Friday, March 6, 2015

Goulet Q&A Episode 69, Ask the Media Team

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This week's Goulet Q&A is completely different than anything we've done before. There's a lot of magic that happens behind the scene with our Media Team, and we wanted to introduce you to each member of the team! They'll talk a little bit about what they do and answer some specific questions you asked.

Introductions - (3:10)

1) Mike N- Facebook - (9:18)
I am a skeptic so I must ask. Who actually does the Monday matchup drawings and paintings? Is it solely done by the Goulet member noted, or is it a collaboration from multiple members?
  • We do collaborate on ideas for themes and quotes, but the member noted is solely responsible for the artwork that is posted.

2) Mike W - Blog - (10:31)
1) Though Goulet Pens is often on the cutting edge, what media productions do you see on other FP sites that you would like to try? 2) What other media productions do you see on non-FP sites (sportswear? food sales? auto sales? etc.?) that you would like to try?

3) Zdez Z - Facebook - (12:40)
A general question for your team, what is it like to be part of the Gpc and how does a normal day go about.
  • Typical days are kind of rare
  • Very fast paced
  • Things change very quickly
  • Lots of brainstorming and creative collaboration

4) Greg M - Youtube - (20:52)
I have a question for your media team, Specifically Sara. Photography is one of my other loves. What kind of camera's do you use and what kind of setup do you use for photographing the pens? in terms of lighting, backdrops, tripod. even ISO and shutter speed. What can I say I'm not only an FP geek but a Camera geek. Yes, my cameras are vintage too but I have a Nikon D7000. TIA.

5) Emily B- Youtube - (24:08)
What platform do you use to send a social media message simultaneously? HootSuite? My church uses that but it's cumbersome. Or do y'all just write a unique message for each platform?
  • We don't use any software. We create unique messages for each platform.
  • We may post similar things on each platform but we try to customize the content and copy to the individual platforms.

6) Amaryllis L- Youtube - (25:54)
What camera and lens combo is used to shoot those videos?

7) Sam F- Youtube - (27:37)
What's their individual favorite pen/ink/paper "trifecta"?

Thanks so much for spending time with us this week, we really appreciate it! Be sure to check here if there are any old Q&A's that you missed.

Write On,
Goulet Media Team


  1. This format was fun & it was nice to meet some of Team Goulet. (Though it was a little difficult to hear the softer speakers.)
    I liked the shorter run time (about 35 minutes?) as well. It seemed just right.
    Thanks for all the work you do to keep the fountain pen community connected! You'll hear from me again when that copper Lamy Al-Star becomes available....

  2. Eva Yaa AsantewaaMarch 6, 2015 at 4:47 PM

    This was wonderful! Congratulations to you all for your achievements as a team. We all benefit. A special shout-out to Madigan who has a dance background! I am a dance critic/journalist/blogger in New York City and have been in that field since 1976. Also, I agree witih debraji: The shorter run time works quite well.

  3. Your companies environs reminds me such much of when I worked as an engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. No day was the same and every day was creative and interesting. There was respect for each other and we loved our jobs! They day constructed itself by working on day to day priorities and on-going tasks for projects.

    Anyway, I wanted to comment that all that cooperative way of working shows in everybody's ease at the job. Also, I saw Jenny's several comments and spotted the beautiful ink drawing in blue that she posted on Instagram. I loved it since I saw it! Lovely, lovely!

    Great Video!

  4. What a great team. It was great to get to know some of them. And...Go JMU!

  5. I loved this edition featuring some of your Goulet team! It was great to meet everyone and put faces to the names. Also very interesting to see the different work spaces while getting our questions answered. Thanks guys, for all you do. The new features you've been introducing have been very welcome and really impressive.

    (And Jenni, I am totally envious of you having the foresight to grab that celluloid Delta Unica! I took my time before deciding I wanted one, and missed out. I have the blue one now and love it, so I can imagine how cool the orange one is. :)

  6. Loved it. Love Team Goulet. Write on!

  7. Brian and the whole Media Team, this was just wonderful, I love it. I think Jenni said she is not good in front of the camera - WRONG! Everyone was so poised, eloquent, and riveting. Every single glimpse I've ever had of Goulet Team members has been most impressive, and this is a big glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes. It also looks like you guys have a very busy but fun and rewarding work day. Thank you guys so much for doing this, it means a lot to us. One of the best Q&A's yet.

  8. Great Q&A! I loved this format! I especially enjoyed seeing everyone's unique work spaces and putting a face with the names. Thanks everyone for putting time into letting us get to know you! So professional and well spoken, you all looked so comfortable on camera.

  9. Why did my post come up in the end with "Toilet Pens"? That's not how I typed it and not how the post preview showed. I typed Goulet Pens. Spell "checker" problem? This was NOT my intent at all! Moderator - please correct this for the record.

  10. Great review :) It's super fun to see another perspective on filofax products ( I'm a filofax addict and a fountain pen noob :P ) Hugs from Portugal (www.organizedscientist.blogspot.com)

  11. Hi Debraji! I'm glad you enjoyed this Q&A. It was really fun to be a part of. :) I can't wait for those Copper Al-Stars either.

  12. Hey Eva! This is a really fun team to be a part of. :) It's so great to meet another pen and dance enthusiast!

  13. Hi there TrueHistory! We do really enjoy working together so I'm glad that came across. Jenni's Monday Matchup from last week is amazing, right?

  14. Hey Otter! I'm so glad you enjoyed the video. That Delta Unica is really beautiful- I managed to snag one for my mom and she loves it too. :)

  15. Hi Tom! Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the behind the scenes look! :)

  16. Hey there! Yeah, the swappable pages is a real game changer. It makes it so much easier to stay organized. I've got the orange pocket notebook on my desk now and it's awesome. I mostly use flex pens and so far no bleeding problems!

  17. Hi Justin! I just gave it a try and the spacing between the wire binding is the same in the two sizes. The pocket size sheets will fit in the A5 notebook, but they look a little funny being so small. :)

  18. Hey Susana! Yeah, we were definitely coming at it from a different angle. They work great for fountain pens though! I loved your blog. :)

  19. Eva Yaa AsantewaaMarch 9, 2015 at 12:27 PM

    I actually think that people who value dance and people who value fountain pens have much in common, and I hope our society will never lose these values! Write on, Madigan!

  20. Do you know if this book fits the Filofax planner pages that are also removable? It would be great to have a hybrid planner/notebook with removable pages. Regardless, I will probably be buying one because it looks great!

  21. Hi Brendan! I'm not 100% sure since we don't carry the Planner, but I don't think so. It looks like the planner has a six ring binding system while these notebooks have a wire binding.

  22. Thank you for the review :)
    I also heard of the Filofax Clipbook, that could be use both as a planner and a notebook (or a combination of the 2 !). Are you planning on doing a review on this one as well ?

  23. Thank you! It may look funny but it adds a whole new meaning to ease of use and organizing ;)!

  24. Angela and Gilles BerthelotApril 7, 2015 at 12:03 PM

    Yes, they are removable. It is a binder.


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