From time to time, manufacturers discontinue products to make way for new products coming soon. Sometimes we are informed about these in advance, sometimes we don’t find out until it’s too late and they’re all gone. Fortunately, we know about some in advance, and thought you’d want to know too. For all of these products, supplies are dwindling, and we don’t know exactly when they’ll be gone. So if these products are on your ‘must have’ list, you’ll want to jump them to the top!

Here’s a list of discontinued products as of March 4th, 2015:


Monteverde Artista Crystal in Lime Green, Orange, Purple, and Yellow are discontinued.
The Artista Crystal in Blue, Clear, and Pink will still be produced.


Monteverde Invincia in Black Tie and Titanium are discontinued.
The Invincia in Chrome and  Rose Gold will still be produced.


Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion in Spitfire Red and Thunderbird Blue are discontinued. 
The Invincia Color Fusion in Stealth Black will still be produced.


Monteverde Invincia Stylus in all colors is discontinued.
This is a bummer, as we really like the matte black one!


Monteverde Jewelria in Black, Brown, Green, and Silver Carbon Fiber are discontinued.
The Jewelria in Black Carbon Fiber will still be produced.


TWSBI Vac700 in Blue, Orange, and Smoke are discontinued.
The Vac700 in Clear will still be produced, and we’re looking forward to the new Vac Mini in about a month!


TWSBI Vac20 ink bottles in all colors are discontinued.
However, they’ll be replaced by a new Vac20A bottle, which will be compatible with both the Vac700 and the new Vac Mini, in about a month.

As we mentioned, supplies are dwindling and we don’t know exactly when we’ll run out. So keep an eye on our Closeouts page to snag one of these products up before they’re gone for good!

Write On,
Team Goulet