Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Ink Drop Reveal: Safe for Work

The workplace often comes with certain rules and restrictions that make it difficult to express yourself. For example, shoes are often required. Bringing in exotic pets and blending smoothies at your desk may be frowned upon, too. Likewise, fountain pen enthusiasts may be discouraged or simply gun-shy about displaying vibrant, flashy inks during work hours. Fortunately, there are some inks that allow you to stay passionate about your pens -- discretely -- while on the clock. (Or in the case of Noodler's X-Feather, still be able to write on super absorbent recycled paper and moleskin.)

The January Ink Drop features five such inks. Special thanks to Media Team member Sarah Mattozzi for bringing them to life in the below illustration.

Here is the Safe for Work reveal:

We hope you enjoyed this Ink Drop reveal! As a reminder, you have until the end of the month to join the club to receive this shipment. Also, members get 10% off the bottles of all of these colors, plus other deals, on the Ink Drop Members Page. As long as you're logged in as a current member, you can place these items in your cart and see the discounted prices as you proceed through checkout.

If you have any questions about Ink Drop, please post in the comments below or email us at info@gouletpens.com and we'd be happy to help you out.

Finally, let's close with a question or two: Do you write with your fountain pen at work? If so, which inks do you use?


  1. I'm an accountant. I use several pens day to day for a variety of purposes at work. Mostly the 'colourful' inks are used for marking and notes on reports/internal documents. In meetings the more conservative pens, one of the TWSBI's or the Parker, are used to take notes.

    So far one auditor has expressed a desire to join this little hobby...

    Current daily users:

    Lamy Safari (M) - Diamine Sunset
    TWSBI 700 (EF) - Diamine Blue-Black
    TWSBI 580 AL (F) - Diamine Ancient Copper
    Preppy - Noodler's Kung te-Cheng
    Parker 61, Mk I Heritage (F) - Noodler's X-Feather

    Last week (currently out of ink and due for a cleaning):
    Konrad Flex - Noodler's Tienanmen
    Konrad Flex - Heart of Darkness

    While a very good deal, bottles of ink take forever to use - especially the 4.5 oz. from Noodler's! I need some coworkers to share the hobby so that the ink can get used faster! So many brands and colours left to try...

  2. I use fountain pens a lot at work for note-taking, and am able to use a good range of inks, with only the occasional comment. In meetings I usually have a work-safe blue (or even teal) and a red. The work safe colors I use are generally Levenger Cobalt Blue, Pilot Iroshizuku ku-jaku, asa-gao, syo-ro, and tsuki-yo - in a range of pens. But I'll try any decent blue or grey or black.

    For the red I am currently loving Diamine Matador in a Binderized stub M215, it ends up being reddish-brown, but I also have a pen with Diamine Poppy Red when I need a very bright red. If I need permanence I'm using Montblanc 90th Anniversary Permanent Grey.

    For other inks I'm currently trying out the January ink-drop sample of Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris in an Italix Churchman's Prescription fountain-pen. I think the Private Reserve Ebony Purple will be next. I used to use Waterman Inspired Blue and if applied with a wet nib it looked dark enough to raise no eyebrows.. I've tried Diamine Mediterranean Blue, but it's a bit too 'flash' for work.Very occasionally I'll venture out with a green or brown and am currently carrying Diamine Sherwood Green and Waterman Absolute Brown - but to be honest they don't get used that much.

  3. Will Goulet ever make/sell a ink making kit? Mixing all the raw materials would be a fun project even if the ink doesn't turn out well on the first try.

  4. Everyone at work knows of my ink obsession and I am lucky to be able to use any ink I want without anybody batting an eye: I usually grab two or three inked pens every morning at random (I have a lot of so-called disposables that I fill with a syringe) and yesterday I ended up with Noodler's Ottoman Rose, Diamine Pumpkin, and Caran d'Ache Blue Night.

    I had no idea R&K Verdigris was so DARK. I thought PR Ebony Green and Cult Pens Deep Dark Green were dark, but holy cow.

  5. i use my fountain pens at work almost exclusively except when i need a fat permanent marker. i do work in a design office, so i can use any color and have never gotten any comments (unless they are compliments!)

    currently using Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji (Autumn Leaves), Diamine Pumpkin, amd Noodler's Liberty's Elysium

  6. I'm still all about the Diamine Bilberry at work - purple but not outrageously so, and just close enough to blue that it doesn't really attract much notice. I just wish it were waterproof so I could use it for everything :(

    Diamine Twilight is another modest color that's still distinct from a ballpoint blue/black - I actually like Noodler's Teal a bit better, but the grey tones of Twilight make it more suited to writing official documents.

