better for broader nibs/wetter inks
  • smoothness- write faster
16) @Mandrew_Manatee- Twitter (27:42):
Does Rhodia/Clairefontaine sell any notebook/pad larger than ~80 sheets? I'm a student and I take LOTS of notes 
  • C8267- 90 sheets, that's it!

17) Steven C.- Facebook (31:01):
Hi Brian - I love the paper specifically used in the Rhodia Weekly planner. What paper is this and what other Rhodia and related products use this EXACT paper? 
  • seems to be a unique Rhodia paper offering, don't know what else has paper just like this
  • planners in general use paper with less sizing/coating
    • decrease dry time 
18) Bill E.- Facebook (32:34):
I like very much the two Clairefontaine journals I own, and the smoothness of the paper is amazing. BUT I feel sometimes it is too smooth and my pens will skip or hesitate to write. Does Clairefontaine make any paper that is still fountain pen friendly, but not be so glassy smooth?
  • All CF paper used in notebooks is the same 90g, white paper (except Triomphe) 
  • Rhodia would be your next option, or the Quo Vadis Habana
    • still paper made by Clairefontaine, but slightly less smooth (though not by much)
  • skipping could be hand oils, especially if happening at the bottom of the page
19) Winnie U.- Facebook (35:35):
I love CF! Wondering when the small envelopes will be back in stock as I have been waiting to buy a bunch! Thanks!
  • supposed to be here soon…very possible coming early next week!
  • been out of stock since January
  • we ordered a lot! 
20) Garth M.- Facebook (37:25):
Would you consider carrying the no.19 rhodia pads, and if so is it possible to get them in the Rhodia Ice edition?
  • we will carry every Ice Rhodia makes,
  • 11, 12, 13, 16, 18 

21) Daniel N.- Facebook (39:54):
Hi Brian, my question is maybe a bit off for this Q&A but here it goes: I see you have tons of ink swatches, what paper have you found best for these? Which paper best shows off the properties of the ink, generally? I want to start making swatches for future reference but don't have all that many brands of paper at hand to test it. Thanks.
  • I use Clairefontaine Pollen Cardstock, not something we regularly carry
  • cardstock is thicker, what's needed for swabs that last
  • doesn't have to be CF, really any ink-resistant cardstock would work, you'll have to experiment

22) Keith C.- Facebook (42:52):

Two things: First are you really out of the "Nighthawk" monteverde pen?
  • yup, gone
  • had some bottom shelf pens as of late, but are now gone
Second, I am a poet and I usually have written in the mead type composition notebooks, is there an equivalent in either clairefontaine or rhodia notebooks, i am more interested in the size than anything else. thanks and I love the Q&A's

I'll be back next week with another Open Forum, so ask me any random fountain pen questions you have in the comments. Be sure to check out old Q&A videos you may have missed. Thanks, and have a great week!

Write On,
Brian Goulet

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Carrying A Spare Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge

If you're an ink cartridge user, here's a neat trick for carrying around a spare one in your pen so you can easily replace it on the go. Basically, just take a small standard international cartridge (often referred to just as a standard international cartridge), flip it around, put it in the body of the pen, and then install a cartridge just like normal in the grip of the pen and assemble it. You then have a spare to carry around in your pen for when you cartridge runs out and you're in the middle of a meeting or traveling somewhere that you don't have ink handy. This trick works for all pens that accept a standard international cartridge/converter, as two short standard international cartridges back to back is almost exactly the length of a converter.

I doubt this will work for brands with proprietary cartridges, most of them tend to be longer and I can't see them fitting doubled-up in a pen (think Lamy, Pilot, Platinum). But pens like Monteverde, Jinhao, Edison, J. Herbin, Delta, Pelikan, Stipula, Omas, Mont-Blanc and others could all benefit from this little trick. Just make sure you're keeping a spare of the same ink in both cartridges, otherwise you'll get an interesting blend!

Be sure to check out the Goulet cartridge/converter guide, it's not exhaustive but it shows a number of popular brands and what type of cartridges they take. Popular ink brands that make standard international cartridges include Diamine, Private Reserve, Monteverde, Pelikan, Mont-Blanc, Kaweco, Montegrappa, Omas, Delta, and many others.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

Monday, May 19, 2014

Brian Flyin' with His Fountain Pens

I recently went on a business trip where I had to fly, which is something I don't normally do. I have a Fountain Pen 101 video where I talk about how to transport your fountain pens in flight (here), check that out if you plan to fly. It's good info there, but I wanted to put myself to the test! So I flew with a few of my favorite pens and video journaled my experience. Enjoy!

