Monday Matchup #32: TWSBI Mini Classic in 1.5mm Italic with De Atramentis Mint Turquoise

Not all of us studied abroad in Paris or churn through Rosetta Stone lessons. Some of us get lost in translation. This Monday Matchup is plucked
from the screenplay for the French film “Amèlie” (2001) and means, “Times are hard for

Jenni from our Media Team brought this deep thought thought to life with a TWSBI Mini Classic in 1.5mm Italic and De Atramentis Mint Turquoise. And if you don’t speak
the language of soulful introspection, then her metaphor might help: a doomed dandelion-powered balloon that the wind both raises up and breaks apart.

The TWSBI Mini Classic features the manufacturer’s benchmark piston ink-filling mechanism and detachable parts. Housed in a black and clear resin body, the screw cap reveals a steel nib. The De Atramentis Mint Turquoise ink offers a cool and refreshing complement to the fountain pen. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

The TWSBI Mini Classic is available at for $50 and the De Atramentis Mint Turquoise ink is available in a 35ml bottle ($12.95) and as an 2ml ink sample ($1.25)

Update: Some eagle-eye readers noticed that it was actually a TWSBI Mini Classic in 1.5mm (and not 1.1mm) that we used — and photographed. Thanks so much for the feedback. We’ve updated the blog, but the “1.1mm” in the photographs remains inaccurate. Thanks and apologies for the confusion.

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The Goulet Pen Company team
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  • Another great Monday Matchup. I love all things TWSBI. That Mini is pretty sweet. As a big fan of the movie Amelie, this matchup made me smile. A movie that more people need to see.

    Great work by Jenni! Seriously love the drawing.

    I hope everyone in Team Goulet has a great week!

  • Kathy

    Another wonderful Monday Matchup indeed. I love the color of the ink, but would like something more saturated. Any suggestions, Team Goulet or others?

  • Matthew Davis

    Anyone else notice that the pen in the picture has a 1.5 nib?

  • Laura

    I too noticed this. It's a beautiful nib, but I'd like to know whether the 1.1 was really used or the 1.5

  • We messed up. We used a 1.5mm for the writing/art/photographs and didn't notice our mistake until after the blog was published. That was a miscommunication on my part to the rest of the team. Sorry about that! Good eye 😉

  • Matthew Davis

    Not trolling at all …. I look forward to the photos and immense talent you all show-off each week.

    Keep rocking ….

  • Boomboy

    I use a TWSBI 1.5 stub nib in my everyday pen. I'm working on my writing but its not nearly as good; shame