    This month, though, I've added Noodler's Burma Road Brown to the rotation, from an autumn Ink Drop. I think I'm going to have to buy a whole bottle - I love the muted but still distinct color, rather like Twilight, and it seems to be a fairly unique green-brown shade. And it's waterproof! I've been using it to address all the envelopes I send out every day, and it's so much easier on my wrist than using the ballpoint or Extra Fine sharpie.

    I like to have my inks "match" so that when I'm flipping through my Rhodia Webplanner, each page spread has a nice color palette of notes, so from my huge collection of pink, pinkish-red, magenta, and pink-burgundy inks, I've been using Private Reserve Shell Pink. I love how it stands out on the page, but is also very complimentary to the other three in its muted tones and by being slightly on the red side. I've been using this set since Christmas and I think I'll keep it up for a while. I somehow managed to get TWO samples of Shell Pink when ordering all the other pinks, so at least I won't run out too quickly. :)

  7. Isn't it fun working in an artsy field!

    I use all kinds of bright colors, and no one minds. They're usually more interested in the pens themselves than the inks! (And, I've converted at least 3 co-workers to fountain pen users. They loved the ink options or the style of pens like my new mandarin orange Parker Urban, which is fitting for folks in an art museum, I suppose)

  8. I work in finance but I have simple tastes so I haven't tried a whole lot of stuff yet. I've always loved the Sheaffer Blue/Black since I was a lad and Noodler's Blue-Black reminds of it. So that ink has done a lots of work on my notes and official documents....also Noodler's Bulletproof Black and X-Feather.

    I've written on test documents and left them to soak for hours. I love the confidence in knowing the paper would have to be destroyed before my writing was altered. People write on checks and tickets with ballpoint grease inks. I'd like to ask them: are you sure you want that check to be so easily washed? Plus the solid ink trail of a medium nib fountain pen isn't misread by check scanners....ever.

    So I'm not that adventurous--mostly blacks and blues at work. But I did go through the "Will It Write?" phase with X-Feather. Paper towels, napkins and coarse cotton rag paper? Sure, if your touch is light enough. Anyway I need to grow up.

    I am curious about De Atramentis inks now. I have some samples and they're excellent performers.

  9. Mostly I just take notes with a vanishing point and a lamy yellow safari. Typically I use a noodler's bulletproof blue (currently using a noodler's that my local shop had where i bought my first pen, texas bluebonnet), iroshizuku tsyuki-yo and lamy blue. Out of all of them the Lamy fits in the best, with the iroshizuku and noodler's both being the same color (when I run out of iroshizuku I'm planning on making my first goulet purchase!)

  10. work in engineering (forgot to mention), most of the publshed work is on computer, but all of the notes are handwritten then typed, gives a chance to review and also leaves behind a nice hard copy.

  11. YES!! I do write with a fountain pen at work. I work at an elementary school, so I have the luxury to use any ink color that I please. I rarely fill out any official documents, and if I need to, I use a Sharpie Pen, so 99% of my writing is jotting down notes, taking phone messages, etc. I work in the office area at my school, and for some reason my desk area seems to be viewed as "communal" so my stuff gets "borrowed" a lot, so I don't use any pens that I really care about just in case someone decided they need to borrow my pen. I do take my pen home with me every day, but I am not yet ready to chance one of my nicer pens. Right now I am using a blue Jinhao 599 with Baystate Blue and I am loving this combo!

  12. FPs at work all the way! My favorite pens are a mix of modern and vintage, including several I restored myself. I work in a university English department, which means I'm free to use any colors I wish. :)

    Right now, I'm all about PR Plum, Kaweco Palm Green, and Noodlers Midway Blue (I was using some vintage Sanford Penit Turquoise, but switched to the NMB so as not to use the Penit up too fast!) Oddly enough, my favorite black and sepia are both the ultra-cheap Manuscript brand calligraphy ink available from Michael's. *shrug*

    My TWSBI 580 USA is loaded with De Atramentis 225 Years US Constitution, for maximum matchy-matchy tackiness.

