And the color of the year is… Marsala!

Robust, sophisticated, and earthy, Pantone’s Color of the Year is a beautiful shade of burgundy. According to Pantone, it was inspired by both the fortified wine and the Indian spice. Marsala is all at once strong, warm, and complex.

Many of our favorite brands were ahead of the trend, having embraced this color years ago in pen, paper, and ink. Our photographer, Sarah, matched products that reflected the depth and range of this fascinating color.

Here are some of our recommendations to bring this hue into your writing experience.

Stamp serious with this J. Herbin Supple Sealing Wax in Burgundy
Platinum strikes a beautiful Balance between deep wine red and gold! 
The Edison Pearlette in Violet Flake embodies exquisite elegance.
Faber-Castell livens up your writing with glorious Garnet Red!
Gloss Wine Sheaffer Sagaris goes down smooth with Diamine Syrah or Noodler’s Black Swan in English Roses.
The Lamy Al-Star Purple belongs in your starting line-up.
Soak in the bewitching bindings on these textured Basic Clairefontaine Clothbound and Banditapple Carnet Handy notebooks.
Pocket pen perfection! Gold and burgundy on the Kaweco Classic Sport in Bordeaux.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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  • anaximander70

    What a stunning collection of color-themed photos! If this is the color of the year, then I think I'm going to like 2015 a lot. (I think there may be a little confusion about the connection to an Indian spice, though. Are you thinking of garma masala?)

  • Mike Winn

    Indeed this is an amazing collection of pens, inks and accoutrements circling around the theme of Marsala. You had everything I could want, except for some crystal with the wine named. Rich, bold, full-bodied, it reminds me my writing supplies are lacking something.

  • Tom Johnsoon

    Mike, get a TWSBI Diamond 50 faceted glass inkwell and fill it with Black Swan in Australian Roses! But, don't drink it.

  • marguerite brainerd

    Well done! Gold Star to photographer Sarah.

  • Recoil Rob

    The spise is Garam Masala, not Marsala….

  • Suuuuch pretty photos! ~ I'll definitely keep these in mind as inspiration next time I want to do still life photography, they're so beautiful ~ I have none of these exact products but I did recently get Black Swan in Australian Roses 😉

  • Great picks, though I am not a huge fan of burgundy it does look appealing! Also I think you mean the italian wine Marsala and not the indian spice Masala If this was an ink color it would be close to noodlers Habanero 😉

  • Madigan

    Hey guys! The Indian spice reference seems to be more of an ‘inspired by' naming convention rather than one that’s matched up verbatim. If you want to know more about what went into Pantone's choice, including the spice reference, you can watch this great video:

  • Madigan

    Hi Amaryllis! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I absolutely love this color. 🙂 Send us a link to your photography if you end up doing a shoot!

  • Melanie Simmonds

    Wow – I would have never looked at the Balance without that picture. It looks totally different!

  • Well I have done a shoot before with some fellow photography students in my class, but I'll definitely try doing one by myself! Here's the link to the one I did before 🙂 I still have the 'old' paper (some Fabriano soaked in Earl Grey tea and then baked in the oven, really) and I've gotten a few new pens recently, so I might try that out as soon as I have a few hours to spend on really tweaking my setup 🙂

  • Jen

    I'll have one of each please:D

  • Madigan

    Hi Melanie! The Balance a great writer too! I worked with one in a Monday Matchup awhile ago and really enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Madigan

    What an awesome idea! Your writing is beautiful and I love the paper technique. 🙂

  • That's actually not my usual writing, haha 😀 I spent a lot of time looking at a script and then carefully copying the letters' shape, basically (my usual handwriting looks really childish!). But thanks, I'm glad my efforts paid off 😀

  • 2Legit

    Holy mother! Those photos are gorgeous! That's what I call "Pen Porn"! I may have to place an order very soon.

  • ReBecca

    I agree with 2Legit, beautiful presentation. I'll take it all!

  • Christina

    Oooooh so pretty!

  • Denise Rogers

    Very pretty. I'm looking at that Platinum Balance.

  • Edie O.

    This is one of my favorite colors and everything looks so tempting. Very well done. It's nice that you put some yarn in there.

  • Emily

    How beautiful! Is the Herbin wax really that pretty purple in real life or is it more red in person?

  • Clifford Hughes

    Isn't that what we all do? (my normal writing is unreadable, even to me)

  • Some people have really good handwriting to begin with, but that's not my case, unfortunately! D: My handwriting isn't unreadable, but it's far from looking sexy xD