Lamy Al-Star CopperOrange Now Expected to Arrive 3/18

We know very well that the arrival of Lamy Al-Star special edition fountain pens is one of the busiest and most exciting days of the year around Goulet HQ. We definitely love to see the excitement that you have for these pens, too. That’s why we regret that, due to some weather-related shipping delays that are out of our hands, we don’t expect the Lamy Special Edition CopperOrange and Black Al-Star to arrive until Wednesday, March 18. We’ll also be receiving the ink and cartridges with that shipment.

We really appreciate your patience. And we have some good news: we ordered a very large shipment of these pens so we will not sell out right away. As luck would have it, because we ordered up so much, our shipment came via freight truck which takes longer to arrive to us than our normal Lamy shipments. Typically they come by standard Fedex truck, but this one will come in a 53′ 18-wheeler and we didn’t know that until they’d already shipped it. This is the first Lamy freight shipment we’ve ever received in our 4 years of selling Lamy. That’s actually the hold up, our pens have been sitting in Dallas, TX due to icy conditions there. So even though it’s 73 degrees where we are in Virginia, the pens are delayed due to crazy weather across the country. We’re all slapping our foreheads and shaking our fists in the air, but there’s really not anything we can do right now except wait for them to arrive.

If you’re reading this wondering what all the fuss is about with this Al-Star, then take a peak at our CopperOrange blog or the video below.

Remember, if you want to know the moment that these pens are available, you can sign up for an email notification for the CopperOrange and Black Al-Star. Thanks again for your understanding.

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The Goulet Pen Company Team

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  • Heath

    Well, I guess I can wait a couple more days. Thanks for letting us know. There's been a few items I've been wanting so I've been waiting for these to show up before buying.

  • Madigan

    Thanks for your patience, Heath! We're just as anxious as you to get them. 🙂

  • Do we get like a bonus Tootsie Pops because we have waited so patiently? A couple more days it is then. I can't wait to get both the black and copper orange Al-star, and the ink. And another item or two. Have a great day all.

  • tadaahhh

    i have not been a fan of this lamy design, but i am a sucker for anything remotely Halloween inspired. i might have to bite the bullet and pick up one of the Copper Orang and Black Al-Stars!

  • Matthew Hartwell

    Are you guys planning on carrying the Line x Lamy Brown Safari?

  • Madigan

    They are Halloween colors! It hadn't even occurred to me. 🙂

  • Madigan

    These are so adorable!! It looks like they are exclusive in Korea though. 🙁

  • Kathy

    For years I thought the Safari was one of the ugliest pens on the market. Then I tried one. Big downfall. The grip is the most comfortable of any pen I have. I love stub nibs and can get 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 nibs for the Safaris and AL Starts. I have 15 or so now. Can't have just one!

  • Melanie Evans

    So that's TODAY!!! I'm waiting (alternating between being patient and impatient) for my email that says "It's HERE!!!" so I can jump on and order.

  • Heath

    It's there! Order away!

  • Melanie Evans

    Done!!! Thanks! Now I just have to "wait"…..NOT my strong suit! 🙂 Hope you got one too!

  • Adam

    Ohh my that's a nice pen. Lamy pens always look incredible. I like the clear grip, it really adds to the classy image of the pen. Do you have other colours as well as the burnt orange one?