    I don't grade in red, but I do often write with it in my own notebooks--Diamine Wild Strawberry is my favorite.

    My fiance handles the bids for a construction firm, and he uses FPs at work too--three Lamys and one Jinhao. His pens are all single-color and dedicated, in contrast to my frequent swapping. Diamine Matador, Noodlers BSB, PR Plum, and Chesterfield Erinite. The multiple colors help to differentiate notes on printed mechanical drawings and such.

  13. Yes....I love using my little Pilot Metropolitan and J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean ink every day at the office.

  14. I teach English to adult learners and can't be TOO OTT, I love my Pelican M200 but didn't want to risk taking that to work, so bought a Lamy Al-Star specifically to take to work. It's Ocean Blue with an EF nib and I filled it with Pelikan Brilliant Blue (don't think this is available in the US? Is that right?) It has been absolute heaven from the word go. Pen, nib & ink all grand together. My only gripe would be that the Lamy can be a bit top heavy when posted. However, after this list ink drop, it may be time for some experimentation...

  15. I use Noodler's Aircorp Blue Black most of the time, in a Muji round aluminum fountain pen. The blue-green-black color of that ink is just fun without being too flashy, and its water-resistance gives me extra peace of mind.

    I also use Sailor Sei Boku, but less often, just because I am a bit paranoid about the potential clog-disaster that might happen if I forget about a pen filled with that, and let it dry out. So Sei Boku always goes into pens that sit right on my desk where I can see and use them every day.

  16. This is timely! I'm a newbie to fountain pens and apparently a budding ink addict. In just three months I have nearly filled one of the Goulet's ink sample vial holders. After watching the videos on traveling/flying with fountain pens, I bit the bullet and inked up 2 Pilot Metropolitans F: one with Noodler's 54th Massachusetts, the other with Noodler's El Lawrence, got on a plane and headed to a 2 day budget meeting. The 54th is my go-to for work, El Lawrence is my notes to self/journal ink. BTW, both handled flights through America's highest mountains - the Alaska Range - just fine. Thanks, Brian! I also brought an un-inked red Jinhao and a sample of Sheafer Red. I'll ink that up for the meetings; I have a Lamy Al Star EF inked with Noodler's Widowmaker at home that is currently my mark-up red, but I think the Jinhao/Sheafer Red combo might help liven up a very long budget session!

  17. They do. It has Platinum ink, vials, and syringes.

  18. Very recently I have reduced the amount I have inked up to 6. Two in the briefcase (1 italic, 1 fine), and the same for my desk at home with the addition of a red and green inked pen. I tend to use a blue/black ink like Parker Quink or De Atramentis Atlantic Blue (I like the Retro look).
    For corresponding I am now using a different blue every month as I rotate my pens, can't have them getting jealous - I could never remember what was in which when asked, so February will be PR Naples Blue.

  19. Happily prematurely retired. I love using my little collection every day and all day, I am a consummate journal writer and list maker. Just got some samples from Goulet Pen Company, so for as long as I want I can enjoy the experience of filling my beauties with ink, Iroshizuku is what I am very much enjoying now.
    Pelikan M800
    Pelikan M600 (my favorite right now)
    Lamy Safari blue with red clip
    Lamy Safari black
    Bexley America the Beautiful in strawberry swirl
    My beauties might get company, still deciding.

  20. This was my first ink drop from Goulet Pens and I'm very happy with the assortment of inks that was chosen. The 'Safe for Work' theme is fantastic and has very professional looking, well performing inks. I'm normally a fan of blue-blacks and the Verdigris and Tanzanite samples were both fantastic.

    The X-feather that was included was also great- it gave me the opportunity to try out an ink I would have normally skipped over. I have a Lamy 2000 with EF nib that has been pretty scratchy and difficult to use (with Noodler's 54th) but after inking it with the X-feather, it writes much, much smoother. Big fan of that ink.

    I do write with fountain pens at work. I'm currently a medical student and have used them in clinical settings, in laboratory work, and for quite a bit of writing while studying. I've been using a Lamy 2000 (EF nib), Lamy Safari (F nib), and a Montblanc 146 (EF nib) and my standard, go-to inks have been either Noodler's 54th Massachusetts and Montblanc Midnight Blue (iron gall formula).

    Can't wait to see what ya'll chose for February!


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