Friday, March 20, 2015

Goulet Q&A Episode 71, Open Forum

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This week we finally released the new Lamy CopperOrange and immediately sold out of the ink! We've got a ton of fun products coming out this Spring that I can't wait to tell you about. I'm answering some great product questions, quoting a famous Office worker, and showing of my excellent pen storage skills. Sit, back, relax, and enjoy!

Product Updates - (3:43)

Pens/Writing - (13:26)

1) CM U.- Facebook- (13:32)
How long is the life expectancy of the Lamy converter cartridge?
  • depends on the use, I’ve never had to replace one yet, but I don’t use it daily
  • If you get a couple of years out of it, you’re doing well

2) Ronnie K.- Facebook- (16:03)
There is an Italian pen that appeals to me however it is fairly costly and I would be interested in knowing your opinion on purchasing an expensive pen without having tried it- your thoughts please?
  • this is tough! Definitely the biggest disadvantage when buying online
  • read reviews/watch videos from a trusted source
  • read about it/ask questions on forums like FPN
  • make contact with the retailer selling it, see if they have experience firsthand
  • check return policy of retailer
  • there is an element of risk/faith in the process

3) Jennifer S.- Facebook- (22:28)
Are you going to do a video on the Pilot FA (Falcon) nib on the Custom Heritage 912? Also, would like to see a way to search site by the diameter of the pen grip - I have a hand injury and if the grip section is really small I find that my hand cramps up a bit. And...... because of that I end up writing with my left hand so if you have any feed back from other customers on good pens for lefty underwriter types.
  • I plan to, eventually!
  • No searchable function on our site for pen grip, currently
  • We do have the measurements listed under the product page tab of “Technical Specs”
  • Our measurement is the smallest point of the grip

Business - (27:47)

4) John Y.- Facebook- (28:13)
Would Goulet Pens at some point have a rewards program for frequent buyers?
  • isn’t currently built on our site, would be a custom design (big $$$)
  • lots of different ways people define frequent, loyal, etc.
  • would love ideas/feedback, especially what other sites have these programs that you really love
  • my “loyalty” program is Q&A and my other videos
  • I’m trying to reward up front, because I know the loyalty will follow if I give you a ton of value before you even buy

5) Matt L.- Facebook- (36:43)
What is your number 1 top selling ink, paper, and pen? What is your top selling product?


 - (30:52)

6) Benjamin C.- Facebook- (39:52)
Why do some inks bleed through and why do some papers resist that?
  • the ink could be a factor, for sure
  • usually, more permanence means more bleed through/feathering/spreading
  • not a lot of details of ink chemistry are shared by manufacturers
  • paper: all about coating, pretty much
  • balance between dry time and feathering

7) Lisa G.- Facebook- (44:55)
When will the J. Herbin Bleu Ocean with metallic shimmer be available?
  • I have no idea! Hopefully soon, but I don’t have word on it yet
  • I’ve seen it available in Europe, just waiting for it to arrive in the US

8) Elise M.- Facebook- (45:41)
Do the pilot parallel cartridges fit in the metropolitan?
  • technically yes
  • big debate here at Goulet now about whether or not these are usable with non-Parallel pens
  • box of cartridges says “Exclusive for Parallel Pen
  • May be pigmented? use with your own judgment in a non-Parallel


- (49:20)

9) Elise M.- Facebook- (49:23)
What is a good correspondence/letter paper set for beginner fountain pen users? I want to practice with my pen while being productive with thank you notes.

10) Jonathan A.- Facebook- (51:09)
I want to make an ink journal and I want to know what is the difference between shading and saturation? Can you explain this two terms into more detail? I have watched your videos of the fountain pen 101 and you  explain it but I don't grasp it.
  • these terms aren’t exactly in Webster’s for fountain pen use
  • I will clarify my own understanding of them
  • Saturation: the amount of dye that’s in an ink
    • the more dye present, the darker, bolder, more opaque an ink is
    • really just a factor in the ink itself 
  •  Shading: the amount that an ink varies in color/darkness when writing with it
    • inks that tend to have a lower degree of saturation will tend to have greater shading
    • other factors besides saturation can affect shading, such as paper type and nib size used
  • the two definitions certainly overlap a bit, but it is possible to have low-saturated inks that don’t shade much, especially on more absorbent paper

