Some Quick TWSBI Updates

Hey all! Rachel Goulet here… just got a few tidbits of news I received from Philip at TWSBI late last week that I wanted to pass your way.


The TWSBI 580AL in Orange is discontinued. We’re out of stock at the moment, but we have another shipment coming in next Thursday, and maybe one more after that. After that, they’re gone.

It’s a really nice pen – I personally have a medium in my collection and it’s become part of my daily carry.* It’s my first TWSBI, and I don’t know why I waited so long to snag one for myself. It’s a great writer, and I just adore the color aluminum accents.

So that’s the bad news (if you liked the orange).

But the good news is…

The 580AL in Purple will be coming out soon — probably within a month or so. If it looks anything like the prototype pictures TWSBI put on their Facebook page about a year ago (image below), I might have to snag one of these, too.

The next color after that will be the 580AL in Blue, though we don’t have a timeline yet. Brian has already claimed one for himself (surprise, surprise). I’ll probably grab one, too!

As far as I know, there aren’t any plans to discontinue the 580AL in Silver. We still have those.

Prototype image of the 580AL with colored aluminum accents, courtesy of TWSBI’s Facebook page.

In other TWSBI news…


This new pen model is almost done. TWSBI is working on the packaging and checking through all the nibs now. We expect to see it in the next two months or so. This will be TWSBI’s most affordable pen yet, expected to retail under $30. I don’t have a lot of details yet, but we’ll work on nailing those down as the release gets closer.

TWSBI Vac Mini and Vac 20A Bottles

I mentioned this a few weeks back. The new Vac Mini is almost done as well, probably within the next month or two. It will first be released in clear, in sizes EF, F, M, B, and 1.1mm. Price is expected to be the same as the Vac700, at $65.

The Vac Mini will be released alongside the redesigned Vac 20A bottles
to be compatible with the Vac700 and Vac Mini fountain pens. Not sure of the colors yet, but the price will be $14.99.

Between the Vac Mini and the Eco, I’m not sure which will launch first. We’ll let you know as soon as we know!

TWSBI Restocking of Current Products

We know we’re out of a lot of TWSBI products right now and we’re really sorry for that! The Chinese New Year shut down TWSBI’s factories for most of February, and we’re feeling the effects of it now with stock outages. They tell us we’ll be able to restock at the end of April, and until then what we have is all we will have, so expect outages of many TWSBI products for the month of April.

That’s all the news I have for now.

Which new TWSBI pen are you looking forward to the most?

Write On,
Rachel Goulet

*Side note for the curious: my current 3-pen Nock Lookout
case contains the medium TWSBI 580AL orange pen inked up with Diamine Autumn Oak, a medium bluegreen Lamy Al-Star inked up with De Atramentis Mint Turquoise, and a broad vibrant green Pelikan M600 inked up with
Caran d’Ache Vibrant Green. I’m very intentional about matching my inks
to pens! I normally also carry a Pilot Vanishing Point or two, but they’re empty and awaiting being cleaned out, hehe

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  • I am a TWSBI nut, I can't wait for the Vac Mini, I'm still bummed I didn't get my hands on the Smoke or Amber before they vanished and I mean vanished everywhere, sadly. I LOVE my Orange AL, I have mine with a medium nib as well. (my TWSBI's: mini with EF, 580 Red with broad, Green with a fine). The only reason I didn't buy the colored Vac's was because I had just bought my Custom 823 and I figured I needed to enjoy that first (love love my Custom 823).

    One last thing…

    You had me at the word Purple…can't wait.

  • Nancy

    I will probably succumb to a blue AL.

  • Mark J

    Great to hear about a more entry level TWSBI. I've had my eye on this brand for awhile, so I might hold out just a little longer for the Eco.

  • โ˜… keri โ˜…

    Oh, shoot. I've been holding out for the Yellow 580 if it ever gets produced (since we have green and red, I just don't know…), but thought the 580AL in Orange might be a suitable option instead. I really don't want to buy the AL-Orange if the Yellow gets produced, as I don't think I'll 100% adore the size of it, and having one would be nice but more than one would never get used. (Also, limited funds!)

