Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Matchup #33: Conklin Duragraph Forest Green in Medium with Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel

What is the plural of cactus – cactuses or cacti?

Such are the distracting ponderings of writers, artists, and other professionals wandering lost among the sandy dunes of hesitation and derivative thinking when they desperately need a bright idea.

Finding an oasis to spark your creativity can be daunting, especially when working on deadline. But Sarah from our Media Team was able to flood her parched mind with some help from this week’s Monday Matchup pairing: the Conklin Duragraph and Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel fountain pen ink. D.H. Lawrence's line from “Self-Pity” helped to round out the illustration.

The Forest Green Conklin Duragraph is an oversize, throwback fountain pen sporting a hand-made resin body. Pictured here with a stainless steel medium nib, it’s also available in fine and a 1.1mm stub. The Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel ink not only helped bring forth the desert motif, but it’s the first ink Sarah worked with at the company. It's a trusty old friend who can help you blaze a trail past mirages, coyotes and the like.

As for debate between cactuses or cacti, it’s a prickly situation among grammarians. In fact, they’re both right.

The Forest Green Conklin Duragraph, available at GouletPens.com for $44, is also available in Amber and Cracked Ice. the Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel is available in a 3 oz bottle for $12.50 or a 2ml sample for $1.25.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team


  1. Hey friends,

    I gotta say, the Monday Matchup in the last few months has become increasingly sophisticated, subtle, wry or goofy or sweet in turn, altogether more "literary,' and really, just fun to read. Much more than a mere showcase of a pen and ink, they have become a thing in themselves--a lovely diversion from Monday's responsibilities, and a celebration of the pleasure of writing and drawing and thinking. I'm not sure if it's a couple of new staff members responsible for the change, but the text and the photos work together in ways I didn't notice when the series first began. I'm beginning to look forward to it almost as much as I do the Q & A with the man himself (almost!). It's especially nice to read bits and pieces from D.H. Lawrence and the like. I mean, so many of us fans of Goulet check in because of the sheer joy (and heavenly struggle) of writing, so a dose of poetry or prose written with a finely crafted instrument isn't a bad thing at all, and a reminder of just how sublime words on paper can get. Keep up the great work.

  2. I think it stinks. Florida Blue was just fine ~ Serenity Blue sounds too new-agey...and I loved the Havana Brown name. Absolute Brown is a totally uninspired name (now that we're normalizing relations with Cuba and Cuba has more cache than just about anyplace else at the moment, I wonder if the geniuses behind this particular name change are having serious regrets. Dummies!)

  3. AS, this is a very astute summary, you are write on. These Matchups have evolved and I agree with you, to me they are second only to the Friday Q&A. Sarah, wonderful job, choice of ink (so much better presented here than in the ink swab), writing, and the quote. The talent at Goulet Pens is awesome. Always brightens up a Monday.

  4. I agree with AS -- these Monday Matchups have taken on new depth, and I really look forward to them. I love discovering new quotes, re-appreciating favorite authors, and doing the same with new/favorite pens and inks as well. Kudos to the Goulet team for evolving so impressively.

  5. This is simply beautiful -- as an ink sample, or as a journal entry... I am impressed. Did she use a water brush, q-tip or other ink delivery system for the solid patches of color? I am in love with this work!

  6. Late to the game here but would love to know if the "eel" ink in the Conklin helped it write well. I have a Conklin Glider that just won't write and I've tried several different types of ink. I'm wondering if a lubricated ink will help.


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