11) La Lynne- Facebook- (56:21)
You've mentioned in the past that you have had a Midori, Webbie, Filofax notebook, Leuchtturm... Is this because you make a point of trying and using all of them? Have you stopped using any? Do you use them for different situations or just whatever is to hand? I am not interested in knowing your 'favourite' as such, but is there any notebook that you have found is ideal, for you, for a certain use?
  • I do use a wider variety of notebooks than most, because I have access to them all and want to   know how they all work
  • because I test a lot, my notes tend to end up all over the place
  • I’m not super-organized anyway
  • DISC profiling, my “stability” is on the floor, and consistency is not super-high either
  • what tends to work for me:

Personal- (1:03:14)

12) Ryan S.- Facebook- (1:03:38)
Has anyone told you that you speak almost exactly like Michael Scott from The Office? I listen to the Q&A as a podcast in my car, and the resemblance is uncanny.
  • I do like waking up to the smell of bacon
  • “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”
  • That’s what she said.

13) La Lynne- Facebook- (1:04:33)
Has anyone at Goulet Pens now got a weirdy, fairly useless, but vaguely impressive talent? Like pen identification by touch? Being able to pick out a specific blue ink while it is
surrounded by 30 similar ones? Knows a pens weight by touch alone...
  • Rachel and I identify colors in fashion, interior decorating, vehicles, etc. in fountain pen ink colors
  • We do annual office olympics around our anniversary each year where we guess ink colors just by their swabs, guess best/worst selling pens/inks, etc
  • I’ve never explicitly tried to guess a pen by touch alone, probably could though
  • I can pretty well guess a pen’s weight just by holding it, but don’t test me on that :)

14) Kevin L.- Facebook- (1:07:37)
I have just put all my fountain pens in 1 large case and have 5 quality pen boxes that are now empty. Any ideas on what to do with them other than as dust collectors? My single and double leather pen cases will be used but the boxes need use, don't they?
  • ummmm….yeah, I’m still figuring that one out.

QOTW: What aspect of your fountain pen life creeps over into your ‘real’ life that other people just don’t get?


  1. As for a rewards program, you already sort of do that with the Ink Drop. Members get a discount on that month's inks and other promotions. Someday I will join it. Love the Q&As. Who else does that! And on a weekly basis. No one.

  2. Brian, my Goulet Pens reward comes way before I make my purchase. The reward consists of: a) superb product information (features, description, video review, excellent photographs including close up). b) customer support like I've never seen before. c) confidence that Goulet Pens will do all they can to resolve any issues, including taking a product back for exchange or refund. d) confidence that the products offered by Goulet Pens have been reviewed and tested by knowledgeable caring people before they are ever offered. e) having a new pen test written for free before it is sent to me. f) immediate email notice when an out-of-stock item is back in stock. g) having my own super hero to chat with who will dash across your facility and correct a dumb mistake I made in my order before the order is shipped (thanks Jessica!).

  3. Hi Brian, I'm new to fountain pen and left handed. I'm having difficulty finding an ink that can suit me (i'm an overwriter). I've seen in the shop that you have some ink sample package, could you make one for the left handed ?

  4. Rewards program? You already have volume discounts for some things, such as the Quo Vadis Habana notebooks that I buy 5 at a time. Maybe push multiple item discounts across more of the product line, but your prices are good and there are lots of other reasons to come back. I agree that "Rewards" programs are diversions and moving targets that don't make any connection to my life at all. Thanks, Brian.

  5. Biggest online purchase hesitation for me is guessing the nibs for size and quality. The Nib Nook helps a lot once you start accumulating other pens to compare to, and returning with a restocking fee is one solution. BUT, I think you guys would do a great service in pushing manufacturers to loosen up their replacement nib policies. If I want a finer nib for my Pilot pens, or if I simply damage one, I have to buy an entire new pen, instead of just ordering a nib. Why? Because Pilot sells nibs in Europe but not in the US. Terrible.

  6. For Kevin in #14 (I'm on a roll here). I use a nice big Pilot Custom 74 hinged pen box for what I had used an extra eyeglass case for - it holds thumb drives, ink cartridges, headphone adapters, and any little bits that used to get lost in my satchel that now are in this great gadget pod. And a business card just in case I leave it at a client’s place. If you don't mind it getting a little banged up, it's an excellent solution both ways.