    Any clue at all if the Yellow will ever get produced, or should I jump on the AL-Orange before they're gone? Every now and then I try to look at the TWSBI facebook/site and don't see anything about it, so who knows if there's been any word one way or the other…

    • Anonymous

      Asking TWSBI themselves would be your best bet

  • Twoznek

    Ok, no prob. I have my orange. But the shale green one…. NICE! Knowing what I know now, if someone is really serious about jumping into the FP world, I'd recommend he TWSBI 580. The ink capacity makes it a better daily carry when you're getting started… Unless you're wanting to change inks a lot.

    The Orange gets much attention when I use it out in public. One person even asked me where I got the Tigers fountain pen from. (Blue & orange team colors.)

  • Pretty much everything I know is here. I haven't heard if/when the new 580 colors will be coming out, but will let you know as soon as I find out!

  • Mary Bucklew

    So happy today is TWSBI info day, because I was just asking Cindy in the GPC Chat dept about TWSBI stub nibs (580/1.1 & 1.5) and if you are EVER getting them back in, and she wasn't sure if/when. Can anyone else at GPC answer that question?

  • Cathy F.

    Rachel, do you know if the new TWSBI Vac Mini will be able to use the Piston Mini's replacement nibs? I have a full set of the Mini nibs and really like the Mini's looks and practical portability.

  • Freddy

    Finally, the Eco! I have been waiting just short of forever for it and have been saving a birthday Goulet gift certificate for just that pen. How long have I had that gift certificate? Since December, 2013!

  • Madigan

    Wow Kenny! You've got a great collection of pens. Do you match inks to pens like Rachel?

  • Madigan

    Hi Nancy! It's such a nice blue, isn't it? It'd go great with Kon-Peki. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kerry

    Super excited about the new TWSBI products, I really enjoy all of their products!
    I've been checking out the Nock Products as well, I've heard really good things about them. Have you guys ever thought about carrying Nock?

  • Madigan

    Hey Mark! I'm really excited to see how it will write… if it's like the other TWSBIs it will be well worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Madigan

    Yeah, the 580 is a pretty awesome pen and the green is beautiful! I can see how the blue ink/orange pen would be a great combo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Madigan

    Wow Freddy!! That is a long wait. At least you know it won't be too much longer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ted

    being a TWSBI follower can drive one crazy

  • Freddy

    Oh yeah! LOL

  • The first time I ink them up, definitely! Well unless its something completely awesome then I'll hold off putting a favorite ink into a newly inked fountain pen until I get the new one. For instance with my orange 580 AL I put Noodler's Dragon Napalm in it first use. LOVE Dragon Napalm, one of my top 3 favorite inks along with Diamine Red Dragon (I know its a complete coincidence that two of my favorite inks have Dragon in the title, completely coincidental, I swear!), and Diamine Blue Velvet. But for everyday writing I usually pick…okay as I was about to write whatever fountain pen I'm currently writing with the most I'll stick a favorite ink in there – doesn't matter the colors/matching – but I would be lying, ha! I Just looked over to my right contemplating the fountain pens I have inked and the inks in each…yes, yes I do match inks to pens, as close as possible. I need more ink…

  • Donna

    I so want a TWSBI mini Classic w/ EF nib. Can't wait for you to get them back in stock!

  • Kenny

    Is there an ETA on the 580 F nibs?

  • cancoi

    I love that you carry a Nock Lookout, Rachel. Just got one myself & it is perfection!

  • cancoi

    Also, wondering if the Eco nibs & the Minis will be interchangeable.

  • Jonathan Disher

    I was thinking about getting a TWSBI, but those Diamond bottles are just so fleeting ๐Ÿ™

  • Anonymous

    What a great success story is TWSBI!

  • Lisa Smith

    So excited about the purple!! Not sure if I need another blue pen (sorry Brian!!)

  • Madigan

    We've definitely considered it! Keep checking back with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kerry

    That's awesome! Thanks for the reply ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

  • Laura

    I too have been anxiously awaiting these nibs to come back in stock, would love to have an ETA!