Monday Matchup #31: Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Stainless Steel Fountain Pen – Fine with Diamine Midnight

Rapping this Monteverde Invincia Deluxe in Stainless Steel – Fine against your desk may be an effective muse for channeling Edgar Allan Poe in his most lucid and expressive state.

Caitlin from our Customer Care team paired together this Goulet Pens exclusive release with a fitting ink: Diamine Midnight. Your own journaling or illustrations don’t even need to slip from lovelorn to borderline madness, which is the arc of the the Poe poem quoted here, “The Raven.”

Monteverde’s flagship fountain pen, the Invincia Deluxe, is a well-balanced writing instrument featuring a fine stainless steel nib. The pen is a bit on the larger size and has a contoured profile. The Invincia Deluxe, comes in broad, medium, fine and 1.1mm italic, is also available in a twist gel rollerball design. Meanwhile, the Diamine Midnight ink allows writers and artists to explore a broad range of blues bordering on black.

Burning the midnight oil doesn’t need to cramp your creativity. It may open up a new world. Nevermore.

The Monteverde Invincia Deluxe in Stainless Steel – Fine  is available exclusively at for $108. Diamine Midnight comes in an 80ml bottle and costs $12.95, and is also available as an ink sample for $1.25.

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company team

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  • Tom Johnson

    Love this Monday Matchup, Caitlin. Both the choice of Poe and the artwork and ink & pen is wonderful. This ink has some fascinating red highlights in certain areas. Or maybe it is sheen from the angle of the light. The midnight moon sets the mood perfectly. This is so nice. Makes me want to read through Poe's works again.

  • EdieB

    Fantastic choice good work, but am also curious about the red highlights. Which journal did you use??

  • Margo McCord

    Let's all read through Poe's work — so that his middle name is never misspelled again !