  7. You guys seem to be carrying more kaweco products. Do you have plans to carry replacement nibs for the sport?

  8. Ink-stained fingers. I work in health care and some days I just can't remove the Antietam...

  9. About the loyalty thing. YES, everyone loves perks. Sadly, commercial companies weirdly define perks as discounts or free stuff. That being said. I TOTALLY get (and appreciate) what you guys are doing. We became loyal customers and followers LONG before our first purchase. This is why...basically, the Goulet Pen Company experience includes a MASSIVE amount of customer service before people are even customers! You were loyal to us before we had even made a purchase. That's a pretty amazing perk. THAT has made us loyal to Goulet! You guys are killing it with your values. So, thanks for being awesome. =]


    1. When I am sitting down to write something (to journal, sketch, take notes, make a grocery list...) I tend to take out ALL the pens with me (Usually about 5...Lamy Safari F, Monteverde Intima M, TWSBI Mini EF, Parker Urban Premium M, Noodler's Flex) and lay them out to begin the decision making process. I am more about the ink/pen combo than the pen itself, so sometimes it is TOUGH to decide. I have totally caught people staring at me staring at my pens. I am quite sure they have thought I was totally insane to give a grocery list so much thought...oh well.

    2. Ink stains on my hands and fingers...cleaning pens is therapeutic.

    3. Monday Matchup! I have started to post to Instagram every Monday, and that post is usually one of the most liked of the week!

  10. Regarding the QOTW, people at work don't understand why I would buy my own Rhodia No. 16 notebooks to write in instead of just using the Mead steno books my company supplies. When I start explaining about feathering/bleed through/ghosting, I see their eyes start to glaze over. When I start talking grams per square meter, that pushes them over the edge *sigh*.
    I have started giving some of my Rhodia Premium No. 16 notepads to those who show an interest, but have never experienced the joys of writing on quality paper....one small step!
    My ritual of cleaning my pens at the kitchen sink at work does draw interest though, especially when using an ink syringe to top off some of my travel vials with ink.

  11. Regarding Reward/Perks Programs, GPC, stick to your guns. In business, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so any reward program will have associated costs trickling down to the consumer in one way or another.
    The reward for me, and I am sure this is true for many of your loyal customer base, is the satisfaction in dealing with a sincere company, giving honest prices and superb customer service. That is what will keep people coming back, and via word of mouth, enticing future customers to check out GPC. The one thing you cannot replace, especially in web based businesses, is integrity, and GPC has done a fine job of establishing that cornerstone of it's foundation. No need for Reward Programs to shore up that end.
    Best of luck, and I look forward to continuing being part of GPC's success!

  12. Waski_the_SquirrelMarch 21, 2015 at 11:31 AM

    I don't like rewards programs. The biggest reward is lower costs and good service. Rewards programs run into funny questions like: "Who is more loyal, the guy that bought an $800 pen this year or the one who buys a bottle or two of ink each month?" Math tells us who spent more, but would not reward the returning customer.

    It's not exactly a fountain pen, but it's a Goulet product that creeps into my daily life: I use the Noodler's whiteboard ink with Platinum Preppies where I teach. By the end of the day, my hands often end up looking like I slaughtered a smurf. People don't get why I don't use a regular dry erase marker.

  13. Brian - I love how passionate you can get on a subject, even if that subject is explaining in detail why you dont have time... but spending almost 4 mins at the start of the last couple of QnAs telling the faithful that you are swamped and so cant answer all of our questions is singing to the choir. We know you are swamped. Spend those precious minutes answering questions rather than apologizing for not having time to answer questions...*

  14. Posting the comments as I work my way thru the Q&A vid - agree that your way of doing business is part of my reward in doing business with you. The videos, all the resources you have on your website, customer service AND your prices are lower than other online pen retailers. (Was surprised when you mentioned that online retailers gen discount approx 20% because that has NOT been my experience.) So, I think you and your team do everything right, right now, vis a vis rewards.

  15. I agree that your customers are receiving value prior to purchasing. Thank You Brian.
    Goulet All the way!

  16. I'd like to buy a Kaweco Classic Sport in Bordeaux and matching extra nibs in the full range EF-BB. Do you stock them? Is it a special order? Thanks!

