Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Reloaded and refreshed: Leuchtturm1917 notebooks

Leuchtturm1917 has emerged as a popular notebook choice for fountain pen users who are seeking paper that's durable enough to handle fountain pen ink without breaking the bank.

Their products -- including Hard Cover Notebooks, Soft Cover Notebooks, and Jottbooks -- are not new to GouletPens.com or our customers. In fact, they've become so popular that we're taking the opportunity to reload our collection with some fresh new colors, including Berry, Emerald, Lemon, Navy, Purple and Azure.

In addition to featuring a wide range of colors, sizes and paper types -- including blank, dot grid, graph and ruled -- Leuchtturm1917 also packs a number of special touches and features that you don't see from every notebook manufacturer. These include an expandable pocket, a ribbon page marker, elastic band fastener, and more, depending on the particular style. They also open flat.

With those same great features and some attractive new colors, we think think that the Leuchtturm1917 collection can be a friend to any fountain pen fanatic.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team


  1. I'd love to see a wider range of colors available with graph paper!

  2. I just bought 2 of these based on the positive reviews, and your video review of the paper performance. Now that I have written in them, I definitely see them as a viable alternative to Rhodia. The Rhodia paper is nicer, but only a little, and these Leuchtturm notebooks have some appealing features, like the paper color and subtle page numbers that Rhodia does not offer. And the colors are nice.

  3. I am talking to you from the future......the year 2015..... Yes, carry Noodler's inks. In the future they will become one of the most sought after inks in the world. They will be safe and have more than 100 colors. Take the risk, make the jump, trust me. - Future Man

  4. I'm with Future Man - from the future. Do it! :)

  5. I switch over to Leuchtturm 1917 from Moleskine a couple years ago both because of price and the additional features. I've been very satisfied with the quality of both the paper and the binding. They have held up well though many field trips for work at disaster sites around the world. I generally use a fountain pen with a fine nib and find the paper fine for this. I'm glad to see these notebooks now at Goulet Pens as they are not always easy to find.

  6. haha, thanks Future Man. Past Brian will definitely heed your advice.

  7. These are absolutely perfect for bullet journaling with their contents pages and all the rest numbered for you. Got my first one this year and am absolutely delighted with it! :)

  8. The space time continuum is back in order now. Global disaster averted.

  9. I have a hard time using anything but Leuchtturm anymore! I open up a Rhodia notebook and it seems so plain and just thrown together. I like the paper quality of Leuchtturm (except for the paper in the Master series) better also because the ink dries faster and smears less.


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