Write On,
Brian Goulet

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Goulet Q&A Episode 31, Open Forum

Here's Goulet Q&A Episode 31, which is an open forum. I start out this video by talking about me and Rachel attending the milestone event in NYC this October called "Business Gets Personal", hosted by Dave Ramsey, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Seth Godin. These are three headlining business/marketing gurus, each of which have had a tremendous influence on the development of GouletPens.com. We are super, super pumped about getting to meet these guys in person. 

Last week I couldn't help myself and basically did a double posting. That was great, but I just didn't have the time to make that happen this week, despite getting a ton of really great questions. 

I noticed that's starting to happen to me more and more. I'm getting more questions than I can answer. The gung-ho personal service guy in me wants to answer every question, but this week, for example, I had 44 solid questions. I only was able to answer 20 in this hour-long video. That means I would have a (roughly) 2hr 12min Q&A if I actually answered all those awesome questions, with future Q&A's getting longer and longer.

So here's what I'm proposing: you post awesome questions, and I'll answer as many as I can with the best knowledge that I have. If I don't answer your question, you either post it the following week (if it's relevant to the theme), or email GouletQA@gouletpens.com and I or someone on the Goulet team will make sure to get you an answer.

If I don't get to your question, it's often because of several reasons: 
  1. I don't feel I can answer it intelligently
  2. I don't feel I have enough context to give a proper response
  3. I've answered it in a previous Q&A
  4. It's too specific and wouldn't benefit most of the Q&A audience
  5. It doesn't fit that week's theme
  6. I just run out of time
All that said, here are the lucky folks that nabbed my attention this week:

1) NoFuture NoHope- Facebook (8:09):
Are there two versions of the Pilot Metropolitan? I am in Europe and the con-50 does not fit, but the standard international seems to fit perfectly…
  • Yes, the European market (called the MR) uses a Standard International cartridge/converter
  • US uses Pilot/Namiki C/C
  • No idea why they did this, but they must have had their reasons 

2) @ellynmv- Twiiter (9:22):
Sometimes the cartridge converter in my Platinum Cool gets tough to twist. Is it fixable or should I get a new one?
3) @ethosophical- Twitter (11:19):
How nervous should I be about keeping ink bottles out? How long before inks start to fade? Tips on displaying?
  • Technically speaking, it's best to keep them in the box/out of direct light
  • Some colors (blues, reds) are more sensitive than others
  • I personally haven't experienced dramatic changes with inks left out, but play it safe
  • If it's an ink you regularly use, say replace once a year or every other year, keep it out if you want
  • If you don't use it often and want it to last years and years, store it away

4) Michael K.- Facebook (13:20):
Brian, What should you do with your fountain pen inks during the summertime when it gets extremely hot? Should I put them in the refrigerator or keep them out?
  • best stored at room temperature, keep out of direct sun
  • fridge might be overkill
5) Marco R.- Facebook (14:32):
Do you find that manufacturers pens work best when used with the manufactures own inks? i.e. pilot/namiki pen with pilot ink. I have a Platinum 3776 and have found it loves Platinum inks but when I use Noodler's or Pilot ink the pen writes very dry and doesn't start as soon as nib hits the paper.
  • most pen makers will say so
  • not really the case
  • most inks by pen makers are less saturated, usually fewer flow issues, less vibrant
  • may vary ink-to-ink, try cleaning thoroughly
  • not sure why this would be the case with your pen 

6) Francisco H.- Facebook (17:35):
Let's say you are quitting your job, hypothetically speaking, and you storm into your boss's office armed with a bottle of ink. What ink would you throw on his white shirt?