  17. I couldn't agree more that the informative aspect of Goulet Pens is a terrific "loyalty" program. If anything, the recent slackening of pace of posts on the blog section, and the near disappearance of Brian's product-review and how-to videos, feels like a kind of abandonment of the Goulet customers, not the lack of a discount or "rewards" program. That said, I've been on the edge of my seat awaiting the Spring Edison-Goulet edition with more suspense than anything I can remember since the premiere of the final season of "Breaking Bad." Debut the pen already! ;-)

  18. 1. No need for a customer rewards program. Receiving terrific service and being able to trust your company is reward enough.

    2. What kind of fountain pen weirdness is in my life that others don't understand? If i don't have a fountain pen to write with in the immediate vicinity, I won't write. I will go get one. I try to carry one around with me but sometimes it just isn't there when I need it. (Just like I will turn off the kettle if I discover my favorite tea mugs are in the dishwasher. Not interested if I can't use those cups.) The other weirdness is my constant listening to Goulet videos even though I don't use nor do I intend to use any fountain pens or ink beyond the ones I already own and use (Noodler's fangirl here with a little Preppy on the side.) Just today the roomie asked me about it. Hard to explain an obsession without sounding weird or scary.

  19. I have 2 Pilot related questions:

    1) I really enjoy the italic nib on my Pilot Plumix and would like to transfer it over to my Pilot Metropolitan. I've tried with rubberbands and tape to pull out the nib/feed on the metropolitan it won't budge. I bought this metropolitan when the new animal print designs were released. Is this an issue with newer pilot pens--is the nib/feed glued in place nowadays?

    2) One of my favorite pens is the Pilot Custom Heritage 91 with Con-70 converter. Pilot should definitely bring it to the US with soft nib options and different colors! Now I'm really interested in the Pilot Custom Heritage 92 since it looks like the piston filling version of the 91. Can you remove the 92's feed or disassemble it like a Pelikan or TWSBI for easy cleaning?

  20. Hi Heath! Thanks for your feedback and vote of confidence. :)

  21. Hi Pascal! I hope you don't mind me jumping in here for Brian. A left handed ink sample package is a great idea. It might overlap with the fast drying ink sample package a bit though. Those work really well for the left handed. :) Check them out here: http://www.gouletpens.com/ISP-QuickDry/p/ISP-QuickDry

  22. Hey Macuaig! A lot of good ideas here... thanks for the feedback!

  23. My fountain pen life IS an obvious feature of my "normal life", and my family, friends & students all understand that. (OK, so sometimes it's the ink on my fingers - Noodler's Nikita and Gruene Cactus are hard to miss!) But I am rarely very far from my pen case, and I use certain pen and ink combinations for certain purposes. Students in particular are often fascinated, and when I hand them one to write with (not a pen costing over $200) they are intrigued. The right ink and the right line shape add significant value to written communications.

  24. Eva Yaa AsantewaaMarch 23, 2015 at 8:44 PM

    I'm a birder, and I often re-share photos of beautiful, colorful, often exotic birds that a couple of my friends post on Facebook. My Facebook friends love these cheerful and sometimes astonishing bird photos, and I know that a few of them are also fountain pen enthusiasts. On occasion, us pen fans make inside jokes about the vivid colors that remind us of the inks we love so much.

  25. I agree with most everyone else that GPC provides lots of value even without a rewards program. The "high touch" perks you provide and informational site, the great customer service, the personalized posts and willingness of the team to go the extra mile...plus very competitive prices. They all add up and are very much appreciated. It makes me a loyal customer for sure.

    That said, I think it is just human nature to get excited over the idea of something extra. Even if the "sale" price is not a sale (because the retailer marked up the "regular" price beforehand...not talking about you guys, of course), people tend to buy more often if there is a perceived savings. Likewise, when you did stuff like pair certain pens with a bottle of ink for a limited time, that was exciting. Or "package deals" that are a special (again, for a limited time), I think would generate interest.

    For some reason people will be drawn to sales even though another shop across the street might have really good prices all the time. At least, that's my observation of brick-and-mortar stores. However I don't think you have to worry -- your customers know you give good value and good service, and that kind of reputation is priceless. (However I have to admit to wondering at times whether you guys are aware of how much we buy from you...just curiosity, I guess.)

