Introducing: Noodler’s Park Red

There is a lot to say about the new Noodler’s ink, Park Red.

You may be curious about the significance of the floating balloons on the label, the fountain pens being shot at them — and exactly who it is shooting them. For the full story on the ink’s namesake, North Korean freedom fighter Park Sang Hak, we encourage you to check out the video from Noodler’s Ink founder Nathan Tardif.

We decided to ink up a few pens with this color to see what the properties were like. Here are some things we learned from our own experimentation:

  • Park Red is a standard, conventional fountain pen ink – it is not waterproof or bulletproof.
  • The ink can take a little extra time drying.
  • The ink does not emit any extra glow under a black light.

Noodler’s Park Red fountain pen ink is available at in a 3oz bottle for $12.50, and as a 2ml ink sample for $1.25. The images below were produced during our testing. We hope you enjoy them.

— Sarah, Media Team
— Jenni, Media Team
— Madigan, Customer Care (based on Shin Yun-bok’s painting, “A Scene on Dano Day.”) 
— Caitlin, Customer Care
— Madigan, Customer Care

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The Goulet Pen Company Team

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  • Stephanie

    I love the proverbs you posted at the end. Very true!

  • Sal the List Maker

    I just want to say – you guys are a very creative, super-talented team.

  • Tom Johnson

    You guys are so awesome and inspiring! Love what you've done, the proverbs, artwork, writing, testing. This looks like a beautiful shade of red. Of course, thanks goes to Nathan too, for creating his wonderful inks. Another beautiful day thanks to Sarah, Jenni, Madigan, and Caitlin.

  • Madigan, Sarah, great great artwork. Love the proverbs, writing. Great job to Jenni and Caitlin too. Great way to show off what the ink can do. Love it. Now I just have to get me a bottle.

    Have a great day Goulet Team!

  • Rob

    I love the artwork. The ink seems a little on the pink/coral side to me. Nikita seems like it's more my shade. An interesting ink though.

  • Shin-Hyo Yim

    I love how you used Korean painting and Hangul for art sample. One more reason I only shop at Goulet Pens. Cheers,