7) Ricardo L. - Facebook (19:27):
Hi Brian! What is your take on the current overall state of the fountain pen industry / market ? Where do you see it and your company in five years ?
  • Hard to say, I haven't been around 5 years yet!
  • industry is seeing changes, for sure
  • some brands on upswing, some are losing focus
  • noticing a trend of larger companies owned by conglomerates losing touch, aging with population and not bringing in new users
  • newer brands are exciting new users, Noodler's, TWSBI, Edison, Jinhao, Monteverde 

8) Tiffany F.- Facebook (29:24):
1) Cake or pie? 2) What's your opinion on Diamine Oxblood ink?
  • I won't turn down either, usually!
  • Cake, definitely
  • Goulet shop is about 40% cake, 60% pie
  • Oxblood's great, when we have it!
  • A little dark for me, I like Red Dragon better

9) Berk F.- Facebook (31:44):
Can you give an advice on a very wet ink to use in a very dry pen? (Other than Iroshizuku)

10) Edgar H.- Facebook (32:44):
Hi Brian! I wanna now: which is the smoothest nib you've used in your life?
  • broad 14k Lamy nib
  • only available on Platinum Gray/Palladium Studio and Dialog 3

11) Erin W.- Facebook (35:24):
Hey Brian! I love writing with my Pilot Metropolitan. It's so smooth. I usually have it filled with Noodler's 54th Massachusetts. The only thing is I feel like it writes just a little too wet. This may just be a result of it being a medium nib or the ink that I'm using. But before I break down and shell out for the sweet, sweet fine nib version, is there any way to "customize" or adjust the nib and feed to control the flow of ink? Kinda like with the Noodler's nib creepers? Thanks!
  • Nope, they are what they are
  • adjust with type of ink/paper, that's all 

12) Kevin L.- Facebook (37:31):
Here's an unusual question for you to ponder: does the quality or brand of a converter affect the viscosity of the ink? Compare and contrast. The time is yours!
  • viscosity? "the state of being thick, sticky, and semifluid in consistency, due to internal friction."- not really
  • flow, yes
  • but different brands are really different designs, you usually don't have a choice on a given pen

13) Intl E.- Facebook (40:42):
I have a question: what pen & ink do you use when signing things you consider important, like a contract, a marriage or birth certificate for your children, &c?

14) Ray C.- Facebook (42:14):
If you were an ink which ink would you be and why?

15) Joey H.- Facebook (43:14):

What is your favorite shading blue ink?

16) Virgil V.- Facebook (45:11):
Is there any risk involved in returning ink from a pen to a bottle after you've already used the pen and ink for some time. I usually do this when I can't wait for the current ink to get used up and I want to use a different one.
  • yes, risk of contamination
  • paper fibers, dust, dried ink, etc going back in
  • probably won't notice anything until the near end of bottle

17) Eddie R.- Facebook (48:09):
Do you guys offer any kind of military discount, if not, do you have any plans to implement anything in the future? Maybe even something small like free shipping
  • free shipping to APO's
  • no real way to do more, with our current site limitations 

18) Brian H.- Facebook (50:24):
I tend to get ink on my nib quite often. When I try to clean it off, more gets on the nib. Is there any easy way to clean it off?
  • Nib creep
  • you'll wipe forever!
  • some pens/ink just do this, embrace it

19) Chuck R.- Facebook (53:27):
How about what IS a standard international cartridge? In my limited experience, Lamy has their own cartridges, ditto with Shaeffer and Parker.
  • effort made by pen companies to standardize the many proprietary cartridges when they became popular in the mid 20th century
  • some companies adopted them, some didn't
  • Cartridge/converter guide on GPC 

20) Prashanth S.- Facebook (56:51):
What is the best part of owning your own business? What is the worst part of owning your own business?
  •  working with my wife, being able to pursue my calling, huge sense of fulfillment
  • "the burden", feeling crushing responsibility/duty to grow, expand, provide opportunities for Goulet team, provide benchmarking service, constantly improving, doing things better than competition, you name it
    • challenge I've embraced and it is gratifying to achieve goals
    • very difficult not to put everything else aside and work to death
    • life balance

A special thanks goes out to everyone who asked a question this week. Be sure you check out old Q&A vids if you missed them. One thing I'm curious about, are you liking when I post my notes with the questions? Visually, I think it clutters it up. But I can totally see the benefit of being able to scan for info, and also I can embed hyperlinks for specific videos and products I reference for your convenience. Let me know if you like it.

Next week I'll be covering a brand theme, this time: Clairefontaine and Rhodia. These are the oldest brands for Goulet, we built our company on this paper. Let me know any questions you have on them in the comments below. Have a great week!

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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