    QOTW: The whole fountain pen world is incomprehensible to those around me. They don't understand why I would call a $15 pen a "bargain," why I'd want inky fingers, why I get a thrill bringing a different rotation of pens to work each day, and why watching fountain pen videos are the most interesting thing on YouTube! *LOL* Guess we're just another breed. :)

  26. cheapunitysandceremonykitMarch 24, 2015 at 8:21 AM

    one No need for a customer benefits program. Receiving terrific assistance and
    being able to trust your business is reward enough.

    second . What kind of
    fountain pen weirdness is in my life that other people don't understand? If i
    don't have the fountain pen to write along with in the immediate vicinity, I
    will not write. I will go have one. I try to carry 1 around with me but this
    just isn't there when I require it. (Just like I will switch off the kettle if I
    find out my favorite tea mugs System.Drawing.Bitmap dishwasher. Not interested
    basically can't use those mugs. ) The other weirdness is definitely my constant
    listening to Goulet videos even though I avoid the use of nor do I intend to
    make use of any fountain pens or even ink beyond the ones We already own and
    make use of (Noodler's fangirl here after some Preppy on the side. ) Simply
    today the roomie requested me about it. Hard to clarify an obsession without
    appearing weird or scary.

  27. VERY interested in the Waterman Ombres! I'm a little panicked now because I thought that post meant you'd definitely be carrying all of them (I've got my eye on the Hemisphere).

    My Lamy Z24 has been going strong for seven years, and six of those as my only pen! That's with changing out ink frequently and using it to clean the pen.

  28. Alright alright, a little harsh but I hear ya. I've been pretty slammed lately with a hiring blitz and getting my Media Team in place, gotta teach them the ropes and that's taken up precious video-shooting time for me. I'm not giving it up, I just have to find a balance with everything else on my plate. Shooting videos in a company with 2 people looks pretty different than with 31, gimmie a little time to adjust and I'll have more reviews cranking soon. The Lilac vids' coming out tomorrow btw :)

  29. oh cool, thanks Mary. Honestly, I don't check up on my competitors all that closely, just scope out a few here and there to make sure I'm not way off base! I don't aim to be the cheapest or the most expensive, I like being near the low end and then service the heck out of people :)

  30. Yeah alright, I hear ya. Keep in ming I'm free flowing in these Q&A's and I don't know that it's gonna be a 4- minute rant when I start it ;)

  31. yup, that's a good point. And then what about folks that talk/share a lot about us online but don't buy much for whatever reason? Where's their loyalty program? It gets tough trying to factor all that in. Haha...I've never used the Bluerase all day, I can see how that'd look funny!

  32. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. A rewards program can certainly be done to benefit customers and the company, otherwise NO one would do it. For me though, I just can't wrap my head around how I'd do it fairly, and it'd take so much time/money to implement that's efforts I couldn't put towards the other cool stuff we do here a lot (like videos). So for me it's not that companies that have rewards programs lack integrity or anything like that, it's that if I were to do it, it'd compromise a lot of what I'm already doing that I know adds value.

  33. haha...yes, the paper thing a lot of people really just don't understand. At least until they start using a pen on that Mead stuff!

  34. Aw thanks Stephanie! You pretty much explained it all there. Loyalty up front, that's what we've always been about. The loyalty building comes first, not after the purchase! That is very clearly living out the "Trust is our currency" company value. I trust that if I put in the work up front and genuinely add value to your writing experience, I'll be rewarded for that with your loyalty to my company. I honor and respect that. Thanks for the QOTW's, I find cleaning pens therapeutic too! I do mine at home after I put my kids to bed, listening to a podcast or audiobook while I do it. That's cool about your Monday Matchup, too, that's really become a neat little community we're building around that!

  35. exactly. The multi-item discounts is something we're working on. Again, that kind of functionality we're having to build into our new site, so more stuff like that might happen as time goes on.

  36. well said Tom! Thanks so much for spelling it all out like that...we really do a lot of stuff now that I think about it ;)

  37. ahhh....yeah, that would be cool. We're trying to push for more of the spare nibs, it's REALLY not common or understood by most manufacturers. We've pushed for spare nibs from Pilot ever since we started carrying them, it's just not in their culture to offer them. They do offer spare VP nibs, so that's something. We've had to really push to get spare nibs with other manufacturers though, like Edison, Monteverde, Noodler's, none of them started out offering spare nibs until we advocated for them. Then of course we got our own, too. But yeah, Pilot makes all their nibs in-house and they distribute worldwide, I can see the challenge with adding all those spare nibs to their distribution. This is actually the first I've heard of them offering spare nibs in Europe, where is that? I'm curious, and I'll keep asking them for them in the US!

  38. Haha! Okay so that is curious, what is it about our videos that you like even if you aren't looking for more pen stuff? I can see that being tough to explain ;)

  39. yeah, the newer Metros are harder to pull out. They will come out though! It's not glued, just in there more snuggly. Keep at it. You can remove the nib/feed of the Custom Heritage 92 just like the Metro (easier, actually), or more accurately like the Custom 74. I haven't tried disassembling it recently, I honestly can't remember if the piston comes apart like the TWSBI. I'll have to look into that.

  40. That's cool, Mike! Sharing the pen love with your students, that's awesome. I can only think how much I might have fallen for fountain pens had I been exposed to them at any point in my schooling as a youth.

  41. Wow, talk about a niche subculture! Fountain pen-loving birders, that's awesome Eva :)

  42. Thanks Otter! That's very validating, and I completely agree with you. On one hand it is indeed human nature to succumb to sales and discounts and things such as this, and they certainly have their place. I think it ends up being like a drug for most companies though, and it's hard to resist that temptation to do it more and more and more. We have some fairly limited acceptable times when we do discounts and promotions (like our closeouts and Bottom Shelf items), and if I look to expand these it'll be very intentionally and cautiously. And none of it will come at the sacrifice of service, it just can't. We have our own reputation to live up to now!

  43. Brian, I show folks easily with the slightest provocation what it's like to write with a fountain pen, and my iPhone pictures of our granddaughters and cats are shared quickly and naturally too. My challenge is to share my life with Jesus to others as clearly and naturally--without hype or being contrived.

  44. Sorry for the harshness - not at all the tone I intended! I also do video production with a tiny staff at a nonprofit, so I know how challenging it is from a technical/time point of view. And thanks for dropping a hint about the EN spring pen - color me intrigued!

  45. For 2) Jennifer- I also have trouble with small diameter pen sections, eg. Noodler's Creeper. The solution I found is to use one of those rubber pencil grips sold for young school children. I cut the pencil grip long-ways so I can slip it over the pen section. I rotate the grip so the slit is not interfering with my fingers. Easy fix that works for me. Google "pencil grips" for products (I've tried triangular and barrel-shaped grips and prefer the gel barrel kind). Amazon has "The Classics 12-Pack Crazy Gel Pencil Grips, Assorted Colors and Shapes" for $2.89 plus shipping; I got a similar product from a local Staples store.

    For 9) Elisa M.- I like Staples Fine Laser 25% cotton 32lb. paper. $19/300sheets. Per Brian's suggestion, I place a lined sheet of paper under the Laser paper to help me write straight.

    For 10) Jonathan A.- I like shading. To increase shading with a very saturated ink, eg. Noodler's, add some distilled water to the ink. I dilute up to 50%, but less dilution will change the ink flow properties less. You'll want to experiment to find what works for you. Goulet's 5ml vials are handy for experimenting with ink, which I love to do :-).

    For 14) Kevin L.- If you are just trying to get rid of the nice boxes: a) donate to a gift store that wraps purchases b) donate to a school for art projects, storing small items, etc.

  46. It's already been confirmed many times in the earlier comments, but I'll add my voice to the chorus and say that I think GP offers substantial value even before your first purchase.

    I'm fairly new to fountain pens (less that one year in the ink) and if it weren't for the videos by Brian and also from Stephen Brown, I wouldn't have even found this hobby. I was laid up over the Labor Day weekend with a minor injury and spent a fair amount of time amusing myself with youtube videos and I stumbled across the FP stuff. I watched a whole bunch of Brian's GP and Ink Nouveau videos. I really appreciated that the thrust of the videos seemed to be honest education about pens/ink/paper, rather than "this is all the stuff you should buy stuff from me". Hard not to respect that!

  47. Hah! All podcasts are clearly required to begin with a chat about how much of a hassle it is to make podcasts. It's the way people in the future will recognize the "Teens" era of netcasting!

  48. Or maybe Pilot was just confirming that they don't sell nibs in the U.S., without claiming they sell them anywhere. Dunno, but it blows. }:€


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